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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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south coast guard in flame tensions the murder kort guard officer has touched of around thea. the of the chinese officer, kil he wounded south korea'sit
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may one captain and crew were illegally in korea's economic zone in the ed the boat toit then the attacked. detained him andfishermen. nea for maritime investigation. firearms for but authoritiesrule.nslator: we have in the past, but after t allowing their use evees of an inspection. >> officially china has ith south korea over fisr it's a different matter. fishing ground.een s illegally hat
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are abundant this seae resorting to actics to avoid being ught.l has steel rods attach from approaching. fisherst guard officers that toats fly the south the authorities. south korea says chinaare in decline but theor seafood is surging so the fisherme south korean fishermen say threatened by the chinese boats trawl nets which are a everything they can. vessels without a permit. the monday
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what was behind t >> the europe fadingfast. in theylittle to ease the the dow fell over at onstage. contributing to intel cuttingforecast.12,021 down1.3%. over ointsfriday.heck how stocks
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kicking off in selloff on cross-over ramin mellegardexchange. what >> very good morning to ai. let's this tuesday canarly following in u.s. markets.r 100 points morninthe ending positiveday, tradingange a tight range on we'll see howgoes. judgin reaction onmarkets, looks like convinced place for the eurozone saw a gold andcrude oilprices so of banki stocks stocks, and as youthere, aiintel about 4% a s following flo
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thailand, an track of the t well. currency ro telling us a the market euro falhen the yesterday in t3 levels. the they have exchange ra0 to the yen 105 euro. causing a little p ai?ramin, we have before has tothe past earnings. that is they may be de-listed if they how has it bading? >> crucial lot o since october we have since thel
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broke out.woodford came ban to from in town today. the80% at o but11 u 140%. b olympus will survivescandal, but it playsand before theow. the topix are botmorning. ks ramin mellega tokyo stock exchan mounting that britain may end the coun for containing the some in the rulin are critical of stance.t to brussels with onee, to protect national
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what i summit allons except britain agreed tohe treaty to boo fiscal t wfinancial activity vuln regulation nicolace told them ropes. one wants ais only interested in the benefit of a single e. time for aket figures.> that's
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the business. back to much araccident at japan's fuku areva is one leading nuclear energy its business activities include uclear reactors and rep firm announced on mondss of up to $1.6 billioays its nuclear energy buovements around the world triggered by tsays the construction of pressurized reactor, ha the paris bourse to sus ite. french media reported
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company has made n japan'et will prioritize recon it will also strive to cut the government's council on principles for the next japan' energy policy.d government bond issuant for this year. ment should limit new nds to 44 trillion yen or on. it say market trust forrnment is expected to ening this week. has to construction.
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the lower bill toagency. 200 poordinate the other m the tokyoploy 140 ill work at each the government plans to open the hopes to turn to fo ique perspectives on the ami. insi crisis. examines japan's effort don't miss "nuclear wa
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"the road ahead" on "newsline. > vestigat figure out was able than aars investment more than a we spoke to executive to story. olympus1995s he abouthamed say most luding unable to see indepen to found out some secretly losses. senior manageme was he says he was detect
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ing because other on the company'sded to a of had this ideaas they were doingnaging the divisions, they g their duties responsibilities. that our corporate was lo >> with the public has confidence. de-listed the tokyo sto translator: this is a
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40 s he loves finds in this >> translator: we all believewould prospe products with technology. it is too b that the called money game losses and month he a opes it will employees an the website, said theyt. they sayime to ch firm >> translator: the takeal of the co to thrwn wa pretending problems.tus are first half earningso
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meet a avoid from exchange. launchingnsport business successful liftoffs reaching an h 2 off chmonday attached s orbi it can objects as 1 meter on the ground ale to function through nt plans to another rllite. this would make obtainn earth ate a day. 19hes and one ten yearhistory. a 95% success rate is consideredptable
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standard for rams. >> translato agoal. were ableobjective. a class hurdles cleared befopace program isness. cost is billion yen the h 2 30% rockets. load is a major barrie designed to fourm shifted to tons or more. will be a korean satellite next a japaneseg group agreed maintainf arms.
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advice foreign de ministries met monday to restriction exports. keep the restrictions as somearty members are them maintain that firms can develop defense equipment with in other the project prolong they said class fig must bemsprojects. they sell for self defense to otherace keeping assistance. such operat to further odifying policy new standards on end sixth ars, so discontent is of the
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only been inffice for hk poll, hisuppt s cabinets than apprr the weekend. 37% of responden support the cabinet. thp 's a drop of 8 pointe by . among th no confidence in the go another 34% said it lacks the them.d defense minister affas minier kenji yao should moments against them ove of noda's plan to suax increase by march, b
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the march 11th disaster, t crisis. the charto all those stories. bond in japanese. thgthened, strained or evto selected kizuna on m word of the year.ries for its poll.s see how this word applies of 2011. kizuna describes what 11 earthquake, tsunami and the strong bonds between
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disaster, which left m 19,000 people dead or missing. th from their families, fme towns.ially. people workeaster.elp out. role in keeping people connected and informed. ombroad.ions sent donations, spersonnel for . the ongoing crisis at kizuna in japan. between authoritiesfrayed. electric power company s. they also grew frustraalt with the fallout fro
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ople across north africa and nd facebook to complainized protests and get th the pro democracy arab sprintunisia and people in egypt and those countries ana are still risking theithat steve jobs inventions. people bonded over the inder and former ceo of ap emotion around the world as loss of a man whrofile death
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prompted t we saw kizuna at play in t gathered together to celeba leader carried out the military ission. that tested the bond between the strained s forefr euro zone countries want to at bind them to save the the financial, social turmoheir between politicians and n, people are to bond over this architectural achievementokyo sky tree.
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broadcasting it opens on may 22nd. >> and we ho you the top stories from jan asia and aro clear blue ski let's get the bigger weather saki ochi. ancross the globe.rt off in asia and in the is cluste we have been keepipical depression in place number the next 24 houropical storm system. we
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oes remain largely off ttle bit more rain nam mainly for the bit stronger showers form today.philippines looking at a possibility of a thunder or two in at same also for the southern islands of japan but a largely dry picture for mu peninsula things do look qui as we head into the evenin can see a little bit more northeastern corner of china. ow flurries. keep an eye for japan enjoying widely art today. a little bit of snow showersering in tohoku area, but that's on its way out.y wednesday a little bit mor north or from the south, i ould say,
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so the pacific coast settled weather. tuesday'yo, 6 expected in seoul, 19 degrees expected in it's this southwest corner of there is a slow moving l widespread precipitation t rn over into snow. and we could be talking about of snowfall s a slow moving system. lingers in place. so snowfall do want to watch out for the rain extends into the stem. and you'll be lookinain, icy conditions are gern as we head into tuesday
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o.expected in atlanta.y a look at europe here. e particularly concerned once again impactiready been to see pretty gusty conditions you've got a series of storme next 24 hours, heavy be likely across much of the area while snow possir scotland. and also areas like th scandinaviandespread unsettled condesday's high looking fairly ero in moscow, up to
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5 degrees inhree-day outlook. ad story this hour, the a south koreanuched off
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diplo yellow sea. of a boat stabbed the wounded another. south korea's coa rules one captain and h fishing illegally the the officers inspect oast guard detotherfishermen. for maritime authovestigation into the illegal fishin currently opermits firearms self defense. are now rule. restricted use ofthe past this allowing their ofinspection. for this "newsline."
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o. thanks for joining us. captions by vitac --
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