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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 26, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> south korea appoints a new defense minister after the attacks from the north. the report from the scene of the devastation. taking on the drug gangs, brazilian police say they have regained control of a rio shantytown after violent clashes left at least 30 dead. thousands filed for identity papers and head of haiti's presidential election, which will go ahead despite the cholera epidemic. welcome to bbc news, broadcast in america and around the globe. coming up later, forced to apologize. the newly appointed british fear who said welfare cuts could encourage poor people to have more children. and it winds of fortune. the texas wind farms were making money is more important than saving the planet.
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south korea has appointed a new defense minister in response to tuesday's artillery attack from north korea. he was formerly the president's security adviser. meanwhile, north korea has said that the plans of the south korea and united states to hold exercises will bring the peninsula closer to the brink of war. tuesday's bearish against the island of yeonpyeong left civilians and marines dead and sent regional tension soaring. our colleagues since this report. >> when you draw close, it looks tranquil, but these are dangerous waters. behind the gun bullets and the haze is north korea.
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yeonpyeong is little more than a rocky upright. there are troops being ferried in. south korea is moving fast to reinforce its hold here. in the opposite direction, the island civilian population are leaving. almost all have gone, as you can see. a car tossed on its side, damage from one of north korea's rockets. so it was this site, that long, the rocket. the soldiers took that away. the shrapnel you can see there. almost 200 peppered the island this week. this woman ran to the harbor to expect -- to escape the first explosions but another salvo was fired.
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"hiding behind the sea wall was the only way we could survive. the rockets passed over us and more hit. it sounded like frying popcorn," she said. >> the north korean munitions surround the group of three houses, getting them all. both sides are ramping up the rhetoric. the north correa says if there is any "it warmongering" from the south, they will do it again. south korea responded. targeting civilians says it means the rules of engagement for its military will change. if it happens again, there will hit back hard. to drive home the message how hard, america is sending the most potent symbol it can, the uss george washington, to take part in joint naval exercises starting on sunday. meanwhile, the bodies of two
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civilians who died in the bombardment of yeonpyeong will return to the mainland. it has forced the defense minister to resign. many here would like to strike back. and for mixed with grief. to do so could ignite a wider conflict, and mean the loss of many, many more korean lives. bbc news, yeonpyeong island. >> chris hogg is in seoul. he told me about the new defense minister -- new defense minister. >> it was a former four-star general brought into the administration in may, after the sinking of the south korean warship. there was perception from the president here which is certainly reflected in the newspapers that that incident has revealed a weakness in the south korean military. for the last few months, he has been working very closely to
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really sure the president's views on what needs to be done to change the military here. he believes in and more -- he is reported to believe in a smart military that is able to react much more quickly to any threats or provocation from north korea. he is stepping into the defense minister's job. he will have more of a chance to overhaul the country's national security apparatus. >> there is a sense that the tension between the country is still high, and there is little sense of it easing. >> still very high, and a lot of criticism of the government in the newspapers here this morning. criticism that the response was too soft and too slow on tuesday. it took 13 minutes for the south koreans to open up their artillery and fire back at north korea. i think disappointment -- i think this appointment is an attempt by the south korean
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president to try to gain the upper hand again with his domestic critics and to show that he really is taking this threat very seriously. >> what comments are we getting from the wider international community? >> the focus there is china, with comments by the australians in the last few hours again pointing out that it is china, they believe, that really holds the key here. the international community want china to take the lead in applying pressure to north korea, applying pressure to p'yongyang not to carry out any kind of attack like this again. we are hearing from the white house that president obama is planning to talk to the chinese president, who jintao, about this in the coming days. no date for that meeting has been set yet. >> brazilian police said they gained control of poor areas of rio de janeiro where security forces have been involved in violent clashes.
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-- violent clashes. five days of violence left at least 30 people dead. julien reports from rio. >> armored tanks on the streets of rio. the government is trying to stop the attacks that began on sunday. the police operation sent almost 400 men into one of the city's most dangerous slums to support a massive police crackdown on drug gangs that are leading to a wave of armed robbery. the gangs set up barricades to try to prevent the police from coming in, but police broke through them. dozens of them fled through the hills to find refuge in neighboring towns. the slump had been under the control of drug lords. >> this resistance will end sometime, but we do not know how long it will take. the criminals insist in not accepting our presence. we will continue, and we have enough force and here to stay for a long time.
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>> many drug dealers were hiding out. the have been moving territory because of the new security policy adopted by the government in rio almost three years ago. it has installed so-called pacifying police forces in 12 slums. the attacks by the gangs are regarded as a reaction to this. since sunday, over 50 cars have burned in rio. according to the government, most of the victims are drug dealers, but innocent people have all -- have also been killed, including a 14-year-old girl. bbc news, rio de janeiro. >> the country which owned the mine in chile where men were rescued after being trapped agreed to sell its assets to avoid bankruptcy. thanksgiving mining company 15 months to repay its debt. it is estimated to pay -- two of $15 million on top of the cost of the rescue. turkey has called on israel to halt actions which it says could
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lead to danger. in beirut, the prime minister said his country would not remain silent if israel used aircraft, tanks, and cluster bombs against the people of lebanon or gaza. people in poland said a swedish neo-nazi leader confessed to ordering the theft of a sign from the auschwitz death camp, which was stolen in last december. they believe he was acting for another figure who has yet not been named. the sign with the german phrase "work will set you free" was found cut into 3 pieces. thousands of people have been lining up in haiti to collect a vindication which will allow them to vote on sunday's presidential elections. four and a half million people are registered to vote and have come out despite the cholera epidemic spreading to the country. officials insist the election will go ahead. this a political and security
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risks of postponing the vote are far greater than any threats of destruction. mark doyle is in haiti. he explains how the cholera outbreak could affect the election. >> it is not very promising as an atmosphere for a normal election. this is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. this year alone, they suffered a devastating earthquake in january, typhoons and now this cholera outbreak. there is fear among people about the of brick, of course, but from what i saw that one of the rallies today, some determination also to vote. and donors and the haitian elite seem determined to hold this election, because unless there is an at least partially legitimate government, there are fears there could be violent revolution here, whether the voters start addressing ordinary poor haitians' bundle and problems. >> you mentioned you were at one
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of the rallies. what is the strategy of the presidential candidates? >> different candidates are using their force of personality, basically. they are using their words and actions to try to persuade people to vote. there does not appear to be a very sophisticated political debate with manifestoes setting out how to solve the problems of haiti. the candidates are concentrating on plastering the walls of the capital, port-au-prince, and other cities with their posters. and in the poster war, it would seem the candidates of the ruling party have one. but that is just the poster war. there is a very dynamic opposition leader giving a rally this afternoon. people seemed to be enjoying what he was saying. there is a possibility there could be a real contest between the candidate of the ruling party and other opposition leaders.
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>> i understand there have been armed police keeping apart political parties. >> there has been some violence. two people were killed a couple of days ago in clashes between the political parties. the rally i saw today was really genial chaos. that is how would describe it. everyone seemed to be in a positive move. one of the opposition candidates drove up to this rally that i was at, and people were cheerfully sort of shouting at him. but in a good spirit, i think. >> you are watching bbc news. still to come, cool as ice. the music icons frozen in time in belgium. iraq has moved a step closer to ending its political stomach. the president has now formally asked the current prime minister, nouriel el maliki, to form a new government.
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he has a few days to distribute political posts between the factions. >> it has been a long time coming, and we are not quite there yet. but this did bring iraq one step closer to forming a government. iraq's president, jalal talbani, officially asked the caretaker prime minister to form a new administration. >> i call upon all iraqi people across the whole spectrum -- minorities, sex, religion, and doctrine, and all politicians -- to work together to overcome the differences of the past, resulting previous conflicts, and to put all these difficulties behind them. in march, iraq went to the polls for the third democratic election in the country's history. the people got more than eight months of stagnation, during which there were tensions to which the prime minister referred. there were allowed to fester.
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meanwhile, the company had many pressing issues -- security and basic services were not addressed. there are still plenty of pitfalls along the way. mr. maliki prepared to distribute government ministries between the notoriously divided factions. many will be looking to alawi, the former prime minister who lost out in negotiations. the iraqi people have had to wait a long time for the state. the president of this young new democracy has been strained by the deadlock. irresolution and active in government would go a long way toward restoring trust of the electorate. bbc news, baghdad. >> you are watching bbc news. the headlines this hour. south korea announced a new defense minister after the incumbent resigned over north korea's attacks against the island of yeonpyeong.
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taking on the drug gangs, brazilian police say they have regained control of a shantytown after violent crop -- violent clashes left at least 30 dead. this weekend, thousands of international officials will be in mexico for a major un talk on climate change. it is widely accepted the conference in cancun will not produce any new treaty on global warming. in the u.s., the political appetite for change seems to have faded. this is despite the huge striped green industry is making there. five of the world's biggest wind farms are in texas, around sweetwater. the main incentive seems to be making money, not saving the planet. >> welcome to west texas, home to the biggest wind farms in the world. we drive for hours between the roads of giant turbines. they are clustered like forests, 6000 of them.
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the first person i need is a farmer who is also an oil man. >> what do you make of it? >> it is beautiful country and i hate to see the pollution for ye. eu it is great for the local economy. >> they produce the equivalent of nine power stations. a glimpse of a green future. you might say looking at these huge structures towering over the texan landscape, and hearing this sound, that this was something to do with tackling global warming. it is not. despite these huge investments, the very phrase global warming has become toxic. >> wind is the new oil here. this cleaning school was built with income from wind, and naturally it has its own turbine. >> wind is a richer harvest than fossil. a landowner can earn at $10,000
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a year from each turbine. but according to the local mayor is one key thing. do not mention that you are trying to save the planet. >> green, climate change -- those issues are so charged in the united states that, the fact of energy and revenue and energy independence and other things which they are for -- that is the real challenge. there are certain labels that immediately cause people to form an opposition. >> will travel to dallas to meet one of the biggest investors in went injury -- wind energy. t. boone pickens is a straight talking oilman. he says the american public find global warming to promote to worry about. -- too remote to worry about. >> the coming the icecap is deteriorating and a polar bear is in trouble. i believe that to be true. but you cannot get everybody to worry about polar bears or an
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ice cap. there deal is more at home. it is around the table, with their families. >> call is hauled to a power station. texas produces more carbon dioxide than most countries. president obama promised to cut america's greenhouse gases, but he has failed to win support, and activists are disappointed. >> we are in the belly of the beast in texas. it is a big industrial state. our leadership does not believe in global warming. that actually deny it is a real problem. what we have to do is continue to look at the science and continue to bring that to light and educate people. >> oil still dominates. carbon energy may expand, but only if it suits america. out here, chances of voiding global warming of pretty remote.
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bbc news in texas. >> russia's president says his country wants to set up new foreign naval bases to extend the navy's global reach. mr. medvedev said he was looking to assure russian bases, but it will also be good for other countries security. the use to have more than a dozen bases around the world but now have just too. the european commission has banned the chemical bisphenol-a and baby bottles. the ban has been introduced because of fears that the compounds could affect development, immune response, and tumor promotion in very young children. there is no such thing as pure chocolate. the e.u. high court in luxembourg on thursday said that whether it includes vegetable oil or is made from 100% cocoa butter, it is just chocolate. the only place to promote purity
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is in the ingredients list. voters in switzerland go to the polls this weekend to decide on a proposal that would automatically deport foreign residents who commit crimes. supporters of the proposal clement foreigners are disproportionately responsible for crimes. opponents say it will not reduce crime, which is low anyway, but could affect all their lives in switzerland. >> the black sheep are everywhere. campaigners hopes swiss voters will say yes to kicking them out. automatic is part -- automatic deportation with no right of appeal for foreigners to commit crimes. >> this vote is necessary because the crimes committed by foreign residents are becoming more and more violent. these black sheep simply do not belong here. they must be deported. >> it is true that foreigners are over represented in swiss jails, but it is not clear whether crime in switzerland by
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european standards is actually rising. there is already a law allowing foreigners to commit serious crimes to be deported. this new proposal goes much further. it would deport people from second and third generation immigrant families, people born in switzerland, for relatively minor offenses. 22% of switzerland's population is foreign, and many are wondering whether this vote is really about crime or whether it is actually about foreigners in general. the a suggesting certain ethnic groups are guilty of certain crimes. this woman says ivan is a rapist. >> i think this is incredibly offensive. it borders on segregation. the of putting a quarter of our population under the general level of being criminals.
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it is unfair. >> will voters said yes to automatic deportation? if they do, switzerland will have some of the toughest deportation rules in europe, which some argue violate european convention on civil rights. bbc news, baern. >> the former conservative mp, howard flight, who was nominated for a peerage, has apologized after saying welfare cuts would encourage the poor to have more children. he said the new system would give the benefit clements every incentive to breed. >> howard flight, a man david cameron chose to represent the conservatives in the house of lords, a former mp so worried about plans to curtail benefits for higher earners that he told a london paper this. we are going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding, because it is jolly expensive. those on benefits have every
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incentive. that is not very sensible. to some, these remarks were offensive. to others, a reminder of an intolerant tory past. >> it was out of context. i have nothing else to say. >> in the 2005 general election, mr. flight revealed planned spending cuts and had to resign as a candidate, which many tories thought unfair. last week, down in st. gave mr. fight a second chance. -- downing street did mr. fight a second chance. >> i think he will want to apologize for what we said. we can leave it at that. >> the headline had already been written and mr. flight offered an apology only days after another appear resigned for a televised remarks. >> mr. young tried to tell us we have never had it so good. this year, mr. flight is offering some outrageous comments in relation to the
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welfare system. both of these men were handpicked by david cameron. there were conservatives in the house of lords. these cast a new light on the judgment of the camera. >> leaders in the house of lords say david cameron could still reverse the appointment, but he is choosing not to for now. david cameron has spent many years modernizing conservatives to end their reputation as a nasty party. his problem may be giving a seat to a man in their whose remarks seem to be exactly the opposite. >> some of the world's most famous landmarks and music icons are going on show in belgium, and that are all made of ice. dozens of sculptors have been chipping and chiseling for an unusual festival opening soon. >> it is described as the coolest show in town. pounds of crystal eyes and fresh no crafted into some of the world's most famous landmarks.
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in london scene featuring big ben and the queen's guard won this arctic exhibition. hear, iconic symbols of cuba. >> it is unique in europe. the have this in the cold countries. we do it in a hot country like belgium. it is great. we ought refrigerate this to -10 degrees. there are above 80 pounds of snow and ice inside. >> chainsaws, chisels, and bare hands have been used to scoop some of the biggest names in music. recognize this pop icon? madonna is alongside the king of rock-and-roll, elvis presley, and michael jackson. the display opens to the public on friday and will run until mid-january. bbc news. >> our stories on the bbc news
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