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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 27, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>>his is "bbc world new" fuing for this presentatn isade possible by the frman foundation of new yorkstow vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundatio the john d. and cathere t. macarthur foundation and union bank. >> union banhas t its financial streth twork for a wide range ocompies, from small businesses tmajo corporations. what can we door y?
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>> and now "bbc world news." >> thelampown continue in e ci of dara. an issue of sanctio warng has been issued. >> the governmencan ing about the radil rerm wch can bring pee anstability in syria. >> no eape. misrata comes der avy attack by liby govnment forc. only twoays go and rehesalsre underway at west minister abbey for wilam and ka's wding. weome "bbc news." security preaches atony es of its play staon twor using personal infmati may have been slen. and thousandof mouers pay
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eir spect for their indian leader >> the south o syria haseen described havg more gun fire. more than 0 pele have been kied aoss the country since e upsing. a mberf international leers e calling for tough measur agast the government endyrian repression. urnalists are barred fm th untry. u may find some of the images disturbing. >> these are thehaotic images the syrian ahories do not want the wor to e. >> it's iossible to
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inpendtly verify them. bufilmed last friday, th appear to support clms from hun rights oups ttoese of people wereilled -- dozens of people wereillein the weekend. then there's ts fr the town of dara. wn t road a military vehicland ldiers holding thcame are protesting. >> that's th arms rponse. the battleor da is hidden within theolli hills of southern sia. this was aclosas we got toda. in the disnce you might just makeut the town. the rderrossing here has be closed by the syrians, an
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eerie since. ever since theserotes have been, the syrianovernmentas limitrecisely what wenow. they're t grting visas to internationajourlists. they'rtryi to buy themselves te inhe hope th themight kill off this uprisi. time, oughmay be running out. the commons, britain reated sanctions if syria does not pull back its troops. >> it's governmentanstil choose the radicaleforwhich alone can providpeacand stability syr and for the long-term d werge it to do so. or it can choo evemore violent represon. >> on syrian tv today tyere honoring theiralle soldiers, killed, ey sd during the fitingn dara. president a san - alas
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doesn't show signs obackg down. >> in a statement, the u. securi genal ban ki-moon says his wching events in syria th gve concern. are condemn the continuing violce ainst the peaceful demotrators, most paicularly the use of tas and ve fire that have kill and jured hundredsf pele. it goes without sayinghat syrian authorities hav an obligation to protect civilians and respecinteational human rights. and thatnclus the right to freedom ofxpreion and peacefulssemy. the hi comssioner for human ghtsnd i agree there shoul be an independent transparent
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d effective investigatn. well, our u.n. coespoent ve us detailsn the u. response to syria. >> ban ki-moon hasallefor an independent invtigaon to the killings. it's not clear wt fo that would take athisoint. he did say that e u.'s most senior human rht's official had been invited t dascus. perhs a sit like that might be alaceo start. besides at t u.n. security council condering a draft statemenat ts point which wod coemn the violence and ca forestraint and back th calof ban ki-on for an instigation. the hasn't been serious cuion about it. soar is been circulang amg the members of the security council buthey e expected to meet owednday afternoon. >> we heard the u. andhe u.k. are discussinoptis regaing iosin sanction damascus. what kind of consensusr reaction would that gefrom countries athe u.?
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>> well, ihinkt the moment those would be niona ste, not steps at the united natis. it iwould be difficult to get reemt on sanctions against sya orny other sts for that matter. theris aeady a great dl reltance even to suppo a statent condemning the vience in syria. cha and russia traditional don't like the u.nto interfere in what eyee a internal affai butheir especially ctioubecause they're unhay wi what's happening inibya they didn't ock theilitary interventionhere but they wer't hpy about it to begin wit and now theyay tt nato is erstping their mandates. they'lbe lly cautious causof that when it comes disssing syria. also ather councilembe we understand is quite relucta
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toack syria because syria has a big influence on leban. it's not goingo beasy getting a statent reaction to the violence. and sancons uld be much more difficult >> hundreds ofeoplare trying to fleeisrata. thbrith government has warned sugglin libya is kelyo be a long hall. >> preparing for t fro lines, rebels in ashabia today, some getting to grips with tir gs. nato ipavi the way but here in easternibyathey're not gettg fa natoas de ok, hassan told but we need more to finish colonel gaddafi's foes. but at's not the ndat
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nato here to prote civilians not to fht t rebel's battles. in the past mohato acraf have flo 464uthorities. of these,606 have been attack missio. targethaveot been hit every ti. but enty of colonel gadda's hardre has been destred lting his advance towd rebels. this was the easpart the tanks and arred rsonnel were clearly visibles th were destroyed early o so f airtrikes he done ougho beat the army but no ougho get him out of offi. thiss the latest footage o e r.f. in action. in rent days it's been hiing targets near the b
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sieged city of mist avent but for many, t caslty toll is the greatesindime of nato's role. they differ abt dng more. the city is stilbein shelled. >> really he i mrata every nit weave -- we -- we lost lot civilians. so pase,lease, don't kee thiso -- for another day. >> 10-ye-oldohammed is constant pain. a frmentf bullet past right thw hiskull. air stris di't keep him fe ihis own backyard. let's just bring you me eaking news that's comg to . areetting reported that a pipeline carrying s fr egypt to israel ha explod by
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an attack bynunarmed gan the flames a shoing io the air forcg neby residents lea their homes. it's t secd attack on the altal terminal. the rst attack took place in marc. they failed t decimate. but we will brg yo men this breaking ws. >> sony is warng ersf its global play stionetworks, that their psonainformation and their nameandddresses may haveeen olen by hackers. the compy sa it couldn't rule outhat edit card deils y have been stolen followg a cking attack on its own ne service. wast surprised that sony s targeted. >> within chnologies and particularly video games w see
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certain hacrs seeing it a a game. what i'm spris is the success th've d where they coultakedvantage of people's psonadetails. >> we don'knowho they are at ts stage. buyou ght be suggested theye more sophisticated i their approach. >> i don't he knowledge but from informeduesss tha these will be the rt o people who will wo alo or in a small group a wilhave targetedony a major corporion d more for the thrill of ithan ything else >> butonetless lots of personaletai including credit cd deils, nameand dress. w woied should people be about this?
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>> t hacks actually took place a week ago beten t 17th and 19th of apr. anif you haven'ty this stage had a dodgey eailr something gointhroh the postal, an irregularity, y could be confint. >> but that's ggesng that these pele wld use that fishing expedion whin the seven days. they may not. they may take longer that - th tha >> feel that if you vntseen any tivity that worries yo the is good time to be eerf when a lot of us are concned by the fact that s ny play station networuser are ing targeted. >> seven days is signicants wellecause it's attract tracted a lot of cricism and they have taken lonto tell people that their accots he been hacked into what's your reacon tthat? >> it's a diffict on you have to lance no worryingonsurs unnecessarily anwithrying to protectheirata and being
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truthful i think the ct tt sony took thenti play station network do andad a week without prits cause a lot of trsitis take place speaks vomes out how seriously eir king it. viouy, the is concern causthere's 17 million ople that are connecteto the service across t world >> y're watching"bbc news." still to come -- it is. 's on the ground! 's on the ground! ere's a debris still. god. toe nadeo terror, t deadly storms causing hoc tough much of the ceral ited states. a mosquen noh london served as a hav for extremists acrdin to wikileaks. thfileby u.s. mitar coanders say 35 men wento fit in ahanian after
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being doctrinated ibritain. >> two ldon sed preachers of hatbadl underestimate prehed from the mosque, a nior intelligence offir smissed him in 2002 asust a noisy cleric. he was rather more thathat in over 700 clafied documen a picture emergeof btain as a hot bed extremism, europe's t desnation for woulbe jadists. theyaint clear picture o past jadis in britain. poteial recruits from britain toainld europe. on here they quickly became dicalized. ey ascend first to paktan d then on to training mps in afgnist. omcamp simar to this on
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thousands were traed in machine gunsombs and kidnapng. >> i d't tnk we fully have grasped llecvely the chalnge we face fro those who's mission is to usour freedom against us ando carry thugh as what tay say in their life's work in dtroyg everything we stand r. >> in guantamo y, inmates were pked in afghanistan after beg recruited in britain that recruitment h not stopped complely. it's now underrounand hard to detect. >>ou'rwatching "bbc news." the adlines -- grong number of gernments are pulling f sanctions for syria foowin its olent crackdown on protestors. hundreds of peop tryg to
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fly the be siege lib city of misrata have bee forced to do so from shellingsrom colonel gaddi. it'sow jt two days until the royal ddin prince wilams d kate middton ll take their vows inront of a huge global auence and as you can exct withuch a high profile occasion nothing has bn le frae. full muc rehearsaof the wedding will get undery. danielle, yell oveto y. >> well, theullility rehearsal wi be king place over the course ofhis morning. the streetsaround thisart, around buckiham lace and westminster ve bn closed for severahourto allow that to hapn. t obously, these streets o idayill br filled with hundds of thousands of peoe who ve come out to celebra the royaweddg. th are going to be looki
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r the best advantage pnts to see the bride and gom. larly after their weddg ceremony when th lea westminster abby whathei op top carriage to comeere for their receion. i've been taki a lk at e pro sessn na route and ty will che outome of london's best vieoint stak in re than 1,000 years history. westinisr abby has hosted yal wedding. e marriage of prince wliam d kate mideton. so wt will you see and whe? it's after the weddinghat you'll get best ews the couple as they lea westminster abbyn an on stop carriage. they'll fit trel past the houses of rliant in big bendhrough the crowds on parlmentquare. fr the they'll head up
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algsidthe government builng of white hor. st ahead the bde and groom ll past the senator wi he will lead the kn cntryn remembrance. they will host street party later in the day after passinthe nistry of defee, t state, land or carriage turns ft thrgh horse guar arc momentarily disappringrom view before rivi at the parade. madeamilr from the location om wre the que watchs the annual trippy mccolor this is where thbiggt crowds of all ar expted. as they head along t roa that's home to so ma grod occasions, they pa the statute of kingeorge 6:00 and qun eizabeth, william's great grandparents.
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ha a mlion or more fm exctedo see the newlyweds. e crds will spl into neighboring green rk. they'll watch the uplepass in t pale. it's from he, inse williams' private ficehat much of this day h bee planned. next door to his part's hse home to prie charles and calla lives. and a final stop, buckingham pala and perhaps the most pred part of the day. ifhey speak wit traditi, expect the balny a the kiss. wellhat is of cose,s friday. but today ve mucabout the military. it is their st cnce over the course othe xt few hours to make any adjustments and prepare their nal preparationstheifinal rehearsal ahd ofriday.
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we're pectg to see representatis ofhe r.a.f., of the navy and the army in the stres of london over the next few hour th wiltry to rehears their timing and their positn. we're going to s strt liners that are reprente of all rvices. the test this mornin wilbe can getn position at the right time? can they make re ty stand in the rht pce? and the milita are a crucial pa of e ceremonial seion theedding. ey wl give the day a day of tion pride and obviously at thatll iortant pomp and paantry. thank you very much. don't forget. you'll get a full compte coverage guide othe roy wedding by visitg th bbc
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website. there you will s anasis a is ao inrmation about prevus re weddings and even a prince awell >> severe storms leavi at ast seven dead in arkansas. governors have declared a disaster. >> it's on theroun it's on theround! my god >> lar tordo onhe ground! ernit thunder roared and rninsirens blaired as at least repts of tornas an ve states slammed the southern state. just by little rock itas rdeshit. lea four people were lledfter a series of suspected tornados. the others were killed i flash flooding. this will rescueeam aded on foot.
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saving young chirenand elderly residts. thisouplwas in the house with the twooung cldren. >> rightehinus i saw the fuel. >>veryree on their yard is noon tir home, a total loss. in texas golf bl-sid hail destroyed this gas satio left the sigin t middle of the road. 46 people we kild in tornados. there haveeen er 5,0 severe weaer rorts just in april. after a fo of in in this areas caing another probm. fromklaha to ohio, cars an homesubmged in water. take a look that shed. throof is barely peang over thweard.
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the winds here werncreble powerful. take a look at this utity poll. right here is the ddlend other here is what lefof the top. today authories ll be searching fothe zens of people that are stl unaccounted for. >> theuner of an indian guru ito te place in less than an hour's time. e pre minister and congress ader sewn yeahandhhas ined thousands of morrs playing their respects he says the number of mrner is continuing ris >> we already ve me than a coup of ndred thousand in to alrdy and police can exct thave a milon pele. the have been a lot of pple
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coming in from aprd. the funeral notpen to th public it is ken ace in the public hall where h bodhas been lying in ste or the last 48 hours. they pform many of the so-cled miracles that heeled famo paul. it'spen only for family membs and members of the charble -- charitae trt. while everody goingo watch on a bigcreen. >> it is attcting a number of importanleads not only from ina but globally as well >>hat's right the prims s re yesterday. ey have been heres well as om outside. e brother is here. 's been here forhe last y
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so. expected to attendhefunel. it's somebody who hasfolle across the wld a many of the people dsupport what people dw fr the political worl the world of bollywood, thericket star, and the v.i. mourners to come here cole of days ago and pay thr respects. he someone who had tremeous standing here in lya. buhe also had his credi. >> >> this is the scenehereive as we see the funeral tes place. is pected that some 0,00people will be lining e stets in his hom as he is ld to rest. you are watching "bbnews."
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>> hlo, delcome. >> s theews unfold, get the top oriefrom around the globand ick-to-play video repos. go to bbc.conewso expeencehe in-depth, expert rertinof "bbc world news" onne. funng was made possible b the freeman foundationf ne rk, stowe, vermont, an nolulu. newman's own foundatn. e john d. and catherint. carthur foundation. d union bank. >> union bk haput its
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global exptiseo work for a wide range of mpans. what can wdo f you? >> "bbc wod news" was >> "bbc wod news" was prenteby kcet los angeles.
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