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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 2, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> president obama urges israeli and palestinian leaders not to miss the chance for peace. no regrets as tony blair publishes his memoirs. it tells us about his decision to send troops into iraq. police have shot dead a radical environmentalists who held three people hostage in maryland. meatballs and chicken, the miners get their first hot meal in three weeks. >> welcome to "bbc world news,"
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broadcast in the u.k. and around the world. president obama appeared alongside the israeli and palestinian leaders on the eve of the first peace talks for nearly two years. he urged them to walk a path of peace. >> we are fathers blessed with sons and daughters, so we must ask ourselves what kind of world do we want to give to our children and grandchildren? tonight, and these are the questions that we must answer. this is a fitting moment to do so. for muslims, this is ramadan. it is rare for those two months
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to coincide. but tonight they do. different faiths, rituals, but a shared period of devotion. a time to reflect on right and wrong. a time to ponder one's place in the world. a time when people of two religions remind the world the truth that is both simple and profound. but all of us in our hearts are capable of great change. >> i began with the hebrew word for peace. shalom. our goal is to forge peace between israelis and palestinians. brief interlude between two wars. we don't seek a temporary
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respite. we seek a peace that will end the conflict between us once and for all. we seek peace that will last for generationss, our children's generations and the next. this is the peace my people want. this is the peace all iraq people fervently want. -- all our people want. a lasting peace is a peace between peoples, between israelis and palestinians. we must learn to live together, to live next to one another and with one another. but every peace begins with the leaders. president mahmoud abbas , you are my partner with peace.
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it is up to us with the help of our friends to conclude the agonizing conflict between our peoples and to afford them with new beginnings. >> we will spare no effort to work diligently to ensure that these negotiations achieve their goals in dealing with all of the issues, jerusalem, settlements, water, as well as the release of all our prisoners. in order to achieve peace, the people of our area are looking for peace that achieves freedom and justice to the palestinian people in their homeland. people have endured long
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standing and suffering. we want peace that will [unintelligible] one that brings security to our people, and we want peace that will give us peace from the region. our determination stems to a great extent from your willpower and your sweeping drive with which you engulf the entire world from the day you took office to set the party is on the path for peace. >> earlier we spoke to our washington correspondent and i asked him how progressive these talks will be. >> the americans played down expectations of what could be accomplished immediately on the
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talks that will take place on thursday, but they have ever ready to sign up to this time frame of one year to agree to some sort of deal. is it a final agreement? this is an achievement to have everybody here. you heard the rhetoric from the various parties and nobody wants to be seen to make this fail, but behind the scenes middle east watchers look at president abbas and prime minister netanyahu who say are these the men who will make the compromises for the peace they say they want? many commentators say it will be difficult. >> obama entering these peace talks pretty early on in his
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presidency. >> he was calling middle eastern leaders on day one of his presidency. on day two he appointed george mitchell to be his police convoy. it is a major priority for him -- to be his he least envoy. many people describe the benign neglect the bush administration had toward the region. president obama made this commitment. in this press conference you can hear the leaders acknowledging it was because of obama's drive that they were here. are they really here because they think they can achieve peace or are they going through the motions to please their american ally? >> the former british prime minister tony blair said he regrets the loss of life during the iraq war but stands by his decision to invade.
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in his memoir, mr. blair talked about the relationship between he and gordon brown. mr. belair criticized his successor for abandoning new labor. we have been studying mr. belair's version of history. >> undercover for three years, tony blair filing gives his verdict. the political battle and the wars see wage abroad. now comes the definitive story of how badly it got between the last two. >> the relationship with gordon was very difficult. even though towards the end it was hard going on impossible, for a large part of the time [unintelligible] >> long before this public show of chumminess during the 2005
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elections, the two men were probably at work. blair had broken his promise to resign. he says that is because brown broke his promise to back his policies. >> i was happy to go after two terms provided that a program that was intrinsic and essential to new labor success after the labor party capable of governing on a continual basis, provided that program was kept. >> and man who only drunk pirates for the camera he said he started to have -- only trunk pints for the camera. he described how he stopped taking calls from gordon brown and it turned to hear one person on whether he could sack a star
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player. he decided he was better inside and constrained than outside and loose. gordon brown threatened to highlight the allegations if he did not get his way on pension policy. >> this is tony blair's verdict, political feelings no. emotional intelligence, zero. he knew gordon brown would be a disaster if he abandoned the new labor project. >> i took the view that if we departed from new labor we were going to be in trouble. it might be what we needed to do. be the party that reform welfare and carried on deepening those reports. >> it will be it foreign wars that will make or break tony blair's reputation.
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the iraq war and transformed him from one of the most popular politicians to a figure that divided country. he writes, i never guessed the nightmare that unfolded. we did not anticipate the role of al qaeda or iran. but would he say he had no regrets? how can you not feel sorry about people who have died? when i asked whether i regret the decision, you say i take responsibility but i cannot regret they've responsibility. >> he says it will soon be necessary to confront iraq's neighbors. >> it is unacceptable for iran to have nuclear weapons capability. we have to be prepared to confront them. >> it is clear tony blair wants
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to shape the future. his book is published on a day when a labor member start receiving ballot members for which candidate should succeed him. he says he will not publicly endorse anyone but he is backing david miller band. -- david milliband. >> it may be obvious. >> a televised measure reveals no one wants to be seen to be close to their formal leader. >> [unintelligible] do you think that hurts him? >> [unintelligible] >> taney is a successful prime minister. they both made mistakes -- tony is a successful prime minister. he has become out of touch.
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whether this marks the end of the new labor journey which tony blair helps to insure that it still continues. >> a special adviser to the british foreign minister has resigned after claims about a relationship between him. he said suggestions that the appointment was due to an improper relationship were false. he denied his marriage to his wife was in trouble and said she suffered a number of miscarriages. you are watching "bbc world news." the mystery man, are we any closer to finding out who is [unintelligible] protests in the capital in maputo have left six people
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dead, including 10 children. they were killed as police opened fire. opening fire on the men and children, police and mozambique used live rounds to disperse demonstrations. protesters carried injured comrades away. >> this woman is the mother of one of the children killed in the crash. setting fire to tires and looting shops, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in protests against rising food costs. the price of bread has shot up 30%. >> everything is too expensive. they increase almost everything.
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have bread, there is nothing at home. i am alone. as the injured arrive, witnesses claimed police fired on innocent people. this doctor is saying we have received 11 wounded and another hit by a stone. the price of wheat has risen, but and mozambique has slumped at the same time, making the crisis so much worse. >> the german chancellor has praised greece for its efforts to put the country back on track. angela merkel says they will continue to support greece. a reminder of the headlines. president obama urged israeli
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and palestinian leaders to seize the opportunity presented by the new middle east peace talks in washington. the former british prime minister tony blair has acknowledged he did not participate in the nightmare that has unfolded after the iraq war. police in maryland have shot dead a radical environmentalists who held three people hostage at the headquarters of the discovery television channel. the gun man named james lee has objected to the coverage of green issues. hostages were unharmed. our correspondent was at the scene. >> [unintelligible] this ended after a four-hour standoff with police shooting dead a man who held the one -- been holding captive three employees. he walked into the building with
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explosives strapped to his body. we know that that man was james lee, an individual with a vendetta against the discovery channel. he claimed they channel promoted procreation and was contributing to the world's overpopulation. he also said he held the discovery channel responsible for some of america's immigration problems. even though it ended with police shooting him dead, investigations were continuing with officers scouring the building for further explosive devices he may have planted. >> at least 25 people have been killed and 170 injured after three bombs exploded in the pakistani city. police said at least two of the attacks were suicide bombings. the prime minister describes the attacks as cowardly and says perpetrators will be punished.
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ejaculations have begun in areas of the u.s. east coast and -- evacuation's have begun on the east coast of the u.s.. the hurricane has strength into a category four. president obama has told officials be ready for a worst- case scenario. the south coast of taiwan has been battered by a tropical storm forcing thousands to evacuate. torrential rain has caused flooding and authorities are concerned about mudslides. winds in excess of 80 kilometers have destroyed many homes. the largest port has been closed and workers are being told to stay at home. the miners trapped underground in chile have had their first hot meal in three weeks. experts from asset were at the mine and among them is a
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nutritionist's -- experts from nasa were at the mine. he told me how the miners had received their meal. >> it was cooked for them and heated above ground. it was divided into 33 portions and sent down a tube to the shelter. rice, chicken and meat balls. that was their first hot meal for 26 days. the medics have been building their strength upper. they started off by giving them high protein milk drinks and glucose tablets. they have had their first hot meal and. >> did we get any feedback on if they enjoyed it? >> we haven't yet. >> work is beginning on the shaft to rescue the men. how is progress there? >> it was going pretty well,
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they dug through 26 meters and have 700 meters to drill through. the engineers said they had encountered their first problem. they hit a geological fault. that means they have to stop drilling and have to secure the sides of the shaft with concrete. there was the first pause. they said they are expecting to come across these faults as they move down. it just means work stopped for a few hours. >> our families still above ground holding vigils? >> they are, some family members have gone back, but a lot are still up at the mine. here are still shrine's set up with photographs of the minors. some of them say they will stay
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there through the end of the point where their loved ones are brought back up. >> the three pakistani cricket people accused of involvement for bedding are in london for a meeting with the cricket board. -- involvement of betting. they are expected to miss the remaining games against england. the family of the star has come to his defense. our correspondent has been to andy murray -- his home village. >> he put this tiny village on the map. everyone knows him and everyone has been shocked by allegations. it is a simple background from which she comes from. this is the street where he grew up.
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the fact is in a place like this the kind of money he was offered constitutes much more than many people's annual salary. inside the courtyard of their home, his family insists the money would not have attracted him. >> i have spoken to him says his brother. he is upset by what is going on. he kept telling us please believe me. this will go away. >> this patch of grass is where he learned to play. we came across one of his former teachers. >> he was such a good student. he was poor but he was always respectful and a brilliant sportsmen. there was one catch which will always stick in my mind.
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there was no one here who believe he could have been influenced by that company, but if the claims are proven it could curtail a brilliant career. third >> for years it has been one of the best kept secrets, the identity of the mysterious stunt driver. has he finally been announced? on wednesday we failed to block the publication [unintelligible] ♪ >> for years, one of the most closely guarded secrets, and now the famous by sur has been lifted. a man behind it is ben collins. he won his battle to reveal himself as the mystery driver.
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the bbc had tried to prevent him bringing out an autobiography, but the high court ruled the book could go ahead. >> we are thrilled about the outcome. we are looking forward to being able to share his story. he has an amazing story. it will have a wide appeal to anyone. >> the bbc defended breaking this case, saying in had a duty to protect a character. >> the mystery surrounding his identity has been an important part of the show's success. it is one of the biggest exports internationally. its audience is more than 350 million people. it is watched in 90 countries with much of the money poured back into programs here. >> he is -- this is bound to be
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disappointment for the show's team. >> between 2005 and three weeks ago, i was me [unintelligible] this other person has written this thin book about being a stig has a nerve. >> collins still has some characteristics, remaining silent as he left court, but that will not last long. he is free to tell his story. >> a hippopotamus born two weeks ago has appeared in public for the first time. it is an endangered species with the 3000 left in the world. it weighs just 5 kilometers but
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could eventually reach 375. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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