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tv   Journal  PBS  May 11, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to "the journal." this hour, to earthquakes causing widespread damage. >> germany throws its weight behind italy as candidate for the next president of the european central bank. >> in the film festival gets under way. lead blockbuster stores on the french riviera.
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magnitude 5.2 quake has killed a least 10 people in southern spain. it caused widespread damage in southeastern towns including -- it can also be felt in the capital, madrid. it hit nearly two hours after a smaller quakes. >> scrambling and action after the quake hits. the ancient center is made up of streets and old buildings. the roman towns historic church was hit hard by the force of the tremors. the tower crumbling and falling to earth. a home for the elderly, the city hall, and the hospital were evacuated. spain experiences thousand of
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quakes the year. but once like these are extremely rare. of go live where their following events in barcelona. what are they saying about the extent of damage? >> the are counting out. there is a lot of confusion in the area. the last update, the building collapsed on them. the medical staff and some of the interns have been wounded. they're talking about 10,000 people. they have the rate to go back to their houses. so the authorities also send hundred and 80 policemen.
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and especially of missions. and a certain communications, they'll actually communicate. and also the military men have been sen. >> briefly, spain is not a country that is usually associated with major quakes. are people prepared? >> i am afraid not all. never of this magnitude. the problem was that it took place very near the buildings in this area. they collapsed immediately. the last time we actually had these were 30 years ago.
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it took place -- where not ready for these events. >> daily life ground to a standstill as the strike against government austerity brought transportation to a halt and the citizens to the streets and on the number of cities. a senior european union inspectors have been meeting with the country's finance minister and lookingt loan repayments that that include deeper budget cuts and a sell- off of public assets. >> police responded with tear gas and a stun grenades when they were attacked by protesters. the demonstration began peacefully, but many are furious that the government is cutting benefits and raising taxes while people struggle to
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make ends meet. >> those things have the working class. by struggle, over here. >> air traffic controllers, government workers, journalists joined the strike. they called by the major unions. not everybody supports the strike. dodge there should not be any strikes. we should look after what we should be doing. problems are not solved through strikes. >> there is a 110 billion bureau bailout. but there is concern that baffin's won't meet its fiscal consolidation target. senior officials are currently in athens to review presuppose the process.
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signs are growing that a second bailout will be necessary to avoid default of some kind. and the prospects of another aid package makes it unlikely that wednesday was a protest will be the last for greece. >> of denmark is introducing border controls as part of efforts to clamp down on illegal immigration. the new controls will include a new electronics equipment. the plan to reopen border stations closed 10 years ago effectively ends. police will also resume spot checks and airports. the government says it is reacting to increased lels of illegal immigration and the sharp rise. libyan rebels have captured the airport in the strategic city in the stronghold of the west of the country. rebels say they are pushing towards -- the u.n. secretary-
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general has called for an immediate ceasefire. he says they are allowed -- a prepared to allow united nations to monitor a ceasefire. security forces open the haun tens of thousands of protesters calling for the president to step down. one person was killed and dozens were wounded. 20,000 demonstrators were attempting to march in the capitol building. they struggled to get the wounded to local hospitals, and government forces had shot dead two demonstrators. the have seen almost daily protests for the last two months. and in syria, the crackdown on anti-government protesters is taking an ever growing human toll. security forces used tanks and the country's third largest city.
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they have also had reports of snipers firing at civilians. at least 19 people have been killed across the country as they tried to crush the seven- week old uprising. there are sanctions on to -- and several top politicians. over with business, and germany is backing an italian has the next head of the ecb. >> of the endorsement puts the governor of italy's's central bank in position for the prestigious job. the chancellor's says that they shared views on stability and growth. he'll make the candidacy official at next week's's meeting. the decision on who will succeed the incumbent is expected in the fall. let's turn to some market
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numbers. in frankfurt, germany's benchmark closed almost even. the leading the blue chips closed at -- closed slightly up. in new york, the dow closed down. in the euro is currently trading for $1.41. a u.s. federal jury has convicted the billionaire on insider-trading charges. the founder of the group had fund was found guilty of all 14 counts against him including security, fraud, and conspiracy. he was accused of making over 44 million gyros in illegal profits by trading on tips with insiders. he is in most prominent figure to be tried in a crackdown on insider trading. for more on this story, i talked
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with our correspondent had askehim whether the conviction would change behavior on wall street. >> nobody really expects that, they are surprised that he was guilty on all 14 counts. if you add it all up, he could face prison of up to 205 years. the thing about business on wall street, is about information, getting information that others don't get that easy. the small step of being legal or being illegal. it does add to confusion on wl street. the financial stocks are trading lower here in the wednesday session. >> just how vulnerable is the digital world? sony announced that the packers got access to the private beta
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of over 100 million customers. facebook is accused of security breaches. the largest on-line network has had a programming bug for years. advertisers and others could potentially access user data without a network closing knowledge by proding external offers like on-line games. >> over the past four years, a third party has had access to photos, profile, and chats. facebook says it never does a of a security breach. they discovered that some applications seek access tokens which it describes as keys to people's accounts. most developers probably did not realize they had this access. that wasn't the case at 70 that two weeks ago, hackers had
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stolen security details of millions on the place station network. it is the latest incident of personal data being compromised. lost to the southern u.s., residents of the mississippi delta are bracing for the worst flood waters in decades. it is expected to reach its highest level since 1927. he waterways are threatening the cities of babirusa in new orleans. the heavy flooding is being attributed to an especially snowy winter and heavy rains. in germany, other fast rising political star of the country's center-right coalition has resigned following allegations of academic cheating. she has stepped down as leader of the german free democrats and vice president of the assembly.
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she also relinquished her post on the junior coalition partner. the university is currently investigating claims of plagiarism. this news comes on the same day that the university released a report to the extent of plagiarism by former defense minister and his ph.d. work. he resigned on march 1 after denying consciously copying other people's work. the university commission on academic standards say the extent of the plagiarism porter -- pointed to deliberate cheating. he had already been stripped of his doctorate, but the findings are less than the likelihood of a political comeback. the film festival is open on the french riviera with luxury yachts running the harbor and teeming with the rich and
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famous. it included new law. the jury is presided over by robert deniro. other veterans are woody allen and ellen wilson. >> they are trying to patch up its image after a crop of films in 2010. 20 pictures are vying in. the blockbusters are also being shown the, but they have great competition. brad pitt stars in the tree of life. the legendary director tells this epic tale that spans a number of decades. there is a grown-up son. a new movie is also a star-
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studded affair. lling the story of two sister and a large dding rty th a twist. >> we are going to go dancing. >> the midnight in paris kicks out -- kicks off this festival. >> it will not be at antisocial tomorrow. >> they're covering the festival for us. his film is a worthy opener. i don't know if this is a worthy film, but it is a safe bet film. the french still love woody allen and he definitely loves the french. this is a love letter to france, to paris. i don't know if this is the best film of the year, and of
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the to be the best known hair, but the french will love it. here at the festival, that is all that really counts. >> an interesting gern offerings this year? >> who don't have a huge presence this year. but one of my favorite german directors has a new film. he the most important side bar festival. is an expert in the social realism. the show germany the way that it really is. i am excited to see that movie. there isn't a german film, but there is a german language film that is about child abuse and promises to be very hard hitting movie. the german filmmakers will not be the biggest stars here, but they will be making their presence felt. >> much more from the festival
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in the days ahead. i will be back in one minute about the role that migrants play in the world economy.
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>> welcome back. as europe's troubles with the latest flood of refugees from north africa, we are taking a look at migrant workers and the role they play in supporting the economy is that they fled. many of them send money back to the families at home. especially to africa, asia, latin america. these add up to all of the foreign-aid. look of the numbers. >> the number of migrant workers is estimated at around 200 million. most of them come from poor countries in the south and dark searching for work in industrial countries. many migrant workers to send
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money home to their relatives. migrant workers admitted 23.8 billion bureaus around the globe. asia receives 4.7 billion. africa 2.9 billion, and 1.6 million was transferred to latin american countries. remittances are particularly important for countries where income levels are low. it helps stimulate domestic demand. corrupt governments, ethnic and religious violence and an environmental collapse of force millions of people from their homes every year. with the political unrest in north africa, they are adding to the growing number of refugees seeking a better life. africa and india was one of the places that have increased the number of migrants from there as well.
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our next report looks at a single mother whose daughter is sending cash back home from germany. >> is half past 6:00 in the morning in nairobi. she is marking her daughter's new pencils. pencils to quickly get stolen at school. she doesn't have money to spare. her husband left her after she gave birth to a third child. it was another girl and he wanted a son. and finding the cash to get by is hard. it costs about 60 a month. she can only afford to visit her eldest daughter.
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> jane uses the share taxi every day on her commute to the office. it is almost the only way to get around. she has worked as a financial supervisor for the city council. but she is left with only about 220 m month. that is not a lot of money in kenya. the cash from her daughter is a great help. >> more than 6,000 kilometers to the north, she is volunteering at a hospital in southern germany. she has been at a nursing home for the past five months.
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the shift starts at 7:00 in the morning at the geriatric ward. her first task is to wake people up. >> time to wake up. >> of the work is quite often demanding. but she is easy going. >> they need someone. >> most young germans do it because they want something meaningful to do after they finish school. she has another important reason. the money she gets a month as a lot for her. she transfers some of it to her mother in kenya.
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>> sometimes she goes twice a month. she needs it. my mom and my sister, -- >> this time she is sending 90 home. >> she has been in germany for more than a year. she likes it here. living in a constant. but she misses her mother and her younger sisters. [unintelligible] >> that is what i miss here.
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>> home is a great responsibility for the 20-year- old even if her mother never expressly asked her for money. >> she will call me and tell me , i was this in this for the kids for school and i don't have money. [unintelligible] >> the next day, she goes to collect the transfers. she has been waiting for the
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money to buy a new school books for her daughter. >> she invests almost everything she has been a good education for children. she uses the rest of the money to support her relatives. the sec and the lives with the family. the transfer helps meet the cost. >> one day, will be together.
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>> mother and daughter can only talk by telephone. her greatest dream is to stay in germany and study medicine. but the hurdles are high. there is a lot of competition for university places. she has to improve for german. she practices every evening with her friends. whatever the future brings, she knows that she will need the help support her family financially for a long time to come. >> that is our look today at the role of migrant workers and a global economy. they seek a better life in europe. we will leave you now with the latest news headlines.
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