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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 28, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundati; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank u. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". laura: i'm larn washington and this is bbc "world news america." china's government deploys the police to prevent the protest from spreading. security is tightened across china. also a weekend of unprecedented protest against covid lockdowns. >> one of the problems in china is that nobody knows when covid will end. laura: a white teenage gunman here in the u.s. pleads guilty to killing 10 black people in a
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mass shooting in new york state. we have a special report from the philippines on the increase in sexual exploitation of children online. and african teams cause a stir in doha. ♪ laura: welcome to "world news america." on pbs and around the globe. we begin tonight in china with rare and dramatic protests over the country's covid lockdowns. for the we can the protests spread to china's biggest cities some demonstrators even calling for president xi jinping to step down. china wakes up as a heavy security presence as the authorities try and suppress the demonstrations across china. stir xi and the commonest party want to eradicate covid but the
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covid zero policy has disrupted live and the economy. this report does contain some flash photography. >> the chinese capital became the latest city with demonstrations calling for an end to the country's covid restrictions. the symbol of this movement has become white sheets of paper as protesters holding them up to signify the way in which people are silenced here by censorship. they are chanting that strict lockdowns and compulsory testing should stop. dissatisfaction with the government's handling of the crisis is also spilling over into calls for press freedom and democracy. we want freedom, not unlimited government power. we want the rule of law. we don't want the next generation to live in this era of horror. >> zero covid in china is an
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attempt to return to -- involves own apps tracking peoples movements. entire cities are at times effectively lock down or effectively flows with businesses shut down. that covid-19 continues to read. the country posted record new case numbers for the past five days in a row. last month, the country's leader, xi jinping, sir would be no -- said there would be no swerving from the current approach. protesters in the southwestern -- in a southwestern city or blaming him personally for allowing the covid crisis to continue. they criticized his lifetime readership entitlement and said the country doesn't need an peror. this followed earlier cal in shanghai for xi jinping to step down and the commonest party to give up power. protesters crashed with police
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and barriers have gone up to stop crowds from gathering. passersby taking photos have been forced to delete them. waves of anger initially's red across china following an apartment fire last week that killed 10 residents. people have blamed covid restrictions for hampering the access of firefighters and blocking escape routes. the chinese government said this isn't true. >> forces with ulterior motives have used social media to link the fire to the zero covid policy. but the local government has combated these rumors and scares. >> by the way, these protests are sign of discontent which has been not far below the surface. >> one of the problems in china is that nobody knows when zero covid will in. if the government has a plan, it has not told people what it is,
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so they believe this coulgo on forever and is causing a lot of consternation among the general public. >> xjinping's administration has had years to prepare for an eventual covid outbreak and has spent that time telling people how lucky there are to live in china. now there's widespread unrest. laura: china has some of the most rigorous anti-covid measuresn the world with tens of millions of people living under some kind of lockdown and a regime of endless testing. local authorities in china must impose strict rules even if only a handful of covid cases are found. our medical editor explains the situation. >> china's population is trapped in the midst of an unwinnable war. zero covid has kept cases and deaths very low so far, but at relentless cost to personal
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freedoms and livelihoods. zero covid means zero-tolerance of any coronavirus infections. that looks increasingly unsustainable in the face of the highly contagious omicron variant. china has relied almost entirely on its own vaccines. they are reasonably effective. a study in hong kong found that two doses of the chinese vaccine gave 70% protection against severe illness or death. but that compares to 90% protection from the u.s. german vaccine of pfizer biontech. a key problem is china's low vaccination levels among older people. just over half the over 60's have had three doses of vaccine. among the over 80's, that falls to just 20%. that low uptake seems partly down to a suspicion of modern medicine among many older chinese people. compare that with the u.k., where 80% of the over 80's have
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recently had their autumn booster with an updated omicron specific vaccine. and most of them will have had five jabs. early on in the pandemic, china built several covid hospitals in a matter of days. but nearly three years since coronavirus emerged, is fast population now has almost no natural immunity against it. >> they can't keep the virus out forever. it's a slippery eel, this virus is evolving and changing and it is getting more infectious and harder to control with lockdowns and segregation in the way that it has been in e past. i think the way out for china is to get highly effective vaccines against the current variance into the elderly population as fast as they possibly can. >> modeling suggest ending zero covid without more vaccination would allow omicron to tear through the population,
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overwhelming intensive care units, causing an estimated 1.5 million deaths. while most of the world has returned to pre-cov normality, china has yet to show it has an exit plan for the pandemic. laura: for more on the imp locations of these protests in china, were joined now by the writer and social commentator who in 1989, the euro pro-democracy protests in china, orgazed the biggest demonstrations outside of beijing. open to the program. just tell us, how significant do you think these protests are in china? >> i think they are very significant. we haven't seen such a large-scale protest since 1989. since then, there have been plen of protests, for example farmers demanding proper compensation for their land, and
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workers demanding better play -- better pay, and occasionally people protesting over mental issues. but we have seen nothing like this, those protests normally are economic driven, regional instead of national. this is spontaneous, oveone issue and against government. this is truly remarkable and it takes such courage for people to do that and just shows the depths of discontentment with government authorities. laura: tell us about the courage it takes for people to protest in china, because you organized protests yourself in 1989. what are people risking by going out onto the streets? >> those leaders who chanted and called for xi jinping to step down, they have been detained.
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they may lose their jobs or even worse consequences. but this pension, this frustration has been bubbling, amid the latest protest we saw was triggered by this fire in a northwest province were 10 people died. it was blamed fo strict lodown measures, people got trapped and local officials denied this. not onlyenied this but they try to blame the victims, which caused so much anger. laura: how does president xi respond? does see crackdown, or dressy loosen the lockdowns? >> i would imagine he would --
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she is pragmatic, and he probably undestimated how unpolar his signature policy was, and i do ho he will remember the old chinese saying that people are like water, and the ruler a boat. people can cope, people can carry the water, carried the boat, but also can overturn it. and he must listen to the popular opinion. in fact, i think it should be not too difficult for him to declare victory. you look at the death rate so far, over 5233 people died, compared to one million in america. so he could easily declare victory, and then offer an exit plan. people are fed up because there is no in, he didn't offer any timeframe. i think it's something he needs to address, listen to the
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people's opinion and ease some pressure. laura: thank you so much for joining us. in other news from around the world, police in somalia say 60 people rescued during a daylong siege at a hotel in mogadishu. milton stormed up hotel that was -- militants stormed the hotel. police said people including a police officer were killed during the assault. and ending a cease-fire with the government, truce has been in place since june after progress was made with peace talks. the cease fire ins as pakistan seeks the retirement of its army chief. meaning negotiations would be left to a new military leadership. at least 15 people have died in a landslide in the capital of cameroon. mourners had gathered under a large tent when part of the ground beneath them gave way.
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there have been floods throughout the country this year, weakening infrastructure and displacing thousands of people. south korea is about to reach agreement with the striking truckers agreement. the action is disrupting supply chains throughout the country. it's his second major strike in less than six months where thousands of truckers are demanding better pay and working conditions. the government may force strikers to return to work. laura: he in the united states, the white gunman who killed 10 black people in races attack in upstate nework has pleaded guilty to murder and state charges of domestic terrorism. peyton gendron went on a rampage in a predominately black part of the city of buffalo. tell us how significant is this case and the fact that the gunman has pleaded guilty? >> before he pleaded guilty today, he had pleaded not guilty.
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if you remember back to may, the attack was live-streamed. he had fastened a camera to his head and gone into the supermarket and roamed the aisles in military gear and had an automatic rifle. authorities said that he had driven three hours from his home specifically to kill like people, that was his aim. he killed 10 black people and wounded three. the victims included shoppers, a security guard, and a church deacon whose job was to drive people to the store and back. in court he pleaded guilty to 50 charges at state level, including domestic terrorism, which means he is guaranteed life in prison. but he is also facing more than two dozen charges at federal level, some of which carried the death penalty. laura: since this horrific attack in may, there have been even more mass shootings here in the united states. have there been any specific
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changes in the gun laws at either the sta or the federal? ? level >> less than two weeks after the buffalo shooting there was that other horrific shooting that traumatized america in uvalde, texas, where 21 people were killed, mainly schoolchildren. we saw that familiar anger at people wanting change, but there was some change, quite significant, president biden signed into law the first major gun safety legislation that was approved by congress in 30 years. it was pretty broad, but it included raising the age at which you could buy semiautomatic rifles 21, and demanded background checks between those -- for those between 18 and 21. given how polarizing the gun debate is and how polarized lawmakers are, it was pretty significant and it showed politicians could take action after these shootings. laura: thank you for joining us. the philippines has become one
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of theorld's largest centers of child sexual exportation online. there has been a sharp increase in reporteincidents since the pandemic. many children were exploited during lockdowns. much of the abuse was filmed on webcams, paid for by customers in the u.s., the u.k. and other european countries and australia. our correspondent has been investigating. warning, a report does include distressing details. >> this is manila's new frontline. in a war the police are not winning. a young boy is led out of the room by a social worker. he and his two sisters have been forced to act out live sex shows on camera by their mother. this home in a graveyard is where the children had to stay
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during a prolonged pandemic lockdown with the parents desperate for cash. >> are you taking evidence now? >> yes. this is the subject, the mother. >> it is thought the mother was paid around $20 by a pedophile in australia to exploit her children. police gathered evidence, sex toys, smartphones. they are coming under pressure to deal with the drastic increase in these cases. there isome help for those who have gone through this trauma. at this children's home, they discuss the fairytale cinderella. 10-year-old maria speaks up. she didn't give up, even during hard times. she still has hope, she says.
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just like us, even though our parents abused us, she and her brother were raped on camera by their mother, their aunt and uncle. the money their family need came from accounts in the u.k. and europe. today, all three are safe. and now seven-year-old eric loves to sing. however, ts is the emotional cost of that abuse. it may be distressing to hear, but this is their therapy. their release. why me, is the most common crime. why your own flesh and blood?
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>> the pandemic contributed to the exploitation and abuse of children. they are isolated and they thought this is the only means of getting income and feeding their family. so these children are influenced by their families that this is just an easy job, you don't need to do anything, just be naked in front of the video and they can earn something. >> and yet, these young people do have hope. they are taught ways to stay strong, coping mechanisms. they are encouraged to play, to be children again. while the adults who spent decades fighting child exploitation here take on a bigger battle. >> there has to be international law. this is the only way. the u.n. should be involved in this and all national governments, they must cooperate together to restrict the passage of the child-abuse material and
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the online streaming of the sexual abuse of children. >> one arrest and one hope. these officers are getting international help to trace abusers around the world, but charities believe more needs to be done to prevent millions of children being abused by those they should be able to trust. bbc news, manila. laura: the suffering of children online in the philippines, abused by those theyhould be loving. let's tu to the football world cup in qatar now. gonna beat south korea in a stunning victory, the latest wrong performance by an african team in delhi. cameroon and morocco also doing well. with more on the prospects of the five african nations at the world cup, i spoke to my colleague in doha. what does ghana's win mean not
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just for the tea but for the african continent? >> is quite a huge win. for ghana itself, it hadn't a win in the world cup since 2010 in south africa where they beat the united states. and they went on to play in the quarterfinals, only to be knocked out by uruguay. so they needed that win. they were present in resilience when he 14 but were absent in 2018, so the return to the world cup was quite important to them. they had a terrible cup of nations earlier this year in cameroon. they had a point to prove, and this win is massive, not only for the ghana national team but as a country and the whole continent as well. and in such a dramatic way, scoring three goals, south korea
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scored two goals first and felt like they were comfortable. just before the seventh minute is when they got the winner and they held on until the end. laura: all five african teams in the world cup actually have african coaches. what does that say about the power of african football on the world stage? does it mean that for the first time an african team might progress further than the quarterfinals? >> absolutely. this is a huge statement, but it shows that football is changing in africa, for so many years after kurt relied on foreign coaches, but now they have their own home bread managers, who most of them have a very good track record from their playing career. and so things are changing. they're making a huge difference with the tactics, their approach. and speaking to fans, they say
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this is their year, their time to claim the title. but they are playing fantastic football and football in africa is evolving. as you can see there have been lots of shocking results in this year's world cup. they call it the world cup of surprises. we've seesaudi arabia win against a very good team of argentina. but morocco's win says a lot. ana's hard-fought game against portugal, they were lucky not to get a point in that game. it just shows the fighting spirit that the african teams have. laura: finally, which team is your money on tprogress the furthest in this worldup? >> please don't put me on the spot. going to support all the five african teams, but i think cameroon, if they win, the small
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matter of beating brazil, well my money is on cameroon. laura: let's go to the pacific now for the end of our program tonight. first of all to hawaii and the world's largest active volcano. mauna loa which has begun erupting for the first time in nearly 40 years, authorities in hawaii have warned of falling ash but say lava is not currently a threat to people living nearby. scientists were watching volcano closely because of recent earthquakes at the summit. mauna loa is more than 30 meters above sea level on hawaii's biggest island. we have news from australia's great barrier we've -- barrier reef switch could be placed on the world heritage list of sites that are in danger. the world' biggest choral read system is under threat from warmer waters caused by climate
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change and from water pollution. it is gorgeous, just look at the colors of those fish there. i'm laura trevelyan. thank you so much for watching bbc "world news america." ♪ narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; rsuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ judy: good eveni. on the newshour tonight, taking to the streets. thousands of chinese citizens protest the communist party's ongoing zero covid policy in the largest demonstrations in decades. and extremism and politics. former president trump has dinner with a white supremacist at mar-a-lago renewing questions for republicans about the party leadership and values. and vaccine skepticism. misinformation about covid-1 sets back efforts to immunize people in the democratic republic of congo against a host of other diseases. >> this threatens increased outbreaks, deaths and for


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