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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 31, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> world governing body has provided decisive action on allegations of a betting scam. over three dozen police officers in a effort to combat corruption. gaining in strength, a hurricane sweeps across the caribbean and threatens america's east coast. drilling begins on an escape tunnel as the trapped miners talk to their families for the first time in a month. get the top stories from around -- that is in chile. ♪ welcome to bbc world news,
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broadcasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. the president of the ruling body of world cricket said it will take ruthless action if any player is found guilty of cheating. he was referring to allegations of a betting scandal involving members of the pakistan national team against england. some say the damage to the national game could be immense. here is the report. >> anywhere can be a cricket pitch in pakistan. any park, any street corner. they are heroes here. stain on the team is a status in the nation. players caught up in controversy again. they stepped as in the back, one person says, exposing us to the world s cheap and fraud.
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on the streets, and dozens of fans protested calling for the cricket board and officials to be home. in the markets today, plenty of talk about the accusation in a country already reeling as the taliban works. this is one more body blow. cricket has been something for people to cling to hear. it gives a sense of national identity and pride. the fear is one of collective shame. they told us they feel ugly. >> they betrayed the country. they are supposed to get the maximum sentence. -- sentence. 25 years, the maximum sentence. >> we found others calling for
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far more than jail time. >> the cricket board and the team should be shot. they are worthless. they are a shame on the country. >> the cricket legend says this could be the biggest blow ever. there must be a punishment to match. >> if the allegations are true, and we do not know that yet, then they should be punishment so that future punishment -- future generations should think that crime does not pay. >> you have to go back several years since pakistan won a series in england. those days feel very distant now. the minister has promised a life ban for any player found guilty in this latest battle. bbc news, islamabad. >> crackdown on corruption and incompetence in mexico.
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federal resources have led to -- they failed to pass competency tests. some are accused of committing a crime. here is more. >> the recruitment posters call for fine, upstanding citizens, but those that joined mexico as federal police turned into anything but. this year, 10% of the force -- it is falling short. several officers were fired. >> mexico's national force is on the front lines of the country. officers are regularly killed by ruthless cartels that run the illegal drugs trade. others are tempted into working for the drugs. when a popular young man tried
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to fight corruption in the city in northern mexico earlier this month, his police bodyguards allegedly helped draw hit men, kidnapped and murdered him. now police are determined to rule -- root out bad apples. >> the task of purging has begun. there is no set date for its end. it is permanent and and ongoing task. >> police officers arresting their colleagues for alleged corruption is not rare in mexico. many officers feel underpaid and under pressure, it can be hard to resist the money of the drugs game. it is claimed more than 28,000 lives. but that on the street is only one front. they want to get rid of corruption within the police ranks. bbc news.
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>> and mexican authorities say they have arrested edgar about as, one of the country's most wanted drug traffickers. he is believed to be involved in a recent battle to control a drug cartel. a storm moving through the eastern caribbean has strengthened to a category 4 hurricane. many islands are in danger. forecasters say it is a major hurricane and could pose catastrophic damage if it hits land. a meteorologist at the national hurricane center in miami tells me how it is graded. >> it is category four. on the scale. it gives you an idea of the central pressure of went on a hurricane. sometimes -- the scale goes from 1 to 5.
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four and five are extreme and major hurricanes. this is a very nasty, strong and destructive system. wins over up to kilometers per hour. that is 135 miles per hour. significant damages to trees and infrastructure. >> mindful of the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina, what are the latest predictions you have for the hurricane? >> hurricane earl is making a more northwesterly turn. it will pass pr tonight. it is expected to get into the open ocean. it will have a long arcing
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occurred. commuter mark -- computer models are moving it to portions of the u.s. coastline, near north carolina. >> what advice would you give to residents there? >> large ocean swells will be generated in the next 24 hours. they will be hitting the coast line in the next few days within 48 hours along the east coast. swimmers, bathers, surfers going to the beach will have to be prepared for the strong waves and rip currents. residents along the coastline will need to watch the future forecast and be prepared should a hurricane or tropical storm brush along the east coast of the u.s.. >> in other news, the american
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computer manufacturer hewlett- packard agreed to pay millions of dollars to the u.s. government in unsettled claims that it made to secure contact from federal agencies. the justice the permit said the case has determination to act against those that set to take the procurement process. the government and the trade unions public-sector strike -- they want to negotiate with the union with an 8.6% pay rise and higher housing allowances. within the past hour, engineers have started drilling in western shaft -- rescue shaft to free- in chile.
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they were able to speak with their families by a telephone over the weekend. >> they are trapped almost half a mile beneath this desert hill. this is solid rock. this is what the drill behind me will have to dig through. this is why the rest he may take such a long time. the current plan is to dig straight down to the mining shelter. that means 26 inches wide. it is roughly the size of a bicycle wheel. that is thousands of feet or rock. they hope they can drill as much as several feet per day. the government warned it may take three or four months to reach the miners. here are the men in their refuge. they sent a new video.
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ok, thanks this woman is -- this woman is a widow. >> i had a great conversation. i was able to ask him how he was. i told him we are waiting for him. >> this pastor says they are a miracle. he said bible's down for their refuge. >> i guess i could send a bible down, but they had to be small. >> of the families of the miners are preparing for a long wait. they sit quietly outside of the mind. they promised to stay here until the last man comes out of the ground. bbc news, chile. >> more action is needed to get
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americans working again. that is the message of president obama. he met his economic advisers and then asked republicans to drop the blocking of a bill designed to help businesses. s + others are nervous about this week's unemployment figures. >> there is currently a jobs bill before congress that would do two big things for small business owners. cut taxes and make available more loans. it would help them get the credit they need and eliminate capital gains taxes so they have more incentives to invest right them. it would accelerate $55 billion worth of tax relief to encourage american businesses to expand their businesses over the next few months. >> you are watching bbc news. still ahead, police are trying to see what made a man kills several people before turning
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the gun on himself. a review of the united nations panel on climate change. it needs to fundamentally reform to handle the complex assessment and avoid making mistakes. there was a controversial handling of a landmark study in 2007 that calls into question the role of the bodies, chief. >> russia was burning this summer. extreme weather really on the increase? that is the question that this panel on climate change is expected to insert. it is hugely influential following a blunder. today the top science attack -- academy gave their version. today's report said the panel should be clearer about the cia
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-- sea ice and how much it would melt. >> the issues raised is we need more and other forms of assessment with different organizations playing a much bigger part than scientific experts. >> its chair accepted the nobel peace prize for drawing attention to the climate first. his job is at risk. today he is fighting back. >> climate change is real. the better we can design our actions. >> the government's fear that absolution is changing the climate. bbc news. >> you can follow this story and the others here on bbc news by going to our website. you can find that story and the
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current technology along with news and sports. you are watching bbc news. a reminder of the headlines. the cricket governing body has promised a decisive action if they find out that the fraud and betting has occurred. and a wide-ranging effort to combat corruption in mexico. and hurricane earl is upgraded to a category four storm. the u.s. government is imposing more financial action on north korea after the sinking of a south korean warship in march and 46 people died. they are looking at individuals linked to their nuclear weapons program and some are trading arms and luxury goods and
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counterfeiting money. in the state department spokesperson said washington is still looking for signs that north korea is serious about abandoning their nuclear weapons program. >> if they are going to work constructively with the international community and the united states, then there are definite things north korea can do and things they should avoid doing. we remain prepared to engage them, but they have to demonstrate to us that such engagement would be fruitful. >> i was told what the impetus was for these latest u.s. sanctions. >> we have been an able to get talks: to north korea -- going to north korea.
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the administration appointed a special envoy to try to find ways to talk to them, but what career rejected them under the six party talks. as a consequence, there is no basis for restarting them. by creating these sanctions, administration is giving north korea some incentive for restarting the six party talks. >> they have not worked before. why do they think it will work now? >> they did work in the past. they were counterproductive in the short run, but they provided a basis for getting back to the talks. they are going through a combined succession crisis trying to bring the younger leader for the father.
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summit in the country were not satisfied. the government's is in the process of provoking south korea and their neighbors in order to show toughness in the korean regime and bring together support from the military and family. >> is this a familiar ploy that they are engaging in? >> if you look at yesterday's meeting between the leaders in northeast china, the chinese press reports want to call for new six party talks. of course he wants these talks. they wanted to support this position, because he does not want to face the consequences of the new american sanction. >> a police investigation is underway in one area when a man armed with a gun killed several people before killing himself. others were wounded. one critically during the attack
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in the suburb. our colleague has been following the event. >> panic on the streets during this suburb. the police respond to reports of shots coming from an apartment building. they later saw a man emerged from the building armed with a assault rifle and firing wildly at passers-by and police. he turned the gun on himself after being surrounded. his identity remained unknown. this picture revealed shortly afterwards was taken through an apartment window. police later confirmed they found the bodies of five people including four women in a nearby apartment. a sixth body was found at the apartments interest. -- entrance. a passer-by unrelated to the family died in hospital.
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such incidents are rare. relative interviewed at the scene confirm the family was from a gypsy minority. the gunman was a former policeman or soldier who lived in the same building, possibly in the flat above. >> begun man has killed five people in arizona before fleeing to california and committing suicide. he opened fire in side of a home killing the mother of his two children and several other people. the 26 old then adapted his children before turning the gun on himself. bducted his children before turning the gun on himself. the children are ok. widespread flooding across
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pakistan and many residents are dealing with the destruction. here is the report in the northwest part of the country. >> this was the area one month ago. >> i give view this. please save our town. >> this is a heartfelt plea when the floods hit town. now one month long, we have gone to see him. devastation is all around. nearly 20 feet of water came through here. the rooms are still full of mud. his normal life is still on hold. >> people like him remain angry,
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wanting more. >> we lost everything. we lost our jobs, we lost our infrastructure. the difficulties are enormous. the bureaucracy, not doing enough. >> when the flood waters went through this community a month ago, people say they rose about 1 foot every five minutes. then they took one week to subside. around me there is an enormous amount of damage done. now people get filtered water provided by the army and food cooked by private charities. just down the road, a small crowd follows the local district administrator. he starts to appear through a cloud of smoke. everywhere you look, people are still trying to clean up the mess. people are frustrated at the crossroads. why is it taking so long? he says he understands why everyone is so upset.
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>> what to the government is doing, [unintelligible] >> what do you need in terms of increasing your rehabilitation? >> we need machinery. >> for now, local residents will have to move things around. the real task of rebuilding infrastructure has hardly begun. the government says it will take years to complete. people will have to be patient. >> scientists at a university in london are being praised for one of the most important life- saving discoveries of present time. the invention of the artificial cal deals with dna.
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our colleague sees the work in practice in uganda. >> they are treating people suffering from sleeping sickness. it is a disease that kills tens of thousands of people each year only in africa. >> if the patient does not get treatment, it is usually 100% that they die. >> they do not look like cows, but they smell like them to a flight. -- flie. it is an artificial how -- fly. it is an artificial cow. >> this is an african problem. >> it can kill 3 million cattle
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every year. >> it is one of africa's greatest constraints. it affects people and land use. >> whole communities are being screened for the disease. it could be eradicated with the use of the artificial cal. >> it gives us the motivation to know that we are learning this. we appreciate the fact that there are people that are putting in the necessary work to eradicate this. >> sleeping sickness affects an area greater than the united states. the artificial cal is giving hope to many people in africa.
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