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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 27, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> what we've seen ív[lting witív[la pretty resili @money,no ac ndre town throughot this week.c se2ason may feeling than they ív[lcu it's "nightly business rday, dí 2 "nightlyív b[luscuinív[lcu@no c2
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óvaptioning sponsored by wpnoc , ev@eryoneno my colleague[lcu@noc rec 2 american con@noc rec 2e been in in eight mone conferenc, be@noc rec 2ng22 in november. ter cu@noc rec 2reports.c rec 2ullys >> reporter: two day for retailers, and i óv[lcu@no[lhocuw@noc rec 2
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nolly a season it was, e@ c 2indications are po óvúv[lcu@ty resilient consumer t c reúvy.[lcu@no throughout tug@h thisno wc eere2 sales,2 @xúv[lcuúv[lcu@noc c reyec ar2's 5% show 2nline shoppers were temrec research firm comscoreed forúv[u úv se@asonno. still, it cu@noc rec 2rch groupg cuúv[lcu@nol sears and k-úv[lcu@ rec co2target.noc rec 2ill, las@
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but theytheiúvr [lsacuvings @ore c remoney.av[lcu@no c 2s, and that's worrisome.@noc2 credit cards, and i'm sure we'cd spaven[ldicung fbe savings. >> rep avdi[ldncu't fin@d dealnos >> this was th[lcu@noc rec 2 smart phones and tnoc rec 2 providing an av al store.av[lcu@ wave [larcue m the beginnin@noc rec 2 the wayce become an ev deavst[lincuatav[lcu@no c reemed and so much dat[lcu@no noc rec 2 @hey did dur dass, "nightly busu
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av[lcu@noc rec @noc rec 2bv[lcud he dow lost two points,ction.bvl as forbv[lcu@nohortened trading 2eek.[lcu@noc rec 2tano cc lare rally.thebv[l[lcu@ thbv[lcu@noc rec 2gnor, chief m2 have you wbv[lcu@ are we goithe? what do you think?cuve@ snoeec a it already if you look at rec mu2chin the bv[l get another percentwo head
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[lcu@noc rec 2 theupnoc re c toe and bounced over cu so.bvcv[l >> i think thecan stcvar[lcut t dececu@ granondc rec 2 schemc ra long as it'scv[lcu [l tocv @seriounos c caresec w2 market2 sh a little but a her, hard cv[lusie: do you thi @ becv[l cuon@ inonc re or will we@noc rec 2 fromrecrc is2is. >> i don't cu majcv[lcu@noc dow iscu@ sno&2 reat.c cuyou fi@x theno cc riresic s2p
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dv[lcu fix @>> i dnoonc 'tre i'm sor tow say@noc rec 2rec 2 polititicians, and are policy dvto[l dcuea a [lcumaybe @there no little [le a it doesn't overnight, anddve gluedv[lcu that@ together todv @ tnohec rec 2 future. >>rec 2the u.s. i ket?dv[lcu@cal sc bedv[lcu a
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noc headwind, @noc rec 2 we're heading intoc rec 2 year. you'ev r[lepcuub is going to be2 inability for co@tonoc rec 2 me did was tax @y fixede.ev[lcu@hs[ rec thre@noc rec 2 the road asc do. >>rying to figure with [lcu they be? ev[lcu@l? @eep them i oevr [lcu noc goreldc on that? @ rec to2 have a combination. bonds, stocks, someev g[lolcu.
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noc rec 2 to but in the scheme i tofv[lcu some gold. fv[lcu @the to you. c rehankfv[lcu@no fv[lwe@speakinongc wreitc h 2r. rel today on risingr blocfvki[l c ree shipments.cuame on@noc reo report we told you abouttors in commodities another wild ride infv t[lhe [lcocuuld be@ volatnoilc e rein @head because of uncer noc ovreerc g2lobal economic2ke outlook.fv[lcuy at home and inl2
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the reuters jeffer15% from its d @uffeted the commoditigv[lcu noc thre rec 2ash asc rec 2tm $1,400 an ounce at the bgv[lcu , thengv b[laccuk down@ to ar[lcur gviefingnoc rec 2ld @noc rec 2fidence bullishness i and that the f there but if ygv[lcu @
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strappedhv[lcuhv[ltion roughly % 2@ thehv u[l.scu. this@ y.hv[lc tober.210 a barrel in may they've be recent economy hvis[l icumprovi@hv[lcug the middle east. roughlyhv[lcu [lcu @timeno, c going to get[lcu@noc rec 2noc r2 hv[lst and shers ahv[lcuotentiae @new [lcu@noc rec 2o sales and the@ rec se2edlings of a man
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renaissance in the u.s.2ff next year.hv[lcuryover stocks ofhv[lr rec [lcu@noc rec 2noc south america an iv[lpe for mucivh @hay ivma[lkicung chi@na nernov >> they've been very act@noc re2 they've been a little morec s2g c reee china get worriiv[lcufooo pr@noc rec 2c 2 >> reporter: the m.fso weigh one commodituptcy and mi iv[lmacuke about pouring moneiv[lcu@rook, 2 his outlook for technology iivn@
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rec ab2out the housing ma standard and poo home price index jv[lcu@noc rec @ noc >>re rc ep2orter: across d . the closely jv[lcu itno fc of @those no20c rec 2te not hit bottom and these numhavu >> reporter: atlanta led cudecl@ine almost 12%jv[lcu@noc rec @noc r2 blitzer blamed poor cons low cof foreclosed h >> anybody who jv[lng a house loo it vjver[ly cuhard t@o convnoine himself that homo up@.noc rec 2
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in fact, looking at thesrec 2 jv[ln further. for cuare stilkvl[lcu@nollected, bl. @noc rec 2 "meandering"kv[lcu [lcu @smalnol c loressc let's "@noc rec 2c 2 of the day with the sectorerkv[ @hittnoinc g rea c ne2w high f that just tellc rec 2hesekv[lcuo cully. lanostc six s2es sector has been the best@mer on, soouthern
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cucomp@an noc cu@ rec to@rs arenoc rec 2ng up uti2 noc of thelv b[ligcu[@ 2noc rec 2 sears were dowlvn [l the lvst[loccuk trad@ing .lv[lc2 it opened the year at $73, and2. whirlpe[lcu the applianclv[lcu noculpool @tumblenod c alremoc , losingnoc rec 2 at $46lv[l lv was a mixed bag th@e[lcu@noc rec nd targeu
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g itmv m[laycu@noc re nose an importcu@ c 2contnoc rec 2 itit was a better day mvfo[lcur sharehmv[lcu@nocuth@e stocnok cf company said tests showed c rebac ct2eria in a tch of the mv[ld at $69, itsbiggesmvt [lino[lcu@noc rec 2 15% ino dt and otmvhe enfamil formmv[lcu@ and finally, mcdonald'[lcu the stock inched[lcu@noc rec 2m2
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en arches.p more than 30%, theml mv[lcu@[lcunv[lcu nothc year?noc rec 2 not surprisingly, it's bank 60%.nv[lcu@nv[lcu@noc rewo@ weem that's when tech companies from that's when tech companies fro d services.r [lcutech guy kawa nvhe[l wcuas app@le's cno[lcu@n2 noc rec 2art of changing hearts2 @pnoc re oc 2n it's an for >> as long as you don't me updidnv[l aculread
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that. nostenet nv[lcu@ c logy. c ca2reer there.c 2 ofc re whatpectov[l cufrom ovth steve terms eistingov[lcu@ov[lcu i@phonesne 2no longer with to death, clearly ovnov[lcu next no@o. steady stream ofnoc rec 2 rec p a inch ipad. tv the last markets thould ov[ladcudres good time appovle[ ovnd growthing tovo[lcu@ conome cu@no ac re c fe2wstarted off a2
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started off weird thing on the s mos now mainstre@ cuperiment wpv[l tonoc red also peop@ noc ouret c ho2w social are interested jobs, and job @ is a itpv's[l gcuoing t@onoc 2 one of myializes in teaching anraining pv[lcu tho street. there arpv[lcu@ rec jo in it. @noc rec t2o in your career. >> see e we talkingpv t[licume@noc ne. b@e talnokic ngre c 2 ofc rec @
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rec po2int $200 subsidized book pfrns. that people are qv[lbocuoks mayqv[lcu the @noc c re[lllcu @no i think and literacy in genhat aboutqv[2 can we qv friend ofmine,qv[lcu@qv[lcu@ techsumer orientedso i think get outqv thewas aqv[lcu@qv[lcu2
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c 2 a s up with cu susie:rv[l thinkitrv[lcu nenoxtc how all @noc rec 2 >> thank you. c cirealc ly2 for the ne >>ie: we'vepeaking rvwi[lthcu g author enrvch[lancutment.@rv[lcu@noc r2 here's what we'r@a linoghc t rec we'll ication in the nrvew[l and forecasting for 2 rv[lcuesrv[lcu@no the federal r2 he nominated har@noc rec 2
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je 51-year-old advisor to the treasur secretary admistrationrv[lcu cupresident also nomsv[lcusv[lcl fonormc erre pc rijay" powell te board.@ponowec llre ic s 258. he was treasury undersec during the administratt george n the early[lcusv[lcu@noe administratins.@noc rec 2c rec t [ @it health care[lcu@nocy collected. sv[lcu@sv[lcu@noc re@v
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tv[lcu@tv[lcu@noc re new spirit o@noc rec 2's todd be cu[l kindtver[lgacurten"?@noc shouldn't democrats and[lblcuic2
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c gr2ew too comfortable decisiov [lcu answer ronald reagan.uv[lcu@uv[u nococ nvreicc ti2@noc rec 2 cummy cartery to take a chance l @ fa roouvse[lvecult.@noc re @dr had charisma, bucu noc trreiec d 2to stanoc rec 2es embraced h2012 will not be tuvh noericans are [lcu@noc rec 2 we've got tough choices. handle. uv[lcu@and it certainly doesn't @for noa c 23re6-c ye2ar old co2
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statespayouts.uv[lcuuv[lcu@no foot@noc rec 2 reatc w2hethero many bowl gamew vv[l cuvv[lcu@noc carolina, one of 35 bowlcu rerec, it gives 70 s2 [lu understand the difference.a@ @noc rec 2 rec 2the most prolifl fans. [lcus.vv
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cu[l of@ exposnourc e rebyc t2ostito c 2 years advantage for newwv[lcu championship a wee wv[lfrcuom now@. important,wv ch@arlottnoe,c arec 2lion economic imp@ noc rec 2when you bowvtt[lomcu line,@noc times o2 tnoc rec 2 rit economic stimulus get excite gameswv o[l very imp. wv[lcu@ ricnok c horerrc @noc r2 >> susie: theport" for tuesday, dece good night, everyone. tomorrow night. [lcuxv[lcu@no[lcu@noc rec 2noc 2
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