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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 19, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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@ noc >>re tc om2 buy t-noc rec 2 it opts to pay billions to pul ívslbuívslbu@noc re@noc rec 2c 2 days until it bupayr@oll tanox c ax policy can be done twbuthe ki@nd of noacc t our economy off ofnoc rec 2it'sy businessívsl ívslbu@is is "nightu no c reanc @noc rec 2
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"nightly business report" ívslb2 captioning sponsnoc rec 2 >> tom: good eveóvnislining us. my colleóvslbu@óvslbu@noc rec 2 noc rec 2its neóv>> suzanne: tom, the earlyóe @ noc anred c an2other $1rum and g servicesc rec 2 >> tom: the de
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departmeóv ssluebud óvslbu@ summer.slbuthe fe@deral nococ mt merger. c 2a state@block nothc isre transactioalities of the u.s. wu more capacity to moúvresl wbuirelúvslbu@noc porter bibb is managbupart@ner 2 nice >> gree right úvsldebuci this almost $40úvslbu@ @o billion to walkúvslbu noectrum and andúvslbuittle doo@ c 2right decisionhoice.2y paintn if youbackúvslbuhen it wased,úv2
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everybody includingc rec 2 the said o hard look at it úvgoslinbug because whaavslbuavsl abunnoun@2 llrgest@noc re 4c g2, kind its andes forav slthbue@ avploding world of an@d smarnot c ph tom: so portet rec today, vreanc ag2ement on t at&t. i that missedav tslhebu theavslbu@noc at&t's cslbu@no lc asrec t2 this might well because they had toav @ll of the t towers.avslbu into newwiavthsl tbuheir@noc r spectrum. @ nojoc bsre.c 2 the dealnoc re2
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over wastition. everyone sawg to go up.avslbu g slbuand ev@erybodno not onlyslbu@ anondc rec 2 t justice department but sevbvst@2 ig deal executiveoned therec 2, >> tom: whbvatsl dbu >> ibvslbu@ hardslbu h@oenoc re2 billion. we just bvtoslbu@ @> tom fbvigslurbue. noc berecac in @ wrinotec rec a2telekom before the ec 2 calendar yeato cuff up. bvea slbu fee thbvslbu@ rec is going to losbu >>no tc haret c is2 ane confided had in regubvlasltobu said, back
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slbuit did@n't @oing to bebvslbu slbuhanging very defen actuallyv @ sec kicvslbu@noc re >> tom: so what's nextbu donoesc iret c go2 o c rethisno to continue to mee demand that continues to data s, >> i think thecvysl and i thinkcvslbu@ cvslbu@ $7noc rec up@noc rec 2 e but they woncompany.cvslbu and that mricvzeslbu@noc rec m. cv>>sl tbuom: become a case stur 2eal?cvslbu@noc rec
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noe year, the@ c 2in telecom and2 classic noc lutelypreciate the insight@e 2bi,-- bib-- partner ofc ec2h. >> suzannecalated today re@ject tnohac t rebic ll2, putt of the year-- oncenoc rec 2 buuse speakeutdvsl busl @ darren gersh looks at dvonslombr job creato extension at.dvslbu@ @> i've been aroune.dvslbu@noc n c rethc e 2road. rec 2dvslbu
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@reators in our econdvslbu non our economy.dvepslorbuter: 2 c 2lure to rs wi@ll go nobac cke of a few weeksevslbuevslbu@noc noc hey've depleyear@s 2because evrareisc es2 the risk there wir slbuevslbu@ >> it's anotevslbu@noc rec 2noc. this, with the sev slbu @ndev oslthbuers wo@uld panoyc
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2otice of.@noc rec 2r: the fore firm macroeconomic a growth of 2.3% next year.bu slbufvhesl pbuar, thatfvslbu@wov @halfno ac preerc ce2ody's ana2 payroll tax cut extension unemt fvslbuhat away and the risk offb lossesbudget policy if you don'o slbufvslbu@noslbu@noc rec 2f co, economists anoc rec 2 for all thise passed congress more fv how to do that.fvslbushfv, sl"nf
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tocks.e head of the european cel pe's economy "hifvghsllybu uncertain."fvslbu@nogvslbugvslbr gvslengvslbu @ shares.gvslbu no1.c 6 rebic ll tended into the gold market close bu $1,597 an ouncegvsl noc bu@ nomec tarel.c 2 and many investorsc rec 2 its luster.ller reports.gvslbu the quiegvt sltrbuading @at theo york gold pits today that it ig2 ma
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gvslflbuoor tr@ader mnoihc irre c re from profe to take profits at c 2 >> there's p now because the s&p is down onhu hvslbu@noc performing that well2 managersever they can. >> reporte jewelry hvuyinghvslbu@ holiday gifts.hvslbu@noc , wh@i2 pressure for gold prhvicslesbu i fact that the physical deman slbuthat w@e tendno of year out of india, ouhvchsli2 noc old is@ @the downside pressu
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so far this month,hvslbu@noc ret @noc rec 2 c 2 ivslbuivslbu@noc steeper declig average. below 1600.ivslbu 26, 2 and continue tconsidered theiv uslle bue plivsl innostc abreil korea an@noc rec 2 some analysts 2ve a positive fot we expect prices tivslbu@no2,00v 20@12.noc rec 2
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no c 2are going to surpa highs that have bet, ivslbuold jewelry in yt be bu@noc rec 2noc rec 2noc htly bs jvweek-long look at busine bubujvslbu@sl dononac tirengc m2ilnoc rec 2 l here at the big board.jv >> tom: he has y although majvy2 2etween the usuanoc rec europe's economy about bank
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c 2lcobujvslbu@slbu@noc re optimism anto nonec garetic ve2u bu@noc rec 2s on the market. 2t's now down tonoc rec level since latete the federal reserve ma requirkvin mokvslbu@ buinside@ the dnoowc irendc usy volu the decline also takes b. kvo a kvslbu@ c oc reeported earlid itkvs sl$e closc 2 announci kvslhe towel. at&t stock was slbukv @closnoinbu@noc rec 2
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dunoc rec 2 after news t-mobile skvsl up almost 8%.lvsu if thelvresl hbuad b and t-mobio noc number three wirelesslbu@no@ 2the market w2ed fund following the lvslbulvslbu@no lowest price sslbu@noc rec 2 as china's economysoutnoh c kors lvolking of a weaker china,lvme. th@at hurnot c u.res.c s2teel s
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dynamics-- down almost 8% and c 2respectively.lvslbucs @ an outlvloslokbu well @belownu noc wec d2id seeness.noc rec 2@ 2 of eldorado fell hard-- @lume tnoric plreedc , 2with th. inch, bucutt@ mvslbu@noc rec ng 20%.@noc rec 2 c ou2nts and higher royaltyn mvslbumvslbu@noc weno'lc l rehac ve2 more on a coming up c rec 2d that's tonigt
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mvslbumvslbu@noslbu@noc rec 2noe 2jill malandrino is with theec nvslbu agriculture commoditiesslnbu@no2
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rec tom. ter is t global slum there are somenvinteresting bri that@noc rec 2 de ever and that2your basic story.pply r noc whbuy ther@e inonsc te equi@ 2comp, for examplenoc rec 2 ev farmers still have, lookovsla continuing to grow.ovtuslrebu@ n 2050 and global needs toovsl b my mind,bu @thenoc rec 2 u where it's pricednoc rec 2 this
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arm landov slthbu. so you likeovslbu@ pick. c 11@noc re c be2en downpvslbuf groupvp slyobuu want@ to beno iu nonotc re oc n2ly mosaic pricedt eight t repor trad@ed fisnocac relc 2 year ana enostc imreatc es2 it ust from if theypver pvslbu@ buidance lookspvsl cononfc idreenc definitely goin2 nk there is a lc rt2unity here bece of. ong-termpvslbu have good>> tom: pvjislllbu, dov
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sh@ort ornoc rec 2 >>noc re,c 2 yo at theaye link on our web site u c 2andrino withqvslbuqvslbu@noce >>or tomorrow: we'll see horedec rs2 broke gron perator carnival, food co giant nike. also tomorro easier fqvorsl mbuge can help t2 slrebugional@ supernomac rkreet2 the qv @nedqvslbu@noc redslixbuie oper@ rec th2roughout tc 2
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slbuom: saudi prince alwalhas sv near 4% stake in the company.no2 the billionaire princeing durine the 140-character tweetsrv t rec bu@rvslbu@noc investments @and nenowsc creoru
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busvsl slnoco fo@undatinoonc ires c he2re sovereign twist on a holiday@no2 >> sv zone, not a bankerown.svslbuigs with all sincerity, in hopesicue c 2 state but all snug in their bedu nobucovery@ c 2was trnohec rerec 2 as united, or so itsvsl see c redream.@noslspbuain an@d greo cross-holding sovee too big to .
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father christmas, is their pitiful sound. in london, tsvslbuthsveslbu@nocl tvslst @pi relitvslbu@noc rec 2, some@noc 2 it they stole his bones awa, whiche tourism today on the adriatic sea.tvslbu buday's sovereigtvsl annogrc because bu noisc nreauc gh2ty. productive workers inoc rec 2 with sma christmas vatvcasl i'm tim kane.tvslbu@ >> suzanne: and finally,ivintvgn @noc rec 2 we'll look at hoc rec 2 entrepreneur
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"conscious capitaltv."slbutakes @s ttvslbu noslbu@noc rec 2s used buoks and donoc rec 2uvsl is an orphanage of sorts foruvs by the h sonortc edre, c re2cycled, reso donated to2 better world's shelves a crammed uvwislthbu sombacks, wi" university of nebraska or who noows uvsl a bookyep it'suvslbue c 2of better world's io of formf idea for the company in theiore noney selling their xtbooks ove@
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c 2summer, afrerc 2 book sold" aand ship the later i sold another boouvslbuvr noc d madeslewbu and u@sed 2e company donated roughly $2 @noc rec 2 tounwanted vv c yerearc s 2for the 20,000 boot >> these books will end up in landfills. slbu money, i would say vvdoslllbuars a @year >>no rc epreorc te2r: better wo2 the employee-ownproviding more p @1%.vvslbu@noc bu c rec 2-half to find a job, let
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vvslbuonvve sli @ wvslbu@noc rec g.noc rec 2 the books don't talk back >> reporne a few wvslbu@wvslbu @noc rec 22ed >> how many people hav benefited, do you wvslbu >>u knwvowsl.bu no>>c riness report," mishawaka,bu@noc rec 2 >> suzanne: tomorrow night, asno c 2takes us to a coffee importe nscious capital" allwvslwvslbu@. c rei'c m 2suzanne pratt. night to you too, >> tom good night everyon we hope to see all of you agwvsu 2
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rec 2xvslbuxvslbuxvslbu@noslbu@2 caxvslxvslbu@ xv bu @media noacc ceressc g@noc 2
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