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tv   Journal  PBS  November 5, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> welcome to "the journal." >> thanks for joining us. >> anti-nuclear protestors temporarily blocked the shipment of german nuclear waste returning from france. dozens of worshipers killed in two mosque attacks in pakistan. >> costly compromise. agreement has been reached on saving the airbus military transport project. >> anti-nuclear protesters in
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france have temporarily blocked a train carrying a shipment of nuclear waste to germany. the ansportontaining german nuclear waste reprocessing in the hague in france is kittle to arrive with the german border saturday afternoon. anti-nuclear protesters have already started gathering close to its final distillation -- destination in gorleben in northern germany, where the waste will be stored. a demonstration is planned saturday and will attract the least 30,000 people. >> the first protesters were already on site as the train pulled away with its cargo. greenpeace activists brought heat-sensitive cameras to keep an eye on the process. some of the containers measured as high as 30 degrees celsius. demonstrators change them said -- chained themselves to the tracks. across the border, activists are already in place. students took to the streets near gorleben.
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they were fired up by chance, oppose the decision to extend the lifetime of germany pose a nuclear power plants. young people are particularly concerned. >> decisions made now are important for my future and i am protesting because i am against it. >> we want all of germany to see the injustice going on here. we want everybody to wake up and get involved. >> activists have a record of tent-sitting near gorleben. they can stage effective assistance. organizers have been making preparations for weeks. >> we are not trying to turn the train around. we want the government to change its mind. chancellor merkel need to know what she is doing is not feasible in the long run. >> authorities predict about 30,000 protesters will be in gorleben this weekend to face off against 17,000 security personnel. >> the anti-nuclear staff of the green party is continuing.
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the upcoming state elections in berlin could lead to green governments in those states. the party cochair has announced her candidacy for the position of berlin mayor and could wind up on seeking the incumbent social democrat. -- wind up unseating the incumbent social democrat. >> the popularity of the green party continues to soar. it goes beyond the core group of activists. the other parties are struggling to maintain support. if elections were held sunday, chancellor merkel's conservatives would garner 32% of the vote. the social democrats are stable at 27%. the pro-business fdp is flirting with the 5% hurdle tuesday and the parliament. the green soared up to 22. on an individual level, support for chancellor merkel continues
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to erode as well. when a cross-section of voters were askeded to do with like to see a occupy the chancellor, a paltry 20% said they would like to see merkel serve another term. a stunning 50% with support the conservative's rising star, the defense minister. the survey shows merkel still enjoys a slim majority among conservative voters. gutenbg lls strongly among social democrats and party supporters. >> thing in germany, police arrested the man connected to internet videos threatening terrorist attacks in the country. he appeared on youtube in october, warning attacks would be carried out if authorities failed to release a prisoner. daniel snyder was sentenced to prison in march along with three others on charging of -- on charges of planning terrorist attacks against u.s. facilities in germany. danish police have given th
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all-clear aft a bomb sce at the german embassy in copenhagen. a suspicious package turned out to be harmless. greek authorities are grappling with a wave of parcel bombs. there are international targets in athens. experts disarmed the 14th of vice since monday. police have arrested two suspected members of an anarchist group thought to be responsible for the packages. one of the parcels reached via office of chancellor merkel in berlin. in nohwestern pakian, icidbomb hasttacked fridraye at a mosque frequented by antititaliban tribal elders. at least 67 were killed. a few hours later, three people died in a grenade attack in another nearby mosque. local media said the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for both attacks. the suicide bombing is one of the deadliest attacks this year. >> worshipers had gathered for
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friday afternoon prayers in the town when a suicide bomber detonated his deadly load. the mosque's roof collapsed, trapping many victims beneath the debris. >> when the blast occurred, i rushed toward the wounded to rescue them. there were a lot, some without their heads. i picked up my son. the women came and i gave them my son's body and started bringing out the dead bodies. >> some 300 people were in the religious center when the bomb went off. the wounded were rushed to hospitals in the main city in the region. >> we were saying our prayers and suddenly, we heard the sound of an explosion. there was a fire. we were praying. >> officials said the moscow might of been targeted because it served as a meeting point for an anti-taliban militia. it is located just outside the
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largely lawless tribal belt, a taliban militant stronghold. but the pakistan government has encouraged leaders in the area to set up militias to fight the taliban insurgent spirit >> authorities in indonesia he been evacuatin thousds aer the volcano erupted again, killing more than 70 and injuring many more. hot ash and debris continued to spew from the volcano. many victims were found in the safe zone. >> of these soldiers came to evacuate villagers living outside the declared a danger zone. the rescue workers themselves were forced to flee as the volcano start to erupt. -- started to erupt. the village was completely destroyed by heat and volcanic ash. the soldiers found dozens of bodies on their return. with some areas still too dangerous to enter, officials fear the death toll will rise.
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>> we have already found 22 bodies in one area. another village has also been destroyed. we cannot get there because the area is too hot. we don't know how many people are dead in that village. >> these people did get away in time. some had to be treated for burns and breathing difficulties. many are being temporarily put up in a sports stadium. more than 100,000 people have already left their homes and refugees continue to stream into the city. indonesia's's president emphasized the need to take warnings seriously. the amount maroc situation is not looking any better. the volcano danger zone has expanded. >> more than 100 people have already died since t volcano started to ert ain ds ago. experts say the volcano remains highly volatile.
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>> cuba has launched an investigation after a plane crashed, killing all 68 people. the aircraft went down in mountainous terrain. almost half the passengers were foreigners. the witness says that the plane made several abrupt movements before crashing. >> these images show the crash site shortly after the plane went down. emergency workers scoured the rugged hillside in search of survivors. by dawn, the military had arrived with assistance to recover the victims' bodies. >> we are still attracting the dead from the wreckage so they can be identified. there were no survivors. >> the plane was on its way to havana. 20 foreigners were on board, including two germans and residents of the netherlands, austria, france, italy, and spain. the pilot radioed thathe plane
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was in troubleeforonta was lost. dangerous weather conditions might have played a role in the crash. >> another airline passenger plane has made an emergency landing in singapore due to engine trouble. it was a boeing 747 that had to turn back shortly after takeoff. this comes one day after an engine explosion forced a jumbo jet to make emergency landing in singapore. the airline now says it appears the design fault might have been to blame. the company has grounded the entireleet. the airbus has recommended inspections of all such planes using the rolls royce engines. there weren't -- there was some good news today for airbus. >> big project on a big price tag. it will buy the european union key financial independence. good news. buyer nations have reached a final agreement on a bailout to
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rescue the troubled airbus a400 and military transport. it will add 11 million euros thprice of each aplane, but secure around 10,000 assembly jobs in europe, and guarantee the eu is not dependent on the united states in the strategic area of military transport. >> the deal is a relief to eads after months of uncertainty. buyers he agreed on how to share additional costs. germany will order seven fewer aircraft and britain is cutting two planes from its order. overall, project costs have increased up to 23.5 billion eus, morethan the original budget. in order to make up the extra cost, eads will deliver only 170 aircraft instead of 180. the project has been dogged by delays, mainly caused by software problems with the giant engine. germany is urgently needs the
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a400 m for its mission in afghanistan and will begin taking delivery of its transporters in 2014. they replace germany's aging fleet of aircraft. >> onto e markeacti. bluehipsndedhe week on a strong note, extending their o-year highs after a better than forecasted u.s. employment report boosted optimism about the strength of the recovery. our correspondent sent us this summary of the trading action from frankfurt. >> on the last trading day this week, traders looked for direction. they wanted to take some of their profit out of the market. on the other hand, they waited for the economic numbers coming from the u.s. th js market is onon of the biggest problems of the u.s. economy at the moment. the jobless rate shows that it remained at 9.6%. on the other hand, the u.s.
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economy was able to create new jobs again. more jobs than people expected before. this led to affect on the frankfurt floor. >> we will stay for a closer look at the closing market numbers and the dax, loing in mode gains. the your stock 50 index gave up a bit of ground to go into the weekend. on wall street, despite the strong employment report, the dow ended the session fairly flat. it did manage to poke up into positive territory at the end of the session. on currency markets, the euro trading at a value of 1.4035. bmw has broken ground on geany's first factor to mass produc electric-powered cars. the company plans to invest 400 million euros in one facility by
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2013. >> in the ground-breaking ceremony for the plan's enlargement, chancellor merkel leads the league symbolic foundation. they hope the vehicle will be rolling off the assembly line in three years. the car's interior is made of carbon fiber, and material that bmw wants to utilize to extend the vehicle plus a range. the chanllorays e new material is good forerma's fure. >> europe the shrinking rather than growing. it is all the more important that we remain innovative and have the implementation of new technologies to fend off global competition. >> berlin aims to have 1 million electric cars on german roads by 2020 and bmw is looking to lead the pack. >> we are investing 530 million euros since the overall
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investment, and we will create more than 1000 jobs. >> besides expanding its plant, bmw is also building a carbon factory for mass production with its american partner. it hopes to cut the costs of the expense of materials toake the vehicle more affordable for consumers. >> mobility as an auto industry is important right now. it will be a few years before electrical cars go into production. the other manufacturers can only hope that by then, drivers have become more interested in electric cars. >> staying in the automobile sector, demand for german commercial vehicles at home and abroad is continuing to rise according to the automotive industry federation. exports of trucks, buses, and tractors soared 35% in october from a year earlier. foreign demand drove most of
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the growth. the domestic market is also booming. new registrations of commercial vehicles jumped by 20%. last year, manufacturers had to cut back on production and put workers on reduced work schedules a metal ball in ders. a nice comeback. >> news from china, where authorities have put an artist under house arrest in beijing. the artist had publicly welcomed the news that the nobel peace prize had been awarded to jiabo. stay with us. i will be right back in a minute. we will stay in the region. we have a special report from burma. our camera team of reporters went there. that country is having elections on sunday. the military is attempting to
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legitimize its hold on power through a ballot. i will be right back with that news.
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>> booknd back. burma is holng parliamentary elections on sunday for the first time in 20 years. the country is rich in resources, including oil, gas, timber, minerals, and precious stones. the military took control in 1962 and they have tried to suppress opposition, especially the most visible symbol of that, the nobel peace prize winner. she has been excluded from elections for years. she has been under house arrest. her party won by a landslide, but the military refused to recognize the result. the buddhist monks held a series
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of anti military protests. observers say they are trying to legitimize the power with a vote. berman joined the association of southeast nations in 1997. it borders bangladesh and thailand. it is the largest -- the largest cities in the south of the country. the capital was officially moved 400 miles away. on land, it used to be a jungle. that is still under construction. how significant will be elections before the people of burma? our reporters and camera team traveled through the country to find out where the opposition movement has a strong base, especially in the south. >> our journey through burma begins at the train station in the former capital. we are disguised as tourists and on the lookout for informants and police. we want to find out howoweople
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feel ahead of national elections. the rule in general is that there robert byrd. they have acquired some of the seats. the headquarters for the national democratic force is a flat in a prefabricated building on the edge of the city. it is a makeshift operation. the bathroom as a computer program. the team uses the floor of the desk. the party secretary pilesapers on a side table in the living room. it is claustrophobic, but that is a familiar feeling for critics of the regime. [inaudible] ] >> the ndf split off from the
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biggest opposition movement because the larger group is boycotting the vote. each candidate has to pay a $500 registration f. fe people can afrd that. the ndf sees no alternative. >> we see the coming election as the only way to go ahead with the politics of the country. we have no other choice. >> constant surveillance is a reality in burma. we strike up a conversation with the drivers. >> my friend and up in jail. the windows were not speed up like they are now. the secret police heard about it and he disappeared for two months. >> our team as careful with the camera to keep the driver's seat. his wife and children are waiting for him at home. like many burmese, he rarely
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earns more than about five euros a day. >> the elections? i don't bother with them. the generals will win. i focus on driving a lot and earning more so my kids can eat. >> the military junta paints a happy picture of life in burma. the reality is pour water supply, electric outages, and high food prices. the military has run the country into the ground. as the sun comes out, we see the pagoda in the distance. in 2007, buddhist monks prosit -- protested, resulting in a bloody crackdown on the military. more than 300 comedy's north of the former capital, we arrive in the new capital. muc of the city is still under construction. the military generals relocate to the capital to a desolate site in the middle of nowhere and built a city from the ground
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up. 900,000 people live here. many of them were forced to move here against their will, including this road builder. >> i have bebe doing this for four years. i know the work is poisonous for my lungs. >> they portray themselves as devout buddhist. the capital even boasts a replica of the original pagoda. we see far more military guards than monks. the parliamentary building is also here, where newly elected members are set to take their seats after the november ballot. we have to look elsewhere to find the real voice of the people. the city is home to brothers, who might be considered the greatest comedians in the world. they regularly take aim at the military regime on the stage, which doubles as a house for them and their mother, who is
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now in her 80's. >> we are bloodless. we are dead meat. [laughter] >> this man has been thrown in jail three times. they plan to boycott the elections. >> see ourselves on stage instead. as comedians, we can speak the truth. for everyone else who would not dare to, because we do not fear any consequences. >> the show starts at 8:30 every evening. sometimes the brothers perform for just two or three people. today, the audience is a newly married couple from spain and a female backpacker from malaysia.
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>> we are not allowed to open our mouths. >> each punchline is a tightrope walk. the brothers know being a tourist attraction offers them some degree of protection. we return to the city. burma is rich in natural resources, from oil to gold and precious stones. the rice export market is also booming. most shipments are bound for neighboring countries or africa. the artist -- the harvest has just begun. women were recruited from nearby villages to work. a supervisor make sure they get the job done. two fields every day. that rice also ends up in the city. we're back of the opposition base. it is time for dinner. it is still time to talk politics. the ndf already has 3000
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members. the party is discussing whether the gistration system shou use numbe sor letter co. the odds are stacked against them. the opposition is hopeful. meanwhile, others in burma find a respite in prayer. here in the golden pagodas. unlike the sham elections, their faith is real, and for many living under the dictatorship, it gives them real strength. >> just prior to the voting, burmese exiles in bangladesh called on the inrnational communitnot to recognize the results of the election. a group of more than 20 women gathered in front of the supreme court building, chanting slogans against the military rulers and seeking assistance. they say some the's poll is being run by junta and would
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only benefit the military government. thanks for joining us and stay with dw-tv if you have the time. captioned by the national captioning institute
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