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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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icig toec ep donum he me sitn heatlich. is i t donun, bin,bope. tha chorre temora ofha miir new cncn pnd jfr tcarrt thne l th i t iecorentor,d moron.asnng mnd w loed oth we it hi the p aced kcthawa doho daltrum. lo aac woutimcte' en sg tse tso peears txa othalo boisim eg aenti gava pnsac henowscthat hsoinghe e tve l of vanes a i'mryinoalha wl ths
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theyurfhesa-yr-old massiv walls tp a and wer, justhere sre yo right.ther no . a lhite t mend inrery e nok. walkth 'sheinnku. >>eov oheem le dd h .theattolwilcl a be sk dec r afto. cia gasn t i lave rng,>>r:hi or in y eac a pchhee nd fehe ieoerrowcoulwin ov ocrichepres sandell
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heksevngs ag uposi omaan s t wfr africca wherentormo>>epr:ndnt a ifhelw tdheth ugwnansw. >>lwayrito .ter:to bnen'gnas lwas ntreg lltne ce aryy.ieer of h ton i wiouig here.orge. ses at 11:00.morrow. tnkch. s tkut it w o ysat c bertlet' theoms pope.yoveal ed we y thefn
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bbudiall srt po, they' in epubcanri rey goiic l c sherf hanhirhey've mp inthis >> m y is alsooou col wher theopulionis mightavor tald n ere thoopul is%, %.his a pur. e linor ndmorrow yes, tnkesor s 4 d breyafowatoks, any babinow,or,kot bwa-u hng end the hdioanin goog isqree've see erom ng, smer a
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>> yringpic prt. hi name isng m uporblenewogest tha kepp buitteinthhisestefus t itut wld tuley i se gea otf nhe nr aoodweend. ameropg sowakg n ainst-nhehtgast isrit.we atid orntharesy o edhe lat der atcksi ord hil n rrue >> teini. rng ty'tyo re to artdiinoclltelonge ro ceoks t les t mp t spo i
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comeoius. ta t disn resort. soore, got twjo life's short, talk is cheap. i'll be workile stn't thin ug
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e a whatou suld to otec pmaal iryg , geor t reoigi th dalat wpe d ea the sthin primarspe thimusmomes foroi trng.e you a t nfntiowi ht u r y ner grg llal imio we .weave wa havtotoe ugfr poing in t i grrom stbsuty in oourynd thvernme tld ttsisherontts top ppin oft. k w aitteen te esrtafkn ouga ge htoe o st dcoy.out w m thee ,
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avdethboer prol thll d ev ee i ink i'aide oth urcaus o vy th xifialbefrneit e y ers no y kw,ouav--ra tk urind tisaamusinann critm omfrcie pke ntve.ll?ouein t me t? nrautin guthe'sgh stroidenama. o,o ings. id hngeantma isn toogh sert ver sem d y killed teistsnd iy i ogreaak f r trtotailiz thof it.
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now ir anda ng tim thiing thshouin ave abilhe me st enhingf th yave so sm-- ierisad disathm ssein kiederris. >>ouave owbor . yaid turingnu re thefitno edencrnp rtandazzfelip fr d stersh showedinth youadaq gss yoknwiwihe tit >>u lath >>o,or twagan s aonaysh-->> bou're opposi the
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lld b wnsu n e y i tlowad thme eve ac aedhat queson>>aiyoweouldas noty ngr.ed buthat was long befo e ar agns en tha vers. bn t itor, anas not haverdthder thr g mog. >>kank ych>>mo ct isee. uhuge >>webo tt catant o s bll
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>> wy it bay naer r ker vindiox-nigh a wartedtam ne, cafoframed by scmiive pareryding in mathatseou? yea owangeerble epr:e ri chs ateg wanat jeaer ws hewalad 01helswyera
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dig ilciem c i jt thki thod ooht w pleaey t mi ter: tests d o per thho call,ictr hrvent east d toe . relli wared e erged wi impr herbustllopa eapu fo18da mohselor at e >> sdi e swie p n teete' diert athl l mi h anosug i
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i'ou soon. bye, >> o bye. wboutive?orr i sh atmedy beuse tothere'shaoni. voareaenfothe mo cmopeofhricepit. rv pve h npren 's one oycurehaon, ceor ekrten n beur witstwes ar wiarni, e' terfon anere e noomplre. tellour do if u haveother lior ky ob v, omedindit,d aboul thmeneu kencluding haonma a se mmon se redness, headess. i am rea to put hep c e. rured. are you rey?
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[turkey] gob utcher] rry! (burke) covered hfourth,201 rmer we' almost eveowo veveal an. wa-dum, bubum- cany. th ski eratingcrd. up a f a pritheno o waominnhet
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sura ng... it 7 feuary 19th. today: it will be e rning, with 200 h winds still ssle. winds ea intensitug afoo inhe ing. expt mix clouds ansune ugthe y. gh mpatesbe coothsd, 5060r mo. teed ol onisxpte rre nd dropngig r e ha oth weenin t 40s an50 nday afrnn brinthne chanceorpoy inno utrn lodo otsyem wiin moay te in ath und rn ow to utco t arth ido aparitr wi bng significt acmulatis,f anatll utrncora. nar michaeet wille in
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chicare. llot is aecti workg lithee i 4thteoon .. a the ndrk caenr.setor nnetilso diuss o lls 's onnghat uld help ofet cost ofaisi ilen former lodo spngan eb t ekd. he w urin colodooter tod t caesn march rs pu evt wi be tu nig 5.nd the rado ngs en willsunday locati ve notet beenelea mis e cripcreee feal las we... ve acho gothisnd. esh ks ice ang ghhecity t forth cessy res exisng scptur ahd ofhe festival. thfest seco wk ns moowt no... d ds on suny.
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'r utul ndic f ,nd fill fti ioonieot t mth tmakith w filoing usiv alkinune sneyla'sbihd. ceatg wists. we takingou bind the es oheoctebiayty ae s-oomorng, ameri ou're beaul appy frevyoreit of i the as. reason >> fri it's a thleep right? >>r haii,here'smuou iacg tffnd al mon omorng, wwill btifou. oun bti e toyheong threemake all hairst keook a t thr
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wee gog toinnd g reveat l. oi mee theosunoge nsr do ow.dn't w s lookatdao lnber seree h r now w his tin lentfreat es sut de tshow. s, of ookingorward g hiamy ru>egh netailsou uepfials believe an l blam nearbtunisia wasilleng at t .>llto rygerused aouel crntoearl waii.ifwies rusn to
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ory.>>oh >> r fringrmisst o . w ate aoo fil wi sde gtingacnke as ain bls by shenheid therailras t s cin pula more. t o rted snts rdhelepostin it to soc mia whe i cau tttonfmistrators. >> wreng to >>ohy>>orteherng th s ttuseoohe ton b thurs the horeg a steme sayiirestion eentevd the er d notoltad croheilhming i tst the dveradin. iappy si don' wan mds in eporor mor endigibs abc ,yo ts . m nning outst trodeugh
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im s som perd tri are nowecndre a breast v pplentsor t f f cretg n togiig schoaskel t ino thatret c behe t l . taoo ascorttys y, , tinng tay diould tohe game a tn on the other sidehe tt ioprsaluted thishe orecauseitesc nerupas a p win tea rankeber on noashireand tgo t f s thit wo i've n - >> >> shio tra hage. inour"g men"anna jie rnghe r t o rsf a
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reo tgest t tun ilhere ieo, wheur west up. s wal o o andee every. oming "good g ica." y h tio, ody. hi "gngu"ou by , ef esst. e res'ltan acaaxarthonakyose bustn bsel0 rf.. ...lehan ec
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had lhis wifeeny,'t kheremark tbore to beer smethg tothatk m taf yr , k i wantick nda while and th rllt thto thatnd i mg orjuoo blyou may t har it n. aig m stverse jus sterin we your mouth !donapa urge it cou w crtiifaxan is an ibs-eatment that helps rieve diarrhea anabdomi paymoms.
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or a cs your doctor right ayiahearswhng xifaxan, as this may be sign oa ous orev f con. yr doorf yo disease kingicns beesmay increa thntf bo. tell your doctor if you are pregna n becomingre or aur mon side e useances ave ib th dk to younexan. aykeo seemo of the . i'd lisee her goto her re you social(vo)laht minpromlert and pnesogs older.
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t nbut t royalc e by ghelp gtor potentart ery da mis protd milk le. heartb so. >> wlcome "gma." anolie makin hes at's
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nd h lsey vis wit thatory. rorr: gd pheasflngla d ove'd oscardirc a lot of by the age25 wasn't until thenhe a revetihi vitg scolchen the wte ange rtumbfo in 01's a crafter" nly o od's list, out blg mom adnde-ll. >>el fir woam bondllove whhe
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oav nevand b ever b evhof mysf er. noerhaer fs rolell ieiot osiitngma b tt c dg a u.n n witingchooin cbodiha it wa th,quot yve tha m t cnt ainanew goingod child a ama and in 2002 s ofalmaure'slo cdianroowieac inamdiirti a ucg ptf ger- cntal myif is kffe i fnay wher i ou be rngoor his h mt.thheta oer ur t bg m anomigs th wheilsh
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>>orsieirst hadhaip she aedhrchil gen to e wki oes t hap aot of a y l thishai want to. mlidy s fre>> o>>in h s ne . ah>> tyo > weo bndew autpriomo ahifme leep aob o at raaiasdeils. >> rorr:onthdfdult bu i c sayit comet
8:12 am
loism inf cfe b i enonrin r:r tr r a trd don't g enoh weou snoe cllepdonreou tuck in cordg rveythgro iasomo wstslrsspithe bkliste,ust 56% of et t d oers of allha yi coee >>fedrke vinke.or treo mufi bene >> yan srom moin tni wouslee >>tenthaoutillou z eumnepo nglswh t cr
8:13 am
mforki >>tereou koin tkeut r hard theains seeroundngd, ha a deg ong ul i soev a imssdmiargealalfein befed. yon a toed at the tt utheame evin,ber to off mobievicistrng limiglenic vice t d't ep wo f en yaks >>30. 3: >>2:.>>has t nf l.lihatatbo u? 4:. >>ow d yhislpvegh 51/ 6.
8:14 am
>>hasornave ek o t s ea onhe weend vy nf.l s for ct u f11ur >>he a teebo dhi fo. >> sed ye .whos to wou >> you'rii. awake enjoy >>o minhisan. >> co le,e' n inhaii getdees oksara.oue ha anheily not lr aooreasye w f ll gir quiuple oio
8:15 am
act lac pvenfouintlets iv arhegmnees'snrneyn a w tpita te irstetf f ins rnnhe ute es sweetprio ror bpe ten me whe werstp me tss rkerthel. ndvaasin bab on b thntal t iv afngo l. tem a
8:16 am
ng andinch to dare mo te atonth >> adable>> jni nowheirtexa hom momieanby t plettelake an of urtle gaooyo oo>>inokn.i i ha pictur a b at i c y t us what a t >> oh. ah us. >>ometes it g it >> a little
8:17 am
aftermat ,odness.'s so oyfumomentnd j per m ahemoi skdiohrgh e e're t drs da 'sh guaraeedier cng pee th's whou rpo poslday 3o 4'r ch. yet of hoe? woouethe g shoinmou w n' p hdet ye iusti o o me, iak - cllen - ak 2oint gd . jtag to pece pell he he >>he wdo
8:18 am
sh -we do. sll h gatndmihu fstil cndpst t s ke wry d aittl a otr he eay th thal dus >> adle. ha s rp. >> ttl gir heditolorband oevr ich iic s mtly f t at cr alpit' orveryoneoin of enfyhe so w il ,ou know, b, s, boean tlo ne. >>ks like sis b a llp.
8:19 am
>>yes. te hs s s pres s k sff goo big er s t io the ma"ons. at'sttg we hior haomrtsorheuehey 21. ow >> es >>eum i .e'llucay.>> saui'll >>gratulatinnd lith thateaul esbye nk hank you.'snsid t gotnnouoke a intus, he name >>sh. >>ty.
8:20 am
>>ou'rmi ho yumnraths ncaredr.erymerot tblewds pourinnto aular bdivn.e tabou hot qui irgas. n youve th? ccago and , v y.hold o yr hatsll inthstgood m... 7:24 amiday 1 i'm cone. t willeezy i mo with -4mps l poss winds wi decrease inity throug the rnoon and into t ing.t of cloud anne roe day. hitempill ooler an , with 50s for most. ex: ne fronecte rrive drngige se he d 50s.ndayoowi brinxt or ranow southerncolo otem me oo of rai hernra lintolyinthin it esr esemllringificantiy at, southedo.
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ec arehe.s rvoue fork t lu d, i op ne ald of unlikinpa, fd barbra and.ok t is incyndo sgersnghe ecordi .xxre t wit y cane t otessejust f dor thele rey >>us ben s esw funexlltin ifhe d sut o field hbo sg they chos ta" fthfmu >>orhere thi
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ofrit in>>ichankyoumianit tmegs iheposnk to laeoscnomatyes thicapri dte s osten itms mit nocrte hiss ce witheprgendn th. tom hinst sng o.l c themleo'gamenging go eectne cely no. >> "venant,"f co yo wegh at thbut wou tofile tha "vityfa." nkeoghout.
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sut.coinews. twielesasit the 19anla cers e rt isse e.ho ib lyhe ech at'sarnry ooriee. soetedhie "th "he minenoe.isultlaic itdudndecte byev sdd e, iwaik fil
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:50 am
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8:51 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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