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tv   Journal  PBS  August 5, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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british model naomi campbell has told international prosecutors in the hague she received a rgh diamonds after a dinner attended by the former liberian president, charles taylor. campbell was testifying as a witness and the trial of charles taylor, accused of committing war crimes, selling diamonds, and using the profits to fund at the civil war in neighboring sierra leone. >> campbell arrived in the hague in a car with tinted windows. as you might expect from a super model, she was fashionably late. much to the annoyance of the judge. >> where a she? >> prosecutors were hoping her testimony could link the former liberian leader to diamonds. prosecutors believe the stones were black diamonds mined in areas under rebel control to fund weapons purchases, and
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directed by this man, charles taylor. he is alleged to have provided arms to rebel groups that committed atrocities in liberia and neighboring sierra leone. the area is rich in diamonds. but he denied it ever being in possession of blood diamonds. naomi campbell met charles taylor at a charity dinner organized by nelson mdela and 1997 ter that night, campbell received a gift from charles taylor. >> i had a knock at my door. two men were there and gave me a pouch and said, "a gift for you." >> she said they contained diamonds that resembled a " dirty little pebbles," but she did not know who gave her the stones. >> not know, i did not.
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it is not abnormal for me to get gift i get gives all the time, any hour of the night. >> naomi campbell is one of the last witnesses to testify at this trial. taylor has pled not guilty to 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. a polish court has ordered the extradition of an alleged israeli mossad agent. he will be tried in connection with the murder of a top hamas official at a dubai hotel in january. he is suspected of forging a german passport to help on of the men. 11 assassins used fake ids to travel to the by and check into the hotel in mumbai. -- travel to the mumbai hotel and check-in. german media reports report that berlin has promised 4000 euros per family to the victims of an air strike in afghanistan.
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a german officer called in the air strike on fuel tankers hijacked by the taliban. 91 people were killed, 11 seriously injured, most of them civilians. lawyers representing the victims have yet to accept the offer, which is being labeled humanitarian aid to avoid legal disputes. bp has started the next phase of its operation to stop the gulf of mexico oil spill, pumping cement into the blown out well as part of the static kill procedure to seal the wellhead. it has already pumped in heavy drilling mud, but that will not be the end of the operation. bp has resumed drilling two relief wells to reduce the pressure at that location. germany has pledged 2 million euros to pakistan in the wake of devastating floods that have killed 1500 people. mass evacuations are underway as the flood waters move south.
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the floods have already washed away entire buildings in pakistan's northwest, which is part of its agricultural heartland. the agency set up to 4 million people have been affected nationwide, hundreds have been displaced and are i despate needf food d clean drking water. hundreds of fires are burning in russia in seven provinces outside of moscow, with no finish in sight to the dry conditions fuelled by the ongoing drought. aid relief has been arriving from germany and italy, but they don't have enough manpower to deal with the fires. >> another day, another set of blazes to battle, but firefighters and voluntary helpers are not ableo cope wi t number of firesurning across russia. >> we simply don't have enough manpower. we cannot be everywhere to prevent fires.
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we go where most people live. the places that are uninhabited are left to burn. >> the emergency's ministry says there are about hindered her -- there are about 800 fires burning in western russia. it here in this province, many people have lost house and home. things in moscow improved overnight. people can now breathe more freely after the wind changed anticipated the smog somewhat -- and dissipated the smog somewhat. some russians are not happy about the handling of the situation. >> the emergencies ministry alone is not able to save the country or deal with fires like these. everyone is suffering because of the lack of action. the authorities are more worried about themselves than the country. >> theussianoverent is now hoping to get more fires under
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control with foreign assistance. those russian fires affected by the drought that is also affecting market prices. >> the kremlin decided thursday, wheat futures soaring to their highest level in two years after russia announced a ban on all wheat exports through the end of this year. the severe drought in russia prompted the move, with prime minister vladimir putin saying that russia needs all it can produce athome. the move is expected to increase prices on the u.s. wheat surprised -- wheat supplies and affect supplies around the world. >> the russian drought is taking a toll on the country's farming sector. now the kremlin has decided to take action. >> in connection with abnormally high temperatures and drought, - think it is advisable to introduce a temporary ban on the export of grain from russia and
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other agricultural products made from grain. >> the ban on grain exports is to take effect in mid august. but it has already affected global markets. since the beginning of july, wheat prices have soared. after the decision to ban grain exports, wheat rallied to a two- year high on the commodities markets. russia has been one of the world's leading grain exporters. the ban is set to continue through the end of this year as the country focuses on meeng domestic demand, which is 75 million tons annually. the heat wave in russia has already triggered a 15% jump in food prices. farmers are slaughtering more livestock because the price of animal feed has also risen. analysts warn it could be long- term effects. the severe drought could affect the wheat harvest as well next spring.
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>> brian will be back with more on the drought situation and the fires later. european equity markets have struled in la tding this thursy, erasing earlier gains after fresh reports from the united states coming in weaker than expected. we have this summary of the thursday trading session from frankfurt. >> a mishmash of economic data caused the german stock market to search for direction all thursday and not really find it. but first, the german manufacturing sector reported factory orders in june increased by more than 3%, which caused the tax to climb to another two- year high. -- whichost dax to climb to another two-year high. the european central bank assessment that the economic recovery in europe is still facing many uncertainties did not exactly pleased investors. immediately after that, the dax
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gave up more or less all of its gains that it had made the first part of the trading day. >> staying in frankfurt, looking at thursday's closing numbers, the dax index of finishing a few points higher,334. the euro stx 50 slipping 0.2%. in new york, the dow jones closed a few minutes ago basically flat, still negative. the euro trading at $1.3185. the ecb has held interest rates at their record lows of 1% at their regular press conference. jean-claude trichet ays the bankelievesaftea good second quarter, the third quarter is looking better than expected. this comes amid easing fears of the sovereign debt situation in
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some eurozone nations, which recently led to a weakening of the euro and high volatility on equity markets. the european union and the imf said they are satisfied with what the government has done in greece to tackle their debt crisis and as a result athens has qualified for the next payout to help its recovery of the budget crisis. >> greece has received another boost in its efforts to stave off bankruptcy. the imf and the eurozone have given the green light to borrow another 9 billion euros in september, the second installment in the 110 billion euro rescue package. payments will continue three years, as long as greece continues to pass the tests by the delegation. the greek finance minister knows there are tough times ahead. >> we will continuet thsame pace. it will make the same effort.
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because the result must be a different state, a different public administration, or a different tax system, and other spending method and a series of major structural reforms that will make the economy more competitive. >> greece wants to privatize some state owned companies and open all closed shop professions this year, but the government faces fierce opposition from some groups opposed to deregulation. last week, nationwide strike by truck drivers crippled the country. they are against the plan to reduce the price of new trucking licenses and fear of increased competition. the kenyans have voted in favor of a new constitution and landmark referendum. a final results show almost 70% of voters backing the new constitution. the president hailed the result in the capital, and the new legal framework allows for greater checks on presidential
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powers and the extension of civil liberties. the referendum com two years after allegations of vote rigging sparked tribal violence that killed 1000 candidates. -- 1000 kenyans. > u.s. conservative politicians have vowed to fight the judge's decision to overturn a california law banning same- sex marriage. after 7 million voters supported the ban any statewide referendum, it took effect in 2009. the rights activists welcomed the ruling, but others say it violated the rights of equal protection under the law. >> it was a moment to rejoice for gay-rights activists in san francisco. the federal judge ruled proposition 8 is unconstitutional and discriminated against same-sex couples. >> because of prop. 8, our lives have been incomplete, without access to legal marriage.
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today's decision points towards a final peace we have been waiting for with as much patience as possible. >> california legalized same-sex marriage in may, 2008. six months later, voters backed proposition 8, restricting marriage to couple's only. supporters of proposition 8 have until friday to launch an appeal. ithey expressed disappointment. >> i feel like i live in a dictatorship and my vote does not count. my vote basically did not matter. why did i go to the polls and vote for prop. 811 the unelected judges to overturn that? -- why did i vote for prop a went one unelected judges to overturn that? in germany, the 68 anniversary of the founding, calling -- the 60th anniversary
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of the found come calling for a day of remembrance of the ethnic germans forced to leave eastern europe after world war ii. they have rejected the proposal, saying it would not contribute to public awareness on the subject. >> thursday's ceremony was held in stoop guard at the castle, where the police charter was brought out 60 years ago. tens of thousands of germans put their signature to it. >> the charter was ground breaking in the best sense of the word. sent a clear message that any radical tendencies among the belize would not take root. >> the document expresses a desire for a peaceful europe, free from acts of revenge, but many have criticized the charter for turning a blind eye to what triggered the expulsions, nazi
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germany's war of aggression. this museum has repeatedly come under fire. the foundation's president is the staunchest defender. >> the federation has never harbored extremist thinking. >> on the occasion of its 60th birthday, critics continue to accuse theederation ofne- sided and is in its failure to relativize the suffering of german ex-belize. the 20th annual boat show has kicked off in northern germany. the event will be showcasing 250 traditional sailing boats and tall ships from all over the world. you can catch a ride on many of the vessels. some 1 million visitors are expected there over the four days of the event. i will be right back wita look at the situation in russia
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as the fires continue burning out of control. stay with us.
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welcome back. the fire is rushing rabbit -- ravaging russia continued to burn out of control as civilian volunteers join soldiers battling the blazes and evacuating those in the path of the flames. the res ar ncentrated and the regions around the capital of moscow. president dmitry medvedev has declared a state of emergency. the drought and dry conditions that are helping spread the flames have also led to a 20% loss in this year's grain harvest. as a result, the government has temporarily banned the export of wheat and other crops.
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the decision is being greeted by russians who have been sharply critical of the response to the worst fires in living memory. we have thiseport from a city at the center of the disaster zone. >> the firefighters have been struggling for days to prevent the fires from starting again in this piece of forest 70 kilometers east of moscow. locals say they feel a little safer now. like most of the residence, this person remembers with horror the moment the flames started getting closer. >> we were surrounded by smoke, afraid. some of us started to cut down trees. others tried to extinguish the fire. we only relaxed when the fire brigade fought back the flames. >> but the threat still looms over the region.
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whole swaths of land have been burning. the land was dry out on purpose to harvest wheat. the ground is highly flammable. >> there are five legs close by. -- there are five lakes close by. in soviet times, when the wheat was harvested, the water was used to put out fires. now the whole system has dried out. >> 50 kilometers south, fires are still burning. the government has declared a state of emergency in seven regions across the country, but authorities on the ground like the manpower and fire engines to bring the situation under control -- they lack the manpower and fire engines to bring the situation under control. this man and his team have been in action for days now with no end in sight.
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>> we're doing everything we can to put out the fire. things were ok, actually, but in the fire broke out again. somebody probably flick away cigarette butt. >> the next blaze awaits. some experts say the calls can be blamed on the decision to abolish the state forestry servicand relaxed fire regulations while putin was president. fire safety is the responsibility of local officials and leaseholders, who spend less money on it. that has had disastrous consequences. this village was a nearly completely burned within 20 minutes. 12 people died here. kthose who managed to flee the infernos were brought to this nearby hotel. most people here have lost everything.
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they are tired, desperate, and angry at the government. >> of course we formed a fire brigade. we even called the government, but it did no good. nobody would have died if there was a bus to evacuate people, if the police said the situation was critical and leave. but that did not happen. >> emergency supplies are arriving and the government says it will move quickly to compensate for the jurors. it has promised to rebuild their houses by november, but many here say the funding will not make it past the hands of corrupt officials. >> they are promising a lot, but it is bound to mean lots of running around between government offices.
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it just imagine all the documentation. >> of the survivors desperately need clothes, bedding, and domestic appliances. more people from the surrounding area are turning out to donate. >> imagine if something like that happen to my family. you could always give something. sometimes you have things you don't know what to do with. >> president dmitry medvedev said it will be a full inquiry into the cause of the catastrophe. he has promised to bring those responsible for the negligence to justice. but that is cold comfort for those who have lost everything in the flames. they feel abandoned by their government. the situation in moscow has eased somewhat, but in recent days the forest fires left the capital looking like a city under siege. thick smoke filled the streets, bringing serious health risks.
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authorities advised residents to stay indoors despite the heat waves. many are wearing masks outside and thousands are suffering from disorders including respiratory illnses and ey pblem the risks are cute for small children and newborn babies -- are acute for small children and newborn babies. >>. arena has been worrying about the help of her six-month old daughter since russia was hit by the heat wave -- has been worrying about the help of her daughter. now the smoke is making things worse. >> tanya costs of all night. it is not the crage she has a cold. it is because she breeds in smoke. -- she calls all night. it is not because she has a cold. >> they live in a suburb east of
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moscow. the fires have been getting ever closer. the smoke is already here. marina has been hamming white house along the windows to try to block the ash particles. the smog has come to dominate daily life here. >> normally we go out walking twice a day for four hours. because of the smog, we don't do it. or we go out later. we're very worried about her health. >> a cloud of smog hangs over red square as ambulances make their way through the city center to deal with emergencies. one local newspaper is using the situation for a public relations drive. all the results show particle
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levels well above what is healthy in the lungs. >> i have several allergies. with the smog, i am coughing and throwing out more. >> marina has been following the situation on state television. she does not share the view of government critics that the fire was made worse by a sky farm policy -- by a shaky environmental policy. >> i believe those in power have the situation under control. they are battling on. >> she has confidence in the country's leaders to manage the crisis, but she is hoping it will finish soon it so that life for her daughter will become easier. >> that is our in-depth report on the wildfires raging out of control in russia. ne agencies a reporting soierstationed near the
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capital, moscow, had to bring rockets, artillery, and munitions to safety from the approaching flames in the last few days. stay with us before the news on dw-tv. -- stay with us for the news on dw-tv. captioned by the national captioning institute
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