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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  August 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ ♪ kasia: welcome. i am kasia madera this is outside source. a russian court sentences u.s. basketball sta brittney griner to nine years in prison. the two-time olympic gold medalist was arrested with cannabis oil in her luggage. the u.s. says she should not be in jail. >> this is a miscarriage of justice. the u.s. department of state determined miss greiner was wrongfully changed. nothing in today's decision changes that kasia: china has fired missiles
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near taiwan initial a force against nancy pelosi's visit. and for police officers are rested in the united states over the shooting of breonna taylor, whose death inspired the black lives matter protests. ♪ a court in moscow has sentenced the u.s. basketball player, brittney griner, to nine years in prison onharges of drug smuggling. she was fined $60,000. president biden called the sentencing acceptable. this is miss greiner arriving at court for sentencing. the gold medalist was obtained -- detained in february at an airport near moscow, where cannabis oil was found in her luggage. here is what she said after both sides presented closing arguments. >> you made an honest mistake and i hope it doesn't end your
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life your. kasia madera brittney griner -- kasia: brittney griner's lawyer spoke to reporters after the sentence. >> she said see you on doomsday. itooks like he was right. >> i will appeal to biden again. >> it is up to biden, her family, it is up to her agent. we are only responsible for legal aspects in russia. we will file an appeal. kasia: brittney griner is a superstar in her report -- in her sport, she played center for the phoenix mercury, was he russia to play in the off-season for the u.s. women's nba. at 6'9", she is considered perhaps the greatest female basketballer of all time.
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russian authorities previously released this footage showing brittney griner inc. stopped at the airport. miss greiner says she has a prescription for medical cannabis which she uses to treat knee pain and joint inflammation. cannabis is illegal in russia. brittney griner pleaded guilty but told the court she did not intend to break the law. the wnba and nba released this statemt regarding brittney griner. it reads, teddy's sentencing is unjustified and unfortunate, but not unexpected. brittney griner remains wrongfully detained. the wnba in the nba's commitment to her return has not wavered and it is our hope we are near the end of this process of finally bringing brittany home to the u.s.. here is the charge d'affaires of the u.s. embassy in moscow.
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>> this is a miscarriage of justice. the u.s. department of state term in miss greiner was wrongfully detained. nothing in this decision changes that determination. we will be closely engaged in this case. we will remain a frequent contact with miss greiner and her legal team. kasia: president biden said dennis -- said his administration would pursue every avenue to bring greiner home. it could involve a prisoner swap involving this man, and arms trafficker. reporter: brittney griner says she made anonymous -- made an honest mtake when she brought cannabis oil to russia. she made a plea for leniency. it fell on deaf ears. the judge found her guilty and sentenced her to nine years in prison. her defense team says it will appeal. president biden said the sentence was unacceptable, and
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said that brittney griner should be released immediately. question -- why brittney griner? we know america and russia have been talking about a possible prisoner swap that could involve brittney griner and also former u.s. marine paul whelan, also in jail in russia. washington says it has put a substantial proposal on the table. some reports suggest that in order to bring these two people home, ameri may be prepared to release a notorious arms trafficker. he was sentenced to 25 years in an american jail a decade ago. there is no doubt that tre would be a degree of controversy over such a swap because victor boot was alleged to be one of the mt are lithic arms dealers in the world, dubbed the merchant of death. it would be a controversial swap he was rumored to have links to russian intelligence agencies.
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he has denied that. but this is some of the kremlin has long wanted to bring back to russia and if it manages to bring him back, no doubt the authorities here will present that as a major victory. kasia: our russia editor steve rosenberg. for the perspective from the u.s., here is barbara ray russia. reporter: it was also as the mac meant -- maximum sentence of 10 years. it was nine point five years. brittney griner pleaded guilty thank you had cannabis oil in he luggage, which she hadn't intended to bring. it was out her plea would lead to a median sentence, which it didn't. when the lto a prisoner swap? sentencing a conviction haveo happen before anything like that can take place. there is a proposal on the table by the biden administration. it is not revealed details of what that includes, but it is widely believed to involve a
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prisoner swap for miss greiner and american paul whelan. the media has speculated it might include victor boot come as you mentioned. we don't know anything about the tommy, whether miss greiner l server sentence for sometime before that swap might be completed, or whether this opens the door for it to happen almost immediately. the politics areomplicated. it is sensitive to negotiate a prisoner swap. but the russians and united states have a rush -- have a relationship that is an all-time low, the u.s. diplomatically isolated russia because of the invasion of ukraine, and that may play a role. kasia: extremely complicated and insensitive at this moment in terms of the reaction in the u.s.. president biden has not been mincing words about this. reporter: no, and the administration has been forthright about this in recent
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weeks. it did come under pressure to do someing. brittney griner is a big celebrity. her wife was putting pressure on the administration. the wnba was putting pressure on the administration. so, the administration has taken an unusually pubc response. there are dozens of americans who are wrongfully detained around the world according to the state department's designation. this case though, as received more publicity than a most any other. they have been quite clear they will continue to take every avenue possible to win miss greiner's release. kasia: china has filed missiles near taiwan as part of huge military drills. it is in response to u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to the island. five missiles landed in the waters of japan's exclusive economic zone.
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chinese state media released this footage of the military drills if they are basing a posthumous biggest ever exercises in the area. taiwan says they amount to a blockade. china remains defiant. >> china has made clear our start opposition and stress we are firmly opposed to taiwan independence separatist forests -- sepatist forces and we will allow no room for any type of taiwan independence forces. if the u.s. continues to stand alongside them, there will be consequences for the u.s. and don't se did not tell them in advance. the u.s. may be a provocation in china has been compelled to act in self-defense, so whatever we have in response as a countermeasure will be justified, and firm and relute. kasia: let's look at where the drills are taking place on this map. the six areas highlighted in red, three of them encroaching to taiwan territorial waters.
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one even crosses taiwan's maritime border. taiwan's representative the u.s. said china's irresponsible and dangerous behavior has jeopardized regional peace and taiwan will busily defend ourselves. the u.s. secretary of state had this morning for china. >> i know pretty much that beijing will not manufacture a crisis or seek a pretext to increase its aggressive military activity. we and countries around the world believe escalation serves no one and could have unintended consequences that served no one's interests, including asean members and china. kasia: chinese ally russia has been defending the drills. >> you know about the tensions around taiwan and are well aware of what provoked them -- nancy pelosi's visit. it was unnecessary.
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it was an unnecessary provocation. as for military maneuvers around taiwan, this is china's sovereign right. kasia: anger over nancy pelos's visit, it is worth remembering china is a self-ruled island, but china sees it as a breakaway province, so it opposes countries having official changes -- official exchanges with taiwan. it has not ruled out the use of force to achieve unification. many in taiwan, these tensions are nothing new. >> basically, i am not afraid of the threats from china. because at least right now, when china says it wants to annex taiwan by force -- they have said that for quite a while. >> i think i am used to the threat from china and have accepted it. actually, taiwan cares more about the economy. kasia: let's get reaction from beijing. >> i think miss pelosi's visit
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is a good thing. it gives us an opportunity to surround taiwan induce this opportunity to take taiwan by force earlier than expected. we should thank comrade lucy. -- comrade pelosi. >> i think emotions ran high for people when she came. when we come down and think about it, we must have faith in our motherland. and have faith that the government have already figured out solutions. kasia: reactions from the streets of beijing. now, the impact from these drills have already beefelt. more than if t international flights to and from taiwan are canceled and tre are likely delays to shipping as well as disruptions to global supply chains. that's because waters around taiwan are some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. this image gives you an idea of just how busy they are. all those ships are being forced to reroute. what is likely next?
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here is a perspective from a former nato commander. >> i think on this occasion, china is not ready for military action. xi jinping wants to be anointed his third term as party head in a few weeks and i don't think with covid and the economy not doing well this is a good time for china to act in relation to taiwan. frankly, they can't take on th u.s. at theoment in military terms, so we are safe for a while. kasia: a former nato comnder there, saying china cannot take on the u.s. in military terms. given the drills are taking place near taiwan, let's compare china and taiwan. china has a total of more than 2 million i to forces, dwarfing taiwan's 169,000. china's ground and air forces are 10 times the amount of taiwan's, but as you can see, taiwan does have a large number in reserve. it is similar when we look at weapons. china vastly outnumbers taiwan
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in terms of tanks, aircraft, submarines and navy ships. it's artillery exceeds 8900 compared to 2000 taiwan. whether we are likely to see escalation, let's get more from a senior research fellow at the broad united services institute. >> i think the possibility is always there, given the sensitivity of the tensions and also the fact that there are so many exercises being done, the fact missiles have reportedly flown over taiwan. so, misunderstandings can happen. miscalculations can happen at that is certainly very dangerous. but i would add that no side at this moment would want conflict and you can be sure there is a lot of communication going on behind the scenes. kasia: a lot of communication, but as we saw on one of our maps, the these drills
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encroached into taiwan territorial waters. i wonder what that means in terms of the impact and what china is doing in terms of what they are trying, the message they arerying to get across? >> the message is that they are deeply displeased with this visit. that they think the u.s. is hollowing out its one-china policy. and as mentioned, it is a crucial year for china. the party congress is coming up, xi has to look strong for domestic audiences as well. but as you say, encroachment into taiwan territorial waters is new and this adds to chipping away from taiwan's own buffer zone, its own maritime area. and that is an escalation of sorts. kasia: youalk about this as an escalation of sorts, what recourse do taiwan have? >> they are trying to keep a very levelheaded response, not to engage, one would imagine,
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too strongly, but obviously safe nk serious displeasure. i think there are reports today that they were able to dissuade or respond to drones by using ares. it is these types of responses they are looking at. and also, reported publicly on what is actually happening. kasia: so, it is important to keep a record of what is happening. but we talked about the possibility of a miscalculation, what would that have to look like to escalate this further? given as we mentioned, china has already coached into those maritime waters of taiwan? >> that is very difficult to say. i don't think there is an easy calculation in that respect. but you can imagine something misfiring or lending somewhere it is not supposed to.
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there is one thing to send a direct signal. it is another to misinterpret that signal because something has gone astray. that is very dangerous. i think everyone is therefore monitoring this extremely closely. kasia: the perspective from a specialist in that region. breaking news -- united states has declared that monkeypox is a public health emergency. this is just coming into us -- coming in to us. monkeypox, there is a vaccine program being developed, one of the thousand doses of monkeypox vaccine are being acquired. but just to say, the u.s. declared monkeypox a public th emergency. much more on that when we get it, but i wanted to bring the breaking news to you. do stay with us on "outside source." also, more news to come, a heat wave in iraq where temperatures are hitting 50 to be celsius.
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♪ -- 50 drees celsius. >> the question was whether we wanted to save our people and japanese as well, and win the war. or whether we wanted to be able to take a chance owinning the wa but killing all our young man. >> the invasion began at 2:00 this morning. >> mr. bush, like most people, was clearly caught by surprise. >> we call for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all the iraqi forces. >> 100 yrs old and still love vigor, vitality and enjoyment of life. no other king or queen in recent history has lived as long at the queen mother is said to be very pleased indeed that shechieved his landmark anniversary. ♪ >> this is a potal moment for the church as an international
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movement. the question now is whether the american vote would le to a split in the anglicammunity. ♪ kasia: wme back. you areatching "outside source." this is bbc. our main story, u.s. basketball starrittneyriner has been sentenced to nine years in a russian prison because of drug offenses. president joe biden called the sentence unacceptable. four police officers have been arrested and charged over the fatal shooting breonna taylor two years ago. alleged crimes include the illegal use of force and obstruction. u.s. attorney general merrick garland announced the charges. >> we share, but we cannot fully imagine the grief felt by
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breonna taylor's loved ones and all those affected by the events march 13, 2020. breonna taylor should be alive today. the justice department is committed to defending and protecting the civil rights of every person in this country. ros: -- kasia: let's remind ourselves about what happened to breonna taylor picture was shot in her home in louisville in 2020 by plainclothes police. at the time, police said they were executing a search warrant as part of a drugs investigation. no drugs were found on the property. it led to scenes like this, racial injustice protests across the country. here is the lawyer for breonna taylor's family reacting to the news. >> because of breonna taylor, we can say this is a day that black women saw equal justice in the united states of america. kasia: a short time ago, i got reaction from will clark, a
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radio reporter in louisville. i asked what he thought about the charges. >> i think it came out of nowhere for those of us here in louisville. we were aware of the fbi was involved, the department of justice, but the decision at least from a public perspective, came rather abruptly. we got a notification from the justice department about one hour before merrick garland come of, was at the podium we were able to piece some of the things together, but the government capped this particulars to the vest until they announced it at theodium. one of the charges against brett hankison, firing through the door and blinds and curtains, he had been acquitted on that in a state court just a few months ago. so, now they will obviously g back and get this on a federal charge and civil rights charge,
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so he will go through the whole process again. the rest of it, it basically undermines the entire foundation of the breonna taylor search warrant. it alleges that joshua jaynes and t-- two others played a role in falsifying the affidavit that led to the search warrant and others try t cover up what they had done and one is accused of lying to the fbi. kasia: what reaction can we expect from people? after her death, breonna taylor's death, there was so much anger on the streets. it was a heightened time in the u.s. what can we expect going forward now, having these arrests? >> it is going to be a lot more peaceful than what we saw in summer of 2020. that was a public cry for
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justice. they wanted action. they waited on the state investigation from attorney general daniel cameron. they weren't satisfied with that. they see today's civil rights acti from the department of justice as the justice they aren't likely to get at a state or local level. i think within the community, you see a lot more, i don't want to say happiness because this he is certainly not a happy situation, but a lot more people who are pleased with this move, that the federal government is involved, the department of justice is involved. in the united states, with the department of justice gets involved, that is a silencing no -- that is a solid signal to those being charged that you are going to do time. kasia: a heat wave in iraq is seen temperatures above0 degrees celsius, some cities
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declared the hottest lace on earth. in baghdad, temperatures were 49 degrees celsius and rose to 53 degrees in basra, where the entire province has declared a four-day holiday. state employees in central and southe iraq up been given the day off work. but for many, the situation is made worse by regular hour cuts that make air-conditioning unavailable. residents say it is getting worse every year. u.n. is ranking iraq is one of five countries most all herbal to climate change. we have this from baghdad. >> it really burns your face when you stand out in it. this day off given by the government is just for the civil servants, the most -- the majority of people can't afford to sy home from work because they need the wages.
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this a power outage. you can hear the generators behind me. they are emergency generators. most people in baghdad cannot afford them. you can't imagine how they live in such situations. it will stay this way for other few days now and in some parts of the country, it is more than 50. while i am talking, it is 49 in baghdad. i was outside ours ago, -- hours ago, thousands of people out in the streets. this is the situation. the biest problem is the wer, the shortages. this is really the biggest problem. kasia:ust to remind you of breaking news -- the u.s. declared the monkeypox break out a public health emergency. the move should free up
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