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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." hello, and welcome to "newsday." >> the headlines at this hour -- two men found guilty of murdering a black british teenager nearly 20 years ago are jailed for life. britain's foreign secretary heads to burma, the first such trip in more than 50 years. >> president obama spells out the new mission for u.s. military strategy, with a focus on asia. and republican presidential race rolls on, with removing candidates moving on to the state of new hampshire. >> we're broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world. this is "newsday."
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hello. the two men found guilty of killing a black teenager stephen lawrence have been jailed for his murder. the sentences reflect the fact the two men were juveniles when they committed the crime 18 years ago. referring to the other suspects, the judge says he hopes the police will not close the file on the murder. scotland yard says that have received new information on the case, as we see in this report. >> steven lawrence's name has never been forgotten. today, finally, a public was handed down for taking his life. david norris and gary dobson were detained at her majesty's pleasure. they will not be released until late 2020's at the earliest. reached the end of the trial satisfied by what justice had delivered, to a
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point. >> the sentence that happened is may be quite low, but at the same time they have spent time. for that, i was very grateful. >> the court was packed. the convicted men said nothing what the sentences were handed down, though afterwards there was a shot from the supporter of the public gallery, "shame on all of you." he said they were innocent youth on the threshold of youth cut out in the street in front of eyewitnesses' by a racist, thuggish gang. he told the two men they may not have held the knife, but that did not matter. they sought out the victim and attacked the way they did. but they were juvenile when they murdered stephen lawrence and when the police put them under surveillance. under law, the received lower sentences to reflect their ages
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at the time, but several years were added to the totals because of the racist nature of the crime and public reaction to it. the judge says he hopes the conviction of the norris and dobson would not result in the case file being closed. outside, stephen lawrence's father said he hoped they would now cooperate with the police. >> they have realized they have been found out. and they will now lay in their bed aand know they were not the only ones responsible for the death of my son, and will peopl. >> those involved in the matter of stephen lawrence should not rest easily. we're still investigating this case. i like to take this opportunity, if anybody has any more information, please tell us and we will do the rest. >> nine people remain of interest to the police.
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they have never been convicted of the crimes, despite a series of allegations. in 1993, a corn and norris are said to have attacked a youth. morris was acquitted, acorn was never charged. and this is karen giles. in 1994, he intervened in a nightclub fight. acorn stab at baron giles in the heart. -- stabbed darren giles in the heart. >> but the man who has refused to speak to the bbc has been acquitted. a jury decided he acted in self- defense. these incidents do not provide evidence any of the three men killed steven lawrence. they all deny that, and the police currently have no information to act on.
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they left court this afternoon to begin their return to normal life. they expect to meet detectives out again next week. we have some breaking news from the philippines, where officials say at least 16 people have been killed by a landslide on the southern island. they say about 100 people are still missing after the landslide struck a mining area. the army has deployed soldiers to dig for survivors, and here is the executive director of the national risk reduction and management council in the philippines, who is in the capital, manila. have those figures changed, 16 killed, 100 missing? recovered 16 bodies at the incident site. this is a village of modest
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income in the valley province. >> is this right in the middle of the area that was devastated by the floods in december? >> yes, this is another area, contained in that area. this is another village in the same area. this is triggered by the operational area. the soil is saturated, and this is triggered by an earthquake from a nearby province. the earthquake and the location
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is still being searched. >> how worried are you about this possibly helping -- happening elsewhere? >> there are no people that are supposed to be in the area, monitored by the department of natural resources, but the people are escaping. >> thank you very much for joining us from manila. the british foreign secretary william hague will visit burma, the first visit by a british foreign secretary to burma and more than 50 years. the aim is to help their budding reform process. >> in burma, independence day calls for foreign celebrations. there are marking 64 years since the end of british colonial
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rule. for much of that time, burma was tightly controlled by the military. any dissent was ultimately crushed. that is now beginning to change, as over a year ago there were democratic elections. the face of the democracy movement was released from house arrest six days later. the west sees this as a big opportunity. u.s. secretary of state visit burma in september, meeting with the former general, now the country's president. recently, after encouragement from the west, he ordered the release of a number of political prisoners. now and what is seen as a crucial visit, william hague hopes to encourage the burmese government to continue on the path of reform and hope to see the release of all remaining political prisoners, free and
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fair elections, and also humanitarian access to people in conflict areas and credible steps towards national reconciliation. the visit may be historic for britain, but it is also seen as a ceremonial step in a long process of democratization. the european union looks set to impose an embargo on iranian oil exports before the end of the month. the government said that iran paid half of their revenue from exporting oil. the french foreign minister announced the plan of the embargo. >> we have a foreign ministers' meeting on january 30, and on this occasion i hope that we take the decision to have the embargo on iran. we have looked at the measures and things are looking good.
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we need to provide people with alternatives, and the solutions exist and i think we will reach the objective by the end of january. it seems president obama is ready to reveal a switch in offensives? >> that is right, reports from the united states says the pentagon will reveal plans on thursday for a strategic review of american security interests which will of the size and much greater u.s. defense presence and the asia-pacific region. president obama is expected to say the u.s. military budget will continue to grow but at a much smaller pace. for more, i am joined by the director of the southeast asia program at the center for strategic and international studies in washington, d.c. thank you for joining us. why should the united states put more emphasis on the asia- pacific region, and less on
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europe, latin america, africa? >> this is the 21st century for asia, and 60% of the world's population is there. thethirds of world's -- of world trade travels through their waters, and the u.s. knows the security is in asia and that is what we're focused there. >> is it all about china and their threat to regional security, in particular dispute in the islands and their close alliance with north korea? >> actually, it is a big factor, but it is not a negative. i think the countries are worried about what china's growth means. on the upside, it is great, but how it affects their neighbors, what the the one in terms of sovereignty in the south china sea. but that their neighbors do not
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know the answer to that question and they have asked the united states to get more visibly engaged in regional security. i think that is part of the american motives. they want to send a message to the chinese, to let them know we are still there. we have been there since world war ii, and we will remain at a very strong and forward-deployed power. >> with asia-pacific a priority, doesn't mean the diplomat of more military personnel and hardware into the region -- does that mean the deployment of more military personnel and hardware into the region? >> we have announced new base agreements with australia, but i do not think you will see significantly enhanced troop presence in the region. there will be stronger architecture and emphasis on regional security and closer cooperation in areas like
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training with treaty allies and strategic partners, such as japan, korea, australia, thailand, the philippines, and other nations. >> the director of the southeast asia program and the center for strategic studies in washington, d.c., thank you, sir, for your insights. a german man arrested in los angeles on suspicion of arson has been charged with starting fires. he has been named as harry burkhart. but within 60 fires were started deliberately over the space of four nights, costing as much as $3 million of damage. he refused cooperate with investigators since his arrest on monday. the german president said he will not resign despite a scandal that put him under intense pressure to do so. he has apologized for failing to disclose a loan that he received.
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when the country emerged, he threatened a newspaper with criminal proceedings if they publish the story. trichet if they published the story. still to come, reform in burma taking many different forms, including an international film festival. >> and a school in pakistan hoping to produce the next generation of olympic hockey heroes. shares and one of britain's biggest retailers have fallen after it reported disappointing sales in stores between august and christmas. both businesses warned that 2012 will be difficult. >> it is time for retailers to tell their christmas stories and reveal how much money they took over the festive time and also whether a colder climate has taken. now that the new year it has arrived. first up, john lewis reporting
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higher december sales in the same month of 2010. it said that turnover before christmas was outstanding, but warned that this year would be tougher. >> the big challenge of 2012 is just planning for the economy that we will face. >> the biggest winner was online trade, up 24% at john lewis. at the same time, next said that its stores saw lower performance and its performance was disappointing. >> purchases are moving away from high street because there is the perception of higher value on line and the convenience of shopping when you want. >> retailers acknowledge that trading conditions are not exactly a very great, so it is not surprising that elsewhere on high street that foreign competitors are finding life more difficult.
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internet shopping with customer staying at home rather than visiting stores is one factor. so is the squeeze on consumer budget because of high inflation and low pay rises. some retailers have been feeling the pressure. this chocolate shop issued a profit warning before christmas, blaming weak consumer confidence. iother retailers will come up with their trading news next week. this is "newsday" on the bbc. >> two men found guilty of killing a black british teenager have been jailed for his murder. britain's foreign secretary william hague is to visit burma in the coming hours, the first such trip in more than 50 years.
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the high-profile candidate for the white house michele bachmann dropped out of the wastrace. mitt romney nearly one -- nearly one -- closely won the race in iowa. our north american editor has this report from iowa. >> he is celebrating. so is he. both think they could win the big prize, the right to fight president obama for the white house. after a nail biting night, in the end, just eight candidates -- just eight votes divided met ronnie and rick santorum. the second place was sweet for the hard-line opponent. he is not one to stick to the saif center. -- to the safe center.
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>> and a plan that includes everyone. >> some predict that he cannot win. supporters disagree. >> his message resonates. the important thing is when you look him in the eye, you trust him. >> the mainstream media decided for us to our candidate is, make romney. they've been telling us it is mitt romney. we're telling them, no, it is not necessarily romney. >> incredibly tight suggest a party that is pulled between its head and its art, not certain about who they want to lead, not certain about romney. >> we will get america back on track. >> this is good news for romney, but the photo finish underlines the problem. >> 25%.
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that is the magic number. he cannot break that number. he hits the ground. >> in iowa, the vote is in tiny meetings, scattered across the state, like this in a fire station. it had a big impact on the race. ron paul was a strong third, newt gingrich is down, but determined to fight. rick perry is down but not quite out. michele bachmann is out. the campaign now moves to new hampshire. john mccain back romney. >> make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the that states of america. >> -- of the united states of america. >> some feel that he is the establishment candidate, unable to ignite the grass roots.
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even as politics and diplomacy unfold, there are signs of real change in burma. the bbc has been given access to the country and regional party has been -- rachel harvey has been to a film festival in rangoon. >> this is the fourth day of a film festival in rangoon, an extraordinary event. it is enormous to watch uncensored films. the festival is backed by some very high-profile names, not least the woman who is keen on giving support to young filmmakers and burma, encourage them to find a bond that threatens them. another high profile name that has been pushing hard ever since he was released is the comedian, who was only set free in
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october. they feel this is a really good way to test the small space that may be opening for freedom of expression. and there is a huge appetite for this kind of thing. >> we have never had freedom like this before, so this is a really important event. surprised this was allowed to go ahead, but it is a new government and things are changing. what really surprises me is how many people are here. >> the films being shown seems slightly more provocative. it is extraordinary this film is shown in public at all. the images show the 2007 uprising, a protest that was put down of violently by the military authorities.
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here we are in the center of rangoon, and public, with a documentary film being shown. this is really pushing the boundaries of what is allowed in new burma, testing the limits of freedom of expression, free speech. it is a real test for the authorities, to allow this to go ahead. but it is unbelievable for the people in this room to think they're watching it in public. athletes all over the world are gearing up for the olympics? >> that is right, and in pakistan the biggest hope is the hockey team. they have won the gold medal three times in the past. against the background of poverty, they have produced more than 50 international hockey players, some of them representing their country in london this july. >> these students all share a
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dream. that one day they will represent pakistan and the olympics. they are in the right place to achieve it. the school has an amazing history when it comes to hockey. it is pakistan's most important olympic sport. this 14-year-old has already been identified as a star of the future. >> i think i get my inspiration from the players who have gone before me, gold medalists who have come from the school. they make me feel i could do the same. >> this is a modest school that just happens to produce a hockey international and the 1960's. that player helped start a sporting revolution. this person came back to train young players. in spite of meager resources, he had a huge amount of success. so many of pakistan's greatest hockey stars have come from
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these very classrooms. this school has produced over 50 international players and have won world cups and champion trophies, an incredible record for any school in the world, let alone from a relatively poor area in central pakistan. the walls outside of the headmaster's office paid tribute to the students have gone on to read present -- to represent pakistan. four of the current international team are from the high-school, preparing for the olympics in london. >> we feel so proud to have come from that school. we were nothing, and they gave us our start. now we are planning on the pakistan team. that feels so good. >> for many, the school and its focus on hockey have given them a way out of poverty and wait to
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see the world. that is why many here now feel they have a chance to compete on the greatest sporting stage one day. in latin america, president cristina fernandez is recovering after having had surgery for thyroid cancer. her spokesman said the apparition has been successful, no complications, and supporters gathered outside of the hospital in buenos aires and applauded the news. fernandez is expected to remain in hospital at least three days, and should be able to return to work in three weeks. you have been watching "newsday." two men found guilty of killing a black british teenager stephen large have been jailed for his murder. out -- convicted of killing
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british teenager stephen lawrence have been jailed for his murder. thank you for joining us. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> you are no longer in the service. >> i will do my utmost. >> a master spy. to catch a spy. >> you have to assume they are watching you. >> what are you doing here?
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>> things are not always what they seem. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los
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