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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> hungary looks a cost of toxic sludge cure it cleanup operations could take more than a year and cost tens of millions of dollars. is germany aware of militant activity in europe? the men who plotted to explode a bomb in times square is jailed for life. coming up later for you, after an attack on a west bank mosque, they take rabbis from two of jewish settlements. in australia they are talking about police used a stun guns.
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-- use of stun guns. hungary's says it will take more than a year and costing millions of dollar -- tens of millions of dollars to clean up the damage of toxic sludge and that burst from the reservoir. three people were killed. nearly 500 police officers and soldiers including six emergency detection teams have been deployed. he sent us this report, where the torrent stood two meters deep. >> the toxic sludge past about a kilometre wide. the damaged buildings and painted everything dark red. there was little or no warning. the rescue and repair work has begun. there are new and dangerous. the sludge has a high heavy
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metal content. many of the injured are from the rescue services. there are already commands from local people and the top levels of government for an explanation from the country risk -- the company responsible for the containment dams that collapsed. >> that have a contingency plan that only about 4200-300 meters of cubic waste. our question is, how could it happen? that will be the objective of a future investigation. >> a massive cover-up operation is now underway in the towns and villages collected. they want to limit any further damage. large quantities of clay have
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been dumped into the river so that they can stop the heavy metals before they reach the river danube. >> western security officials have confirmed that a campaign of american missile strikes by unmanned drones in pakistan is a -- an attempt to disrupt this. five german nationals were killed by one of the drones. our security correspondent has more. >> al qaeda video from earlier this summer schilling the germans and militance training for jihad in pakistan. >> these men claimed to be preparing for an attack.
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another group of germans was killed by a u.s. strom yesterday. part of an attempt to disrupt an al qaeda plot against europe. >> and attached to it -- plot to attack multiple targets in europe. there should not be any panic. european and pakistani intelligence services are working on this. a lot of people have come under the radar screen. >> a dozen militants disappeared from hamburg in 2009. over in of tennis then, one of the germans was arrested this summer and is being questioned at about brown air base. since his arrest, the pace of drone strikes has increased in pakistan. an early attack killed a
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britain. germany, france, and britain are all possible targets. there may be differences between europe and america about how soon to act. >> the germans are thinking, we will let this developer a little bit more. they are in pakistan. they are not in europe yet. americans are saying that we have to stop this now. maybe there are people in europe already. >> there is a serious investigation underway at mi5 headquarters. while the intelligence was credible, they say that it was the specific. it did not specify an imminent threat. france moved against twoist -- jihadist networks. >> the men who plotted to kill americans by driving a homemade
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car bomb into times square and leaving little to explode as ben sentenced to prison. faisal shahzad had pled guilty to weapons and terrorism charges. >> this is the pakistani born u.s. citizen that declared war on his adopted country. >> i am planning to wage an attack inside america. >> faisal shahzad from connecticut to the border regions of pakistan where he received some training from the taliban. his travels and the here and outside of this manhattan court. he will spend the rest of his life in jail for trying to set off a bomb in times square. he says that the tax on the u.s. will continue until the u.s. leaves of muslim lands.
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the judge said thaksin key " -- the judge hoped he would spend some time around bars thinking about it does. he measured the crowds at different times of day, wanting his explosion to cause maximum carnage. on a warm may evening, faisal shahzad try to set off a bomb. he used petrol tanks, fireworks, fertilizer, and this alarm clock as a timer. the makeshift the device cannot go off. he was dramatically captured enclave john f. kennedy runway. he confessed, pleading guilty to all of the charges against him. u.s. officials set off a replica of bomb.
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this is the result. what radicalize this middle- class son. a financial analyst with a young family living in connecticut, he seemed to have it all. he had money troubles and was disillusioned with life in the west. >> spread the word of allah. >> faisal shahzad in 2009faisal went to a -- in 2009, faisal shahzad went to a training camp. the man that u.s. prosecutors have as a remorseless terrorist is starting his life behind bars. >> accord in paris has sentenced the traders in jail for unauthorized deals the cost french banks are around $97
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billion. she was at the courthouse in paris to hear the verdict. >> the man who painted a himself as a veteran of a banking system that thrived on risk. jerome kerviel was found guilty of chester mining the one of the biggest banking fraud in history -- masterminding one of the biggest banking fraud in history. >> if his trading positions had made a profit, he would not be here today. they punish the man, not the system. >> he could match almost any big deals that he traded. he never made the cover in debts. -- the bets. >> he said it was as they wanted to buy 10 tons of strawberries
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and instead came back with 100 tons of potatoes. every day he went through the warehouse and said nothing. >> this promotion from the back- office meant that he have the expert knowledge of the computer systems to hide the bets he was placing. his managers cannot have known or suspected what he was up to. >> the banking system is found guilty of promoting this. >> jerome kerviel walked free today, his appeal under way. 4 and men working as a computer consultant earning less than 30,000 euros a year, the overwhelming that is a lifelong sentence. >> the release of the video show police using a taser stun gun against an unarmed out the
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original man. it happened in 2008. >> this is the disturbing video footage taken two years ago that a police attention facility that sparked outrage across the country. that shows the treatment meted out to an unarmed aboriginal man, thought to be unstable, who refused to submit to a strip search. at first, the police tried to subdue him using a single blast from a taser stun gun. then they use it again and again. 13 times in total, the last five off-camera. even though the man was clearly in agony, nine officers were on hand to physically restrain him. in an internal investigation, two constables were fined for using excessive force.
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the premiere of western australia has strongly condemned to their actions. >> this could not be justified. >> the footage was released as part of a report for use of tasered guns by the western australian police. they were used as an alternative. there is a growing contended -- a tendency to use them for normal compliance as of those resisting arrest. >> we do not want to use them as compliance tools. >> the release of the footage coincided with a death in sydney of a man who threatened police with two knives who was stunned by the taser gun. that has spurred national debate. >> you are watching "bbc world news." china rewrites the rules of international and development in africa.
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a man who pleaded guilty for attempting to smuggle a rhino horn in the north of england has been sentenced to 12 months in prison. he hit the horn in a bronze sculpture as he tried to board a flight for china. >> they are a top attraction of many zoos and under threat of death -- of coaching in the wild. -- poaching in the wild. the plot was hatched to cash in on the status. rhino horns are big money. they are worth more than gold. they can sell for up to 60,000 pounds per kilo. his eventual destination was china. he checked the bags in. when they were ex raed, they
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found two suspicious sculptures -- x-rayed, they found two suspicious sculpture. >> they were tracking down how those rhino horns got into the u.k. but there has been a big increase in poaching in southern africa. any increase would help those telling us -- carrying out the killings. baby rhinos will live on. >> passengers of a budget filipino airline will be treated to a performance of the airline safety guidelines. they've performed to a lady gaga. the purpose is to make
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passengers pay attention to the safety guidelines. you are watching ""bbc world news." these are the top stories. the government in hong creek is warning that a massive toxic sludge a leak will cost tens of millions of dollars. warnings are being made in pakistan. jewish and muslim leaders have met at a mosque in the palestinian west bank, which allegedly was settled by jewish settlers. they allegedly scrawled hebrew graffiti on the mosques. >> in this chaotic scene, a rare meeting of jewish and muslim leaders. moderate rabbis and imams were
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trying to diffuse a tense situation. local muslims were hating the call to prayer. scorched carpets and smash tiles. a day after their mosques have been ransacked and set ablaze by extremists from nearby jewish settlements. >> the burning of the karan affects every muslim. epergnes are hard. i tell people to express their hurt with words. >> this is a phrase coined by militant settlers opposed to the peace process. the situation here is usually calm. there was a very public display of unity inside of the building. the attacks had then condemned by politicians times.
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-- as terrorist. >> from a national perspective, there are other opinions. the opinion represents only themselves and nobody else. >> this is the fourth such incident this year. that comes amid difficult moments in the peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders. the attack on this mosque has been condemned by secular and religious leaders across the board. extremists on both sides are determined to disrupt any attempt to reach peace between the israelis and the palestinians. >> the 33 trapped chilean miners has spent 61 days under gramm. there have been questions about the safety of the big miners.
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>> we traveled about half an hour south high up into the desert again. it is beautiful, it is remote. we have come to see the small time miners that work for themselves. several of the miners have held similar jobs. we come to meet them. they live here monday through friday. they camped out next to the mine. 20 kilos of rock debris produces 2 grams of gold. they were here all day long trying to make their fortune. i am asking him, what is he doing?
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he is just down there hacking away at the rock. >> this has gold in it. >> he needs 20 kilograms to produce this. >> [speaking foreign language] >> they used to work together at the same plant many years ago. >> he is saying that his older brothers and younger brothers
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worked s miner -- worked as miners as well. he has had many accidents. he is missing three fingers. these guys banged use explosives. when the rock is particularly hard, the use of explosives. these are pretty basic conditions as they sir for -- search for gold. >> in recent years, china has invested billions of dollars in africa in exchange for raw materials. there is a tense debate as to whether china should be seen as a neo-colonial influence.
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>> tanzania is an african country with no conflict and no famine. it is looking for trade and investment to speed up its development. millions still live in poverty. british aide helped pay for this water supply. a basic need. nearly 40% of tens indians have no access to water. the only -- tanzanians have no access to water. >> that took a long time. people have no access to water. >> in britain that is one of the biggest donors to tanzania. the government is examining how this is being spent. a whole new way of dealing with aide has come to africa. china is here with billions of
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pounds to spend. it is rewriting the rules on development. chinese engineers are putting up a hospital cardiac wing that will be staffed by china. unlike many western projects, they do not get expensive perks. they live on site until the job is finished. this whole hospital unit will be killed in less than a year. -- will be done in less than a year. china per -- provide aide with no strings attached. human rights and democracy are not laid down as conditions. >> they are treated as equal partners. we will not impose anything.
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>> the stadium, to get their and roadways is part of the big chinese push to win the trade with africa. the railway line bill by china in the 1970's is being of credit to transport food, iron ore, and a lot more, including luxury apartment blocks. tanzania is welcome it all. >> they are building roads. they are building factories. they are directing the investment. they can make this change grow. >> in this chinese clinic, tanzanian sketch sups -- antonian -- hanson via the --
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tanzanians get preferential treatment. >> we need every part of the budget. the answer is this new partnership with china. that is a high priority of the coalition government. we must do much more to speed up development in africa. aide is a means to an end. an not end in itself. >> will it be a partnership or will it be a competition among xtra and richard co. -- countries? what's prince william, -- >> prince william, who is second in line to the british throne is -- the part in his first rescue. >> he finally put all of his
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training to the past. he is part of an crew of four. captured on william's helicopter camera, this is the offshore oil rig where a man suffered a suspected heart attack. this is his first of many such rescue. >> we do 500 of these a year. we will have plenty of time to work on this. >> the if all goes well, william will end up in command of a rescue helicopter and respond to rescues all over. he will also continue his fledgling catcher the work. he helped a homelessness charity promote this. >> rescuing those in peril will become routine broil work. --royal work.
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