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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 18, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for
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a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> it could be the biggest emergency on the planet. the u.n. warns that hundreds of thousands of people are still without help in pakistan. president obama describes the latest violence in baghdad. hostage drama at the drama the -- embassy in israel. and hthe detonations is concernd
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that many of the millions of people affected by the floods -- the u.n. is concerned that many of the millions of people affected by the floods and pakistan have yet to receive any help at all. lost bridges are hampering efforts to get aid to the region. the world bank has promised pakistan a loan of more than $900 million. >> getting aid to the flood victims is getting to be a serious problem. the relief supplies are not readily available. in this province, the disaster
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first became evident in a reminder of how destructive the floods can be. >> the government must help us out by providing food. with bridges across the river in the west, boats are used to ferry supplies between villages. unemployment is becoming common. there is no one to look after your needs.
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in the put job province, a school has been turned into a shelter for pregnant women. -- in this province, a school has been turned into a shelter. seeing this that continues to have the highest priority, getting clean water to those who have to deal with filthy water around them. the frontier has more than six border points. they are delivering the basics such as water and food. the impact will be on the whole country and its economy.
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>> in an attack happened on side of an army recruitment center in baghdad. more than 120 people were injured. the attack comes a fortnight before the u.s. and combat operations. >> their sons and brothers took the risk of killing up to get a job and the army. some say things are getting better in iraq. this is where it happened, so many dead means that the bomber was able to be very close. this has deepened to the
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uncertainty and fear. iraq does not have a new government. the leaders of the two main blocs cannot or will not agree to share power. >> they are looking to put some order in the country. what did we gain? >> hong the americans are being
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as positive as they can. >> they're killing scores of people. >> with a tough future and is very little electricity for cooling and refrigeration, most people do not have anywhere to go. >> a man who broke into the turkish embassy was captured after a standoff. he briefly held two of the staff hostage. >> dramatic pictures
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show the same man. he is being brought out, wounded, but still alive. the police say the man armed with a knife got into the embassy just off the beach front and then shots were heard from inside of the embassy. he took the consul general and his wife but that may escape. throughout the tense standoff, the demands were not really clear. the police remain outside the compound as the turkish embassy's own security staff looked at the situation from the inside. the situation between israel and turkey has deteriorated recently after the death of nine turkish
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activists. >> the rod blagojevich has been found guilty of lying to federal agents but the jury was unable to agree on 23 other counts. he was accused of trying to sell the senate seat vacated by current barack obama. >> the government can bring the enormous resources. they play the soccer game already. so, when the prosecution
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presents the case, they will have the information that the jurors found persuasive. they can use the jail time hanging over the governor said to induce him to reach a plea bargain. the idea being about five years in prison. he can pick up his career as a celebrity. if he spends 10-15 years in prison, that is a different matter. he will not be able to have a career. >> they were not able to reach a verdict on 23 out of the 24 charges. what does that say about the charges. >> patrick fitzgerald, the prosecutor was pretty open last
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year. he was in mortal fear of rod blagojevich. unless you can show that money changed hands, it is very difficult to document the fact that a crime was committed. we will find out in a few hours. when the you bring a conspiracy? when do you say you have to intervene to prevent something that from happening. the only way that you can ice up the evidence is to prove that something that was done. >> he is certainly a colorful character. what else can happen? >> they buried it politician in
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chicago today. he became a local political celebrity in chicago after he went out of prison. he was on television stations every night in chicago analyzing. rod blagojevich might be looking for something national. he is very personable. he was shaking hands of side of the court room and he shanks' the jurors -- he thinkanked the jury. we give people talk shows, we give them guest appearances, we give them reality shows. he has a lot of capital invested
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in that direction. >> tens of thousands of british holidaymakers has been -- have been affected by company. the main subsidiary specializes in trips to greece, egypt, canary islands, turkey. >> an ideal way to spend the summer. they face the anxiety of disruptions for their plants. >> this is so annoying. >> in the aviation authority has promised flights before 6:00 p.m. on wednesday. after that, people have to rebuild with other companies and
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might not get a refund. the civil aviation authority says that it will bring everyone who was abroad home. this is the third british holiday company to collapse in recent weeks. the effect of the recession has affected the larger players. the biggest operators are not in financial danger. this has been a pretty miserable summer. people have stopped booking and they are having to discount heavily in order to fill the seats on planes and hotels. >> some holidaymakers must worry that these are not the last problems. >> why south african game reserves are struggling to save the rhino.
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russian investigators say an explosion outside of the north caucuses was caught by a car bomb. . advest 20 people were injured in the blast. the explosion came after is after a suicide bomber blew himself up. >> chaos on the streets. explosives left in a parked car causing blast shattered. the blast caused most of the injuries. some of which were serious. >> there was a woman on the ground and her legs were broken. it was leading a lot. there are also two men with injuries and bleeding from the eyes. >> many had been sitting in nearby cafes and later they were in a state of shock. investigators got the word about
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one had a 50 kilometers away. -- 150 kilometers away. there was another suicide bomber. he hit a police checkpoint. the bomber and one policeman died in the blast. it is not clear what the motives were but they add to the catalog of violence that has blighted the region in the decades after two separate his wars in chechnya. the government has tried in vain to put an end to the violence in the caucuses once and for all. >> a fire at a maternity hospital in romania has killed
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several children and make their mothers. -- and their mothers. despite new pledges of aid, millions of victims are still waiting for help. the latest violence in baghdad is called an attempt to halt democracy. a palestinian man who invaded the turkish embassy in israel has handed himself over. a court in columbia has ruled that an agreement that gave the u.s. to access to military basis is unconstitutional and this has not been approved by the parliament. the agreement gave the u.s. troops access to 10 years and seven basis so they could carry out attacks on drug dealers.
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people are worried about the influence of the u.s. forces in the region. will the u.s. have to leave colombia for good? >> no, the good news is that while this has taken everyone by surprise, they will not have to pack up their stuff immediately. the government was given a way through this by the constitutional court. if the new government is able to get a bill through congress, they will be able to reapply and resubmit the u.s. agreement and it should be approved.
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>> how is this part of the process? >> this could be seen as an ongoing war. they were gaging in politics. the new government is planning a very subtle ways so that this will support it to the letter. >> what will they make of this ruling? >> hugo chavez will be delighted. when the agreement was signed last year, he actually froze thematic relations. they would like to take control of the massive oil reserves.
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>> 21 people have been injured, two critically, following a collision between a passenger train and in a truck in eastern england. the accident happened and a key train carriages were derailed. the truck driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. in germany, an inner-city expressed train collided with a truck. the truck was on the tracks and it was about 150 kilometers from frankfurt. one person was seriously injured and many of the passengers were also injured. the two astronauts might be the first ones to fly in space at the first time. if all goes as planned, mark
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calley will be piloting the space shuttle to go to the international space station. his twin brother will be there to greet him in his role as commander of the mission on board of the international space station. >> it is a privilege to be here in space. >> meet scott kelly and his brother, mark. they are both astronauts. they share the same amazing job and are scheduled to both be in space. they have more important things in their minds. >> the focus of these missions, this is something that we have never expected to happen. we will be caring and $1.5
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billion particle detector which will attach to the outside of the space station. >> they will leave at different times. mark will be commanding the space station and his brother will be the commander of the mission. >> my flight is six months long and as more of a marathon than a sprint and down -- than a sprint. they are the same because we're of commanders and our primary objective is the mission. the whole human aspect of us line space is just an added part. >> when this is completed, this might end the shuttle flights. this is unlikely to be the last time that the twin astronauts will take to the skies. >> poachers are feeding the
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asian medicine market. they are worth more than their weight in gold. the poaching of rhinos is going at an unprecedented rate. more than 150 had been killed so far. one in johannesburg had its last adult rhino poached. >> this is the last rhino to live on this game reserves. the latest victim of the increasingly successful poachers. >> we lost a key in june. in january, we lost two in one day. then, one yesterday. >> it must be devastating. >> yes. it is very bad.
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>> they are doing this with a level of sophistication which has proved impossible to stop. that is where the rhino was hit from the air. the helicopter landed. you can see where the chain saw was used. this rhino was left to bleed to death. that process might have taken as little as 10 minutes. the rate of killing has doubled in next year. there is an increased demand for the horn. >> these are people who are involved in gun running, human trafficking, drug dealing. this is something that is easy for them to do. >> the deadline now that we saw earlier was taken to -- the
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rhino that we saw earlier was taken to another game reserve for supposedly it will be safe. it will be under guard night and day. >> he is much more relaxed then when we first got him into the enclosure. >> in heat will be a lucrative target because his horn will soon be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. >> we will show you some incredible pictures that have come to us from argentina. this is a plane and the pilot had a market escaped. in the wind came off of the train. it was during a flying --
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the spectators thought it was part of the show. it did catch fire but the pilot escaped from the cockpit on hard. -- cockpit unharmed. in the u.s., a deputy has been held hostage by a swarm of bees. the truck was carrying 60 boxes of bees. one of them had broken open. he had to take cover in his car. the beekeepers recall didn't to help. -- were called in to help. that is one way of getting the peace back into the box. you have been watching bbc world ms..
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