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tv   BBC World News  PBS  January 18, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> this is bbc world news. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vt., and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailor solutions for small businesses and major corporations. when can we do for you?
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to -- what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> hello and welcome to newsday on the bbc in singapore. >> i am in london. these are the headlines. the captain is accused of by abandoning his ship as passengers were still being rescued. >> are you refusing to get on board, captain? >> there are the other lot of spirit is stock. >> and get on board. that is an order. >> five more bodies have been found inside the ship, finding now owed the number of dead to 11. >> more bloodshed in syria as the arab league mission draws to a close. yahoo! co-founder resigned after 17 years. it is 12 noon here in singapore.
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>> it is 4:00 a.m. here in london, broadcasting to you on pbs in america and around the world. welcome to newsday. >> dramatic audio recordings are being released in italy that suggest that the captain of the cost of concordia -- the costa concordia refused to return to the ship. he denies any wrongdoing. five more bodies have been discovered in iraq. >> -- in the iraq. >> in the darkness, despair and disoriented, the move in the hundreds down the side of the -- eachch one drovnorth by
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one dwarfed by the costa concordia. at the same time, this astounding conversation is taking place between the port official and the captain of the ship. [speaking italian] >> here is the captain, the focus of police inquiries. manhandled for court today, he
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is now under house arrest. many believe it was his actions alone that caused this disaster. his lawyer says not. >> the capt. defended his role of the direction of the ship after the collision, which in the captain's opinion saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives. >> they blew small holes in the side of the vessel to try to get better access. one priority -- secured the ship's fuel supply. inside the ship, divers had to struggle through the debris, through the tables and chairs, all that remains of this suppose a trip of a lifetime. from atop, it looks peaceful. but inside, in the darkness, bodies still float along flooded corridors. they discovered five more bodies inside the ship, for men and women. although the rescuers here say
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that they still hoped to find survivors, it is looking increasingly unlikely. more than 20 people are still believed to be missing. among them are jerry and barbara-, a -- jerry n. barber barbara heil, a retired couple. no sign of survivors. another anxious and sleepless night for the families of the missing. >> a short while ago, matthew gave us an update on this outage operation underway. >> they have almost inspected all of the ship that remains above the waterline. there is a lot that they have not managed to inspect below the waterline. fix -- they expect that
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specialist cabers, divers who have been broadened move -- brought in who have been talking about these dangerous conditions that they are working on. they are crowded corridors almost in total darkness. i think that search will take a long time to complete. but the main message coming out this evening is the hope of finding more survivors is fading quickly indeed. the selvis teams are expected to began their work -- the salvage teams are expected to begin their work tomorrow. the good news is that they do not expect any fuel to leak into the water. then there is the complex question of how on earth you begin to think about moving the ship. >> arab league monitors in syria have spent their last day conducting investigations into alleged abuses.
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tim traveled with the arab league team. protesters want to show the world the glaring evidence. >> they are racing off to an inspection. one of the arab teams checking compliance. today, near damascus, an opposition stronghold was reined ringed by -- was b soldiers. >> for the love of god, let me kiss your hand. my son has been arrested. they killed my other son right in front of my eyes. >> already emboldened by the monitors arrival, demonstrators are gathering.
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the slogan -- that people demand the hanging of the president. the observers present in syria, more than 400 people have been killed in the uprising since the mission started. everyone knows that the international body was the best chance of reaching the syrian government. that is why people are so desperate to have their voice heard today. down this street, they say, government snipers have been firing on protesters. servile positions on the rooftops even today. -- several were positioned on the rooftops even today. >> they shot them from the roof of this building. military officers live
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there. my friend mohammed was about to finish school. he was walking in the street when they shot him. >> the monitors who are supposed to be neutral are of no the heroes of this crowd. everyone wants -- are now the heroes of this crowd. everyone wants them to help. but it is hard to say whether there will or not. >> i am not allowed to speak to the media. i can give you my impressions. >> are you working with the regime? tell they tell us your with the regime. tell us the truth. >> when you go out, they will come to hear to banish us and kill us. >> can the arab league help? >> we will do everything for levy appeared they do -- for libya. we will do everything for
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tunisia. we will do everything for egypt. but now syria? nothing. >> there is a bubble of speech that has been created around the monitors. everyone is afraid of what will happen when they have left. even the monitors are warning them that they will have to disperse. >> now they will kill us. >> at the end of the street, soldiers wait. they have a different story to tell the monitors about the protests we have just seen. >> these young men who come out in the street, they do not really know what they are doing. they do not know what they want. they are being incited by armed gangs. >> we have seen them in shutters and walls, from bullets of government snipers. >> the government never shot anyone in the street. it was armed gangs that did it.
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the army is here to protect the citizens. but then the monitors were gone and so were the protesters. tension returns to the street. now assyrians wait to see what monitors will say in the report -- now syrians wait to see with the monitors will say in the report later this week. for now, the people are again alone against the power of their state. bring you an update on the breaking news from the previous hour regarding an incident taking place at the white house compound. secret service spokesperson has confirmed that approximately 8:00 p.m. eastern time tonight, between 1015 hundred occupy protesters -- between 1000 to
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1500 occupy protesters arrived. there have been no armrests. the white house was never in lockdown as we initially thought. but access surrounding that compound was limited for a time. the restrictions have now been lifted. we have not discussed whether president obama and the family were in the white house at the time of the incident. but from early reports, they said that they thought president obama and the first lady were in a nearby restaurant celebrating the first lady's 48th birthday. confirmations and that the incident has passed with no arrests concerning the small bomb thrown over the fence. over tea with the details with
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the eu taking legal action against hungary. >> that is right. it is all about the hungarian government's constitutional changes. the eu charges that the changes will friend the reforms of democracy. it -- will threaten the reforms of democracy. >> welcoming the european parliament's new president with its first session in strasbourg this year. in the spotlight is on the european commission's announcement that it is starting action against hungary over its controversial new constitution. >> the decisions we have taken today are a reflection of our determination to make sure that repealing the law are fully
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respected. >> so what exactly is the commission objecting to? it is concerned that the hungarian government can wield undue influence over the central bank and it fears that the independence of the country's judiciary, hundreds of judges could be forced to retire. there are also concerns that a new gated -- a new data protection authority would not be in it -- would not be independent, but subject to government control. >> i have written a letter to hungary warning against putting in danger the independence of the judiciary. unfortunately, the warnings were not listened to. >> big protests broke out in the streets of the hungarian capital budapest after the constitution came into force at the beginning of this month.
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now hungary could be subject to the european court of justice. but it seems to be willing to compromise before it comes to that. >> when you have any kind of assumption or you come to a point -- if it turns out that the legal issue is not in line with european law, then it should be recommended. >> the commission had to play tough to get the endurance to back down. hungry cannot afford to lose eu support. but questions remain about whether the concessions will be enough. the hungarian prime minister is now preparing to address to the european parliament. the last time he came here, he got a mulling over the constitution. even if he is now willing to compromise, it may not be enough to appease left-of-center groups. >> at least 51 people have been
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killed in inter-ethnic clashes in south sudan. a state of emergency has been declared in the area. five foreign tourists have been killed by armed rebels in ethiopia. it happened in the northern region near the border. there are unconfirmed reports that two members of the group were injured and that a third has survived. the former egyptian president is accused of ordering the killing of an armed protesters in last year's uprising. the radical muslim cleric has won the case not to be deported to jordan to face charges. there is a real risk that
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evidence obtained by torture will be used against him. a radar early-warning stationed over the missile defense in europe operational now in turkey is southeast of the capital. it is manned by turkish and american personnel. it is assigned to counter ballistic missile threats from the region. the blackout that will leave millions of fact-seekers in the dark. >> i do not realize how great i really am. >> and still the greatest -- muhammed ali celebrate his 70th birthday. the aircraft manufacturer airbus
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delivered a record number of planes last year. while they may be doing well, many of their customers are still struggling. >> airlines across the world may be facing higher fuel prices, higher taxes, and lower profits. but for the first time in the space of a year, airbus and boeing delivered more than 1000 airbus and they passed net orders of 2300 planes. airbus has taken on 4000 new staff to bring down the backlog of orders. >> if you reach 600, we're still well above production. that is not a catastrophe. it is just that 2011 was just an extraordinary year. and we cannot grow and grow and grow our backlog if we cannot reach the production numbers that we have. >> airbus a-320 and boeing 737
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max, fitted with more fuel- efficient engines, which is still in development. the zero airlines were buying them -- airlines are biennium despite falling profits. >> with you let $100 per barrel, there will not continue to operate the way they are. they have to get the economic advantage that the new aircraft brings, fuel burn, megan's cost, and generating economic and -- maintenance costs, and generating economic and service. >> boeing is likely still level again in 2012. airbus missed a chinese newcomers to the industry. >> this is newsday on the bbc.
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>> the headlines the sour -- the captain of the costa concordia is facing charges. >> there are growing fears that of more growing bloodshed in syria. >> the co-founder of the yahoo! internet company has resigned from the board of directors. his decision to step down comes a fortnight after the appointment of a new chief executive. >> it was a very polite and effective resignation letter that jerry yang decided to move onto other things and wishes the new chief executive of the very best. but the fact that he came in
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just a few weeks ago, there is obviously changes afoot within yahoo! for the co-founder to leave the board after 17 years came as something of a surprise. he is not being terribly popular with the shareholders as of 2008 when he was chief executive and he rejected a bid $47 billion for microsoft to buy yahoo! in its entirety. and the company has been struggling to break in and get through to the year. the lucrative social networking sites that are dominated by facebook, even google has struggled with it until recently to make an impact. really, it is a matter of what the place of yahoo! will be in the future. this is a hugely influential company, a huge company in the u.s., a big name worldwide online. but very much a site which has struggled to make its move and to have a vision.
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i think that's is what the shareholders are looking for. i think that is what the executive director has been brought in to do. this was perhaps seen as a person on the board who was resisting some of the change of the company and ordered to compete with the big companies. >> wikipedia is planning to shut down the english language version of the website for 24 hours. it is part of a protest against anti-piracy laws in the u.s.. the foundation which runs the online encyclopedia says it would merely great new tools for online censorship. >> imagine a world without wikipedia. one of the most popular sites on the internet with more than 25 million visitors every day. but on wednesday, it will block out its english language website for 24 hours, leaving many users
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in the dark. >> you are trying to do your research paper and you are trying to find some factual information and people rely on wikipedia. it will not be there. it will come to a message that says they will be going dark in protest. it is only for the english- language version. >> the co-founder is teaming up with other websites that art is bidding in the blackout. they are protesting against new u.s. laws against anti-piracy. it could force some websites to shut down. but supporters of the new laws, including many hollywood studios and media moguls, like rupert murdoch, say it is crucial to stop all mind piracy. and some of the biggest names on line are not taking part on the -- taking part in the blackout, including twitter and google. president obama has the power to
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veto the legislation. so far, his administration has opposed it, arguing that it could undermine free speech. >> celebrating a special day. >> that is right one of sport's greatest heroes, a former heavyweight boxing champion, mohammad ali. he turned 70 years old. despite his failing health, he remains one of sport's most enduring heroes. tribute was paid to his many achievements. ♪ happy birthday to you jump around and just before you not -- 9 >> four years, his quick feet and loose lips made him hated by many in the world. >> i will whip any man in the
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world and i want everybody out there on tv to know it. i am the greatest. >> but just as he was reaching his peak, he was banned from his sport for three and a half years. >> he maintains that his religion would allow him to kill people of color. >> in the early 1970's, he came back to boxing slower, but if anything braver. there were giants to overcome, men like foreman and freezer. soon after his retirement, after decades of pounding, he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. his degeneration was a painful and public. >> what he did in sport, what he did in the ring, which he did outside of the rain, you are brave. [applause] >> i am the king of the world, he announced at 22. now add 70, we know he was
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right. -- now at 70, we know he was right. >> indonesian of trees have taken health and safety measures to a whole new -- indonesian health and safety measures -- indonesian officials have taken health and safety measures to a whole new level. concrete walls have been suspended over the trend as they pulled out of stations. -- over the trains as they pulled out of stations. visitors have been flocking to a zoo in france to receive two giant pandas that had just arrived from china. chubby and happy, they are on loan from beijing. they are already causing quite a stir. they have been -- the new owners hope that the panda's might take a shine to each other and produce a baby panda of their
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own. thank you for joining us. >> see you again soon. >> make sense of international news at appeared >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vt., and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business. offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailor solutions for small businesses and major corporations.
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what can we do for you? >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles. by kcet los angeles.
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