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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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thig thkingee of ic g thor dnn sh bng . the otogaitheos tuotthshee of e arfr arter of aincho the ines tck. , now,or aat mog road ctions. y rain c causeblems althe guoast ao soast. snown the rockie could makeoads. you're flyi as new orleansents in the xual asca night re the deplle co take plactomahusetts. s had arguedha cosby n her sband, the assault allegationsthblepn to her. e suit a bill y ally aed sev womdecaago. cedall
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8 ou 10 le saw 75% in cancemont whthty sa90ranc usef you arallergcosent foing,estuberc iof ilo fhtte heection or symp ..h ls le a f u have receiveda vaccinor pto ifouavcrohn's disease, tell your doctor as sytoic reacons may occur. see me. e me on ayrdk to nt >> now for "the pulse. we'll arthnthusito whuse.
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o our to rhem. relsed video shows asau reactg t e scientistsrein stump by the origins of thesothere's life on th or somewhere you know,anye w that ing ofuniv tba t i b oa ss wus hedad. he ng 'll get be. at tedwardes oe, liugge ks foing dad so iugtmight beime to talk oua finciasttegyauin u anayimac
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, this womg attack a it ki me woingagait ort ki of sci gog ctond wh ild douit w e. rwahavi megency afteunrgng back surgery. s wife kathy was his ded was tilted of you could sething w wron i'm sitti nt this ck.starelinr a e. >> rr: ted uthe n'fele buproe airedcp eytimiv ca cres arri after rview, kat and spfor e first ust y them that they mean e
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