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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 11, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> union bank has pu its financial streng to rk for wide range ocompies, from smalbusinesses to major corporations. wt cawe do for you? >>nd n, "bbc world news." >> runng ared, hillary clinton ss cna's efforts to resist democracy will fail the rmeread of thengli footba assiati accuses tp fifa ofcials of taking brib. acrohe southern u., floong, as the swollen misssipp river surges toward the gulf. welcome to b new broadcast on s inmerica and eewhere oundhe world. coming up,ike kristoff's begins by, why h theompa microsoft's bigges buy
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why s the company purased skype? china is running scare and tryingo stop history, e words ofhe american seetar of sta hilry clinton published in the mide of high- level talksith chinese elegion in wasngto. in a magazine interew s goes to y thachinwill fail in what she says isheirffort rest democracy. her aegatns have been descbed as frank. our correspondent has more deils on the interview. >> hillarylint's comments were, in fact, madebout a nth o, but the wer publisd dayn thetlanc monty. e seemed to sgest very stngly that china may be trying to put end to dissent, may be ting to clamp wnn
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human rights activists,authors, and artists ev. but in the e, that is not sustainable. she said that china opposed the attempts to stophe course of history are a fl's erran-- china's attpts stop t course ofistory are a fool' errand. theiminis ieresting wh this puication of its high level talks beten chinese and amecan ficials here in washington. thisdmintration seems to ve decided that the issuef human righ is one that nds to be disssedn t open. that is i stark conast toow theypproh thessue of chinese human rightst the beginning of thedministration, where criticism was reuted. was something ty raised moren prite a it was most an issue that ty trd toork by not necsarily talking to t chinese gornment, but talking to hum rightsrganations and ng' on theroun the u.s. and china today
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coved a wide range of bilateral issue theetai of wh thehave achiev our next. >> mis hily clinton' comments about china hav soared tas. thisas t conclusionf two days of bilateral discussions in which washington's ma objecte ha been - has been to tkle e u.s. -- the chinese currency,hichhe u. treasuryelieves is unfairly undervalued. there wasrogrs, but not on the key stickinpoin >> theist o agreements and understandings reached is que long. we hav seenoncre progress on a wide ran of sherer allenges from the energy and environment to internationa tre and security. >> awell a flexible exchange rates in china, washinonants acss to chinese maets for
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u.s. comnies. thathey did have se success. the chinese delatio aeed th progress had be mad and thatiffilt issues had t been avoid. >> we have aood conversation. thadoes not mn we agreed on each and every issue however,fterach rndf dialogue, we successfly increasedur mual trust and cooperation. >> bt bend the tal, th bilateral relationsp reins vericky, as well as the quesonf hun rights. ashiton was expts and rpluo play a smallerole in germany's domeic growth. however, as t talks were ndin up, -- in china's domestic growth. however, as tks we winding up ty wantedo tkbou these ings orneauoubt, future discussions. -- no doubt, r fure
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diussis. >> congressial aidesnhe u.s. say americapolicians ll ballowed to s photogras ofheody of osama n laden. those on thintelligence coittee andhe aed services committee will brequed to ke a appointnt tsee the photos. president oma aounced last ek that wou nrelee the phographs to t public i case they we useds a propagan tool. the 6000 msionoveribya dotson said military operaons began siweekago. -- over lbya since mitar operatns ban six weeks ago. hundds of thousan ofeople ve flesince the uprising began. and plans-no official confirmaon from damascuto not run foa seat on the human righ council with the u.
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violce h erupted in the egyptian city of alexandri following clhes betwn christian d muim groups. least 12 people were killed and 180 otrs wounded after a church waset on fire. once again, the worldootbl governing bo is facing legaons of corptio the man wh led t hosng o the 2018 world cunce mnt -- once manchester uned. the accused ar accud of tingnethically. >ever since t worldup bid huliatn, there have been qutions and recriminatio about the wa fifa oose its wod cup host. bu almo sixonthsfterhat announcement, e foer head o
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england's b went publicith thmost exclusivelaimso far. at the center of t allegaons,he controver will figurof t fifa vi presidt. he was aed -- is said he ked for 2.5 million pounds t buildn edation center. in view, i is out of the question. it can oy be described as a age whper. u cod certainly hr it. he sa, -- i wi lea out so of the language but he said, you must be joking, jack. you are talking about 2.5 million pounds. and nicholas om bercow i k for knighthood in retn for his support -from paraguay st ftnight would in return for his suppor >> i said did notopere that way in the unid kingdom. hehrugged his shoulders and walked away.
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>> andointg the finger at two more executives who we cuseof receiving $1. millio foruppoingatar, sharwinners for the race for 2022. it wasere at this luxur hotel in cheea thatackarner ked r ch an support --n return forupporting england's world cubid. it raises freshquestions about the way questionsfifa hands the the w fifaandl the wod cubids. >> they have already seen two members banned for breing the co of ethics. the pressure is w on to take further action onhe cusp of reelection >> there is new round of formion coming in. this is t time to digest that and to start investigaons by asking for evidences of wh
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have been sai -- has been said. >> today's relations will n ging aecond chance to win 2018, but they cod provide a turning point in the way tha world otba is run. >> an american journaliswho earlier this year tried toun fothe post as fifa president told me what he thought about e cla. >> it could beonte -- poteially significant especially t onebout jack warner 2.5 million poundss a prey serious algati. whado you think fif should do with theccusations? >> they should dwhathey shld he done a long time ago, which itheyhould have annvestigation tha is full independent. when i nounced that i was running for fa esidt this ar i sd the day i tk over
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i would he a full indendent investigion ing the guidelin of the united states foign rrupt practices act to find out how uncan oclean fifareally is. i uld so do a wiki-leaks on fifa nd release thedocument t the public. justo get aull accounting of whats going on here th fifa because th feelinworlide is that this mano be a ean organization and they se to b a vy reactive organization that seems to onlenga on the things onceew allegationcomep. >> allegations of thi nature have plagued thegoveing body r some time. what you think fifa eds to do? you just mention an independt inqry,ut how lily dyou ink that will be? >> i think is highly uikel unfortatel the latterppea to be in a sition to win another four-
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year term. th election is june 1. does not seem to be in his terest athis int to initiate a full instigion th fifa me to make the changes th it needs. fi nee t mak thehanges nee. >> there wl ben inquiry by fifa itse into the allegations that have bee made, but if they areoundo be true -- w do not know yet -- doou think is raises questions abo low the digil messi -- about the qatar holding tatarr 2018 games? >> it has notven enelead in t newspaper, but has co public. more information needso come t. and if fa wts to instige, they should da
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seris invtigation. >> any ambitionsto stand agait? >> we will s i2015 my hope is tt aother outsider ndidate who is known globally, like gave bill cnton or a ko annan, or another mightun for president. it is too late to happ thi year. bufourears from now they may be able to do thin tha fifa real nee to makor a cleane organization. >> mississippi has reach flo levels. the city of memphis has bee coping with floo waters not en since the 1930'an wse isxpecd toollow in new leans and the gulf of xico famy homes left to the state as the waters rise. this is vicksburg, mississippi, where theiverill not peak until the weekend. there is an eerieuiet
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with residen long gone, only e snakes remain. upriver inemph, the miissii has already done s worst. crestedarly onuesd, just inches sht of the storic hh war mark. lolying neighbo vs.- neighborhoodwereompletely suerge theowntown ofheseidheir job. allcross the historiouth, sinees are beginni to imagine the costs. in arkansa, thfloods have swamped t farms thatrodu half oamera's rise. >> -- ameri' rice. >> we ha hadrobay 80% to 9 totally lost. >> prevention is t ord o the day. in luisia, these pson inmates e prering sandbags to shore up defens nea bat roug just of countless
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mmittees wondering h bad it will be. >> yre watching bbc news. still ahd, calls for the art world to close its doors f the y to aw attention to a chinese artist. in the u.k., the by belfeld, a coictedouble killer,as gone on ial rilling a scolgi. she disappeared nine arsgo. shwalk home fromchoo her body w fou in hamhire six mohs ler. he pleaded notiving to murder and kidnapping. >> an ordinary 13-year-old would have been a fine young woman,he words of t prosecution hey tlined a casagainst the man theyay of deh and murdered her. the jury heard that levi defield was pretor coicteofmurderingwooung women inest ldon and
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atteed t of debt to a thir amda had caught arainrom home oa mah day in 2002. her norl routine wasotop nearest her home, but on this day she t off to share a plate of trips wh- a ple of chips with her friends thatas the last time ey had en her. therosecution caimed that cc camas mounted office of the flat captured the moment of red card being used b the defendant that aftnoon and duri the previous day. >> the prosecution says thaon the day before her disaearae, there was another disaearance of a 12-year-d girlas she followedhis route to route a london burb she to her moer a man tried entice hernto his vehicle,
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but dre ofwhen a police car drove by. 'sx mont later,illi body was fnd. the procution clms tre is doubt that he is responsible. the trial expted to la eight weeks. >> you arewatcng bbc news. u. sectary of state hillary clint has said cha will fail in i attempts to resist democracy. a forr he of the engsh football assoction has accus top fifaoffialsf taking bribes. e $8.5 billion miosof has agreed to buy skype will give themcces to a user bad of the roughly 170illieopl who log on sky every month. >> theiant business was soft
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or werscompers, and the her i the communication n skyis bng swallowed up by a mroso. it i just eit yes since skyp started helping peopl make calls ovethe ierne for nothg. this is ththir time it has en bought and sold. microft struggling to show that it can cpete with the likes ogoogle and apple. now it tes to make an impact on t mobe pne wod, it wants skype t help it beco aigge force in communications the o partners in this he deal tell me didn't -- tel me they now have ambitiouplan >> ia ra asss. the rd spe in many senses means of counication to a lot ofeople in the sense of "i wi sky you." >> we ll he the assets and
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opportunities of botcompies to take it to theext level. sky is now ed by 1 millio peop around the world not st on their comters, but on the move on tirobil phones and en on e tablet devices. microsoft wan to tapnto this connective cmunity, but it is paying auge ice for a business that is not even profitable. >> the price tagsxorbitant, but microsoft comting with therto buy the business. >> even though doe not make moy, t idea of talking for fr andeasily over on the world is appealing as we loo to change t way wtalk through twter, facebook, eail d other fms ocommunication. >> microft wl now hope to brg skype to new places, lik its exports gamg cool. it ia hey price to prove it can be a forcin t phone world. >> a staying with technology, google has announcedt is
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launching an on-line news service to be erated by amon. --online mus serce to be erat by azon. it is stl ulear whether t recording industry will golong wi thelan. more than a ek after their wedding, the dukand chess of cambdge have embark on thei honmoon deils ofhe dtinaon rema sect. the duchess of york has spen of her disappointment of not being invited to the ddin >> she tol opr winfrey that on the day o the wedding she was inhaild. shas in telephone conct with pnce andw, h former husbandand eir two daughters, beatrice and eugenia. she ent lot of time talng that day and they ied to resure her, saying th they set to r it was ok. on t day that theyot married -- they also gotarri in
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westminster abbey -- and th describe jurothat day as perfec. oprah wirey asked herow it felto effectivelye sn and noinvid to the wedding? -- to the wedng. >> i was so diicult because i nted to there with my girls and get them dressed ango as a fami. al, it was ha because the last brit of that iowa w me. > it ems e was hurt,but it s t as a surly a spris she wt o to effectively acknowledged thashe d mad mistakes ovethe yea a she had not beesurprised she was not invite tohat big d. she went as far to say tt she though it was theight desion >> d she talabou the asons why she tnks e s not vite >> clearly, e anowledges and
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talks about th in some deta. is is a show thais yet to be brdcast in america. but rahinfr's co. hav released a few quotes. e ackwleds that she mde miakesnd, clear, the hiest ofilencidt was en s tried to effectively sell accsed by offing cas to anndercover newspaper reporter, cell accs toefor or husnd. she acknledg now that it was a big mistake. -ccess to peormehusband. she acknowledg now that was a big mistake. >> presint obama eaki in texas, said ingi illegal imgran out of the unrground enomy would be good f the couny anwould low rder agents to focus on drug traicke and terrorists. ere a1 miion illegal imgrants estimed ithe u.s. reblic newtingrh has made itnown he willun for
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the presidency nextear. hes theormespeaker ofhe hse and the fame as the -amouy led the attempt toimpeachpresident clton in 1995. the i sa they have arrested the man believe t be bhind one of t largest of al robberies in.s. hisry he bbed bank in connecticut in 83. he got away with7 miion. he is alleged to be a member o a natialist group demanding independee. the chinese artist and human- rights acvistwho was deined by security stf at thbeijgirpo, the incident has pmpteglobal appeal. has dedated his latest work to the artist.
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he iconsered byany to onef the mostmpoant arsts of the 21st centur it is this recent installation in london that brought the chinese tist to the attentio of the wider britishubli 37 daysgo, thelobetrotter wasetained at the beijing aiort by chinese authorities. nothinhas been heard from him since. but hishows go on. one has just opened in n yor mnwhi, -- a >> here lonn there were tw show's oning this week. as you can s, thwork has arrived, but the artist has no >> hwas due to be heretoday helping to install thi hibion. thchine govnment initially id he was bng iestited foeconic crimes. but that was somtime ago, and
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the daymoutwithout furtr word, friends, lleagues, and fellow artists areecomg increasgly concerne >> the chese government nds to accuse m of something o let hi go. i think it is also portant thats a community of artists we stick togetr. artists d all kinds of strang thin. rare are we dangerous. >> this ihis latt sculpture, which opened in pari today, dedicate to the chinese tained artist. its owr is frustrat. >> how do we p ourselves in heads of the chese officials at do we have to do persuade the > he is an ertly political arst. ea of ese bkpac represents a child lost in the shares 1 earthquak it is critical of t -- in the chest 1 chescheuan
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eahqua. it i criticalf the chinese government. >>t is just a mter time sothing will trigger the chge. >>hat you tnk will trigger the change? you think it ishis artist? >> yes, it could be. >> but he hadisaeared. his my suppoers anxiously hope for his return. >>ake a lok at these picture of the first flight by th was just -- swis js inhe u.s. his line --e is flyi with a t pa on his back. he was there for about eight minus, soang00 feet above the canyon before dloyi his paraute a finally descending to the canyon oor.
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a quick reminder ourain news, secretary of state llar clintohas de alunder over ina, saying it is running scared becse of the popular uprisingn thearaborld. stay ted. u are watching bbc new >> hello andelco. seehe news unfold, get the tostories from around the globe and click-to-pla video reports. go to t expeence the in-dept expt reporting of "bbc world ns" online. >>unding was made possib by the freeman undaon of new yorkstow vermont, and honolu. nean's own foundati. the john d. ancathine t. macahur foundation. and uniobank ♪
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