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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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goodning radowewhpr de andav acti i'llave colete focasttartg at0 a. joins tomorrow on morng
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cold eventto get a liwo done. this pic o someg e rd it look like tonight ing colo. post y cturour ceok and pard newsan13 ormailhe ctu
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and now's "jimmy kimmel ve." >>wood li!" tonit -- to gol from e tony ko and mich. usaryshd muc frle car
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'sme [ and app] >> j: m jimmy, i'm the ho.thanfotchiankl is i it' in theair. itotn the air yet but it valentine's da i hope y r at. vantayheay ound theld eage tooverhe n and wonde wayshe husbas andoyfrs willappoin em.
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fr woheretip, ifblundeear right out t b? ot dng iri amicans axpecte t snd 81 millionn valee's gifts for eir hiye is bheay how wew hucmoney. wh w sndg $681 milli a valenne tt doe'tee y diffee beeenco anpoopther oually kn inheovie "ghostbuster w out in they say the world is going to endn day 2016. h isews i hat m a dinr servatio ye yehe ho.ther aooile sotaraso, id theyaskieo whoe thrgh a eatly onehe old longgs fvale atev ty lt bend, te to ithem.


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