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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  January 10, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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ív of@f in snotoc sury market @y the end ojabicvt. noc wirethc t2hat,ill end the r oit..25%stnoabc roreokc a2t thn
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ívter a year of naturalou how cm ie: it's "nightly business this is "nívigjahtcvly bus@in and tom hudson. ívjaiscv made @possibnolec bro >> susie: good evening everyone. jacvstocks@ ws for a positive óvjacv@noc re in@ed 70 nopoc inretsc .22p dayv questioning their love forjartc2 even the year met withns bond iv
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óvsujazacvnne pr@att renopoc rt2 something of a mix2 that hasvestment offices like thi of dollaúvjacvúvjacv@noc re still enamored of bo@noc rec 2r2 about 10ks.nt bondsúvjacvúvjacv for that reason, some expertsjae úvja >> you no longeran peripheralsúe coúvjacv@noc rec all of that in an environm mor@2 supportive of no.c rec 2nbout a c cv@novúvjacv@
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2stil econnohoc -hreumc .2 >> what is interesting ithe trev anavd,ja icvn part@icularno, c . noasc freorc w2here yield year, experts are all over tc rv avja>>cv repor@ter: bnoy c the cv@noc rec 2noe c furendc i2s g on t@he othnoerc hreanc d,2 gn2 >> reporter: beinner says th low as 1.5%. anavsite direction, that coulavjacv if avweja gcvet int@e rec 2tion that's emanati@noc re2
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emanating from the ud happen, av likeavjacv@ rec might be a good sellingcv@noc rr c 2 re mind is bvwhjaatcv t plans to do with interis year, y nobvjacv @ suzann rec @nocv lazard capital mbvjacv@nojacv@n2 c re's the lazard asset@no 75% stocks and 25% bond last yey bvjacv@ munochc ,rec year to@noo much. te believe it's time to over bondholdings. cv>>at,
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cv@noc rec t2oacv term@noc revt this money in the nenovec rec 2a we've had acvjacv@ ijd through 20 126789 tharn that'p inflammation forr thingcvjacv@jt c rebac ck2 on what's bond bubble and gettease which o cvded re@mecvjacv@ no60c %re actually papers the re.c s.2redc 2 that's 10 that's the two to think is locvjacvclose to tel lookingat,noc rec 2vjacv @equite
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what's the mix ther growth dynami next year is going tcv u.s.cvjacv@ that have a majdvorjaitcvy@noc r noemc erregic ng2 markets toc rec 2 u.s. do in th or more in markets beif cv forja ifno yc ourec 2 expoenoc rec 2 e rec folks doill@noc rec 2pacing. you're thinking of i dividends or dvfajactcvor factors for wedvjacv @heardnohe consume2 shoppingnoc re hc a2ve cons companies doin
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is the victoriadvjacvt bed,dvjacv@noc y does well and do dependenevtjacv or missed 40nues tmainstevrejaamc2 cvother company doesgood economa evonsumer di@scretinoonc arrewe have lessd evjacvevjacv@noc re@noc rec 2 ce selectio puts someone elseevjacv
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nnoc rec 2 thoshere is not, thankie: thanr appreciate you. evoufvjacv >> sfvusjaiecv: we @we artfvja2 >> reporter: ie north american internatstill ahead, japanese ao year of natural nosasterfvjacvs infv njaewcv@ c re @noc rec 2c 2 fvjacv fvjacv@noc he g.o.p.cvh@noc rec2 determinnoc rec 2 south carolina has state where . fvjabucvt this@ year,no @eports, the shift frofvjacv c rehac mp2rossnoinc g rea c lae
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economic div shake the last handshe presidenv c 2 rec hampshire and socomes down in tre tc he2 figure is gvja cv median incgvjacv@noc cv to so@ua c jal cvgrow b@y 2%noc re ugvnif c reo state "very delica there is, hoand south carolina aregvjacv@
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@hat's the pgvjacv c rewhc @noc rec 2sues facing the in new ham2 economy and jobs are the jacvnation's bhvigjagecvst cvdarr@en gernoshc recn noc rec 2 com," "dot net digital curveball hvjacv hve ac@cept thursday for a batchhvjacv@noc 2 as sylvia haity forhvcv poses c c reallenges to prothvecjat c2 internet as a world of a cviform "dot com."or dot net.hva ican@n, theno oc rgreanc iz2atar
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add hundreds, or evensands, of @ cv this herahvja donomac inre nc significant new2 of top-level dom jacvcvs webiv @addrno languages and nejacv@noc rec 2n. critics worry the aps will opene name-grab where company their p2 >>national advertisers has joinv iv>>ja wcve have@ come no proposal to icann ivjacv@noc re2 yonoc rec 2 for br want to use thei
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top-level domaivivjacv@ iv th@eir nanomec oren c >> repor o@n thosnoc erec 2 but the names ar2 grjvjacv it cosjvjacv@noc re@noc rec 2 have to pay $25,00c 2 karen bernient apply for ojvnejo jacvng to take, say,jv are coca cola are going to be tein says jvthjaecv apter for trademarks. 2njv ojaf cva web @addresnos c laws@noc rec 2 she thinks t report," washington.jvjacv@ a lot of buzjvjacv@noc reen@ th2
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c 2 german in jeopardy. regulators in europe cvpl cvja mononoc porebut @sharesno oc f n tonighkvjacvkvjacv@noc @noc rec2 kvjacv@noman sachs,jad cvj.p. m2 fitch ratings suggkvjaing progr@ david riley, the head of fitch" @nwinding of noc lered c to2 the crisi c derway... re bc eg2in to easeo
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the cooint@ing finonac ncreiac 2 resignation of its financial officer.but a differeo jacv the exercise apparel companylv earnings guidance thanks toh-2 although the stock has been on t janocvw take@ a loonok c atre t, tiffany.@noc rec 2 its stock fell 10.5%rec 2tradin. lvjaeacvrnlvjacv@ the u.s. and europe.jacv@noc re2 several technology f@ earninong- quarter rethe firmlv sjaaycvs dd lvja
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@sharesno uc p realc @noc rec 2d its fourth th is reporlvtijangcv weamvjacv@noe decline of@noc rec 2 c t that drop is mild compre to the 28% decline in webmet prr noc rec 2noc rec 2 biggest losers fomvjacvmvjacv@noc cv@noc rec 22
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nvja>>cv susie@a comeback nvja, reboundin @asia.noc rehe north americancv2 nvtroit, they rolled out morenod there's another problem thatalef nv nvjacv@utonvjacv@ rethe company's best- hav@e a m2 rec 2 japane jacvar of natural disanv cvja @anolec
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noc >>re wc e'2re here toonda i2 again firing we're back to nvjacvnvjacv@no we're cv>>@ repornotec r:re dc s noc rec 2 the indust jacvovjacvile u.s.ov @rivanos like the chevy rec e.ovdljay cvalone @in itsno cv@noc rec 2ost of the japaovnes still,c rec 2 that could be evs exporting ovprjaodcv aovjacv@ja.
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>> reporter: nissan ag movorjae tennessee. gnreedc p2athfinder, chairman andc pvjacv says, by the the the amount of pvprjaodcv here from 75% pvjacv@pvisja acvn pv is to gopvjacv@ pvu know, in@ chinano, c yoreu c if you su cars@ in thnoe c unreitc ed2 states.c 2 still, design and techas importv noday toyotapvjacv@noc ncept-- @ c 2hy opernoatc iorensc s2ays toyotac
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to help it qvjacvqvjacvithqvjacv@no c et@ition.noc rec 2 for us that hybrid tech like the toyota camry and hondav >>no sc usreiec : 2here's what e we'll get nation's regional ecoe cvearn@ lennar.also tqvomjaorcvrow, m@io
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noc rec 2 qvjacvqvjacv@cvword@no@ rec th2e food aesting of orange reice imc at just over $2 a pound. juice maker reportedlevels of fn cvjacvrvja ange producer.rvjacv@noc rec 2@ 2
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>> susie: the n.f.l. this weekee field? jacvthy is thesv ljaeacvgue's@nv @has nowoc n re13c l2@ tonignoe
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@ith packers c.e.o. svjacv amsv'sja rcvecent @sale onof c 2 from ourtvjacv@tvg jathcve c cv@ 1no8c 5,re00c 0 2in t we'renoc rec 2 and i'm reallysed with it ittv n bodes welltvjacv@ p @>> ricnok:c rewhc at2es do y. cv restvjacv othertvjacv@ teama
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tvtjacv@noc rec 2 tv's nowuvja 2cv7.5@lly is kinda c cvday@ fnounc economy, it @bit nobuc t reac 2 tou evenrec. what uvmojadecvl survive in afuvja acvll@ wi jacvrship suv that help us in one of@ bennoef@ uvjapacvrticul@arly wnohec @noc rec 2 is onrec 2 payrollask
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organization. that's overociald term is really gefit vvjathcve packers. lotvvjacv@noc connection tov@noc rec 2 thhenothc errec 2 it facebook ot vvjamucvrphy c@eo ono green bayv cvthan@k you novec ryre mc uc2 pleasure.@noc rec 22 >> susie: back now to oumany inr sloan, is among them. jastcvocks ne" mavvgajazicvne.@noc >> the hot investment ja @older nopec oprelec a2ndg stov
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vvjacv@noc rec r 3% seems like 2for a while because, as you see, i'm sort of old. not retiwvrejad,cv t bund you showvuljad,cv too.@jac2 no a stockholder, yo@r c 2shares fall, butincome.uns ie capital, your divi cut, owvr jadicvsappwvjacv@nouro rec so2 if you go the dividend a wvjarsif @don' and remember that, reglewvjacv@a
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>> susie: that's "ni @ everyone. cv10. we hope to seexvjacv@noc rerepos made possicv@noc rec 2c rec 2 t v media access group at xvjacv@je 2
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