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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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welcome to news line. it's thursday, october 3rd. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. workers at the fukushima nuclear power plant have discovered more radioactive water leaking from a storage tank.
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it's believed the water may have flowed throw a drain and into the pacific ocean. managers say that the contaminated waters caped from the upper part of the storage tank. they tested the water and say it contains 200,000 beck rales. the safety limit is 30 per liter. the tank is located about 200 meters from the shore. it and others are surrounded by a barrier. managers say they're stepping up measures to prevent more >> ten ko officials revealed the cause of a leak. they're blaming miscommunication with a subcontractor. workers with the subcontractor were mopping up rainwater left
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behind last month by a tropical storm. the water became tainted after it accumulated inside the barriers. the workers pumped it into another tank. but about five tons overflowed a seeped into the ground. the workers sent the water to a small tank by mistake. the level of radiation was 13 times higher than the government safety limit. as they deal with problem after problem, they're trying to show another one of their nuclear plants is problem free. they're preparing to restart two reactors providing the units meet tougher operating standards. all new safety features will be completed by next march. crews are installing air filter systems that would release
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pressure in the event of an emergency. workers have built a new cooling water reservoir. it's capable of storing 20,000 tons. the reservoir can be used if reactors or need to be cooled down in an emergency. they decided on wednesday to start their safety assessment of reactors six and seven of the plant. they'll make sure that the unit passes the safety standards they put in place in july. representatives from pacific rim countries have met more than a dozen times to work out a free trade deal and they want to hurry things along. >> goz morning. they're trying to reach a basic agreement by the end of this year. there's also a summit comes up next week. they have a lot to prepare for. ministers for the nine countries
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negotiating are resuming talks. they're trying to reach a broad agreement before their leaders meet next week. negotiators are trying to narrow their differences on difficult issues, regarding the protection of patents and copy writings. he will seek common ground in separate talks with michael froman an other ministers. tyke for a check on the marks. politicians in washington still can't find a way out from the budget stanoff even on the second day of a government shutdown. u.s. markets have lowedser since this impact. the nasdaq ended down almost one-tenth of a percent. to see how markets are reacts in japan, let's go to the tokyo
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stock exchange. good morning. events in the u.s. are dominating markets. how did the tokyo market start? >> yes, indeed. a lot of investors concerned about the impasse in congress over the budget and the debt ceiling issue. let's have a look at how it affecting us. yet again, the i have to say we're seeing a bit of a reversal from the gains that we made in september and already we've seen heavy losses of over 300 points just yesterday with having its biggest point fall in more than a month. now another topic here in tokyo is going to be the bank of japan begins its policy board meeting and that's going to be a focus
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of course. continues concerns about new 0 contaminated water leeks at the fukushima plant may also weigh on sentiments and we'll be tracking utility shares and see how those trade today based on that. >> meanwhile, the dla remains under selling pressure of of the budget woes. the euro jumped. where are we this morning? >> that in fact jumped to an eight-month high following the central bank policy meeting on wednesday where they revealed few concerns about the recent gains. doctor yen, 97.33 to 35. the dollar remains weaker after it showed that fewer workers
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were added in september. all of that ahead of the main jobs number tomorrow which may not be released if the labor department remains shut. that's going to be a big focus. as far as direction from the indexes, kos by will be closed today for a national holiday. we'll see if that gives me direction. but i'm looking at the levels right now and we're still a little bit mixed. we'll see how the day develops. back to you. >> thanks a lot for that update. and markets in australia also opened. i'll leave you with a check on those.
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the security situation in the asia pacific region is about to be the focus of attention at a meeting in tokyo. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and chuck hagel are in japan that ie eel be discussing the realignment of u.s. forces in the country. they'll meet with the foreign minister and defen minister. the four will discuss transferring more training flights from okinawa to other locations inside or outside of japa japan. but people in okinawa have been protesting for a review. the ministers will talk about security in the asia pacific region. japanese officials are warning
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that the situation in the area is becoming increasingly uncertain. they'll discuss north korea's nuclear and missile. >> they're trying to restart the negotiations on the north program. the party talks have been stalled for five years. stephen bos worth met on wednesday on the heels of talks. leon segal also attended. >> from washington's standpoint they need some assurance that concrete steps will be taken. >> segal said those steps would be accept nuclear inspectors. authorities in pyongyang have insisted there should be no conditions placed on the
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conditions of the talks. they've agreed to launch a pre-emptive strike against the north should they see definite signs it's about to use nuclear weapons. defense secretary chuck hagel met with his korean counterpart. officials in seoul agreed to mobilize their militaries to prevent a nuclear attack. >> north korea's policies and provocations pose a serious threat to regional stability and global security. >> u.s. leaders raised their alert level against north korea after it launched a rocket in test and conducted a nuk test in february. they now regard the north as a direct threat to the u.s. mainla mainland. a territorial dispute involving japan an china has
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left relations between the two neighbors an all time low. but that hasn't stopped a group of the chinese to organize an event. officials at the china japan friendship association are planning to hold the celebration in beijing later this month. the association is chaired by a former p.m. the organizers want to improve relations and expand economic ties. an event to mark the 30th anniversary was held at the great hall of the people in beijing in 2008. about 500 people from both countries atended up clugd the japanese p.m. rime minister at time. they say they're selecting members of their delegation to attend the function. chinese state run military has shown footage of a military drone that the country claims is one of the most advanced.
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china central television broadcasts video of the drone in flight. an engineer involved in the development said the drone has a wing span of 14 meters and can fly for 20 hours without refueling. it's fitted with missiles and has a camera to film targets on the ground. last month more than 30 types of unmanned aircraft were displayed at an aviation expo. a chinese drone was spotted for the first time last month over the east china sea near japan's air space. mourners have been paying their respect to a brave woman who died trying to save a life. she was killed at a r railroad crossing south of tokyo trying to drag an elderly man to safety.
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the 74-year-old man was stranded at the crossing on tuesday when she ran to help him. she was hit by a train. he was hospitalized with a broken collarbone and other injuries but is reportedly out of danger. she lives in the neighborhood and was waiting to cross in a car driven by her father. >> narrator: he jumped out of the car and ran to the crossing. she said she had to rescue the man. >> strangers have been visiting the site with flowers to mourn her for the last two days. a japanese gymnast has made his mark on the sport at the age of 17. in the floor exercises on monday, he became the first gymnast in the world to do a backwards somersault with a twist.
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but he wasn't finished there. he also performed the first ever twip l twist in the vault competition. a korean gymnast successfully executed it the day. the new gymnastics moves are given to the athlete who executes it for the first time in the olympics. the sha ryan was built over 2,000 years ago. it's dekated to a goddess. her name translates as magnificent goddess who lights the heavens. the priests move a symbol of the goddess to a similar shrine.
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we were there for the proceeding. >> i am at the sbrens of the shrine one one of japan's most sacred places. on other days people with worship here. but tonight the most important ceremony of the entire area is taking place. only people with special permission are allowed inside. a new sanctuary for the goddess is built for each ceremony. this goes back to 1,300 years ago. it's reaching its climax tonight. why this ceremony started is actually unknown. some say it is to preserve the traditional techniques of shrine construction by building an identical structure next to the
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old one over and over again. others say the aim is to constantly redesign the shrine so that it will not decline. this began eight years ago. it started with cutting down a japanese cyrus. the trees grow in a specially sacred forest. the ceremony to transfer the symbol to the new shrine was completed a short while ago. at 1:00 this afternoon worship at the shrine was closed to the public. at 6:00 this evening,
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signaled the entry of the people. the procession made its way toward the old sanctuary. at 8:00 p.m. after nightfall preess carried the symbol behind a white silkscreen from the old sanctuary to the new one. at the very same time in the imperial palace in tokyo, the emperor played his part in the ritual. this man is an architect. he's taken part in the last two rituals as a special worshipper. he conducts research into the shrine. >> it's very important because i think this is the only place in the world where we have an event like this, a tradition like
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this. of course in other parts of the world buildings have been reconstructed but it's never on a regular basis where every 20 years the buildings are recreated and where there is a chance to keep the ancient traditions, to keep that alive and thriving. so we have some of the best carpetry in the world. >> the eight-year ritual will come to an end in four days every year fathers in one japanese city turn a school classroom into a haunted house.
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their aim is to give kids a bit of scary fun and teach some important life lessons along the w way. >> it's time for class. what horror lurks at schools today. would it have been better to stay home? this elementary school is haunted temporarily. the ghosts and demons are played by local dads. 11 years ago the fathers formed the group to strengthen school and community ties. they've staged this annual event ever since. the haunted haus carries a message. the fathers choose a theme they think is socially useful. the ghosts of past hauntings
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have taught the value of taking on a challenge or of human relationships. this year the team is more straightforward. >> translator: my son brings his friends to my home but they rarely great us. >> translator: they never great strangers it's just normal for them. >> translator: maybe we set a bad example. >> translator: are we responsib responsible? >> the lesson is the importance of greetings. it's a timely topic as many people say japan is losing its community feeling. >> translator: we hope the kids with learn the basics while they're still in elementary school. we would like to see everyone in our community greet each other. >> the school helps them set up the haunted house on the
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premises. they work fast. in only three hours they transform five classrooms and the corridor into a scene of ghoulish terror. as the children are outside, the dads get fired up. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the haunting begins.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> after the ghostly lessons you could say an almost super natural change affects the children. they begin greeting the ghosts on their own. >> translator: we want to continue these events where we teach the children something while they're having fun. >> people tend to remember things vividly when they're scared. the fathers can be confident
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their lessons are getting through. all right. well powerful storm is headinged towards southern japan. >> all right, catherine. we have a severe tropical storm. again you can kind of see the eye wall, it's not really defined but it will become a strong system. as of now a severe tropical storm status. looks like it will become a typhoon. but by the time it reaches the lands it will become 200 kilometers an hour. after this trek, this is quite indecisive. it might go towards western japan, eastern coast of china or or taiwan. we'll keep a very close eye on this system for you.
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another system developed over far out in the pacific. this looks like it will be reaching towards the nairian that islands as we prokbresz through today and into tomorrow. it looks like it has a high chance of becomes a transport storm status in the near future. the storm system which passed through this region is now in the east of ho kye da. it's still packing gusts quite strong and bringing heavy downpours, about 18 mill meres of rain has been falling in the past 24 hours. so additional rain could trigger flooding. and also due to the high tied, both combined with the high waves up to about 3 to 4 meet ares, could affect the eastern coast. but elsewhere high pressure is predominant across much of the regions and yesterday we saw a beautiful rainbow.
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yesterday this is the picture coming out from the tokyo metropolitan region. it was actually a double rainbow. you can kind of see the double one right here. beautiful picture. now here across europe we've got a couple of areas with nasty weather here in the western regions as well as the black sea area. heavy rain will be moving into turkey and the british aisles. we have orange alert for heavy rain in and around long don as well. 20 degrees there. we're looking at key ef here. that could be mixed precipitation on the wintry side. here across north america, the system moves across and brings snow os to the rockies. but with this front below it we may see some thunderstorms, gusts and large hail.
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and also california we'll be looking at some critical fire weather. essentially not too bad at 23 degrees but oklahoma city is reaching up to 30 degrees. yesterday, here in and around minnesota, this was the beautiful picture that you saw up in the clear skies. i'm sure you have video coming up from there. the sky in minnesota was lit up on tuesday night. the borealis or northern lights made an appearance. it's caused by solar particles entering the earth's upper atmosphere. it's usually only visible in alaska or canada but they also appear in minnesota very often. on that note, here's your extended forecast.
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and that is all for this edition of newsline. thanks very much for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: it's day two of the federal government shutdown. president obama summoned congressional leaders to the white house, as the economy started to take the hit. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also tonight, the rollout of the health care law. the appetite for the insurance plans is high, but there are some early glitches. >> ifill: and from india, fred de sam lazaro has the story of a marriage squeeze brought on by gender, dowries and poverty.


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