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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 3, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> hello and welcome. >> the headlines this hour. the arab league warns of cyprus to syrian civilians and calls and then to stop the shooting. protests in nigeria in one of the biggest oil producers. >> police find a body of the iraq war veteran suspected of killing a ranger in a national forest. anchorage in budapest. did they say the new constitution is an attack on the mark -- anger in budapest. they say the new constitution is an attack. welcome to "newday." -- "newsday."
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the head of the arab league has said the syrian army has pulled out of residential areas. the killings continue and snipers remain a threat. observers were sent to monitor the violence. >> of the arab league observers have been in the country for a week. protesters want them to listen. these pictures are believed to be from close to the capital of damascus. their chants, people want international protection. there is disagreement about whether the mission is achieving anything. today in cairo, the arab league secretary-general said there had been progress.
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>> military vehicles and tanks have been withdrawn . they are now positioned on the outskirts. monitors have been able to provide food for the people and retrieved dead bodies. >> yes, there is gunfire. there are snipers. according to the account to receive from the head of the delegation. head received from the en of the delegation. >> these pictures are thought to be in homs and show the extent of the damage. he believes troops have pulled back and 3500 prisoners have been released. opposition activists are not convinced. >> this is not accurate. we have evidence of a civilian army in homs and the outskirts
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of to match -- damascus and in hama. there are many examples where the army is still in place. >> syria is divided. the arab league is also not of one voice. the speaker of the parliament, and advisory body, said the observers should be pulled out altogether saying the ongoing violence was undermining the credibility of the organization. more observers are due to arrive later this week. all the while, the death toll continues to rise. >> police and the nigerian capital have used tear gas to disperse people protesting against the government's removal of subsidies on fuel. prices have doubled since they were removed on sunday. unions have called for demonstrations over the next few days.
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>> motorists a form of long queues at the few stations that were open. many kept their stations closed as they tried to figure out how to adjust their prices. the decision to remove the subsidy on fuel hazmat the price of petrol has more than doubled. -- has meant the price of petrol has more than doubled. and decades of corruption have meant that nigeria does not have the refining capacity it needs. it exports crude oil and passed to import refined products which had been sold cheaply because of the subsidy. some analysts still that while the government hopes to save money, it is the masses who will suffer instead.
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>> the crisis is not because of the subsidy. it is that the government in nigeria has always underperformed expectations. the people claim the government has no moral or justification for moving this subsidy. >> labor unions have been opposed to the removal and are planning a mass demonstrations in response. >> we want to say that is what we have done today is just an intro to what is to come. what we have gone today is open on the register of our protest against subsidy removal. >> most nigerians struggle to
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live in harsh conditions. the increase in fuel prices will only make their list of grievances even longer. has announcedour he is running for president. he will contest to the post against incumbent. he announced his candidacy on his privately owned television station after weeks of speculation about his plans. a manhunt is underway in the united states and has come to an end. >> police have confirmed they have found the body of an iraq war veteran in a national park in washington state. it is thought that he shot a ranger dead while on the huge koran. more for -- on a run.
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more from los angeles. >> is started on sunday. benjamin barnes, a veteran of the iraq war, is believed to have fled to the park after an earlier shooting in seattle. his vehicle failed to stop at a checkpoint where they are required to put to tyre -- chains on their tires. he opened fire on a park ranger who was patrolling the checkpoint. >> air searchers that are involved in the search for the killer of margaret anderson a spotted what appeared to be a body above the falls in the primary search area. subsequently, this afternoon, a number of our tactical search teams were able to reach the body and confirmed it was the deceased, a primary suspect in
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this killing. >> he is said to have trouble returning to civilian life after his appointment four years ago. last year he was involved in a custody dispute. the park ranger who died is the first female park ranger killed in the line of duty in history. she is survived by her husband and two young children. >> police have charged a man with arson after a spate of fires in and around the hollywood area. the suspect has been named, harry burkhart. >> cc tv gave him the police their first indication who was responsible. the arsonist targeted part cards in the hollywood area. a man was arrested after he was seen on foot or a car had been
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set alight. police have arrested and charged harry burkhart with one count of arson. the mayor thinks it more charges will follow. >> the sheriff's department attained a 24-year-old man named harry burkhart. he has been charged with one count of arson, and is currently being held without bail. expected that as the investigation continues, and he will face additional charges. >> an increasing number of vehicles were set alight. in many cases, the claims flied -- spreads to apartment buildings. it is believed to be the worst since the l.a. riots in 1992. >> stands of thousands of people
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have held a rally in -- tens of thousands of people have held a rally in budapest. they said it threatens the independence of the public body. >> inside, not just the celebrations for the adoption of a new constitution, but also for a restored and national identity, no longer to be known as the republic of hungry. supporters see the constitution as the crescendo of a year of dramatic reform. ♪ it replaces a communist document with one that acknowledges christianity, gives recognition to the dignity of life and backs a traditional view of marriage between a man and woman. critics say it also restricts
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the role of the constitutional court and interferes with the independence of the judiciary. it was signed into the law by the president after consultation that had responses from nearly 1 million hungarians. on the streets outside, tens of thousands staged a protest against the constitution and the majority to drive through hundreds of new laws. >> the whole thing is driving toward an abyss. the passengers are rostock. >> last week, opposition mp's were arrested. criticism from the imf, the u.n., and the european union has not altered the progress of legislation. they began talks on a 20 billion
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euro imf and european the loan to tide over the economy. >> live from singapore and london. still to come, republican hopefuls get ready for their first test, the iowa caucus. >> preparing for the indian ocean. reports on an anti-private -- piracy project in the philippines. police have named four people found dead at a formal -- a former mining village. it is understood he was licensed to own six firearms. three people managed to escape. >> it was a shocking sight for
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neighbors this morning, four killings on the street where they live. there could have been more. three people managed to escape and a police are now hoping to establish what happened. >> our information is that several people had been shot. the police were dispatched to the scene and, shortly after midnight, officers entered the house and it was discovered that a man and three women were dead in the house. >> what we know about the people living there? michael after 10 and susan -- atherton and susan had been there for several years. a resident was licensed to use three shotguns. they require greater authorization than a shock and license. police say they had been in contact several times before.
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the last incident was in 2008 when their reports of a man harming himself. it is a former mining village, a close community, and these killings horrified the people living here. >> i am scared it has happened on our doorsteps heard >> police are staying on the streets to answer any questions people have. but it cannot explain is why, within minutes, a party turned into a shooting spree. >> this is newsday. >> good to have you with this. the arab league says the syrian army has pulled a residential areas but swarms of cyprus posing a threat to civilians. >> -- warns of snipers posing a
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threat to civilians. >> tool prices have doubled in nigeria since a subsidy was removed. >> the race to the white house gets under way on tuesday night. they will gather to say which republican hopeful they would like to see take on president obama in the election in november. we are in the state capital. >> this is not just a hypothetical. every election someone has a chance of winning. barack obama is vulnerable. >> you have a president to came in on an incredible waste. you remember his numbers were in the low 90's. today he is now 47%. for a reelection in an economy with unemployment, and debt at the level we have, the crisis we have, he is and a little bit of
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trouble. if the right candidate with the right messages able to connect with the american people, you are looking at one term. >> i have to ask you about your party. one of the voters spoke to said, i do not understand. at of a country of 300 million people, white -- why can't we come up with a candidate? >> i would argue it has not been difficult. people have put their names on the ballot. those who did not, they are sitting on the sidelines. he would have crowd, you can hope all day long but that will not to chase the circumstance in front of you. you have individuals with real potential to shake this thing up and go after obama. what will happen is that there will come a point where people will either hold their nose or
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they will fall in love or whatever emotion they need to get through this fight. you will see that. >> it does not seem there is one clear republican who the party is excited about in the way that democrats were excited about barack obama. >> there was a long fight between hillary clinton and barack obama. clinton was the heir apparent. she was to be the nominee. obama had this a battle to overthrow the establishment. there were a lot of people who were not happy with them. >> speaking to leave former republican chairman. 200 people have taken part in a vigil to remember the student who shot dead in northwest england on boxing did. a 20-year-old man appeared
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before magistrates accused of his murder. the proceedings began as police officers visited the family of the victim. answer number reports. -- andrew north reports. >> the cannot believe he is dead. a brilliant student and a manchester united fan, his father tells me, and my best friend. >> there is a gap in my life. it cannot be fulfilled. what can i say more than this? >> they first learned he was dead from facebook and ask why it took police so long to call when they had his mobile phone. >> i am a very, very unhappy about this because i know he had
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his cell phone with him. my number and my family's numbers, his mother number is there. it could have possible for the police and authorities to contact us. >> criticisms police had to answer when they arrived. police are here at the family home, offering their condolences and trying to clear the air. their presence has attracted a large crowd. after 2 hours, officers left without comment. on their way back to britain, the country their family chose for they son because they thought he would be safe. >> some disappointing data on the economy.
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>> singapore's economic growth is slowing significantly. the economy expanded by 0.4% in 2011, which is a decline from an expansion in 2010. amid the slowdown, 2012 will be a difficult year for the global economy. that is forcing companies to look eastward to china for growth. >> bed and pastries prepared before your eyes. it is something this firm says has taken them from one store in singapore 11 years ago to over 400 outlets in 16 countries. it made about two or hundred $30 million in 2010 but they have ambitions to make three times that amount by 2016.
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it may look like an average bakery, anywhere in the world. take a closer look at what they offer. along with your traditional pastries, you also have items like this one, her best seller, in fact. it is usually sprinkled on chinese dishes. they adapted to suit an asian habit. the chinese market is crucial because once lost three of their revenue comes from china and is set to grow -- 1/3 of their revenue comes from china and is set to grow. >> we have more than 200 shops. we are focusing our strengths on china. it is our most important market timbering some 32% of our
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revenue. in a few years, that may be more like 50%. >> it is an example of a firm that perfected their new business model and recipes to assert -- suit china. head west from the eurozone are threatening prospects. -- headwinds from the eurozone are threatening prospects. >> we are looking elsewhere. around the region, the chinese economy is the one that anchors asian consumption. we have seen many companies looking to tap this market. >> even though the economy is projected to slow, that growth continues to outstrip its western counterparts may continue to be the icing on the cake for the ambitions of firms
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setting their eyes on consumers. >> despite a tax force, this is still a threat in the ocean. the philippines provide one in every three of mercenaries. >> and the tanker makes its way through a pirate-infested waters. suddenly, it comes under attack. this exercise is taking place on a dry land, thousands of miles away from somalia. the government has made it compulsory for fall filipinos to be trained in how to evade -- all filipinos to be trained in how to evade pirates.
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>> we can train people to prevent piracy from coming on board. when they are on board, it is a hopeless situation. >> it is not that they're singled out, just as some many work in the shipping industry. one in three come from here. filipinos have a rich maritime heritage. but this is the kind of danger they face. these photos were taken by a captain when his vessel came under fire from pirates. >> i had to increase the speed but there was nothing else i could do. they were speeding more than i am. they called, you must stop your ship. if not, i will kill all of you. >> the pirates released to these voters to pressure the ship's owners. after almost five months, a ransom was paid. it is clear there are many
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filipinos willing to apply for the job on the seas. this is the place where they come to sign up. for many it is an opportunity to get out of poverty. last year, they took many of four -- almost $4 billion. almost any of these jobs could take them to pirate-infested waters. while there are patrols operating, it is impossible to protect every ship, every day. this person has to weigh the risks with the reward. >> what else can we do? this is the only job i know to give my family a good future. >> like other former hostages, he will leave home again and returned to the seat. >> thank you for watching "newsday." >> see you again very soon.
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>> make sense of international news. >> funding was made possible by freeman foundation of new york; stowe, vermont; and honolulu; newman's own foundation; and union bank. >> you are no longer in the service. only an outsider can find the double agent. >> i'll do my utmost. >> from john le carre -- >> all i want from you is one code name. >> it will take a master spy -- >> you are alone. >> you can't mention me. >> to catch a spy. >> you have to assume they're watching you. >> what the hell are you doing up here? >> things aren't always what they seem.
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>> "tinker tailor soldier spy." >> rated r. >> bbc world news was presented by kcet, los angeles. 
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