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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 24, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global
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strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> the situation is critical with millions homeless. pakistan goes to the imf to discuss a possible emergency loan. a bloody end to the bus hijacking in the philippines. they promised a thorough investigation to the death of eight tourists. chile's miners receive their first supplies, but when will they see the light of day? tiger woods and his wife divorced. hello, this is bbc news. with more than 6 million people now in need of basic shelter, they you in says the situation
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in pakistan is critical. tens of thousands are fleeing their homes each day as flood water continues to flow through the country. the u.n. does have pledges of around 70% of the $460 million it has appealed for. officials are in washington to discuss a loan package with the imf. ben braun cents this report. >> we flew with a crew from the afghan national army. their mission was to distribute high-energy biscuits. it is only a drop in the ocean that now covers so much of pakistan, but the people below are so hungry, they wrestle each other for what falls from the sky. >> [inaudible]
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at the moment it is the best way to get relief supplies to people on the ground who so desperately need it. >> we found chaos on dry land, even as an aid distribution center for rives. they were trying to hand out food they had paid for with their own wages, but people and of fighting with each other and officers who have come to help them. -- the people ended up fighting each other and the officers who have come to help them. >> in terms of human life, it is the life of their crops, food, and households. i do not blame them. they do not want to take any chances, because they are not sure what they will be feeding their children tomorrow. >> villages have become islands,
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and the pakistani navy are using hovercraft to rescue flood victims and get aid to places. >> my husband, me, and my children are helpless. we have no money, clothes, or food. we need the world to help us. >> families like this one to stay here to protect their property, and at least some of them are getting paid -- food and clean drinking water. -- are getting aid -- food and clean drinking water. they have nothing in another village. these are the people. occasionally, they swim or wade back to their homes to salvage what they can. this man fumbled a few dry clothes, all he had left in the world. the villagers gather in the brutal heat and wait for aid to
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come. ben braun, bbc news. >> officials in pakistan and the united states are warning that floods and the slow response represent an opportunity for militant groups, particularly the taliban. they were driven out by a major offensive last year. >> a place of stunning beauty there's news stars. the floods devoured rivers. -- a place of stunning beauty bares new scars. many communities are cut off. if aid comes, it has to be carried. a 40 chela load in punishing heat. we -- 40 kilo loads in punishing
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heat. it has simply been washed away. there is a massive injection of aid needed here, and it is serious if people do not get enough support from the government' for the international community. others will be waiting to fill the vacuum. it is just a year since they escaped the yoke of the taliban. nobody forgets the brutality, but desperation could give the militants of foothold. we met a band of brothers with a sack of flour bought by the father with the last of his money. he says life is harder than under the taliban. he has had no work since the floods and says death is ahead
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if help does not come. they have a long way to go. 15 hours, 12 hours more, 15, 15, and for this elderly man, another six hours. >> there is a hole in the wall. >> he shows me where his shops used to be. he warns -- he was a target for the taliban and warned they may come back. >> maybe the taliban will come back here, and those people will go and work again with the taliban. >> the army is busy directing relief efforts, a massive task on top of fighting the taliban,
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and troops will be tied up with this for months. washington is watching closely. there are worries a loasting legacy could be an even shakier pakistan. >> at least 32 people have been killed in separate bombings in northwest pakistan. 17 people were killed in a meeting. three people died in a blast. the most serious was in south waziristan. two spanish aid workers released by al qaeda militants in north africa were returned to spain after a grueling ordeal in the sahara desert. they were kidnapped in november while delivering supplies to villages. in washington they have
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temporarily blocked the funding of human embryo stem some research, which president obama had authorized. many hoped the research could lead to treatments for a number of serious conditions. survivors of the siege in the philippines in which aid tourists were killed have criticized the police for being indecisive and slow in the handling of the crisis. the tourists were being held hostage by an ex policeman who hijack the bus after losing his job. the president has promised a thorough investigation. >> it is a nightmare to tourists. it began as they were taken hostage on the coach. as he stuck his demands on the bus windows, negotiators found he was an ex police officer, seen here armed with an assault rifle, who had been sacked for drug-related crimes.
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he released a group of hostages, including children. as night fell, the atmosphere changed. suddenly, police shot out the tires. the driver took the chance to escape, running into the arms of reporters allowed surprisingly close to the scene. police smashed windows on the bus, throwing in a gas grenade. as a forced entry through the back window, they were fired on from inside the bus, and at least one police officer was wounded. the ex-colleagues fired out wildly, revealing his location to marksman, who killed him. >> he did not seem hell bent on killing himself or hurting
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anyone else, but in certain situations, he was obviously distressed to be -- to stress to begin with. something pushed him over the edge. >> there were only a handful of survivors. >> water, food, and medicine are being sent through a tube to 32 miners trapped underground in northern chile for more than two weeks. rescuers say it could be three months before they can bring them to safety. >> cheers of jubilation and tears of sheer joy. 32 miners presumed death have just got a message to the surface. they are all still alive 17 days after the mine collapsed. here is how the news came -- on
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a piece of paper wrapped around the drilling probe sent deep into the earth. it says simply, we are fine in the shelter. >> we are so happy. we all hope they were alive. >> there had been seven previous attempts to reach the men trapped in this mine. on sunday, sound of hammering were picked up by a camera attached to the drill which was boring of gold into the rock. they found not just the emergency camera, but a face pressed close to the lands, approved of last of life. this is what we know. they were trapped when the rocks above them collapse, blocking any hope of immediate escape. that was two and a half weeks ago, so they moved to a sheltered area. they have endured temperatures
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of over 32 degrees celsius. rescuers have been narrowing narrow holes to try to find them. engineers will sink and new shaft wide enough for one person at a time, but it could take 120 days to complete, so they might not get out until just before christmas. a letter to his wife urged patience and faith. he said he had not stop thinking of her for a single moment, and here she is with chile's president, who personally promised to do all he could to rescue the men. the difficulties they still face cannot dampen the celebrations going through the streets. >> stay with us, because we will be hearing from across london. also ahead, strictly passion,
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the tango world championship makes sparks fly in buenos aires. a nurse who was on duty in bucharest when a fire killed five newborn babies has been charged with murder. prosecutors say the blaze in the intensive care units started when the nurse was away from her post, and she might have been able to save the baby's life had she been there. >> even in the silence, the panic was clear. people watch helplessly as fire rages through the hospital's intensive care unit. the air is choked with smoke, but inside, the flames showed no mercy. the temperature reached 200 degrees celsius. the police claimed five fragile young lives. they were barely days old.
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emergency services rescued six other babies, but they remain in critical condition. it is a case that has horrified romanians. now the news that more babies could have been saved. the only person who had access to the unit's left of a critical time. >> i have -- who had access to the unit left at a critical time. >> i have ordered an investigation. she left the ward for 12 hours and did not realize the fire had broken out. when she returned, it was too late to save all the babies. >> the medical equipment has now been taken away for forensic investigation. the fire is thought to have been started by faulty electrical wiring, but it became an inferno when it reached machines fitted with an oxygen supply. again last week they sacked the management team, but these black
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and incubators remain as a bathetic testament to five young lives that began and ended in their care. >> this is bbc news from london. the united nations in pakistan says the humanitarian situation caused by the flood is critical, but the imf hold stock -- talks about the economic challenges it faces. they promised an investigation into how 8 hong kong tourists were killed in manila. rescue workers in chile says they were deprived from water and food as they were trapped for more than two weeks. staying with that story, let's get more on those trapped miners. he described the situation there. >> the recently arrived at the
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entrance of the mine in the place known as camp hope, which is a place where they have been for three weeks. it is nighttime now. it is a very cold night, and the mining minister is giving his indication of what the miners are going through or what they have gone through for the last few days. it would be nice to speak to the miners today, and they gave some indications. they had some food in the shelter. they had to the fish, some milk, and some biscuits. the russian that food. they had two teaspoons of tuna fish, a sixth of milk every hour. -- a bit of milk every hour. they have shifted to trying to actually pull the miners of, but
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it could take months. >> have rescuers told the miners how long it may take to get them out? >> they have not -- they have been very clear about that. this is a psychological blow, but they say these are experienced miners and will probably know how long it will take to get down to them. they have not given them any indication. they will take it one day at the time, but it is going to be a long time. >> did you get any sense when you spoke to the minor that they were in good spirits? >> they seem to be in remarkably good spirits and remarkably good health. the mining minister was actually joking and praising their health, saying it was remarkable they survived this long without serious injuries. they have also managed to drop food and water down today, and
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they have confirmation from the minors about food and water are arriving, so that is good news. >> it has been officially announced that tiger woods and his wife have divorced. this is nine months after tiger woods crashed his vehicle outside their home in orlando, fla.. there were claims he had been cheating on his life. for proper we have more details. >> as you might expect, those court papers have already been leaked. they did not reveal a great deal we know it was an
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irreconcilable break down and not his infidelity as we might have inspect -- might have expected. very little detail on financial settlement after the court hearing took place. there was a statement issued by the couple, and did both wish each other well. >> we were just talking about those supplement numbers. there was a salary of numbers being planted around the united states of what the number is. >> plenty of speculation, but very little detail. tiger is phenomenally well see. his earnings for his career are about $100 million, making him the highest earnings sports star of all time. one of the major assets are
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their homes, of which they have several. the most expensive was there florida home purchase for $69 million. >> kenyan authorities have seized nearly 2 tons of raw ivory well smugglers were trying to -- which smugglers were trying to fly out. experts believe it could be worth $1 million. in china they can finally freed the sigh of relief. a traffic jam stretched 100 kilometers. the holdup began more than a week ago. a road improvement project has been blamed. the picturesque fishing village in southwest england is guaranteed a place in the
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history of space exploration. scientist say the bacteria can survive in space for 18 months. this was a part of a project to find organisms that could one held -- one day help humans explore the solar system and have clean air and water. >> the picturesque fishing village -- it is an unlikely spot for scientists to find new ways of colonizing other planets. the research involves sending drops samples and the microorganisms in them into space. they had a variety of organisms -- som on the surface and some inside. when they put it into space, they could find which were most likely to survive. >> tourists flock to this resort for a relaxing holiday.
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this is one of the least hospitable places on earth. it is either being tried out by the sun or battered by salt water. the idea is that anything that can survive in these rocks can survive in outer space. >> space shuttle atlantis -- >> they took the rocks to the international space station. the microorganisms were exposed to the vacuum of space and the radiation of cosmic rays. nothing could survive these conditions. something did. this is the first microorganism to have been found to survive in space. scientists believe they can use it to colonize other worlds. there are many uses of microbes in space.
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these produce oxygen, and they can be used to sustain human beings in mars. if we do establish a permanent presence, it could be the hardy organism is we have selected that we will use to create these life-support systems. >> it sounds like science fiction, but they really do contain organisms that can survive in outer space. >> it might be winter in argentina right now, but things are hopping in buenos r.f., where the tanker championship is taking place. -- buenos aires, where the tango championship is taking place. >> they say it takes two to tango, but more than 200 couples have descended upon the city for
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the championship. since the united nations declared the dance as part of the cultural heritage, the annual event shows participants from as far away as japan and britain. they queued up for tickets. >> tango is my life. i have been living here for years just to study tango, and for that reason it is my life. >> this stance emerged in late 1800's in the suburbs of buenos aires and in uruguay. it eventually became popular in europe, the united states, and japan. the world championship attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. rules dictate a couple must not separate while the music plays and must move constantly anti- clockwise.
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>> i feel super happy. there are a good couple from all over the world, and the competition is super tough. i am so excited about that. >> the final will take place at the stage in the city's park next week. the winners in the categories of stage and classic tango will take home a prize of $5,000. >> just before we go, a humpback whale was put on a specular -- has put on a spectacular show in australia's queensland coast. the whale repeatedly jumped out of the water in what is believed to be a way of attracting female attention. they are in northern waters to read. they will head south in september.
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