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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 10  ABC  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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ders fl onto glenwo sp 0 miles west of deer. de i idsabfoururs to anormal tri esidenti stday.. whhe ppea to say d trot astian. ates firedtreling vatican fr me fra s as doldtrump'pltobeeee us mexi. whks utuildg ll wvetheyy latiles t t gwaneedeven-t sd aychstn i unliable ich llnoni ttoayum thurd e meidti ide) "i chrti aprd i oka f a lis ad to qution psos itis disgref." e llnae candidatal cus xi op as th r rdy.pridenal id and van ttd ,
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th woue onlyd an prt donaldump woul be prewhil e trail,hesparked a rare instance of unity. isot an ing to do toake suret pe don'te ss or y. ti ndatic crolscos e in ome as -standa rethe ed states theht to dot as "and foodasur tram e of t ca rod w d sup wa at e ..ef ansr re esab thpeg di ofbridst
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ofderomuagenas w repoast ... tht storye56faulus deor thoutherells anew destn lity. e depois hto that open to inue its n tion tere nota e de hall aprod 19 ese eb students a kingheir , onalhe ing .. sty nds lanttonit, syo
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ner - sili bt teo oi mbrth ettyt itnot abouth inwa t." anan mitee . s harz adthngbomoow h h te e - d . cotag rre an. g he perld - annel 13sports fit's r nas ie.. ieg ton this wk happn ayhtbak ro o e ornd ed at dith .wou y at oshis gethri thatnutt anat's is wee m's tt ks cain
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g ,'ve b t prly fivtime t i nely s much mph to ll mere e parfyin thatws ehingreas been .i stiem allhe lyr toheueyewis s i t find anyre thce. so d get dnutesateveryon the- erybody's amess. inudg. wee ti le jt thrghne om ad m froad." pe a panti as asfe'd cgh in the of a hurrind rrowlyesca it w even rhat haly k ofar rain e ed.


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