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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 6, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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ívfl>>cu tom: @what noc week could ívflcu@ 2financial markets.@noc rec 2al2 cuound thesívfl de.nks ívarfloucund the@ worldne @noc rec 2ie: as europe deals w2 its crisis, u. nowmakers a progreívflcuívflcu@" c 2fonoc re this is "nightb and tom hudsívonfl"nightlyív bl @ e
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>> tomcuus.@noc rec 2 c arec 2hursday's crucial summit óvfle, the "financ flcuv @baflcu@ rec >>2 s would includnoc rec 2 óvrms in t pulling together tsolve its flcufinanc@ial crnoisc isre, c still is skept@noc rec 2rec 2
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nasdaq lost six and the flcuin noiting anxiously toóvflcu@ cufl @eriknoa c mirellc er2 rnoc recl debt crisis flared up inúvflcu@ but this week's úvflcu@noc retst deals with the entire euge.úvflu úvflcu@noout newcur thei@r unio. but whatúvflcu economisúvflcu@no for financial markets.úvflcu@noc re2 úv reflecting an impassicts that wu
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think it cdaúvmaflgicung eff@ec 2 arnited states, depends inat ths c 2idebecause banks around the e govern seen as no longer believabc ry2, then the holdings of those bavfu nocrc isreisc s2noc rec 2 unfortun avfl doesn't necessarily mean itsavf2
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avflitaliansan actually begin ty cu >> reporter: the biggeavflcu@ bvflhe european union.flcu nomac nyre noc three c un2ion will split ut next few month it's not out obvann't follow th@ erbvflcu@noc re," new york.@noc2 >> susie: some sharp wc 2 rebvflcu crisis.awma@kers,noc rec 2 re bernanke said those reportc rec2 flcucuts"bvflcu@noc $13 @billiov
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@fi a federal judge today signbvflc2 and pay off its crcvflcubut it u in history, all that's lef cvflcocullecti@on o estate, private equicvflcu@noc unsecure@noc rec 22or their inv, but shareholders wilcvflcu thecr but some oc 2 have been on spars rotection flcubure cvflcu@noc eneral rec th2ursday.ports tonight,shit flcudercv noc rec 2ubculicans@ andnoc rec2
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publicans with blocking the cocvnf a new r nocvnaflnccuial pr@dvdvflcu@ c there are a whole hocu@noc rec u no abide by regulations and ndvbafy @ repornotec r:re ac t2op treas beyo with financi dvflcu@ regulations putsdvflcu@noc @>> t c 2unable to exercise itc re authority, and as a re economy rema that contributeddv tflo cudvflc2 noc rec 2 al
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to h agencydvflsingle director.dvflcu@laid into anothr curegu@latoryno ac gere@noc rec2 shelby said he was bewilrec 2 kruptal.evflcuevflcu@noc stme@n2 flcuccordingruptcy trustee, as v c 2.2noflfrcuom the@noc rec 2noe cftc... are missinevflcu assuming cftc is a rere have yo and secondly, do you kmone@y is2 ith@noc re2
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to try to lo fl continue tothose issues, but. kn@ow whenorec trehec m2on >> reporter: a snoc rec 2 corzine, thefvfvflcu@fvflcu@nocn @d yet noonc wrehec th2er he ws fiftdarren gersh, "nightly busip over insider trading infvflcurv noc today tflcu@noc rec 2n 2learn on capitol hill.
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the bill wou disclosure reqlawmakers and thev fvflmecumbers.@ not the fvflcu@ c 2e warns if lawmakerscu the n@ew rd have unintn.noc rec 2 >> in gvflcuges in this areald 2 so that they@noc rec 2 viduals outside of congress.kerl rec 2ill ahead-- n c re's james ro gvflcu >> tom: the owner of the wgvflcu @eagvr flwicull@noc rec gvflcu@noc @noc rec 2ory.gvflcud
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hvc of2 those who died. victim.hvflcu dergrounhvd flmicunes.@noflcu@ns only the cor liability for alpha naturalhvfl and hvflcu@ still coulflcu@noc rec 2noc rece they're waiting to see what th summits hvflcu @ flcuments.hv @sonoc cu tonight's hvflcu@noflcu@noc f
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europe later this wehv address s trading.chiv oflf cuthe@noc recw range.@noc rec 2 the index caught a bid wc 2 session, but it lost steam,ivflu ending with a fractional gaiivfe to the top of its range ovns.ivo industcu@noc rec 2noc rec 2 volume was heavy as the at its highest price since halloween toniivghflt.ivflcu@no@ rec au2@the conompc anrey'c s2
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c reume @payingno ac rec 2ealivo c vidend to re fellow dow industrial stocjvflcu jvflcu no @ear was on the higher end oflcu nothc e reu.c s.2, and the c.o. thinks europe jvth poor's warning about cuvernjvmeflntcu credi@t strongl hinoghc lirerial@ sectonor c wae 2est, but even it c rec than 1%. health care and telecom were u pfiz@er.noc rec 2c rec 2 rose 2n p-f-e stock wajvs flabe $20 pere
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culy.jvfl @ nostc udrey c of2 rec re2sults. fellow drug mark noe healkvflcu@kvflcu@noc rec @ c 2it received a bull note from the analyst atein whos conext year from an alzheikvflcukvflcu@noc rey miler mcdonaldcuy's le@ss thanon c 1%a not seem like much, but it inoc@ no up about 20%.kvflcu@noc resu@ c 2dardenc mreorc e 2than 12%.d 2u close leskvs flthcuan $1 @of
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were movinmen's clothing store s lvflcu@noc re@noc rec 2 as2 reports indicate theoffer for $3 per share. du the close.lvflcurong earnings c reth.lvflcu@nofld cuimprov@e o c 2odac yre lvflcusoline futures roselvflcu@ lvfl@noc rec 2@meetinnog c lare. and thatlvflcu >> susie: pink flcuat cit@igroupno--c nondit told an investmencu@ citi plans to take a
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flculv mfllv lvfl @to taknoe c a re$2c write down the value@noc rec 2nu @.p. is not telling the noc harellc ib2urton ce about t2 ew out, killing 11 workers. flcushmv accusamvflcu@cu @noc rec 2noc re
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so hot this @noc rec 2 "technology."i recently spoke ws rogers, a reporter at, and began by flcuaski nvflcu@noc re@noc rec 2 know,re wiany things hanging at andnvflcu the super tnvhflercue's@ anos been arounnvd flfocur% ofnvflcu2
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ask that sen to a nvibm invsfln floc rec 2 ofrec ov billion shareince 2003 formovflcunds cubacks.ovflcu@no whatcudone@ sl cuprofit@ marginonc rec 2gs growth. no c 2company issitioned, despite to eu focus warrenovflcusn't stupid. 2oc andcu@noc rec noc rec 2 >> th thatovflcu sales force.comovflcu@
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it 5ov2flcu@noc rec low -- ti@. ng from2 >> at this point salespvflcupvf computpv iflncuternet@ manage customeridatepv'tflcu ha. and i think it'spvflcu@ill like @noc rec 22pvflcu@pvflcu@noc re@ rec it2'smation fro2social netw, thing to ree're a pvflcu@tchpvflcu flcu t@o be.noc rec 2ou own any
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rec th2ese stocks? you can re articleltd cospvflcu@ the streetpvflc@nc rc usie@: hee the federal resec sere ic ts2 mr we'll also see the weeklys on me cuflcu@uestions toqvflour "stret mortgage securities-- bank ofc @ qvamflercuica wi@ll payno mc million to scu@noc rec 2mortgag2 the class by fund in mississiqvppfli. noe fund claimed the investmenq@ c 2e mortgages written @noc rec 2 lenders, including countrywic 2 a federal
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that may prove since the sett admiqvssfliocun he the auto mcu@noc rec 2 reintroduce the dodge dart, win, fiat.rvfl show in detroit.rtant vehiclrve@ @ec chryslerrvflcu@noc c rethc e 2new dart has a rvflcu@rvflcu@noc re@noc rec 2r2
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ric 2 analyst and svflcu @onight's beyondsvflcu@no tcomeu c rerec st2rictiono c ofre c 2 spendsvflcu your sv lflamcu@no greenon c barey.c 2 @ou do stock offering. bsvayo su llion, and raised svovflercu 40 minu@noc jreumc pi2ng talking about the suc not askfu. why?you're a
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you can'tsv tflrcuade cu@noc rec 2 othe thenoc rec 2 t wall. fotvfl packers cugran@dfatheno to doflcu@noc rec 2 nly, c rebac sk2etball,anted to raise for stadiums, you have thetv fa. dealtvflcu@stors.tvflcu@noc rec2 >> susie: and finally, it lo flcurint than online.etvflcuhy v @jobsno wc print this rec 2onlr @noc rec 2end of october.tvflcu2
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the retvtvflcu@uvflcu@noc rec @2 >>business report" for monday,uu >> tom: that makesc s noprc ogrerac ms2 like "nig rec 2 public televisio i'm susie gharib uvflgocuod nou, too, tom.uvflcu@ good night, flcu@noc rec 2 owno ec verenic ng2. "nightly businesuvuvflcu@uvflc2 cess group at wgbh
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acvvflcuvvflcu@noc re@noc rec u
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