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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 7, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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deal. >> glisticly, what dung? >> i don't look for someúvthgliy with a nice holidayúv th@e issunoesc arerec 2 conoc rec 2 are,av contentious,n du to@noc rec 2 e of them will bec rec 2 probablyavglduement in theavglm aunostc erreitc y2c phreerc al2 countrielike that, but see that we can gne in the naveu >> s aboutavgldu@ation, that 2 aboutnoc rec 2 budget now, do you think they on that?a
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avangld duthat's@ onenoc 17 coundu@noc rec 2fficult. thesebvgldu@ inodu@noc rec 2 al not be vinoc rec 2 i just don't know thc orefc 2 e done couple dahe dugl investors , and actybody aroubvt recession in 2012? but that'sbvgl bvn't get a bl@in other words that thebv gl2
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problem,c c 2turning into what ihe disordy defaults, the clams bvgl fdue bvnking and fin if@ the i gldu@,noc re c th2en cvglduthink it would ca@ssion nn c 2 europe and he@noc reac ryre to rec 2 the with a crisis? icvgldu noherfericvnggldu@noc @ c 2sort ofment, i don'tc 2 reale @tcvhegldu,cvgl ducurren@cyno eu c redoc ll2ar no c herelpc fu2l. the resolutiu
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european in natuso thecvgldu@ ul @ susieno: c alrelc r2ight, fog informnks for having me. >> susie: and we'dv wgliduth fi b. advisors.du@noc rec 2 >> tom: stillnoc rec 2 martha th penn retailerdvgldu dube in @theno c horetc pitol hd c.e.o. will questions f lapse dvm.dvgldu be@ the noonc lyre interesteddu. c 2oc re want to know whatheir money diss gldubankru@ptcy.noestabrook rep2
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noc >>re rc ep2orter: in holidaydv, florida jennifer c a2 new business. my business 2 my@noc rec 2, birthday is do ihave a party no. headlievnegls duof the@ duandal are thouevgl cunostc n therefoc r2ter 11 in october. m squoevglduevgldu@no when he evgldu@noc rec 2 onenoc rec 2 oe
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gl c re 100 g@lobalnoc refvglduinct dollars for and fvgl bankruptcy judgfve glheduaring@ global c weren't being@noc re people w have to share in2s. fvgl eu dust likfvgl gonoinc g re distribution of loss@noc rec 2 d re reporter: roec coalition has been getting backt all of it. retireefvgl husband got afvgldu no she's gldu now@noc rec 2 inoc rec 2 >> i can @mattress is catch onfvgli realu
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noc >>re rc ep2@noc rec 2 be ovr the customers getck. di@anenoc rec 2lobby the industu business report"noc rec 2 >> tot of quest m. f. jongvgl corzineno rankinggvgldu th@enoc re c u.2 senate@noc rec 2 agric2 him askd trmgvgldu of the fargvgldu @kat this,@no ac llrec 2 of out thate he was buygvgldu to@noc rec 2 l realtor inc 2 hes
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thgvatgl.du impact gldu @haveno a du@ isnoc rec 2 broadnoc rec 2 u an abouthan ihvgldu happen on hvgldu@ no woulddu@noc rec 2senator whee if chance to talk tohvgl we can say what happenedhvgldu@r and by the way,hv @mphasize thahvgldu hvgls him rec 2otnohec r rewic we can,@n. governmentmake these people whoa
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let'hvs glfidund t c d let's wohvrkglindug with@noo 2consideration along tho, why it up. thingsivgl is whivetglhedur@nohould begldu ind be cone better wait and try toou @e don't want toivgldu noc were dke too much 2egu@noc rec , we haverec 2 du let'sivgl no whateverdugulati@on is noapce why >> it'siv agl on serb vation. wa
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whether or ivn, a futchantivgld@ cannotjvgldu i@nvestnoc rec in 2 s
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let's get you rec e2nd of the dayopean leades crisis, hopemarket startkvedgldu kvgldu @firstnoc rehoc ur2ing,e nocac tcreh c a 2bid in th dunutes or so 2 wind dropping a. 2enoadc inreg c th2e way rket a j. p.merica and ins dure the topainers,kvgl morningl morgan leading thegldu@ ga2
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buybacks previouslyas thekvgld@ the s&p alvgldu@noc rec gain @heavienor c voreluc me2 with t a european fixlvgldu@ havnoec re oardlvgldu gelvrmglandu@noc dut@ atnoc rec 2c rec 2 for ste. lvgldu@ 17% gldulooks@ fornoc rec 2 arod dull above that.lvgl on 3.50 ali
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thnoec sre muted du frac@tion.noc rec 2iler talbr mvluing the co per back.mvgldudu@noc du@noc rec 2c2 u.s.a. to bemvgaglndu@ noc du@noc rec 2 2upbeat forecast. based selling, grains.mvcocoa futures finished mvthglredue-year@mvgldu@noc re@2 >> susie: as tom marthaasmvgldu a stot mv agldu@ hunogec re
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noe retaildu@ c inreg,c a2 the store.miller reports.mvgldu @> reporter: thishatmv glj.du looks like nownvgldu nomuc chre dc if2ment stores. and that's t diffe. penney inst@ there will also be awenvbsglitde analyst says it's stores, bitnvgldu a linvgl tduod noc rec i2mage that'snker invigorated.nvgl >> repor c remonvvegl bduy@..nvgldu@no c consumersc.@noc rec 2 insteay
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to app it'snvgldu jonvgldu@no mortardu a@noc sree an entirely newnoc rec 2ovgldu . has set mini sephoraas part ofo@ strategy to beef up noc budut the@ factnoc re that @ 2recentlyt rec 2 and it poor blacker openovgldu @naloovgldu@noc macy's, whichdu noc karernc tl2y offe stewart linenoc rec 2 targeting merchandise bringthey've gotovgu 2han anyone elovgldu@ marthaovg until 2013, but timedovgl,du wh
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finaldu@ befnoorc ere cc hr2ist. we're due results pvfrglomdu bot retail spectrumpvgldu and noc weeklygldu@noc arendc 2 or 2numbers.will headpvgl du to a hopvusgle ducommit@tee.gldu@nl noc chrearc ge2 bp with a lierspill today's allega hapvgldu trans@-o of pvshglordun those epvgldu 60 days to dulate@stnoc mpany said it plana
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admic help americant doing glveclosure. no and bank of apvgldu poor@ng @ c 2program.partment plans or aqvglduqvgldu@noc @noc rec 2e 2 o 2 2
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>> tom: with thed watchingrveurr glduvkegllydu@ anyd therv @so snoayc srec 2 @noc rec 2 bi always grervatgl tduo see@ y holidays. >>rvgldu nosec e re on@noc rec 2c rec 2 sidelineshit ruling the day.rvgl hanging onyo centgldu.@noc rec 2 good thing.. rv marketsas arvgldu@ but that we hadrvgldu@noc rec m
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noc ral @ 2that's not s try andrvgldu this seemsm. owns versvygldu@no>> tom: so noted.2 pepsi, it's up sinceer 26time wu thsven is c recellularsvgldu@ upsvgl pdueo @ onofc rec 2 of fferent industrisv strong balancelow dea svgldiduvidend@ andnoc in c reo di2 world,noc rec 2 leave you in particularly insvgl >> tom: tim sent u sve-glmaduil.@ svgldu@noc rec 2@@
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is that>> nsvo glquduestion@ of tvtractit@no tc oorec 2 c 2l lduike@noc re queeldingc 2 --u to usually the whilehe risk.tvglduo leveraged, so you wanttvanglied2 more2ified portfolio includother dividend cotvgldu, johnson anduldtvgldu ma@kenoc . c fnoorc rec 2 >> slumt. mentioned? gldu own familytv duvgl c ree c manages.du@no ng2 rec oc michael farr, authare oh kbant >> susie:
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numbers are in and itvt like small notv3 glmidullion@noc he call @ c 2small duri theuvgldu day surpasseduvns.s2. gl miuvllgliodun@ed mercuv @particnoipc atreedc .2 amex@noo @ouvungld.du@s only theuvgldu noc threis noc rt" this wednesday night@ 2we want to the time of yearc 2 television station see uvgl ke "nightly business >>uv gltodum:o sudu@ rec te2levisi hudson , have aouo >> susie: the tom..uvgl gharib.see alluvgldu @ 2
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