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tv   BBC World News  PBS  June 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news america." >> here are the headlines. america's top military officers says the u.s. will hunt down the new leader of al qaeda, ayman al-zawahiri. >> the debt crisis in greece and gulps europe. as part of our season, the silver screen goes global. it is 9:00 here in singapore. >> it is 2:00 in london.
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hello, and welcome. america's top military officers says the u.s. will hunt down the new leader of al qaeda, ayman al-zawahiri. mike mullens said he was not surprised by the egyptian choice to follow osama bin laden. >> the new leader is already a familiar figure. he worked hand in glove with osama bin laden for many years. he has given how qaeda much of its strategic direction. >> security is just last week saying the war with the west will go on. disappointment -- osama bin laden and ayman al-zawahiri collaborate closely. both have been few tips for
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years. the natural successor to osama bin laden it is now named the fbi's most wanted terrorist. the leader of al qaeda. >> he has moved into that position. he and his organization are still a threat. as we did both capture and kill osama bin laden, we certainly do -- we will do the same thing with ayman al-zawahiri. >> what do we know about him? he is a lifelong egyptian extremist. he was the one who radicalize osama bin laden back in the 1990's and got him to think globally. he was the operational brains behind the 911 attacks. he had was radicalized long ago
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imprisoned by the egyptian state. the extreme violence perpetrated by al qaeda is often attributed to his strategic direction. his supporters want said more such attacks. as arab populations call for a into a dictatorship, but critics say he will struggle to prove that it has anything to offer. >> financially, his sources are drying up. its leadership is being picked off. he has inherited an organization that is struggling to carry out attacks. >> this al qaeda operatives was carrying early plans for attacks on the london hotel. the plans were not advanced and it is not yet known as al qaeda is new leader can do anything about them. ayman al-zawahiri is taking over all qaeda at a crucial time for the organization.
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it is fragmenting and it is getting less beat -- and the middle east. it is down, but not out, still capable of lashing out to against the west. >> state television in syria has announced that one of the president's closest associates is giving up his widespread business interests. he is the president's cousin controlled syria's largest mobile phone company, as well as hotels and construction funds. international pressure is mounting on the syrian government. the united nations that could carry general says he has spoken to bashar al-assad and has urged him to stop killing his own people correct thousands of refugees continued to stream across the border of turkey. >> the beguiling scenery is deceptive. just behind these fields in the trees why syria. over there, much of the population is on the move.
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they are writing every day in turkey and the hundreds. entire families. once they are here, they are confined to these regimented camps. the assyrian refugees say they are grateful for the trouble that turkey is taking to look after them. the facilities are basic. there is even a children's playground. outsiders have been kept out. turkey may be generous, but it is also determined to take -- he can control -- keep tight control of this problem. >> what happened to you? >> i came to turkey because the syrian government kills people.
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my father died. >> they are only talking. they're just telling us their story, nothing else. we were able to get someone inside to meet one of the newest arrivals. attacked by syrian troops in just the past 48 hours >> the soldiers came into the village firing their guns into the air, he says. the tanks opened fire. the houses, people, women, children. the bullets were flying behind us. the camps are still filling up and all of turkey's diplomatic efforts have appeared to be for naught.
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driving more and more refugees down to this picturesque border. >> gaddafi has told a russian envoy that he will not be forced of libya by the nato bombing campaign. he has had talks with a member of the men -- the libyan government as part of the mediation. prosecutors in new york have released new details about the rest of the former head of the imf dominique strauss-kahn. he tried to claim diplomatic immunity when he was detained on suspicion of the attempted rape of a hotel chambermaid last month. he strongly denies the charges. he is currently on bail awaiting trial. there the more shockwaves in the money market as the fallout from the greek financial crisis carries on. you have been watching the markets for us, haven't you? >> that is right. some early gains in asian
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markets, but fears about the ongoing debt crisis in greece is continuing to wreak havoc here. both close to home and far beyond its borders the greek prime minister had insisted that he will stay in power and fight to win approval for austerity measures being demanded by the european union. >> [applause] the prime minister cut a wary and defined figure as he fought for its political career and for his vision of saving grace from bankruptcy. it was a different version of a speech that greeks have heard many times before. >> the changes have been painful, but the sooner we make them, the sooner we can get out of this crisis. the sooner we will be able to concentrate on our strengths.
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what we do not have the luxury of desertion. this is a time for battle. in this fight, we will fight. [applause] >> the prime minister was given a standing ovation by a large number of the socialist members of parliament. but some sat on their hands. they are the rebels that could bring him down when he presents his new cabinet for a vote did -- for a vote of confidence. one of the key positions to change will be that of finance minister. the holder of the office did not look to troubled. >> at this very moment, there is only one goal for all of us, stability. keep the country and its economy on its feet. to continue without interruption the financing of the country by its lenders. >> the political turmoil has unsettled the market. >> a possible rebuilding of the
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government in athens has great concerns. it shows that we see a huge uncertainty and that would be followed by economical uncertainties. that is not a good thing at all. >> his new administration is due to be sworn in on friday. only then will the financial markets be able to decide whether they have the stature to be able to force through the austerity program demanded by the imf and e u. >> let's take a look at how the asian markets are staring at this hour. they are trying to recoup some of their losses from yesterday. u.s. share prices closed mixed. you have this deepening of war is about the debt problem of greece. it will have a contagion effect on the rest of europe. there is also a concern about high interest rates in china
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and weak growth in the united states all the markets news and business. please stay tuned for that. >> the governor of mexico's central bank is leading china for japan where he will be seeking more backing for his bid to become the next head of the international monetary fund. in japan, he will be meeting of finance minister and the governor of the central bank. for more on this, we're joined from hong kong. professor, thank you for joining us. but he has been quite vocal about his chances of getting the imf a job is quite slim. why do think his visit to asia will make a difference? >> the asian markets are very important. we know that europe is backing another candidate.
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whether he can gain the support from asia is very important. i think his visit to china is very fruitful. when i look at his announcement, i can see very little improvements compared to [inaudible] there should be no revolutionary change on china's currency reform. she has expressed her support for the former central banker from china for planning an important role in the imf. she mentioned that china has a bigger stake after the reform. these are all buried concrete benefits. -- these are all tangible benefits.
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compared to her visit, he mentioned that the emerging markets should play a more important role and should have their own voices. but i do not see any additional economic interest generated from his visit. i doubt that to -- i doubt that china will change its town. -- tone. >> thank you so much. five children have been admitted to hospital in northern france after eating burgers infected by a strain of e. coli bacteria. the german chain has not withdrawn the products. the french held the stories -- authorities are trying to make sure it is not related to the recent outbreak in germany.
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floodwaters trapped -- wednesday traffic, trapping drivers in their cars. no one has been injured. thousands of students have gathered to protest against increases in university tuition fees. activist prue rocks out armored vans and security forces responded with water cannons. you are watching bbc. as part of our season, how china's booming economy is turning heads in hollywood. >> japan unveiled a nude generation of electricity-free choice. -- a generation of electricity-free toys. anthony weiner has resigned. at a news conference, he apologized for his actions. >> from high-flying politician
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to a national joke, all because of bad behavior. at a news conference, the congressman about to be inevitable. he admitted he could no longer do his job. >> the destruction that i have created has made that impossible. today, i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> when it first emerged, a congressman tried to deny it. >> i did not send that tweet. >> his attempt at cover-up only made things worse. he tried confession and an apology. >> i am deeply sorry for the pain that this has caused my wife. and my family. >> his pregnant wife is a top aide to hillary clinton she knows -- she knows a to a war to about marital sex scandals. the democratic party closed
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ranks against time. >> i can tell you that if it was me, i would resign. >> his brash style had already marked him out. yet again, a u.s. politician has been brought down. not really for what he did, but for trying to cover it up and lying about it. this is a sex scandal without actual sex. he never even match any of the lebanese and his botas do. everything happened on line in the virtual -- he never even imagine any of the women he sent his photos to. his career is now in the ruins. >> america's top military officer has that the u.s. will hunt down the new leader of al
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qaeda, ayman al-zawahiri. >> a syrian refugee exodus continues. >> the appointment of a new leader of al qaeda. he is a former c.i.a. officer that served in afghanistan and was a senior member of the 9/11 commission. he joins us on the line from minneapolis. ayman al-zawahiri is not as charismatic as osama bin laden, but he is said to be very intelligent. this does not come as a surprise as he has been appointed as the leader of al qaeda. >> it is not a surprise. he was the number 2 next to osama bin laden. he is someone that has been committed to violent extremism since he was a young boy. he is very dedicated to this. he is a dangerous man. nevertheless, he is inheriting
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an all qaeda that is very fragmented and is much weaker and much diminished from what it was before. >> it took six weeks to appoint him. is that an indication that al qaeda is not operating as efficiently as it once was? >> that is right. it is decentralized. the decision making is decentralized. they cannot group together very much. these are part of the pressures that the united states and allies have been put on al qaeda to make it difficult for them to operate. >> do you think we could see the same kind of capture of ayman al-zawahiri as we did of osama bin laden? >> i do not know the current state of what information they may have on him, but i agree with admiral mullin that he is a very high priority target. i believe his days will be numbered. he will be found sooner or
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later, just like osama bin laden. >> it will be concerned about how qaeda's current situation? are they in a position to carry out any serious threats? >> they are in a weakened position, but they are still very dangerous. does that adhere to this ideologies will try to carry out some violent attacks. i am sure that we will experience some. that is the world that we live in right now. we will do our best to stop them. it is a weaker organization, although they are still a dangerous and lethal. >> ayman al-zawahiri said his support to the events taking place in the arab spring countries. the uprising in north africa as well. do you think that people care about what is happening to call qaeda -- all qaeda? >> it sound like to me that he is chasing a train that has
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already bought the station. al qaeda has been irrelevant to these fascinating developments in the arab world. none of the protesters said had anything to do with al qaeda. you do not to their name being mentioned. they did not offer any type of agenda, which is what the protesters are looking for. they are looking for changes in their economic situations, their rights to participate in government. al qaeda does not represent any of these things. >> good to talk to you. we are out of time. >> it is such an important market. hollywood's talk lobbyist arrived to meet government officials and give the keynote address at the shanghai international film festival. he wants to improve relations
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and gain access to a booming market. china -- china is resisting. >> legend of a rabbit, released next month, is a step forward for china. it is the country's first 3-d film. >> it is growing at an amazing pace. we have about 6000 screens right now. >> it recently opened in china. the chinese market is bringing these american film's impressive returns. >> i would say hollywood is
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obsess with china right now. there is a billion people there, so if each of them gives hollywood and dollar or $2, that is a lot of money. >> within china, american imports. china imposes a system to limit its foreign imports to protect the system. >> for your local films, to have a chance to find an audience. >> for hollywood, the system supports its ability to bring in new funds. the american film industry had been pressuring china to relax its system. >> china is part of the world trade organization. they are bringing cases up in the appeals process trying to force china to lead in more foreign films.
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>> china is also concerned about the americanization. hollywood filmmakers bent over backwards to make sure that comes sensitively cater to the chinese market. efforts were made to be respectable, even though some chinese clinics have labeled the felt a cultural invasion. >> we wanted to make sure that people in china would look at it and not think that it was an ignorant way. we wanted authenticity. >> hollywood will continue to cultivate actors to china. the american film industry in these markets. with china, they have their eyes on the prize. >> there is plenty to choose from. it is the latest eco-are made --
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a friendly toys better attracting the biggest crowds. >> they do not need to be plugged in or recharged ever. they come in different sizes for different ages. the the image is all done by the kids themselves. >> this story -- toy is called eco-pony. everyone has been talking about saving electricity. the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year have disrupted japan's electricity supply. businesses are concentrating on manufacturing toys that work without it. >> this summer is going to be a tough one in terms of electricity. >> it is not just about toys that are eco-friendly.
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the power is generated by manuel movement. by far the most impressive toy has to be the traditional japanese castle from lego. it is eco-frontally. -- friendly. after a three-year stagnation, the japanese market is finally on the up and up. it grew by 3.5% in the last business year since march. it may give the industry a new life. >> we have time for a quick reminder of our main news. the united states has said it will hunt down and kill the new al qaeda leader, ayman al- zawahiri. that is all for now.
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