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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a
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wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> an empty chair in oslo as the person is honored with a nobel peace prize. >> he has only exercised his civil rights. he has not done anything wrong. be must be released. police in london are investigating how the heir to the british throne came under attack. the latest climate change talks near an end in mexico. welcome to "bbc world news." coming up later, the iranian
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woman sentenced to death appears on television apparently confessing to her husband's murder. what sort of statement is this christmas tree making? >> the nobel peace prize ceremony had music and dignitaries from many countries, and pretty much everything except the winner. liu xiaobo remains in jail serving 11 years. his award was placed on an ampty chair. officials called the event a political farce.
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>> the nobel peace prize has often been a majestic celebration of human rights. sometimes like last year's award to barack obama, it has been an embarrassment. this year it is the center of world attention. the chinese attempt to strong arm companies not to attend the ceremony backfired. servia changed its mind and only -- serbia changed its mind. only 16 did not turn up. the committee chairman pulled no punches. >> liu xiaobo has only exercised his civil rights. he has not done anything wrong. he must be released. [applause] >> that got a standing ovation. the chair of where liu xiaobo should have sat was emptied. it has happened before but the regimes that did not allow prizewinners to attend, nazi
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germany and burma are not once china wants to be linked with. this was a pr disaster, especially since the nobel laureate is so peaceful. >> in china i just want to be a dignified intellectual writer. if you -- if you try to be that you will crush with the political system. >> a norwegian actress read an essay by him. >> there is nothing criminal in anything i have done. but if charges are brought against me, i have no complaints. >> a some familiar faces in the audience were visibly moved. he managed to get word out of
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jail he would like a children's choir to perform. but infuriated by the committee, the chinese leadership has been behaving in a pretty bad way. this was what happened to "bbc world news" today in china. the broadcasts remained cut. maybe with hindsight the chinese should have done what i ran did win a human rights activist won the peace prize in 2003. they complained about it but when she actually came to accept the prize, they sent their ambassador to the ceremony. it diffused the entire problem. >> a vigil in the city center. china's anchor is as strong as ever -- china's anger is as strong as ever. >> police in london are
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investigating how the heir to british throne got caught in the middle of the student riots. new footage shows an angry crowd kicking the car doors. in inquiry began into how a student was left unconscious. they needed emergency services at -- after a blow to the head >> the west and on a day of rioting. the car is in the wrong place at the wrong time. and the heir to throne and his wife are in the passenger seat. her window is lowered. the convoy pushes through the crowd.
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scotland yard says officers were seconds from drawing their guns. the commissioner has ordered an internal investigation. it would have been difficult to cancel the event. charles and camilla were guests of honor. regent street is the busy at the best of times. there were christmas shoppers and heavy traffic but also groups of protesters, some of whom said they would target west and shops. >> the demonstrations had been focused around parliament. the royals avoided that area on the way to the london palladium. but they had to come along regions street. the roots were checked minutes before by officers who were in contact with those overseeing
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the process. one officer believes the car itself posed the greatest security risk. >> this has no qualities whatsoever. it is old and removable. it is virtually impossible. that is why the vehicle was unsuitable for this occasion. >> but the police are facing inquiries by the independent complaint commission to injuries sustained by several protesters. one person suffered bleeding on the brain. the vote is over but in its wake there is still anger among students. many say they will take to the streets again. >> the u.s. is about to tell israel and the palestinians it is committed to peace in the
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middle east. it is their responsibility to end the conflict between them. that message will be outlined in a speech by hillary clinton. the former croatian prime minister wanted in connection with corruption has been arrested in austria hours before parliament voted to lift his immunity from prosecution. he is suspected of abuse during his time as prime minister. mexican authorities say a leading drug boss was killed in class it -- clashes with security forces. one of the leaders of a cartel was killed. >> talks in a magic -- mexico are reaching a climax today. officials are under a tense round of bargaining.
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climate change science has come under scrutiny. our correspondent reports now. >> landmarks drowning in a rising sea and protests over global warming. cancun was seen over how the world should tackle climate change. with the minister is negotiating over who should cut greenhouse gases and how much help the most vulnerable country -- talks are not going well. how bad is the threat of global warming? it has been a tricky year for the scientists. this year will be one of the hottest on record. the government says evidence is clear. >> greenhouse gases are the highest we have seen for 800,000 years. we cannot nick the rising temperature we have observed by
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any natural phenomenon. >> there are plenty of concerns about climate change. some are worse than others. a rise of one leader of sea level is possible but two meters is seen as unlikely. fears about the flow of the gulf stream are receding. the ice sheets are said to have been melting faster than previously seen but there are uncertainties about what is happening. the intensity of storms may increase but research cannot tell if we are seeing more storms. some experts say climate change is worrying but the threat of disasters has been exaggerated. >> if you exaggerate the science -- one of these strengths is it is self correcting.
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they are allowed to move beyond the standard science. >> digging away at the signs are skeptics like this man. he is not convinced. >> the problem most people have is not the amount of water in the last 30 years. which is about half a degree. >> back in cancun underwater sculptures highlight the danger of the rising sea. all governments believe the science but have yet to agree on what to do about it. >> the british man accused of plotting to murder his new bride has been freed on bail. authorities one him extradited to stand trial for conspiracy to murder.
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the court disagreed and he has been released from prison. >> this is the only glimpse we have had since his return to the uk. being handcuffed on his way to prison. this morning he remained in his cell while members of his family went to press for his release. he denies conspiracy to murder his wife and was taken into custody on tuesday. the court except that he was unlikely to escape justice and ordered he be free on bail. >> we are all delighted that the courts have consistently upheld his right to bail, acknowledging his cooperation with the authorities in south africa and in the u.k. >> but his ordeal is far from over. the court was told police have new evidence against him. he was arrested after a taxi
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driver claimed he had been paid to arrange his wife's murder. >> tv footage has alleged to show the men meeting at the hotel before and after the killing. they say the following day he was seen changing money on the black market. police claimed this was the money it used to pay the assassin. >> his own lawyer dismissed the allegations as absurd. she said he has never been to south africa before and never had contact with criminals. the idea he would go there to pick a taxi driver to help kill his wife was unlikely. >> he has arrived back at the family home. he will remain here until a full extradition hearing in the new year. >> good to have you with us on "bbc world news."still
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to come, pushing for a second turn. a senior aide to the russian president says dmitry medvedev once to stay on. some pakistani newspapers have been apologizing that seemed to reveal anti-indian comments allegedly taken from diplomatic cables released by wikileaks. the newspapers except the information was not authentic. >> this story was just too good to miss. pakistan has seen three wars with india, so anything negative about and it goes down well. this was splashed on the front pages and reported with a certain amount of glee. allegations are supposed to have come from american diplomatic cables leaked by wikileaks.
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those allegedly described indian generals as petulant and self obsessed. even genocidal. the indian army was accused of being -- indian spies were said to have provided support to militants in pakistan. take a look at one of the front pages from yesterday. this was from one of the leading newspapers. they talked about evidence of indian agents. if we flip to today's front- page, it is quite a different story. the newspaper is saying agencies failed to confirm this. newspapers had to print retractions today after a search of the wikileaks database found no trace of the cables which were supposed to have contained
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these allegations. a spokesman for the indian high commissioner says they were appalled such a baseless story was getting such wide exposure. >> the latest headlines on "bbc world news." >> the nobel peace prize has been awarded to liu xiaobo for his work on human rights. british police are investigating how the heir to the throne came under attack from an angry crowd. the iranian woman's case has attracted worldwide attention has appeared on state television confessing to murdering her husband. she has been shown in a reconstruction of the murder describing her role in detail. it looks like an attempt by the
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iranian government to bolster its charge she is guilty. with me is our correspondent what should we make of this? >> i think we should make one simple point, this is iran's response to this international campaign to set her free or to make sure she is not condemned to death by stoning. they have made two points. it wanted to show she is guilty of the crimes of murder and adultery. they also wanted to make a second point. they wanted to say iran is not barbaric. stoning is symbolic. >> we talk about a sentence of stunning but officials have been talking about hanging. does this seem this makes a death sentence more likely?
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>> all we have to go on is the end of the program when it repeated iran's position, which is the case is still going through the courts. there is a chance her life will be saved. human rights groups insist that -- she is still in jail and we don't know what will happen to her. >> she insists she is innocent. the other thing people will be watching is what was done to her to make her say this? >> that is a question a lot of people will be asking. this is not the first time she has been on the iranian tv. each time we have asked the question is she doing this under arrest? for the first time she was asked to reconstruct her part in her husband's murder. >> thank you very much for that.
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>> a senior aide to the russian president told us that dmitry medvedev once a second term in office. he hopes to remain in the kremlin after the next elections. vladimir putin is currently prime minister. >> he may be the president but dmitry medvedev it is often viewed as junior partner in the political double act. he is widely tipped to return to the kremlin at the next election. but today from the top aide, the clearest indication his boss would like to stay put. >> does the president wants another term? >> i believe he does.
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>> many people suspect vladimir putin will return in 2012. >> they did not make the final decision yet. [unintelligible] >> dmitry medvedev is vladimir putin's prodigy and pr. they like to show they are part of the same team but there are rumors of a rivalry and signs that president ned said it is trying to shape a more independent image. >> wanting a second term as president and getting it are two different things. all the indications are that the stay at the kremlin -- medvedev needs to persuade vladimir putin it is a good idea.
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>> police have issued new guidelines to try to safeguard women in india who work at night. they have ordered guards to be hired to accompany women home. >> over the last decade delhi has gained a reputation for being the most dangerous city for women. there have been any number of high-profile rape cases. the most recent happened only two weeks ago when a 30-year-old working for a call center was attacked having been dropped off near her home by a taxi. as she was making the final few steps she was abducted by a group of men who put her into their truck and decided to rape heard throughout the rest of the night. this is an outcry here.
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it has led to calls for the government to do more. police have issued this order, a -- do a lot more to protect their women employees who have to work late into the night. this orders these firms to employ guards to accompany women write to their front door. it says women cannot be allowed alone with drivers. those vehicles that take women home have to be fitted with gps systems. if employers don't respect this order, they could face criminal charges. i have already spoken to one of the campaigners who has been pushing the police to do more. he says this is a good first step but needs to cover all women including government employees and students.
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>> police in pakistan are saying five people have been killed in a bomb attack. the vehicle packed with explosives blew up. the area has a large portia community -- a large shi'ite community. thousands of protesters have gathered in bangkok demanding the release of their leaders. the protesters lit candles to remember dozens to died. the results of official investigations have yet to be made public. the french government has been welcoming the first german soldiers to be stationed in peacetime. france has kept soldiers on german territory since world war ii but only now is this reciprocal. if you have a christmas tree to
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decorate most go four lights and tinsel, but one artist has a different view. he was asked to come up with a design for a gallery but he chose a tree with no decorations at all. >> one, two. [applause] >> across the world to keep letting up time but not here at the gallery. this year's tree this naked. >> why? >> because in my opinion this notion that we drag these beautiful plants from their natural habitat is enough in the sense that -- on top of that and address them in these ridiculous
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ornaments seems to be a step too far. >> what a great tree. it is a great treat. but it has nothing on it. >> what do you make of the tree? >> where are the decorations? >> it is more austere than previous trees that had been wrapped and even upside down. this is a chance to create your decorations mentally. can i ask what your tree at home looks like? >> because i have children by allowing them to decorate them with their homemade decorations. when you live in a family you cannot always call the shots. >> there may even be tinsel. >> you can find much more on that on anytime you
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want. and we are on twitter as well. and facebook if you want to know what is coming up. thanks for watching. come again. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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