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tv   BBC World News Today  PBS  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> it was not the right decision print it was the wrong decision. there was no excuse for that. again, i was not there. but what we know, we believe that there should have been an entry as soon as you can. when there is an active shooter, the rules change.
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>> we will have more onhat contentious news conference which s raised questions about why police failed to act. >> you're going to smile and laugh. you've got grandkids. >> in well, protesters gather outside of the national rifle association. we hundred miles away in houston. >> mosw's advance continues as russian separatists have captured a strategic town in northeastern donbass. excitement fills in paris as they prepare to take on madrid in the saturdays final. >> a feast fit for a queen. preparations in full swing for the platinum jubilee.
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>> hello creative you're watching the united kingdom or the united states. please it was the wrong decision to delay entering a classroom after 21 people were killed on tuesday. salvador barricaded himself inside of the room, shooting 19 children into teachers. it took 53 minutes for armed police to eventually going. as local people come to terms with the tgedy, grief is turning into anger. our correspondent joins us live from texas. >> a catalog of mistakes. everything from an open door to the school that shoul've been closed through which the gman made his entrance, to mistakes made by a police chief in charge of the operation. he decided to hold back when the situation was clearlytill
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active. at the same time, three two miles from here, the national rifle association is holding its annual convention. many leaders are expected to attend. they are adding fuel to the anger of many people still breathing and still experiencing profound shock at the shooting. growing more angry at that. for the latest on both of those stories, i am joined by our correspondent. sarah smith. >> police broke windows at the school to get children out of the shooting. they carried some of them to safety. the response was under huge scrutiny. why did they wait nearly an hour after the government entered the school started killing children before they went into tackle him. quick standby. i've gotten. for the benefit of hindsight, from sting down, this was not
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the right decision. it was the wrong decision. there is no excuse. buagain, i wasn't there. from what we know, we believe that if theres an active shooter, the rules change. >> just 4 hours drive from houston, the nra oureeting. thousands of gun owners are gathering to defend their right to own weapons. protesters are demanding greater gun control in america. >> urc don't understand why people want tighter gun control? >> i understand, that there are a lot of angry people there. >> it even -- people people did not have access, they might not be able to wear masks at schools. >> this way to look at it. >> was another way? >> contrling crime. if you have personnel that want to be trained, they can be trained in rep and safety -- weapon safety, and you will
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restrict the access of any crazy not. it is not the weapon. it is the nut that has the weapon. >> it is because the knot has the weap that his able to go in. >> but, why don't you protect the schools? you say the schools are gun free. so are your churches. how may church shootings that we had because they are gun free? >> several politicians have pulled out of the event. others are undeterred, like donald trump. since the school shooting, the gun lobby and supporters have been completely undeterred. they have not lost -- positive from it. today, they continue to argue against any kind of tighter gun control. >> gil garcia visited a memorial till his wife asked judy -- his wife yesterday. when he got home, he suffered a heart attack. his family believes he died of a broken heart. the garcia's had four children.
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sarah smith, bbc news, texas. >> this tragedy of course has once again underscore the political divisions in this country over guns, those between those opposing gun rights, and those opposing gun controls. this is a debate we have seen over and over again, once again. this tragedy through things in sharp relief. >> thank you very much. please stay with us. let's just look at what is happening three or two miles away. following on from that news conference, we now have more of a picture, a full picture, of the ents of the shooting itself which saw the gunman in the school for almost an hour and 20 minutes before being shot dead. was have a look at the timeline. at least five police -- released by police. at128 p.m., e crashed into a
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ditch and shot two men. 11:30 a.m., and i'm on one call was made ying there was a crash, and a man caring a gun. 11:31 a.m., the suspect reached the back row of the school parking lot, and while hiding kind of vehicle, starts firing shots. evelyn and three 3:00 a.m., the school through an exterior door, propped open by a teacher. at the same time, the suspect begins shooting into room 111, and it is impossible to determine which one from which angle. at 1130 5 a.m., three police officers entered through the same propped open door. another four ball shortly after. between 11:37 a.m. and 12:00, three more gunshots were, as 18 rounds of fire. at this point, more authorities have arrived at the scene. at 12:21 p.m.. suspect fires again in the
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direction of the door. finally, at 12:50 p.m., the police breached the door, having retrieved the keys from a janitor, as both classroom doors were locked. they enter and kill the suspect. this is the map the department of public safety of jonah. the floorplan plan and e root the shooter. this is the worst school attack in america since the sandy hook massacre in 2012. let's go back to jane who joins us from texas. you have seen the sequence of events. in terms of the shooting, do we know if most of the victims were shot in those early moments or if labor -- they were shot later on? was anyone injured? >> we know that most of the victims were shot in the first few minutes, and this led to the police chief in charge taking it
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from a active shooter to a barricaded suspect. that was the reason he wouldn't -- the police were ordered to fall back to storm the class with that point. longer a threat to children no focused on getting the other children out of school. the head of the texas public safety said that was the wro decision. he also seems extremely -- it also seems a short area that when the police were doing nothing, child in that locked classroom mate eighemergency calls, pleading for help. pleading for the police to come. whispering, terrified. the second mistake seems to have been that the same police chief decided that he needed to wait for tactical equipment, special swat gear, before he was able to enter the classroom. again, the police officials were adamant that that wanot the
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case pretty should not have waited. in texas, the rule and protocol is that in the case of an active shooter like this, police, even if it is one police officer with the pistol, going and keeps firing until that shooter is dead. clearly, that did not happen. so a catalog of errors. errors that, according to mike, another tragedy happening 20 years ago and sandy hook protected. 26 children and adults died. will be taken back tthere. >> rare moment of family time for serena. as a teenager, she is busy juggling school and gymnastics. but this week's tragedy has her reliving her painful past. serena was a happy seven-year-old who was looking forward to christmas with her classmates. a gunman burst into sandy hook elementary and killed 20 children and six staff. she says she has not lived a normal life since.
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she continues to struggle with the trauma. >> i suffer from night where's -- nightmares and survivor's guilt, and it is very hard to get thugh the because it is like, why did i survive? all of these other people had to die. >> she is decided to speak out now, in hopes that politicians will listen to her pleas. >> it is definitely guns in america. what i want to see happen is legislation passed to prevent or take guns off the street. >> for children in texas, she had this message. >> i am sorry this happened to you, and that you have to go through this. especially at the same age i went through. sandy hook and into beast -- be strong, even though will be hard. >>bc news, sandy hook, connecticut. >> it feels like we are living in a split screen right now. on the one hand, we have a
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national rifle association and easton talking about gun rights. we have the police trying to work out exactly how this happened, and what went wrong here. and behind me, we have still a shrine to the victims themselves. those 19 children, those two teachers, and the grieving parents and families and residents who are still coming in to find a safe space to show their grief and express their anger. >> think you for that very much. the nra's annual conference is getting underway in houston, texas, about 300 miles away from where jane is. let's have a look athat the organization is and what it stands for. the nra is a national rifle association, which was founded in 1871 by two civil war veterans. it was established and aimed to promote and encourage rival shooting on a scientific basis. according to the website, it has
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5 million members across the u.s.. e.r.a. says it was rightly -- widely recognized as the foremost defender of secondment rights of the constitution. the rights to keep and bear arms. it is the largest gun owner organization in the united states. for a while now, the main aim has been to lobby against gun control laws, where it spends roughly $3 million each year. it influences gun policies. thousands of people have gathered in houston to protest against the nra's opposition to gun laws. craig cabot changed his plans. he will not be attending the conference. he will be sending a video message instead. he will visit the scene of the massacre. for president donald trump, he will make a speech life to the nra. will bring you some of what he says, later on on the bbc world news. the whole event hosted by the
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nra, the firsts the pandemic, was promoted. it is sold to promoters as 14 acres of gun and gear. let's turn to the war in ukraine. russia's finance minister has given an indication of a huge financial cost to his country. he sent around 8 trillion rubles are spent to support the russian economy. th is roughly $123 billion. the reserves known by the wealth fund are struggling with the sanctions. fighting continues, centered on donbass, which is near eastern ukraine. they've captured a town on the road to the ukrainian city which is a key russian target. they fight for control of the
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donbass. there is no way of verify the claim. the ukrainian president has accused moscow of the intent to reduce citizens in the east to ashes, and it could lead -- leave this region uninhabitable. here's a report from keith. >> this is what liberation looks like. once, 20,000 people live. now, it is almost deserted. the tally is one of the few that remains. >> i was sleeping here last night. i just had to fix a window somehow. the wind is bad. cold at night. >> she has seen the disruption of this invasion, firsthand. >> to people back there were attacked. they were sitting outside to cook, and a projectile came flying. eight people were wounded at once. someone was standing, some
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scooping the neighbors, and then, they were wounded. >> this is the town where russian forces broke through ukrainian lines. a slow but relentless attempt to encircle and destroy thousands of ukrainian fighters. >> when this started, one of the main reasons given by president putin was to stop what was said to be a genocide taking place in the donbass, carried out by the ukraine. there was no evidence of that, but now, president zelenskyy says the genocide is taking place and being carried out by russia. >> the current offsive will make the region uninhabited. they want to burn our towns and cities to ashes. all of this, including the deportation of our people, and the mass killings of civilians, obviously a policy of genocide. it is pursued by russia. >> this is one of two cities currently being encircle. before the invasion, many people
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felt an affinity with russia. they spoke russian, got their news from ssian sources. but now, they are driven from their homes by russian shilling. >> what drove me out with the stress. cap falling, every second. i don't ow what to do. we can't go home and we can stay either. >> with every russian breakthrough, the state becomes harder. every russian force claims to capture a fourth, another step in the conquest of the donbass, which is looking clean by the day. bbc news, kyiv. >> still with us, still to come. johnny depp's lawyers have set accusations of demented violence have ruined him. closing arguments is defamation trial.
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>> fighting, and full-scale rights. liverpool fans broke out of their area and into the u.n.. the belgian police had lost control. >> the world mourned the tragic death today. he was the father of the indian people on the day of independence. the oprah winfrey show comes to end after 25 years and more than 4000 episodes. the chat show is made or one of the richest people on the planet. >> jerry hallowell, otherwise known as ginger spice, has announced she is left the spice girls. >> i don't believe it. girl power.
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>> you are watching bbc news. our latest headlines -- police in texas delayed storming a school in a mass shooting because they believed no more vehicles were at risk. it was the wng decision. >> hundreds of protesters have gathered outside of the annual meeting of the nra, the national reading association houon. 300 miles away. president donald trump is due to address this gathering. hundredsf fans lined the streets earlier as johnny depp and amber heard reach their final stages of their libel battle. th closing arguments from johnny depp's lawyers said that the accusations have ruined johnny depp. amber heard said that the jury rejected all of her at evidence and said that every allegation of abuse was alive. the message was that there are other victims of domestic violence. the jury has -- the jury now has
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the child. with the report from fairfax, virginia. >> we love you johnny. it is now finally coming to end. johnny depp's closing arguments were more than enthusiastic. >> is not just fans. this courtroom drama has become daily viewing. it is clear that from the very beginning, johnny depp was winning the pr battle. >> i believe johnny depp. i think is very truthful. the's been through a lot. >> you are convinced by johnny? >> 99%, yes. >> i am here because i support amber heard, 100%. >> everywhere is war. >> as he pulled in, the sound of bob marley's work to be heard from the speakers. inside of court, it was rather different. >> ladies and shaman of the
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jury, you for the evidence of the case. >> the members of the jury will now decide his future. this was not popularity contest. this was a case about libel. amber heard's words describe herself as a victim of domestic violence, and his lawyers claimed not just false but devastating. >> you heard mr. depp testify that he is lost nothing less than everything because of misheard slides. nothing less then everything. the courwas then re-shown a video of johnny depp. amber heard's lawyers said that if they ignored all the evidence, what message does that send to others wanting to speak out about domestic violence? >> if you didn't take pictures, it didn't happen. if you did take pictures, they are fake. if you didn't tell your frien, you are lying. if he did tell your friends, they are part of the hoax.
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>> is now over. the decision about to is telling the truth is now in the hands of the jury. bbc news, fairfax, viinia. >> tens of thousands of football fans has started to arrive in paris ahead of saturday night's champions league final. it is between liverpool and real madrid. it is liverpool's 10th appearance in the european cup final. real madrid has won the final 13 times. this is what liverpool's manager had to say at a press conference earlier. >> the same level, thinking on the same level, want to be asked in this game. we will be ourselves. d, if we are the top of our game, we are difficu to play. but of course, the level of the madrid players is angrily high. cove -- >> chicken sandwiches,
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and victoriasandwiches. some of the many tributes that will be served to thousands o jubilee street parties next weekend. it marks the queen's 70 year reign. our correspondent has been speaking to a group of women from across the generations about what the queen means to them. >> are you a fan of lemon pudding? >> an afternoon tea. fit for a queen. different generations, but in the background, all their lives, one woman. >> she is constant, she is stoic. she is loyal. i don't offer everyone. holding the country together. >> she does not throw up her hands and say oh, i can't be part of it. she gets up. >> from the farthest corners of the world, they have come to see the first lady our nation, journey enriched mantis tea -- majesty to the county.
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west we are waging actually for a gold coach to come by. it was like a fairy princess bread we are that young, it was just awe-inspiring. >> 25 years ler, and the nation took to the streets to celebrate the silver jubilee. >> it's this year. in 1977, this is the 1st street party. >> chaos. what's that? >> it was wonderful. at that time, nobody had specific jobs. everyone just balled up and did it. you asked for help, and some of the help. >> in 2002, the creamed -- queens brian may play the national anthem on the palace roof. a few miles away, a young mother celebrate the golden jubilee with her family and friends.
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>> it was amazing, with all the flags, andables decorated, and food everywhere. everyone was laughing and having a great time. most my family were there as well. it was really nice. that's a really nice photograph. >> eileen is 18 months younger than the queen. the news a decade ago was a diamond jubilee baby. >>he's 96, and i don't know anyone in their 90's who still is working. >> she's on pins. >> she's not bad for 96. she is very good for 96, definitely. >> first there is the victoria sponge, and now inspired by the lemon served at the queens wedding. >> is eryone ready? >> here we go. >> how else to finish the tea party them with a dollop of platinum pudding. >> cheers. >> sarah campbell, bbc news.
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>> not quite clear if the queen has those sorts of cream cheese herself and i think is just cucumber sandwiches. anyways, we will have lots of coverage of that jubilee weekend here on bbc news. along with all of the other stors of force. -- of course. hope to see you soon. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.
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