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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 22, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> a setback for president obama. the senate blocked proposals to allow gays to serve openly in the military. india insists the commonwealth games will be ready despite complaints about the facilities for athletes. the president of the vatican bank is humiliated after a police launches an investigation into money laundering. welcome to "bbc world news," podcast to pbs yours. angry scenes outside the greek parliament. show us the money. paris tries to recapture the high ground of international art with impressionism.
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>> republicans have blocked an opponent to allow gay people to serve openly in the american military. they say the don't ask, don't tell would damage morale. is a big upset for president obama. -- it is a big upset. our washington correspondent says the way the proposal was presented was unusual from the start. >> the democrats were using the mechanism of trying to get this through by attaching it to a defense spending bill. it upset a lot of republicans, including those in favor of repealing the ban. they failed to persuade the republicans they needed to cross
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the aisle and vote with them. they also lost two democratic votes. it means that this measure has been shelved until after the midterm elections in november. >> even though senior figures in the military were in support of a repeal. >> yes, very senior officials including the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mullen was in favor of repealing it. we have a situation where americans are able to fight for their country but they cannot talk about what they are. although it has to be said if you go further down the ranks of the military, some are concerned they are not ready to deal with this at the moment. they are fighting two wars right now and the many servicemen are
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not comfortable with dealing with this issue -- and many servicemen are not comfortable. >> the pentagon is looking at how this might be implemented. you have to wonder when the next opportunity would be. >> it seems quite unlikely it would come up before the midterm elections. what some have suggested is once those elections are over in the lame duck session, after that it might be brought up again. it may be december is the time they will take to reconsider this. if the democrats lose badly in the midterms, their chances of getting this through are not as good as they did. >> the international quartet of
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middle east peace negotiations is calling on israel to suspend building settlements. the palestinian president said he will walk away from direct peace talks if the construction of settlements resumes. indian officials insisted the facilities for the commonwealth games will be ready in time despite the collapse of the pedestrian bridge. the commonwealth games federation is demanding immediate action from the indian government. >> after months of delays over preparations, the biggest blow to the commonwealth games so far today, 27 workers injured after a pedestrian bridge collapsed. that came hours after scotland and new zealand expressed their disgust at the state of the
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athletes village. one manager described this as unfit for human habitation. >> some parts are not in habitable. it is hard to see how they can be turned around. they are just filthy. nobody would ever want to live in those conditions. >> this is what the athletes hope to see, completed apartments shown off to the media this month, but despite trying to send a message organizers face a race to be ready. >> the situation is under control. we are doing our best and we are confident we will be able to complete the entire area. >> they were working around the clock to repair the collapsed bridge as we filmed it tonight. >> you can see this behind me. over here at the pedestrian
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bridge has collapsed under its own weight. this is one of several venues running behind schedule. questions are being raised about the quality of the construction. >> india has spent 1 billion pounds on staging the games. 13 stadiums, of which eight are newly built are ready. transport infrastructure has been updated, but in the athletes' village -- but in the athletes' village deadlines have been missed. the games are in crisis. two of england's growing stars are joining the list of famous absentees'. first, christine ohuruogu called out. then phillips idowu said he was
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also staying at home amid concerns of security. the fear is even more athletes will withdraw. the government is urging competitors not to give up. >> we are particularly interested in what has happened in terms of building and the health conditions. we are satisfied that those are all right. the advice is to go to delhi to make the most out of this event. >> this was meant to be in the epos big opportunity to show its global power. major sports events are supposed to boost the nation's image. delhi could be facing international humiliation. >> the president of the vatican bank says he is humiliated at being investigated against money laundering. ettore gotti tedeschi spoke of
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his incomprehension. he spent all his time trying to resolve the matters. pilgrimage of pope benedict to the u.k. has acted like a tonic to many catholics, restore in confidence where despair had lurked. -- restoring confidence. the idea that ettore gotti tedeschi was placed under investigation will come as a [unintelligible] . he is the head of the vatican bank. battalions at the vatican spoke of the need for the police -- those at the vatican spoke of the need for police. >> they should be held in check. they have the excessive power
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and should be watched. >> no one should be above the law. i hope they can work it out. if the money is due the country of italy, then it should be paid. >> the vatican has come to his support, saying it is astonished at the investigation. the holy see expresses confidence in the president and in the chief executive. the vatican says for some time in has been trying to be more transparent about its accounts. the timing could not be more unfortunate. coming a few days after the visit by pope benedict to britain and a sense of moral renewal. 30 years ago the infamous scandal engulfed the vatican bank and catholic church, costing it millions of dollars
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in compensation. it was a murky tale involving this man, who had links to the vatican bank and a free license -- and freemasons. he was later found dead. the vatican finds itself the center of unwanted attention. >> as social networking site twitter has been hit by computer hackers. -- a social networking site has been hit by computer hackers. the engineers have now fixed the problem caused by computer worms. china's premier has urged japan
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to release prisoners captured in disputed waters. a captain was arrested two weeks ago. japan has called for talks. [unintelligible] striking truck drivers continue to protest against the government to reform the way they work. on tuesday, police used teargas to disperse crowds outside parliament. as many as 2000 demonstrators continued to protest. they are opposed to a plan to liberalize one sector of greece. >> the anger is real. under the hot sun and tempers flared on tuesday. -- under the hot sun and tempers flared. -- tempers flared.
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for 10 days thousands of greek drivers have refused to work, angry at a plan to open up their closed profession to more competition. the government argued for the reform in stark terms. >> if this change does not take place this will hinder the development in the country. it would deprive citizens of the right to practice whatever profession they choose. this is the freedom that exists in every other european country. >> the light faded but the ire of those watching it was condemned -- was undimmed. they called for the transport minister to resign and frustration reached foreign ports. for years licenses have been
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strictly rationed. >> if they want to liberalize our profession they must compensate us and pay us back the money, because many of us have sold properties to buy these licenses. >> the prime minister has introduced some harsh austerity measures as part of a deal to get a large bailout from the eu. he argues by allowing new truck drivers to go into business freight costs will fall. greek mp's are due to vote on wednesday. many say they will not rest until this is blocked. >> this is "bbc world news." buried under a norwegian mound. the military has quarters ready and less -- in case the arctic becomes a global background.
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the fed was ready to take more action to support the economy. >> it sounds great, who doesn't want to pay less for things? but the central bank is worried prices are falling too low. that could be bad for investors and businesses. ben bernanke and his team are not ready to provide additional stimulus. one of weeks but remains jobs. >> the biggest problem in the economy is we have lackluster jobs growth. it starts at the small and medium business level.
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>> it would be a job creator but he has been rejected for financing banks. he is actually turning down work because they cannot afford to take it on. >> if is a very big product -- project that will pay us a lot of money we probably will not take it. >> the longest recession since the great depression last -- ended last june. life is still a struggle for many. the fed did everything to avert the depression. it seems the worst is over, but the economy is far from back to normal. the central bank remains mired in a challenge of how to restore growth and shore up a fragile recovery.
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>> a proposal to allow gay men and women to serve openly in the armed forces has been blocked. the commonwealth games -- a sports official defended his country's preparations after many described facilities as uninhabitable. politicians and environmental experts are meeting in moscow to discuss the future of the large reserves of oil and gas lying under the arctic. the conference will discuss who gets control of those reserves. the dramatic shrinking of the ice caps is opening up the arctic region. russia is pushing harder to dominate in its own backyard. norway has become the first country to remove its military
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command base inside the arctic circle. our colleague has been given exclusive access to the norwegian military headquarters. >> the picturesque far north of norway is an unlikely setting for a military base, but this is where it has come. the headquarters of the norwegian military command center in what was a cold war based deep inside this mountain. there are 18,000 square meters of underground space in this complex, hundreds of meters of corridor. all leading to a military complex five stories high inside this mountain. the corridor behind me -- it would help the complex withstand
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a nuclear explosion. this is as secure as a military base first started in 1958 can get. this chart represents norwegian air operations that are going on. this is the point of this complex. this is the -- there is a map here showing what is going on in afghanistan. the chart on my right is sea operations. this is the center the kaine will open when he comes here in a month. -- this is the centerth the king will open. >> lots more on our web site including exploring the arctic
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region. there is an explanation the role the un has in resolving these disputes. at least one person has been killed after a section of a stadium wall collapsed in honduras. falling debris crushed several cars. the incident occurred during a thunderstorm that brought the hurricane force winds. the mexican government says there can be no negotiations with drug cartels after -- they ask for advice on what to publish and called -- two journalists have died in the attacks in the past two years. north korea's party has announced its first conference in decades. it could see kim jong ill appoint one of his sons to a key position. this comes amid extreme poverty
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inside the state. our correspondent has traveled to the border to meet north koreans who recently fled the country. >> we know almost nothing about it. this is the only confirmed photo taken 15 years ago. he could follow his father and grandfather as the new north korean leader. this is a glimpse of what is happening inside this broken nation. a city where there is no sign of a single electric light and hardly any traffic on the roads. while kim jong ill grooms his son for succession, people are starving to death on the streets. she says north korea is like hell. >> people are very weak. many said for days in one place
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and the dive. i saw a person sitting by a public toilet and told them to go to the front of the market. they said they were too weak. two leaders they died -- two days later they died. >> you have money to buy food. others say many are dying of hunger outside railway stations. most people have one meal a day because the economic policies have been disastrous. >> he is weekend probably by a stroke. in made a rare visit last month. his aim was to secure support for his son's succession. a story people tell paint a grim picture of growing hardship and the growing discontent with kim jong l and his regime -- growing
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discontent with kim jong ill. many say he is grooming his son to take over this impoverished nation. >> this 70-year-old paid a smuggler to carry her across the river into china. her daughter was caught and now is in a political prison. >> it makes me angry. i want to shout out loud. my daughter will die in prison. he has made us lose our homes and die. if his son takes power it will be dangerous. >> many share her feelings. can a man in his 20's lead north korea? will it just mean more misery
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for its people? >> [unintelligible] all classic works from claude monet, but the major exhibition of his work has not been held for the past 30 years. on wednesday nearly 200 of his works will go on show. >> french landscapes recognize the world over. paintings of a modernizing paris. the work of claude monet is instantly recognizable and popular. this is an instruction given to curators when they really want to put in the [unintelligible] this show will certainly do that. it has not even opened yet. but for the french, there is
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another reason all together. they want to regain position as the expert for money adn impressionism, at described as an unmistakable emblem of the international influence of french culture. >> one could argue in the past 30 years, first new york and london have threatened paris' dominance. senior people and culture are very concerned to assert france's position. his paintings had adored [unintelligible] he was a radical revolutionary who changed art forever. >> this started it all. the point at which art stopped being old and started being new can be dated to this moment
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here when somebody comes along who decides it is not just there to describe something, they are there to express things and change things. the thing that was never underestimate it was now brave he was. >> the curators want to remind the public that monet portrayed people as well as landscapes. he stopped painting lots of places and played it -- painted the same place a lot. claude monet died in 1926 after 60 years of painting the modern world as nobody has seen it before. >> a reminder of our main news come up republicans in the senate have blocked a proposal to allow gays to serve openly in the military. this is "bbc world news."
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