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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> bbthis is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vt., and honolulu. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a ride
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range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> dozens of anti-government protesters are reported killed. panic as troops fired on protesters, at least 50 are wounded. egyptians celebrate when week. welcome to bbc news broadcast our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. angry sentiment has the u.s. veto is a resolution condemning an israeli settlement building. they failed to share crucial information in the run-up to the london bombings.
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welcome once again. the death toll which libya appears to be rising. at least 46 people have been killed by security forces over the last three days. the human rights group amnesty international says that many victims have balloons to the head, chest, and neck. many people in the city of are continuing their anti-government protesters. they are warning against a violent and founder of response. >> images circulating on the internet.
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and other disturbing images. protesters get ready for the little green book. the crowd cheers. they paint a picture of a regime sweeping across the region. but how much pressure is he now under? he is the longest serving leader since he seized power over 40 years ago. can he still keeps his iron grip on the country? you might think he was more likely to survive than most leaders. he has powerful security forces, oil money, in he is good at reinventing himself.
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he is now more last excepted in the west as a partner. he himself -- it is his hard- line image that might make him vulnerable. >> it is a country where demonstrators have been few and far between. unlike in other countries, this is a challenge to the regime. >> already, there has been a stark warning to protestors to expect a violent and founder of response. there is the mounting government crackdown. the sense that it is history in the making for libya one way or
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another. >> president obama has condemned the violence against anti- government protesters. mr. obama warned that the stability depended on meaningful political reform. security forces again opened fire on demonstrators. the u.s. and the united kingdom has ended all but the central travel. >> it is in crisis. protesters tried to march to the city center again. this is the response. the police and the army are using teargas and bullets. on the day they bury their dead,
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there is more bloodshed in the streets. dozens are wounded, some of them critically. the cries of others have fallen on deaf ears. it is far from over. he was buried today, one of six protesters to die this week. he was shot dead by the police. across town, the supporters took to the streets. much of it belongs to the minority. the poor here are overwhelmingly muslim. no surprise that these are the people that make up the both of
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the protesters. >> it makes a difference. >> it has the potential to shape the rest of the region. not just for the oil, but the strategic military. >> there is a strong religious element to it. it is taking place in one of the poorest neighborhoods. it will be ruled by the same family. >> this is what the tension has led to. they even had to appeal for extra blood tonight.
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>> 70 where admitted. some with a bullet wounds. and clear evidence that high velocity rounds were used against unarmed protesters. they have been asked to talk to the opposition. the anger has only grown. finding common ground will be hard. >> anti-government protesters injured at least eight. anti-government protesters want an end to corruption. thousands of protesters have
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ended the 32-year rule. egypt's military council says it will not tolerate the sites, it will confront them. here is the list of people before the president's departure. they will ask for political prisoners to be released. the united states has vetoed a security council resolution condemning israelis to the west bank. it is the first time the obama administration has used that right to veto a resolution. it should result in direct peace talks. a correspondent says it is
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opposed to continue to settlement building. >> there is a strong statement, calling it a threat to peace, but she says with the u.s. was objecting to was bringing the issue before the security council. it will complicate efforts to have peace talks. if you bring it to end international venue, it will harden positions on both sides. they are quite well aware that the united states has a tradition of protecting israel. it was certainly under pressure to do that. and under pressure from congress. the view here is that though the americans were aware that they risk angering the arab world, they feared more anger in
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congress. it seems that they've vowed to domestic pressure in the end. >> living know what the reaction of the arab world will be? it looks like the u.s. has come out in favor of israel. 14 security council resolutions have been vetoed. 10 were u.s. vetoes, nine of them related to israel. >> it will be very hard for arabs to escape the conclusion that the obama administration is once again defending israel on the security council. president obama tried to change that impression. he gave a speech where he says the americans are reaching out. ultimately, he came out and said that america supported demonstrations for freedom, it
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supported the rule of law. when it comes to action, in the end, the action taken by the administration was warned that israel wanted. and it is something that the era of the demonstrators will latch onto. >> the u.s. secretary of state says the united states will follow action with civilian and diplomatic surges. it will include a civilian led effort and that a diplomatic effort will continue to end the afghan war. it has laundered money for drug traffickers. americans are now banned with doing business from the company. the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve has held a g-20 meeting
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saying that they should let their currencies appreciate. it would take at least a decade to shift his economy away from the export based model. still ahead, another night of bloodshed claims another 20 lives. people went to the polls on friday to elect their next president. it is widely expected he will continue to do so. >> across the country, they made their choice. time for a change. international and local observers are following the process.
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during weeks of campaigning, they drew large crowds. they lead the country to stability after years of turmoil. if you want the peace to stay, stick with me. the greatest challenge comes from a former ally. he says the president has turned into a dictator. he also has a large support. the president with the army and police on their side said they led knockout any demonstrators. this has been the most expensive collection that they have ever held.
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both parties spent a lot of money on the campaign trail. but just how much state funding is being used? >> if he wins, all eyes will be on the opposition politicians. their response will determine if this remains a peaceful election. >> the headlines this hour, 46 people have been killed in clashes with security forces. it least 50 demonstrators are shot and wounded. for more now on the top story, she tells me how security forces
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there dealt with a group of protesters. >> anti-government protesting was happening in an area. i was there on an account. we were being attacked. there was a small peaceful protest, live ammunition was being shot at us. five people were arrested. we don't know about anything else going on. >> from what we understand, the president was the first one in the capital. is that correct? >> there were round hundred and 20 people. it is the first attempt and was
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very successful. within half an hour or an hour, it was broken apart. they are moving down the street and a still protesting. >> are you fully expecting security forces to come down on you? >> the security forces, it was, in the beginning, but there was tension built up. they wanted us to leave the premises. they fired back with live ammunition. >> eight people lost their lives when a group of armed men opened fire on pars nearby.
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they face more debt. ñ>> another night of blood shed on mexico's streets. this is normally renowned for its beaches and sunshine. now transformed into a killing ground. police believe the group of gunmen drove through the city indiscriminately opening fire, murdering pedestrians and people in passing cars. this is the aftermath of the issue out. it started as a high-speed chase and ended with a gun battles that left eight suspected hit man dead. it seems likely and that his size the war on drugs was supposed to do away with it.
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more than 35,000 people have been killed, almost 22 killings every day. the police seemingly in effectual. for every person killed, there are those that have who lives ruined by drug violence. just over a month ago, members of the cartel came here and torched the place. the problem for residents here is that their village lies in the middle of a region where marijuana and opium poppies grow in abundance. >> it is very fertile land grow legal drugs. . unfortunately, it affects the indigenous people that are not involved. >> official estimates those affected by drug violence at
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100,000. with more and more of the city's transformed into battlegrounds, at what price? >> we have obtained new information about whether the intelligence servers could have done more to prevent the london bombings of 2005. they will actually consider whether the bombers could have been stopped. we have this special report. >> almost a year-and-a-half, they are monitoring and other terrorist cell. a secret camera concealed in the lockup film to them checking the fertilizer. in february, the main suspect
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did not know when. they trailed them when hundred and 50 miles and secretly photographed cars. we can now reveal that it was sharing intelligence with the fbi as it happened. in washington, the fbi was worried that another cell might carry out further attacks in the u.k. where the u.s.. it now speaks for the first time. >> i developed a very close counterparts in the uk. an exchange of sensitive information. my concern was, am i seeing the whole picture? who else is involved?
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>> there was another cell. >> the core group was talking to some people traveling outside of the area. that needed to be defined. if the operation goes down early, we leave the bad spot and it can come back to haunt you later. the >> and the concerns were justified. they failed to immediately check the special branch and asked them to use their experience surveillance teams to monitor the suspects. mi-5 provided some details, but it was months before police were fully into the picture. they possibly put the london
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bombers on their guard. >> the answer was no, not and that time. >> that has now changed, lessons learned. british intelligence insist that there was no evidence that the two suspects were terrorists. >> there is limited resources available, jumping to the easy conclusion that it failed. the bomb went off. i describe that as a failure. you must understand the nature of what intelligence work is about. >> there might be another terrorist cell in england. another thought next week, will
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they mobilize surveillance teams? it's possible had they done so, things might have been different. >> for more on the middle east, it is exactly one week since president mubarak stepped down from power. this time, they were celebrating. citizens believe real change has come. >> a week after president mubarak's departure, children play on the tanks. >> i am so happy with what has happened so far. we are expecting a lot more.
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>> part celebration, part show of numbers. egypt has a millitary -- military council that our rules them. -- now rules them. the activists are nervous about the political tensions. >> he is taking us to a true democratic regime. >> [unintelligible] >> most of the old cabinet is still in office. three former business leaders
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have been a arrested for corruption. not least in the army, it has been touched by this revolution. in the poor areas, is easy to see. but remarkably, even here, we have volunteers starting to work. >> there are monay people - - many -- many people determined to use this opportunity to make egypt a better. the egyptians want to get back to work. it is creating shockwaves throughout the middle east. >> reports of about 50 people being killed by security forces
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in the last three days. you can get more on the bbc news website. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe. go to to experience the in death, experts reporting. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont and honolulu. and union bank.
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