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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  July 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ >>s is outside source. the president of china warns president biden not to interfere over taiwan. biden told china, u.s. support of time -- taiwan has not changed. something that has changed is the u.s. economy. pres. biden: businesses are invested in the economy at record rates. >> -- ok ukrainian challenge the key cities in the south and
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east. president joe biden and china's president xi jinping talk today -- talk today --talked today. baking says it will retake, by force if necessary. -- taiwan by force if necessary. president xi jinping says those who played the -- plawith fire will get burned. joe biden says the u.s. policy has not changed and the u.s. opposes unilateral efforts to
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change the status quo. let's remind ourselves what this is about. inay, this happened. >> are you willing to defend taiwan militarily? >> yes. >> u.s. president said they will officially -- taiwan -- defendant taiwan. the u.s. has a relationship with taiwan. they have no official diplomatic ties. -- for decades, the u.s. had described his policy to taiwan as strategic ambiguity. president biden's words put that position into question.
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>> we deplore and reject the u.s. remarks. taiwan is a part of the chinese territory and the taiwan issue is a part of -- >> is an inviting rearrangement on a china policy to ensure that there is confusion -- no confusion. >> the agreements are to sell weapons defensively to taiwan, not necessarily to come to its defense. it keeps it ambiguous. why is that happening? for some years, china military officis have noted that chinese military actions have
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been aggressive to taiwa and they have said they are assisting that things may result in a invasion of taiwan and with russia's invasion of ukraine, washington has been focusing on taiwan more, wondering that will encourage china to take steps and there is a debate -- to beijing back to under estimate should it does not -- is president biden making these statements deliberately or by accident -- we can't say for sure but this is not the way the administration rolls out a change in policy. in the white house statement, they repeated that the policy had not changed. >> we will talabout another issue that is increasing tensions. we heard that the democratic
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speaker of the house nancy pelosi went to visit -- wants to visit taiwan. six people familiar with the situation said antipollution will take delegation to taiwan inugust. she plans to go in l. china reacted to the news with a warning. >> we have repeatedly stated our position that we are firmly opposed ■against speaker nanc pelosi'sisit to taiwan. -- they pay challenges -- if they challenge type -- >> if nancy pelosi's visit goes ahead, the concern is the stakes are potentially high. >> the chinese are usually strong about any sort of visit about u.s. lawmakers to taiwan.
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they see it as provocations and warn against them but given that nancy pelosi is senior, she is the house speaker and she is in succession to the presidency and she is from the same party as the president. all ofhese things have increased the kinds of reactions and warnings from the chinese and there is a view from some of the administration that it is not a good idea to go at this time, also, because the chinese are going to be having an important party congress in november and xi jinping was to submit -- wants to see met his third term. if this were to happen, he might respond more forcibly than otherwise so that is the tension. mr. biden and the rest of the administration have been quiet
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because congress is independent from the executive. it is up to her to decide what she wants to do but they have been advising her privately and mr. biden said last week that the military didn't k it was a great idea for her to go now so she -- he has come close to saying that it isn't a good idea although he didn't put those words in his mouth. ♪ >> ukraine and theainian counteroffensive is gathering pace. it revolves around the city. it was the first major city to fall to the russians. the u.k. defense ministry says it is virtually cut off from other territories held by the russians. they announced it is lost with russia's attempts to paint it as a success. this is run -- one resident. >> things are getting hot each
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day ever since the president and the vice prime minister announced curse on -- and here a lot more anti-air missiles -- i came here a lot more antiaircraft missiles -- the shot -- being shot. -- going to the left bank and starting shooting at us. that is obvious. -- our biggest fear. >> you can see it is separated from the rest of russian control by the river so russian -- they rely on several key bridges. attacks like this targeting on bridges are a major blow to russia. russia has been forced to close
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this bridge after ukraine's precision strikes. >> the enemy tried to repair the bridge and we undertook necessary steps. as of now, there is damage to the bridge. we think the enemy will try to repair it. we will prepare for this. >> the deputy head of the russian installed administration missed that. >> the destroyer biz -- british -- the destroyer bridge still exists. this doesn't change the situation. >> here is our diplomatic correspondent. >> this is an evolving situation. the russians have become increasingly alarmed about what
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they see as evidence of a ukrainian counteroffensive in the region that seems to be in his early phases successful. -- eight early phases successful --its only basics -- early phases successful. they are -- ukrainians are using their recently acquired western artillery systems. they have a system that is accurate and can fire projectiles over substantial businesses to hit the bridg that you referred to in the introduction in a effort to cut off pressure -- russian troops. if they were able to cut the off, it would make life extremely difficult for the russian forces and that is why we seem to be seeing signs of
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russian reinforcements moving from t east to try and bolster the forces around there. it is an evolving situation. it won't be anything that will result in delopments in the coming hours or days but i is -- but it is something we need to watch closely. >> melinda harry is deputy director and a american think tank and she gave me her assessment. >> e ukrainians best is to push the russian forces south and logo bridges -- and blow the bridges. there are 12 systems in ukraine and four more on the way but the important factor is how many missiles are being delivered and at are the ranges of the missiles.
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i got off the phone with people in odessa and they say the battle depends on how much the west sends. i will -- >> this is the first lady of ukraine. he is an icon to many ukrainians as the conflict continues. she spoke to bbcorld news. >> the whole of ukraine is in constant stress. there was a mass rocket attack last night, this morning on the ukrainian territory. it was the kyiv we did -- region and we feel that constantly, every person lives in constant stress from the 24th of february. that does not relent so each one of us has learn to live with this.
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>> coming back to you, she said a few things but a couple things i want to pick up. her role in that country and what she touched on their, the dissent -- the idea that like for ukrainianss a challenge. every day that goes by makes it harder. what is your assessment of the? -- that? >> she is not a public person and she is dignified but she is someone who has always taking -- taking a supporter role. she has been increasingly vo we saw her in a vote --vogue series of photos. she spoke to members of congress and everyone was moved by her and she adds a certain eleme that president zelenskyy does
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not have. he is angry and she speaks to arts. she talks about children and education and what it means to be a woman in ukraine. it is an effective public tool. >> stay with us on outside source. 30,000 spectators are in birmingham for the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games. ♪ >> the last full patrol in --
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but it's in -- >> doing any harm to anyone -- not doing any harm to anyone -- >> six whites client clubs on the prop on the part and ready -- white line clubs on the prowl at the park. ♪ -- white lion club --cubs -- >> and has told president z -- president biden has told president xi jinping --
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let's talk about the big story. [indiscernible] there is a milestone that in many countries would be considered an economic recession. the federal reserve and president biden say it is in recession. >> both chairman powell and many of the significant banking personnel and economists say we are not in a recession. let me give you the facts are in terms of the state of the economy. number one, leave a record job market of record unemployment of 3.6% today.
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have created 9 million new jobs so far as i became president. businesses are investing in america at record -- recor rates. >> that is jill biden's position. >> it was interesting, his point is that the economy is in fostering in a way that you expect i to. if there was a recession, so he is pointing to the fact that unemployment rate has been at 3.6% since march and every month in the second quarter, there is 100,000 jobs and -- 400,000 jobs added. there is evidence that inflationary president -- pressure is easy --easing. hurt and biden made the point of -- saying that the country is
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recovering from that but his opponents see it different. they have accused him of trying to rebrand the recession, saying is that alleviating american people suffering because inflation is at a all-time high since 1981. fuel is expensive. they s that american people are still suffering and they look at psident biden trying to rebound it andven though we are not in a recession, the americans -- evidence suggests that americans feel that way. >> will stay in the u.s. in a breakthrough in the senate. president biden has resonated -- resurrected his attempt to handle the climate crisis.
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the administration says the measures will reduce carbon emissions by roughly 40% by 2030. this was the president speaking. >> this investment is r it provides track -- tax credits that will crte thousands of good prey -- good paying jobs. solar projects, wind projects, clean hydrogen projects and more by giving tax credits for those who built the projects in america. this bill would be the most significant legislation in the history to tackle the climate crisis and improve energy security. it will give us the cool -- told to meet climate goals by cutting images and accelerating clean energy. >> a turnaround came after
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months of negotiation ac senator --a key senator. here is dan liebermann from cbs news. >> opposition -- was based partly on the concern that it would fuel inflation but it seems he is convinced otherwise. senator manchin says he believes this will fightnflation, helping america with consumer costs. a commitment from president biden and nancy pi that congress would address energy infrastructure deal, potentially a pipeline project that could be a windfall to transport sale last -- shale gas. >> while president biden first
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proposed a package work $3 trillion call big whit -- build back better, that plan struggled when senator manchin opposed some of the spending. he came out on wednesday opposing supporting a pervak version -- wednesday supporting a pervak version --paed back version. >> there is a saying about negotiations in congress. it goes no, no, yes. it was a time crunch. the is health care provisions. if they did not enact something, insurance rates would have gone up. they tried to lower the cost of prescription drugs through the health care program.
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there was pressure to get something climate related. i think my cvs calling was right. there were sweeteners for joe manchin. $300 billion of deficit reduction. he wants to say we will fight inflation by lowering the deficit. almost half of that is going to deficit reduction and i think that is what got joe manchin on board. >> where do we go from here? >> there are procedural hurdles before a senate vote. chuck schumer hopes for a vote next week. they have to hold all 50 democrats together. kyrsten sinema is a moderate likeoe manchin who has had objections. she has to sign off on this. if it passes the senate, a ghost
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of the housework nancy pelos and this -- and that senate -- democrats -- where it will be surely signed into l. >> buds go to the 2022 commonwealth games which are underway. they are bng held in birmingham. this is the alexander stadium where a live audience of 30,000 people are enjoying the ceremony. birmingham is one of the uk's largest cities, known for his industrial history, diversity, arts and more. >> it gives an opportunity to show the world how this place has progressed. a huge business conference here. investments will, --come. >> it comes at a time when the
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u.k. is facing major cost of living pressures. that has got people asking will it be worth it. speaking as an event, the outgoing uk prime minister had this to say. >> i am here to tell you that i am supremely confident that the answer to that question is yes. a thousand times yes and i say so because i remember 10 years ago, an identical moment of nerves just before meeting the games. >> you the photo from a protest -- we can show you a photo from the protests. the birmingham mes are aiming to be the most lgbtq plus inclusive yet. that is how -- from the president of the commonwealth foundation. >> we have been working from --
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with the lgbtq plus athletes to bring everyone together and make people understand to treat everyone as a person and people. -- equal. >> i spoke with a reporter to what -- find out what we can expect. >> 16 goals --golds up for grabs. one is the favorite andy gymnastics men's fire -- andy gymnastics men's final, we have another favorite. in fact, for the first time ever, there are more metals -- medals for the women in the men.
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