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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 11, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now "bbc world news." as the koran burning row continues, pastor terry route --. -- terry jones goes to new york. one of the three americans accused of spying and iran will not be released. a planning a comeback, pakistan's former military ruler tells the bbc he is forming a political party and wants to lead the country again. and if it is september, it must be toronto, a hollywood a-lister heading to canada for the international film festival.
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welcome to "bbc world news," broadcasting in the u.k. and around the world. the american pastor who drew international condemnation for planning to burn the car ran up on the anniversary of 9/11 has arrived in new york, where he is expected to meet the iman behind plans for a controversy a mosque near ground zero. pastor terry jones says it may still happen. >> the president was forced to spend a fair bit of a rare news conference making appeals for tolerance, saying that muslims were neighbors and friends. he can hardly not respond to the threats. the trouble is it looks like he is giving more publicity to a group that is on the fringe. pastor jones is the leader of a florida church with a congregation of about 50 people.
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he believes that islam is the work of the devil and he has turned to put 200 korans onto a bonfire, having the world dance to his tune. first, he said he would meet with the leaders of the ground zero mosque. now it appears that is not happening. >> we have not heard from bob iman, but we are still very hopeful we will meet with him. >> it seems the burning will not happen. it is all very symbolic, but it has forced the president to speak out. >> we are not at war against islam. we are at war against terrorist organizations that have distorted islam or falsely used the banner of islam to engage in their destructive acts. and afghanistan, the president's word has not been heeded. protesters shouted death to obama, when the lives of u.s.
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troops are at risk because of the threat to america. >> this is one individual in florida. my concern is to make sure we did not start having a whole bunch of folks all across the country think this is the way to get attention. this is a way of endangering our troops. itour sons and daughters. >> nine years after the attack the new york, ground zero is being rebuilt. a memorial park will stand on the side of the mass murder. it is the plan to build the islamic cultural center a few blocks away that has sent some -- that has incensed some. but the man in charge says moving it would send the wrong signal. >> the headline would be islam is under attack in america. this will strengthen the radicals in the muslim world, help recruitment, and it will put our people, our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, citizens under attack from the muslim world. and we have expanded and given
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an fuelled terrorism. >> up with an extreme threat, one small florida church has thrust itself into the center of the debate about what it means to be american. tomorrow, america will mark the anniversary of 9/11, usually a solemn and not political affair. at the white house hopes that it will stay that way. iran has canceled the planned release of an american woman who is being detained in the country for more than a year. sarah shourd was scheduled to be released as a goodwill gesture. she and two men were arrested near the border and accused of spying. >> the news will come as a huge disappointment for her family. she is believed to be suffering from a precancerous condition. >> she showed me the lump in her breast. at this point, i am really concerned my daughter could have cancer. >> iranian authorities said she would be released as a goodwill
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gesture for the moslem holiday. but now that the ready in prosecutor has been quoted on the semi-official news agency as saying the release was canceled because legal procedures were not completed. that sounds ominously as if her case has fallen victim of internal wrangling. the families are hoping that if a decision gets reversed once it can get reversed again. the former military ruler of pakistan musharraf says he is forming a new political party as part of an attempted comeback and the next general election. speaking to the bbc, he says pakistan was suffering from a breakdown in national self- confidence. >> i will participate in the next election, standing for myself. standing for a party that i will
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create i will create the new party because i think the time has come in pakistan where we need to have a new political culture, a culture which can move pakistan forward on a democratic path, on a correct democratic path, not on an artificial, make believe democratic path. >> that is what you did last time? >> no, last time, there were many issues involved which -- internationally, i liked legitimacy because i was in uniform. but i did very well for pakistan. i know that, and i challenge anybody on any point as far as pakistan is concerned and the people of pakistan are concerned. we did wonders for them in those seven years. it should be compared with 50
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years of the past. the former australian prime minister has been given a cabinet job by the woman who ousted him. it has been confirmed he will become foreign minister in her new labor government. the party scraped back into power thanks to the support of independent monitors after an election which is delivered a hung parliament. details of some three cases of alleged sexual abuse by roman catholic clergy in belgium have been released -- 300 cases. a child psychiatrist to lead the inquiry said the cases of abuse, mostly involving minors, have been found in nearly every diocese. 13 alleged victims have committed suicide. the church will respond to report on monday. >> in catholic run boarding schools, churches, and youth groups, the scale of the abuse is shocking. it involves not just priests, but teachers and lay workers, in
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some cases for decades, and where was safe. -- and nowhere was safe. am i think it's safe to say that all schools, especially boarding schools, at some point know of cases of child sex abuse and that every diocese has been affected by this. >> the commission found the abuse was at its worst during the 1960's. there were hundreds of victims, both male and female, and the youngest was abused from the age of 2. 13 victims of abuse have since committed suicide. the commission said it found no evidence of a cover-up by the church. >> we found no indication of a systematic cover-up, that there was an agreement to ignore the suffering of the victims. >> all that from an inquiry that never finished its work. a police raid on its headquarters and those of the catholic church in june finished
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the commission's inquiry. the police have yet to bring any charges and the investigation has been thrown into doubt after the belgian court ruled that the raids were illegal. the catholic church in belgium will announce its response to the commission findings on monday. north korea's state news agency says pyong and has proposed talks at aimed -- p'yongyang has proposed talks aimed at south korea. relations have been almost nonexistent since seoul accused pyongyang of sinking a south korean warship in april, killing 46 sailors. the head of north korea's red cross has reportedly contacted his counterpart in the south to try to bring relatives together at a resort on the north side of the border. dozens of miners in northern spain are entering their 10th day underground as part of a protest against unpaid wages. an estimated 10,000 families depend on one of the mines and
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valencia, one of the few areas in the country where coal is mined. >> a strike with a difference. deep underground, these are some of the 50 spanish-refusing to come up until they are paid their wages. it is dark, dusty, and damp, but the men are determined. >> we have good morale. we have been here nine days already and we have had many problems, especially physical. but not in terms of morale. in that sense, we are on how to% fine. they will not be able to break us. -- we are 100% fine. >> above ground, protests took a more traditional form. the fights are more about -- are about more than just pay, it is about greener alternatives. >> the name of the
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demonstrations is not only to get salaries but also to fulfill the world decree. >> spanish coal producers say with foreign coal diluting their prices and without government aid, they cannot afford to always pay wages. until the issue is definitively resolved, the miners are determined to strike and their wives to wait. you are watching "bbc world news." nine years after the attacks of 9/11, ted koppel offers his views on the price that america continues to pay. emergency teams in a suburb of sanford cisco are still trying to put out the last remnants of a huge fire started by a gas explosion. at least four people were killed, more than 50 injured. the explosion produced a fireball and crater 5 meters deep.
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>> these are the first minutes after the explosion ripped through the neighborhood. firefighters could do little but watch as escaped gas fuels the inferno. officials say more than three dozen structures in this residential area were destroyed after a gas line exploded. the morning reveals smoking ruins, where hours before there were homes. several people are known to have died. several thousand are injured. there could be more. the explosion left a giant crater in the town of san bruno. >> this is very difficult for the city. the sun is shining, but they're still a dark cloud over the city. you have heard the numbers. unfortunately, the numbers will get higher. >> the firebird into the night, spreading to more homes before gas supplies to be shut off.
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local residents fled with what they could grab. >> we lost everything but we have our lives and we have our dog. >> anyway to describe how your feeling? >> it was like hell on earth. all you could see was flames. >> the explosion occurred 2 miles from san francisco airport. it was feared in your plane had crashed. authorities are investigating why the underground gas pipe ruptured, and locals are wondering how long before they can return to their neighborhood. you are watching "bbc world news." the headlines, the pastor who backed down from burning copies of the koran has arrived in new york, hoping to meet the leader behind the cover seal islamic center to be built near ground
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zero. -- the controversy all islamic center to be built near ground zero. pakistan's former military leader musharraf is forming a new political party as part of an attempted comeback in the next general election. saturday is the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. this year's commemoration comes at a time of particular attention. president obama has warned americans will face an expanded terror threat for years to come. at what price have they paid to combat that threat? ted koppel looks at how that fateful day has affected america and its policies. >> it was a comforting image, just what it outraged and broken hearted american needed. president bush, one arm casually draped over the shoulder of a new york city fireman, a bullhorn and the other hand.
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>> the people who knock these buildings down will hear all bus soon. >> within weeks of 9/11, u.s. special operation forces were on the ground in afghanistan, along with officers of the cia. together, with orders from the northern alliance, they drove the taliban and its al qaeda allies out of their city strongholds and into mountain caves, where they were pounded by u.s. warplanes. osama bin laden fled across the border into pakistan, and is believed still there to this day. the u.s. response had been effective and proportionate. but terrorism is designed to provoke a disproportionate response. and in time, osama bin laden got everything he had hoped for and more than he could have dreamed of. in justifying the bombing and invasion of iraq in march of 2003, the bush administration
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connected a series of dots. al qaeda and saddam were said the allies. >> we took down saddam hussein. >> the major general was in charge of training iraqi troops in 2003 and 2004. >> this business of weapons of mass destruction was a complete construct beyonce dom's part, largely to keep -- of saddam hussein's part, largely to keep iranians in the foxholes. >> u.s. troops tied down in iraq and afghanistan. >> i think osama bin laden figures that he has won, because he has made a spends so much when he had to spend so little to the fight. >> back in 2004, bin laden made this video recording. all we have to do, he said, is send two mujahideen it and raise a small piece of cloth on which
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is written al qaeda to make the general's and americans to suffer a human, economic, and political bosses. he calls his strategy provoked and bait. >> ted koppel reporting there. more on the news that the american pastor who has drawn international condemnation for planning to burn copies of the koran has arrived in new york. we speak to our correspondent in new york. it has been such a confusing story surrounding this pastor, who he has spoken to and who he is going to speak to. is the story clearing up? >> he has arrived in new york, presumably still seeking a meeting with the imam who is behind the plan for the community center and a mosque at couple blocks away from ground zero. the imam himself put out a
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statement about 12 hours ago saying that he was willing to speak to anyone seriously committed to peace, but he also said with this some day of september 11 upon us, i encourage everyone to take time for prayer and reflection, which does not seem to open the door for a meeting with pastor terry jones on september 11. perhaps the pastor has come here without a firm and is planning on attending one of the protests which will take place after the 9/11 anniversary ceremony. there will be a protest against the planned community center near ground zero. >> is still clear the pastor once the proposed religious mosque and cultural center scheduled to be placed at ground zero to be moved? >> he wants it to be moved, and
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he said he called off his burning of copies of the koran because he was told it would be moved, but he was mistaken in that. he never was told that, so he has come here. but september 11, of course, is a day when the whole of new york remembers what happened nine years ago, and it is a day when family members come to pay their respects, read the names of those who died. it is a very solemn ceremony. many of the relatives i have been speaking to are saddened, upset by the circus, both of the pastor but also of the protests which will be happening before -- both for and against the committee center and moscow. a very emotionally fraught day. the director and guards of a prison in northern mexico are being questioned by state prosecutors over suspicions that some may have collaborated in
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the breakout of at least 85 prisoners. the inmates reportedly used ladders to get over the prison fence near the u.s. border. many of them are set to be members of violent drug gangs. two young women have been killed in buenos aires after a floor and a nightclub collapsed. people were attending a private party in the vip lounge at the club when the accident happened. the investigation is underway, but authorities have confirmed safety inspections were carried out regularly at the venue, the last one completed just a few days ago. three pakistani cricketers questioned by police last week in allegations they took part in a betting scandal have arrived back home to protests from angry fans. a few hundred protesters picketed the airport with banners and waved shoes as a sign of the players disgrace. the bowlers have promised to return to england for any future
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investigation. they have been suspended by the sport's governing body, but not face any criminal charges. for all the economic misery around the world, there are still a few companies which are booming. germany may be at the heart of the european economic nightmare geographically, but it is showing remarkable signs of strength, and despite the impressive performance, germans are still looking at prosperity. >> at bmw headquarters in munich, each day a piker entertains customers coming to pick up their cars. -- a biker entertain customers. in the plant, 900 robots turnout the bmw 3 series. this is a major german global brand and times are good. exports are leading the economy to recover. car exports are up 40% this year. >> the markets are up around 13%
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from 2009, and exports are tracking at around 80%. >> even in germany, they are bringing in spending cuts determined to reduce their budget deficit. 60 billion pounds over four years. some of those cuts will hit single mothers, parents, and long-term unemployed. this person is a single mom who lives in brooklyn with her 11- month-old son. -- who lives in berlin with her 11-month-old son. next year for money will be reduced and no support for heating. >> they cut my heating costs. it is very difficult because i have a child. by heating costs are huge, 40 euros. >> each week, tens of thousands of protesters gathered. they are against spending at
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least 4 billion pounds on a new station while basic benefits are cut. >> please spend the money for the future and for the kids and education. >> even in the economic powerhouse of germany, there are concerns that the recovery is fragile and make it weaker. some argue that spending cuts could undermine growth, a few -- a view totally rejected by the german government. >> in principle, it is a balanced deficit reduction. it is not against sustainable economic growth. that is our message. our way is the right one and we do not destroy growth. >> germany has many successful global brands, like this chain store company which depends on growth. but the german government is determined to set an example
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that country, above all, must live within their means. the 67th venice film festival closes saturday, there is no rest for the industry. the toronto film festival has just begun and the world's most popular are on their way there. >> goodbye, venice, hello, toronto. the film festival is underway, and the great and good are arriving in droves. hundreds of fans are lining up for tickets and festival's c.e.o. can barely contain his excitement. >> we are the largest public film festival and one of the most important film offense and the world. -- one of the most important film events in the world. it is an immense public film festival. it has turned into a massive
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tsunami of film. >> not tropopause king street will be awash with celebrities and fans -- toronto's king street will be awash with celebrities and fans, and they are keen to see as many as they can, especially the ones which are not likely to be released worldwide. >> the ones that may not be released. >> many of them will not be widely released in toronto, so i bought as many tickets as possible. >> 300 films will be shown at the festival and a lot of big names are expected >> there are so many films from around the world, so many world premieres. it is an amazing kind of group of movies. >> over 10 days, deals will be done, money will be made, and courier will be either elevated or shattered. -- and careers will be either elevated or shattered. should be interesting.
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