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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 5, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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ív>>el sbu17 countries on watch fon that warniívngel?bu@ívelbu@, ív it@'s "ninoghc tlre 5. @this is "nightlybub ívelbuívelbu@elbu@noc rec 2noc u
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>>as put on notice 2s onno "c neregac ti2ve creditt rn@ment cnorec diret c ra2tings2 progress europea at theiróvelbuóvelbu@noc retighe the debt crisis highóv lelevbuel nod the risk of a recession óve@
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more analysis?ty burategist aóvt úvel @ crúvelbu@ rec cr2 noc issued@ 2>> well, cred@it watnochc hreavc e2 onbu been downgraded innoc rec 2 >>. úvelcite buheúvelbu@ havnoec then recebuspec@ificalnolyc yreouc y rec we2eks agc weor six >> well, anemental thing. úv now that ofúvelbur thúvelbu@noc rec @noc rec 2 we d
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that would be to comúveel bbuack >> tom: inúvelbu@noc warning ca2 noc rec 2 versus avropean receconomic growt there's elbufactor@s at pno oneavelbu@noc rec 2 impasse that@ noc threatc w2e've seen on a throughout europe wh thin andavelbu@ thenoirc re roll theo policy-settings. appropriatesave buthe@ eno c 2 of theseelbu at@noc re watch@isnoc iren c re2gard and friday's s union
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leaders to thenavelbu@noc not t you have severalbvelbuuding t2 compactmgnoc rec 2 of would includeof the bvobel some of the yourbvelbu@ but greaterb2 greater revenues that wi@benoc r level.2 certainly would elbuo somebv @ what webvelbu@noc >> tom: john, finbu inno ac ugreusc t,2 of s&pthnoe. rating it has 15ries onbvelle bvelbu@ noerall governmeutbv telhebu wo.
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c 2do you see over the next yc >> i don't pressure on markets i thibvnkelbuhat we'recvelbucve2 bonds willc 2 be aaaa asset clas bu tom: certainly that's thendcl jonohnc the major indices were helbu@no2 f equity strategist at bl hi, bocvb, >> good evcvel sbuusie.@right st is youcvelbu s&p@noc rent? >> look, i nodoc inreg c wh2at they h are 2 strainingsion continues to an rec d by andcvelbu theycvelbu@n 2ey son ot@noc rec 2
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program inplace, that teeth toe >> susie: do yon b@y s&pnoc rec2 leaders to d really a wathere h angnnoc ,rec 2 i over the last os r el to saydvelbu they do thadvt elthbuer. the meetingelbu@noc reupc 2mucs the solutiowatch. do youdv teldone to fix the morenoc reunc it2edas todvelbu@ for europe.2 working on tthat pi
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buuntry and dvielbu do say i'm l isno sord@ernoc rec 2 we have to findc rec 2 thelect evelbu evelbu 2u aelbu@ fnoaic rrec 2 inedien they are dif will time. orevde this action by the s&pevelbu in@ ray good development fevelbu@ @e fever goobu noc seree c cr2edits rec elbuing that could.nk is theet v have no marketevoncerns exist.@ whole lot of newssie.evelbu@noce
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implications@stock nomac rkreetn e? have argued wasevelbu not in fvelrebucessio@n alreno 2improve og.velbu@noc rec @oc rec y2ou've seen marketostu that tofvelbu@noc rec ntinues@ rec it2ss. that thi as much of a what is going thefvelbuatings.f c 2s tomorroelrkbuet ope@ns.noce some sellers be selling.ell a little bifvt hand i thiimportanfvt elisbu wh@ elbuhese policyfv @overno tc here c does@ anondc rec 2
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ha have some those can thefvelbu of eurfvelbu t@hatnoc re auster2 plans. ifnoc rec m2arkets willespite s hanginggvely. @ chiefu so much fhe progvgrele noc strerac te2gist stgvocelksbu were @u. would getr up somgve elofbu those@ gainsnop eurozone bond warning bu@noc re2 noc rec 2points, the nasdaq rosu the gains were added to the bike gv the year.gvgvelbu@
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♪@ ♪noc re ♪ bu@noc rec 2 be jolly, especiallynoc rec 2 hv debu chart-topping mohvhvelbu@ elbu been hv @1945no, c asre wc ca@menoc rec2 holiday albums of all ♪ hvelbu over the p budece@mber hnoasc pre@noc recl 2lieves thes largely due to hvelbuhvelbu@noc reer t@han onn2 elbumism tney tohv hvelbu@nobuquesti@on is nowhc es
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year will follow histonoc rec 2 on the one hanbe improving.hvel the unemployment rate nd consum@ coivnf.ivelbu@nobu@noc rec 2 cyber monday results, noc rec 2l ivelbu@noc rec ns, the overarchs 14% of trec 2 elbuou have unceiv ivelbu@noc mebuuld ac@tuallynoc2 depress the noc rec 2 earnings. >> reporter: another big worryhl ivel @unenoxtc rec @noc rec 2
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would be 8% above toda2case @b."ivelbuivelbu noc lore based on where we are righbui tl chance for a positjvelbu@eporte2 g a positive tone for next 2 but if there's no sa jvelbuhtlyjv belusbuiness@noc r2 >> susie: still aheac rec 2 snail mail c we look at buming to a post office nearjvel >> a scaled back version jvpaelyrb2 surtax" on millionaires.2
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bususigned to appeal to repubof the bjvilellbu no incomes above $1 melbuthe la@te2 on ibu the legislation alsond the payrt year, but only for workvelbutheo president obama today pushedbu @urgentno ac ctreioc n.2nongc r import fakvmiellibueskvelbu@noc buem against the uel itno wc ilrel c he2lpbinollc s,e righkvt republicans kvarelgubue@ sh@ould bnoe c pareidc 2or with elsewhere in the budget, rathe e propkvelbukvelbu@noc @noc rec 2u
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@velbu 2oc bu@noc rec c rec 2lvelbulvelbu@no right from the oelh bubuying@nov
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after last week's bi aroundlv 2el pbu.m. ea@strtlvs e bumvelbu mvelbu noa c serecod a ratings cut 2as expe@noc rec 2session, ending with a 1% gainu hurt by the threat of a euromveo thisbu@noc rec 2no uc p reofc . with today's 2% close in a bu big business inaw decent gamu @ 7%. citigroup finished un's mv3.el7k of bankied today's market, up betnded mvwielthbu gainsmvamelonbug theu
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while met-life's foudisappoimvno elbuthe gr@owth wnoilc l rebec . as well @noc rec 2 the tech sector was helped tod2 based in californibu@noc rec 2 2 te concentr which is on-demand compunvel noe dealnvelbu@ nobu@ c 2sh noc rec 2 software shot up.nvconcentratesb elbusoftwa@ nv jumped 20%. ke@nexa anolsc o re noployment recruitbu@ c 2retrai shares jc rec 2
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a rallied 14%.nvelbu @echnology and commercnvelbu elbu@noc rec 2 thanks to today's 3.@noc rec 2 d-november. @ales.ovelbu stock tovelbu c bu@noc rec 2ctions, it has beg e nodec alres.c 2 anovd elsoovelbu@noelexbu.@noc 2 after announcing an increarlnoy. this is in comdities, coff traderovar and worries about thu push up coffee priovelbu@noc lo2 elbu"ovelov
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@>>ed tougher rules for risk- buadopti@ng theno "c m.ref.c g2 pvelbu@tomepvr elmobuney to@ bu2 m.f. global employc 2inst jon bufina@ncial nococ ndreitc io2nr tomorrow:arterly results from rv rothers.pvelbu@ also tpv yo@uth fonootc barellc a2 @noc rec 2 how pop warner has weathered a weak economy and how ipvelbu@pv.
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pvelbu according topvelbu@noc re@noc ru said they plan to tafromqv selpo about four in ten shoppeelbu@ rec ho2li, highlighting that ti@ c refrc ug2al. about the miami 2 to buy bonds to build a investigators wantqvelbu qvelbu@no stadium, with the city abu$645@. they issued bonds to help pay for qvel thqvelbu@ with the investigation, buqvelb2
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nts @to shanorpc lyre rc ed2uces
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proces at the announcement anddrop a letter in the mail deliver it in one rvtoel t but the service now hopes that @ rec >>2 got more cap@noc rec 2 got to make ad @noc rec 2buf its @487 manoilc e daverec 2or the post office.he u masvilel.bu@no aost a 30% drop 2 mail hit back in 2001.2020, he e >> the economys th@e lastno cc f years, but the other more loc l2 lly, if you looked at
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rec billisvonel obuf@nond we h .noc rec 2vice wants the public offering up a period.tvelbu while tvelbu@l,tv ael ybuear.@n2 but analysts ownno.c rec 2 to appreciate it, and itsod idev model to make cu elbuwors it doesn't gtvelbu@ rec corridore says tha@minor noboc c cu2stomers opt for high-speed u.p.s. have tvalelrebuadshares 2 much gettingnoc rec 2 traffi so they're only going tod thetv@ @o capture that because theycoms noc lireke
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2changes, which means the2 ce in delivery times woulness report," washington. tvelbuelbuus @noc rec 2 r@emind noyoc u rethr >> susie: support that report" possible.and don't uvfou i'm tom hudson. uvelbu@ re@noc rec 2 veryone. i'm susie gharibc 2tomorrow eve. made possible by:uvelbu uvelbu@u uvelbu@noc at wgbh
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acbu@noc rec 2noc rec 2vvelbuvn catch vvel@vvelbu@noc re@noc re. @
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