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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> riots in algeria as anger continues over food prices and unemployment. police tried to quell violence across the country. >> victims of friendly fire, one israeli soldier was killed and one other injured just outside the gaza border. animal feed showed massive levels of a cancer-causing chemical. >> welcome to "bbc news" broadcasting to our viewers around the world and in america. >> mumbai's night of athousand stars rolling out the red carpet for the start of the bollywood award season.
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>> in a fresh outbreak of rioting in algeria, crowds of young protestors have attacked government buildings. anger over steep rices in food prices and high levels of unemployment is blamed for the unrest which began on wednesday in the capital. violence on the streets of algiers as chronic levels of unemployment and now a sudden hike in food prices have whipped up anger. jobless teenagers and young men have had run-ins with the police as the shops shot up the prices of milk, flour, and sugar. >> the algerians say it's too much to bear. we've had enough of this government. we've been suffering for 10 years and in 10 years time it will be the same. the last time there was serious unrest over the cost of food was in 2007 and 2008.
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there was riotic in haiti in which four people were killed and where the prime minister was forced from office. angry crowds took to the street in egypt as well and half a dozen other countries. the food organizations charts the price of food. in 2008 it climbed because of a number of factors including failed harvest and a rise in oil prices. after dropping away in the past two years, the cost of food is climbing again and the u.n. says the signs are worrying. the cost of food now worldwide has climbed to even higher levels than three years ago. in south america, the main inflation driver has been population increase. food producers are turning out the good but there are more mouths to feed every year. [speaking in spanish] >> a u.n. spokesman in mexico luis gomez says the population is growing, unemployment, he says is climbing and if you add
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an increase in food prices the o men is not good. there are now a number of factors putting inflationary pressure into the system. low agricultural yield, natural disasters like flooding and global warming. >> the israeli army says it accidentally killed one of its own men and wounded four others during an exchange of fire with palestinians. the army says it's still investigating. but officials says a weapon had malfunctions while soldiers were attempting to fire on the palestinians. the incident followed weeks of increased tension along the border. john donathan reports. israeli soldier is being airlifted to the hospital. one dead and four injured. the army is still investigating exactly what happened. but now says the casualties came as result of friendly fire.
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the army says its forces had been attempted to fire upon the palestinian militants just upon the gaza border. instead they fired upon themselves possibly when a weapon malfunctioned. in recent weeks there have been increased tension in the area with israel carrying out regular air strikes. this incident will do nothing to reduce that tension. it is relatively rare for israeli soldiers to be killed on the gaza border. but in the past year, the united nations said over 70 palestinians have been killed by israeli action in gasa. one thai farm worker had been killed by rockets fired by palestinian mill assistants. >> the israeli army has
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expressed its regret to killing an elderly man when an operation to kill a member of hamas went wrong. >> our correspondent has this report. >> the target of friday's attack appears to be a border police commander who was killed. according to officials in afghanistan, the suicide bomber struck a bad house near a town by the pakistaniany border east of kandahar. the blast ripped through the building killing another 16 men who were preparing for friday prayers. at least 20 others were injured in the attack and take on the a local hospital. the blast happened as the house was packed with people getting
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ready for prayer. the taliban say they carried out the attack. the town of spinboldak is 70 miles east of kandahar and has long been a taliban strong hold. afghanistan security institutions have been targeted in recent weeks in a wave of attacks in the country's army and police who will take over security responsibilities from international forces. today's suicide attack in this border town have been condemned by hamid karzai. the attacks take place at a time when an extra battalion of u.s. marines have been deployed to the southern province of kandahar. >> hundreds of afghans have demonstrated in protest of the blocking by iran of thousands of fuel trucks in the border.
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gunmen have abducted two french nationals. witnesses say they were taken from a restaurant in the capital and driven away in a car. france is already working to secure to release a list in september. >> a multi-face rally has been placed in france to remember the people who died in the bombing. thousands of worshippers took place in the memorial. they carried banners and said prayers. >> prosecutors in germany are investigating farm. many farms have been banned
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from selling their products. health officials say there's little threat to public health. >> as the food crisis spreads, consumers get worried. at this market in berlin, the sign say there's nothing to worry about, the eggs are not contaminated with dioxin. but traders feel their feeling the effects of con sirme unease. >> this con summer says he's making only a third of his usual profit. he feels sorry for farmers who have to slaughter their chickens but it has to be done. >> and this shopper says, we don't buy any eggs right now. we were always careful but now we and many others are afraid. this plant in northern germany makes food for animals but also industrial pickup trucks. the two became mixed. the germany authorities say that dioxin levels were 77
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times higher than allowed. but the information never reached the public. in germany the authorities are trying to get to grips with a crisis that spreads. >> he says, it is incomprehensible for consumers that industrial production processes are running parallel to the highly sensitive production of animal feed and food stuffs. but the information changes by the day as new facts emerge. what started as a german difficult is now spreading. south korea and slovakia banned the sale of some animal products imported from germany. while authorities in britain and the netherlands are investigating where food containing german eggs is safe to eat.
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>> as sudan prepairs to vote, president bashir has warned of instability. the deal is part of one that ended years ago. it could impact a new round of fighting. from the southern capital, bill ross reports. >> waiting up with the cattle now with peace in southern sudan people can lovingly tend to their treasured animals. it's a ritual that goes back for generation. but for most of the post colonial war here, a lot of people were killed. [speaking foreign language]
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>> he tells me his herd was decimated and after years of suffering, he can't wait for south sudan's independence. two million people were killed during the decades of civil war . the discovery of oil in sudan raised the stakes and fueled the conflict which left amongs poorest in the country. a peace deal was signed six years ago. today, in the main southern town, juba all roads lead to the inevitable split. thousands of sudanese have been going in barging after spending years in exile. with the referendum approaching, they headed here to start new lives in what they hope will soon be a new nation.
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the temporary home for a family who just spent three weeks on the river. the children have never seen southern sigh dan. their mother,ñ left the north because she felt if south sudan seceded she'd be labeled as a foreigner and lose her rights. >> she says living back in the south won't be easy but prefering to be home until a peace, she's ready to start tilling the land if necessary. >> a song with a message from a singer with a grudge. mary boiys father and brother were killed in the war. she pushes for neas sudan. >> i will not accept. again, i'm going to the bottom. we will set sudan free. we will go to the bottom and keep them away coming to our country.
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♪ >> opinions are so one-side this vote will be unriggable. this egstord nair struggle for independence is almost over then comes the daunting task of building a country almost from stratch. >> and stay with us still ahead on the program. the winter world cup, the president says he expects he expects it to be staged in january. >> the president of france nicholas sarkozy said christian minorities are are becoming victims of what he called religious cleansing of he described wicked attackeds as a wicket program to clins phlegm the middle east. >> the aftermath of the new year's day bombing in alexandria. 21 people died in latest on attacks in christian churches
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in the middle east. no one has yet claimed responsibility. the last month the website linked published a a list of churches including the one that was bombed. >> nicholas sarkozy condemned the attacks and in the strongest possible terms. >> we cannot accept and then facilitate what looks more and more and i'm using a strong word a particularly perverse plan of religious cleansing in the middle east. in iraq, as well as in egypt, the middle eastern christians are in their homeland and for the most part it has been their homeland for 2,000 years. >> with the archbishop and the interior ministers looking on, mr. sarkozy said he is
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government will be working to apply more pressure. his speech will go some way to make sure the continuic community which totals a quarter of a million. for the most part relations between cops and muslims have been amicable. the fear on both sides is that the extremists and the outspoken comments will create deeper divisions than currently exist. >> hear in the headline this is hour so far, protestors in algeria are protesting because of rising food prizes. the israeli army has accidentally killed one of its own men and wound four others in a friendly fire incident
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close to the gaza border. >> here in britain, the former labor politician david chater has become the first member of parliament to be jailed over an expenses scandal. he claimed public money for renting his own home. alan little reports. >> his defense council says david chater was not a broken man, humiliated, remorseful, ruined. his inexplicable stupidity has made him the author of his own downfall. but the judge said he was being dishonest and he played an important part in erosion in trust. he submitted 13 false claims on expenses. these were based entirely on false documents. $12,000 pounds claimed on a
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rental flat he owned. he used his daughter's name as land lady. and nearly $2,000 pounds he claimed but denied for i.t. services for a constituent who neither sought nor received pame. the defense said david chateer was a man of honesty and good character. they asked for a noncustodial sentence. >> david is one of the hardest workers, very much respected and loved by so many of his colleagues because he is so passionate about education, the environment and worked so hard at it. if you ask any of those people on the list that might get in trouble, david would never have been on that list. >> but his former constituents were less forgiving today.
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the public dismay at the m.p.'s spence of the scandal endures. >> he's got to settle the ticket. he should be liable. >> he's abused his power. he abused his position of trust. he should go to prison. >> i think he should be accountable. >> the judge mr. justin saunders says his offense is carried wide earned more important consequences than other breach of trust cases. >> the judge says the m.p. occupy a powerful and important place in society. the public were entitle that those who legislate should be honest. the whole expensive scandal has shaken parliament and has angered the public. it was necessary that serious personality should follow. he said that was the only way in which the public's faith in the system could be restored and maintained.
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the expenses affair badly damaged the reputations of many m.p.s and ended many minutes steer y'all careers. david cheater is the first two the jailed over the scandal. but he's not the first former m.p. to go to prison. >> i think david chater will find as i found that planet prison is a very uncomfortable and quite painful place. and right at the very beginning, it seems an extraordinary strange place with noise levels of disor yen stating disorienting. >> david chater did not believe it would lead to this. >> two sisters have been freed from jail until the united
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states on condition that one of them donate their kidney to the other. jameni and betty were serving life sentences for their part in an armed robbery. >> we're free! >> freedom for the scott sisters after 16 years behind bars. they're unusual deal to secure early release was accepted by mississippi's governor. >> i had went to the kitchen and a girl ran in the kitchen and bust open the kitchen door. she said, jameni you're on the news. you're free! and i bust out the kitchen. and when i bust out the kitchen all the inmates were like you did it! you're free! you're free! so that was a wonderful experience! >> both women were sfensed
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jail. >> gladys offered one of her kidneys. in return she gets her freedom too. >> i i'm prying to god that i am a match. i don't want her to have someone else's kidney. i was going to give it to her in prison. did nobody had to release me. i would have gave it to her without a shadow of a doubt. i love my sister. campaigners argue that the scott sisters original sentences were too harsh. their release is proving equally controversial with some transplant groups questioning whether the deal is even legal. it's also unclear what will happen to gladys if she doesn't donate her kidney. the two women have yet to be tested to see if the organ is even compatible. >> it's looking increasely
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likely that the football demup 2022 will take place in the winter. the fifa president says he's expecting it to be that way. >> it's still hotter this time of year. but for these australian players warming up for the start of the asian cup, it's nothing like the heat of june and july when the mercury can hit 50 degrees. and with the president saying now he expects the change, one of the leading men says he's happy to stage the tournament whenever. >> they will organize the world cup in june and july and they are well equipped to challenge the neat that time. if fifa has another opinion, i think we shouldn't -- we shouldn't reject. but i don't think that cutter will be part of that decision
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today. >> despite all the question marks about the heat here in the submit, fifa were convinced to transform a country built in the desert. but any decision now to move the world cup will leave a nasty taste to those rivals. >> most big european clubs lie munich are who are here taking advantage of the facility have a winter break which might ease that disruption. english clubs are not so luckily. >> this is an example if we see fitcha suspiciously making -- fiffera suspiciously making it up as we go along. >> cutter won't worry about that and tonight dohar's
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skyline was lit up. a dress rehearsal for the biggest football tournament of all. after today's developments it's increasically likely that 12 years from now they will be celebrating their first winter up with. >> bollywood's star hit the red carpet. >> red carpet glamour to rival the oscars. these awards are coveted by hindy actors because they're judged by an industry panel not just on popularity. they finally took out a best actor award recognized for his pro-trail of a robinhood style
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police officer in the blockbuster "da bang." this time she played a sexually aggressive widow. but popularity isn't ignored on the night of night. christina walked away with the popular choice best acktrezz award. >> there must be reasons why different films are dominated, different actresses, actors. take it all until good humor and not take it too seriously. sharim won the most popular actor. >> a quick update for you, this hour, the fresh outbreak of rioting, they fought street battles with police across the
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