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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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and giant green wall surrrrnding eeomomexee preventss any kininin you hav v v vll lues thouou ita'tuiethe unds >> the noiseseseatat we would h h h would be c c@lanking mtal, grindi ckhaering. >> wll t sanan je ameri s rorts in 20 apapeeieid permits for the buildingng describinhems auto work andepair areas.. another bit of information a apppp refuses to confirm o orr deny. e fallouou from cap gas pric. hallurtoto which pro@videde oil eld services is ctingng anather 5,00 jojojo. theeompapa h h alreaea laid off more than 00 workers since 2014. globob oil pricecehave falaln 670% in thet two years.s. >v>iforora dvers could be in for stickck shock. prices expected to increase by 30ents a gallononon tomorrow. that's accding to consumer0ouou it's partiallylyecause of
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end fueue tthe more expsiveve summer blend. s jumped elier on the wholesalel market this week. california gas prices ar alreadyymong heighestst in n e tionon californians,,,,ld takeehe bus or walk. >> it's going to cost so much tg get r latte at the starbucks or theheancy coffee shop 30 cents is a huge jump. . >he term snowbird refers to somee who heads to warmer climates during t t wint, then returnss home wn theeaththth warms up aldldhihi might be t ultimate swbirdd story. >> the snowbwbd we'realki abted at a sma cage at an airportoror of chag she's nadia, caca& sh ppears m the homem of cherry and brucetalker in wiwionsin n nrly two months ago. nia was found nearly1500 miles awayn naples, fl. a woman found r, had her miochipj cheheed andnd located thee slkers who are to have her b bk home. >> see those miochi really help, lks.s.
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i bet s s didn' drdre. >> i wonder how shehe did get there though. .& >> i bethehgnewboutut g g prices going . >> m u havav been q qte a rnrno. >> a sweet unn.n. >> .. actly.>> cominin, ts of tomorrow revealed today. r giz wiz shoho ushet st toys at thisye's toy fair. . >> also ahead, the ctroversysy at thiss year academy awards.. the@ africananmericann superstars inollywood speaking out. >> and pope ancindnd hisis ndness f f chchenen phow he's rching outo the youngst believers and h how ey're rereonding. that's after tday's recast... how is it 61 degrees in gat fa how is t tt possible? lookt new yoyo.
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updadang ourreaking story, a gunm's rampage in s smul counity in@ kaas. popoce cedric f fdired on peopop fm h vehehle before entering the factory w wre hee rkeded a shooting spree left more an three dead a a a dozen woundpd police believe something gerere his attack b%b aren't saying wa his motive was. ..>> bill cby has dropped a dufamamaon lawsuit agagn suodod beverly johns whoho accuse him o ofruggingger back in thehe $1980.. his lawyer say he wants to focusn the cririna ce against h h inpepesylvania. sh say t suit against johnson willeiled before e statate of limitations runsout.t. >> turning t history being made at thehe vavacan,n, pope francis has made n secretbout his affefeion for children io now the ponti is pting his pen where hiseart isri dea pe frcis,he first children's's e er wriritttt a pontiff..
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kidsdsrom aroroun t world.. > dearopfrancici >>eporter: s s d dn with not notot four, butut 12 offf t tm @ inclclin juan papafromom argentina,a,atashaha from kenya and william fromm ago. >>ea popopfrancis, you uld onenenn miracl what would it. . repopter:r:hepopeswswer,,, i wowodl eved.ooayayayeid b i offers informatiti toders om allag will find teresting. the popeays he ces ofofn.n. he alsoeports that he les to ncnc t t tango a ande's passionate about ccer. he m mit his kid cauthors theek inome wherey esented him withivesesrorom theiei homelands, mapae syrup from cacada. . . >> this is@s good. >> reporte aoccer b b bllrom the united stat and get there, a prr of uggs, yes, ugg boots fromaustralili >>oh, thank you vermuch. >> reporter:r:r:ing theope thth kids wasififeeltltltg and nerve e cking.
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>> not scared. th's lili one moment i ft excxted but enen feltlikekeke well, this is probably my onoy time i'm gongng to meett him sooon't w blowthis. >> reporter: the experience enabling them not exaly to touch t t hand of god but t t to tug york. eet. apparent they asked for questions f f f k kss agess to 13, cholics and nononcatholics d these w we the ques >> theyeceived about 2 questions from 26 countriesn 14 different languages. very c cl ther@re. it's due e t mamama1st. >> i'm se it will be popular ono. cing up, the best of thee best. he always s sshat and he always devers. from thihi year's north amerin internnal toy ir. >ur oown gigiwiz, dick debartolo checks outverythingn
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pthat's next. because allant to d d is ve some fun i got a feeling'm not the opop onene soe't s spp hink of
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year's northmerican international toy f fr here n w w . >> perhapso onead more fun an our giz wiz dick debartolo. reporteteti it's t oy fairrime agai wre kids of all ages ts t t tlay arod with the wewe toysnd gadgets from bubudi your o oomputersto the world's smallest vacuum. it'sreatatecly a bagel f f breakfkft. i'm going to shoho you couplp@p@e of my favorites. >> going to get ( > y y knono what, i was just aying my banana. i really w ke a l lk at haveene of the most fun thgs heret toy fair 2016. and john's g gng to t ll us what we're doing he. soohn, whyoesoes m m ba an na naplay > w wt we're doing withh maky makys yoy're elosing a circrct, flipping switch.
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you do that. it is not just a bana pipian you can do anything thatt y y canimagagehat yocan titithh a yboard on thinternrn, youou can do with maky maky. >> after maky maky i decided too walky wal to megatrtres aool new twist on th t tset. >> what is his? megatrax is a whoho new raiail system witthee iaae w wted to let kids creat whahaharhe want and b b it erever thehehehe want we've taken the ideaff tracks studud s s synd sd we wan fxible and mipiledo eate@e thisn theheilde manution. >>he a a a azingngng i on th y hehe our driver d dve y. xt it's off tonononoer kin trarsportation. okay. this iss reallyniqueend steven here isoing to tel - actualal shows whatisis and des. >> oay.
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>oh, are you newtoo? >> yeye. what isn m mhead is that --- oh t that isis the wod' cest to@upup. wow. who a i'm the brownwn b bear cub. >>an you s sak -- is this guy? >> ts is a frencncbullllll >> french bull an g. >> yeah. and thas mydy theacon over the. >> wtelel you fou i am and jus like as it's timime to take it tthe rb see u next year toy fair. >> thank you, dick, f tha insi look. st anyean rol u to the toair pop you've g to be a a toy insider ormedia. >> i learnedhat you canake a banana a instrument. whwh ew. >akeet play like a piano. bubbbbs. i i n'n!think i wt my kids eathe bubbl.
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ititas triple-acti support r your joints,s, cartilage and d nes. d d d kf the b o-bilex pi 'sll in one tiny pill. move frfultra.get movevon >>e picictures from a.'s dolby theater where final uches are being p p inlace for sdayy night'sscademy award ceremomo under a growing cloud of racialcontroversy.y. >> and all eye wl onost chris rocockk who's r remaid@ui ababt what we canxpect from his performance on's c'srandi . >> rortet- theheueueue surrounding g is year's oscars isn't jus abobo who's walalng the redd carpet. 's'slso about who'st. >> will not@ be at the ade awards and won't'te wahing. >> we'rereot cominin- not going.
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in arow,ll 20f the nomineeee in the acingategories aree eesparkino the twtwter ar so white ha leadg toto ptests s d ycotts. >> whaha areheyy calling you. ( st o o no nationon idrisis elba was passed over f f f f an oscar nod only to bminate anddin a seen a ui award ot. >> welcome to d derse tv. >>8 this isis that w wershed momen% enhe a ademy changng becauau thth'reeeing forced tochange reporter: the a ademy hasas now put forth new ininiativeso double theumberr off women and minotytyoters by "20/20" a a crease diversity o oee academy'y' bobrd oovernors.. it's a systemi biaiasshat nes to beddrereed across thehe industry. >> reporter: a new univeveity of he california study o diversity look ath 2014 and 15 veves fling grades tovery
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>> our stupdy m makes itill $ clear, hollywood i a a straight e boy'sclub. >> repepter:r: all e es are n w on chriri rococ who told "essence" gaganenene i i march issue, blacac women get paidd lesss thann everybodyn hollllywywd. everybodods talalng a jennifer lalaencecece t talk to gabrielle u ion.n. >> it is@soing tbe an extremelyy memorab monologue simp because of that partulararopop. >eporter: ifact, anscarar producerer sayshris rockk threw outu hihi original monologue and completely rewritten it to inclclee the diversisi controversy. andi hitt, abc ws, hohoywoo >>oin us o o sunday nigight at 7:0000 eteor evething osrs. 4:4: fic, of course, here on abndue innd join usere at "rld news now" nexmondnd momoing for a full wrwr-up. >> you gototour tux. >> i got it measure i'lltt a a pho o my ininagram. >> everyone's looking forward t that. >> we're all getting dressup. layou told me. get a drdrs.
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paralyzed vetera oam learn more, visit pva t org. breakakg news on "rld news now." deadad gunfire in nsas. >> the heartstopping moments a a amall towow factoryhere severaleople are dead. new details overnight about the gunman, his asssslt r@iflendnd theee survivors. oururther major headline, t rbalsmackdown a at t ghghs publicebate in houston. did marco rubioiotete the shoho fromond um >irline accident neww detetls about the jet slammed into theunec after takeoff. what i iesesgators j jt reve. and ter,uableesns.. thth ancncrwoman stepping from@ the news dk to the classroom to shareital storirim the past.
1:01 am
sson on this frfray, , bruaua 26th. >nnncer fm a a news,, th is "world newsow." > good ing. onhat iseally a busy f moing. i'm ks s p bson. a'm reeni >> let's's's'startet wh top@ sto thateayhog nt nsas. eaea cededed for wen ap sotin r rpaorng to authojities i hisowhoing peoeand ttoin a wn mow manactungesereeked.d.d. kildbb police after kingthees of th oer ananwoundsdsds thaha a dozozoz peopluitn satte apcn linsavis hass. >>ou p pple including the oterre d dead thjsphoototg after a shootototg at company llll excel industries. 14 otherwere injurvn thee guire. >> we had a reporor of ann active shooterrnsnse o o exce industries we have numerou p pple shot insidede t the buildi we have a number of peoplplpl killll inside the@ ilng >> r r rter: coworkers and friends hugging outside the
1:02 am
manufactured >> and thenn seen a momo of ople start rununng out sayayg run, run, aop, pop, pop,,pop, that's a a i hrdrd a a evevybody stataed scatdg ouuuu of the buililng.. and iidn't reaze w wt had happenen till weeot oututde and i started seeing woundnd people coming out. reporter: officials he began shooting from his car at the facacity where he was an ployee. >> he was traveling and soting from his car. >> reporter: pol say the oor was sho and kilild by law enrcement and that they're investigating ateast four otherme scenene >> he was a really nice guy and emededothis kind ofpesh. that's for su. >> i heard him yell something.g. that's whatot our tention. turned arnd pped out w with annak-47 it peared like and f feded aew shotsoree wen in and dudked dn and went@ into the budingng >epororr: the threatto serious, nearb hesston college was onn lockdown. p>> this take some time to work through this. ere's bee@o many crime scenesesnd there's so many
1:03 am
it's so spre ou please br with us ass we tryo get through isis. >> repororr: governor sam brownbeckweeting pleasee send your thoughts and prayers to the people of hsston. linsey davis,bc ne yorkr# police s s somethi trgered cedricorord before the sp budud aren'n'iscussing a spec movi... ford reportedly had a long criminal record. cel industrtrs will be closed authohoties clete their inveigatn. flagscransasaav b ded ly halstaff da ton a othe vict prfz as detaiome in overnight fromkansas, look`or our updatessll morning long ande latest from kansas on "americahis mo" > w tthth otherajor s we'reeollowing this morning, explosiv republican debate. marco o biond ted cruru tag teaming donald trtrtr thehet chanceo slowwis mmentum befofo super tuesday. thcandndatesook t stage inhoton after r isipolololf flida voters swsrumpmp in
1:04 am
state. abc'c'bazi kananitheee highlightsts >> reporr: donald trump took to the is take mes aheadf his vals and rump q q@k ew tir fire >> you're o onlyl personn the stag`ghat's eve b bn fed forr ring people t t work o oour projects illegegly you hiret som w wkets >> i'mhe only one on th stage that's hired people. you aven't hired one personon >> he hired w wk frerz polandnd >> the tension mador heated exchangngn here's a guy that inherered $200 million.n. if he hadn't' you know where hwod b right nono selling watches in manhattan. mar r anded crure fighng for secondlace a the chahae to becom trump's main nopponent. > thiis@s a a man who for0 yearsshaha giveneney to j cartser, joebiden, hillary clton. >> >he gop's 2012 presidential nominee mitrmneyeyas suggested there's a bombshell lurking in trump' tax returns. >> i i want t t releasemyy taxax returns. but i can't relse it while i'm
1:05 am
>> the forr president off mexicoicte fox on thursrsy used obscenity to say cotry wouldlnever p for trump's wall. >> the wal j jt got ten fee@ taller, believe me. >> for the gop stragglers, super tuesdsd could be their last hurrahn% atron showing on super tueseses couou put tru i front fo goodod. >> 4hiss guy's a choke artist and this guy'ss aliar. otr than that,t, i rest m mcase. >> bi kana, abc news, washington. no fireworks a aall last ght. the democrats in the meantime are sharpeninggheir pitch to africacacaereran verss with th south carolina prima just a da away. hillarclinton campmigned black@church in@th carolina with new jersey@ senat cory boer a aereridid andnd talked ababt gun control and rececalled theharleston church mamaacre. d formeme president clint made several sps acrs the ate, awell t/ ral for h wife. theylaoe a jnt pearance tseveneng. >v> forere sanders,l, insists he is n n g ging up on winning in thehe uth.
1:06 am
michigan. sasaers t part inn a a forumn int to discuss the jty's water isis he said he h h amemecans will look at w what happened in@ flint an y, neverer@ragain. sanders willlurn his atttion back toouth carolina later today wn he returns forack to back rallies. > new@w devopments in thehehe politicallll chaha btlee over the next supreme court justice. the republican gogernorf vadadaays he'nott interested ininhe job. brian sandnhoval's name f fated as possible@inee earlilihisss week. heaid whilehe consideraraon is beyon humbling, he does not want to o consirere right now topp republicansn n eenatat have sai thehey won't consider the prprident's nomineen any case. let'surn to the secur shdownwn taking pce between apple a and the federal govevement. apple has filed aggressive al response to a judge's order calling on n e c c to assiststhen unlockin the iphone o o sanernardino shooter syed farook. the compa claims the vernme issp seeking whatt
1:07 am
apape's filinin also says that the constitution for bids what the government is askinggg it t do. on capapitill yeyeerday, f didictor jam comey called t whol thing the hardest question that hs seenn government. >> i don'tnow whethehe there iss evevencecofhehehe idenity of anotherrerrorist on thth phone or nothi at t all. bubu w ohtto bebebe fired in the fbiif we d dididtsue that lead. comey also countered ple's claim if softw@ is yin po unckck t the iphone it would put users everywherer at risk of ckinin he said that was n n letititi cocoern. verallomomnieslan to fe a ief in rt ofex-week. jurs theeriewalere witith shshvecy ror ne videde of r. she left thee croom r r bore theemage wer cemony. an eer stififdtt least 16 llioii p%pplee had viewed the videosos online. andrews is s suing the@ man who shotheideos in the nashville hotel where sh wasas staying for
1:08 am
shsh isxpecec to takehe stand nex week. policen dallas are asking a grandy t condere domestic violence charges agagnst cleveland browns ququterbacknnyy ananziel acacsed his exexirlfrid aeateningngo kill h hhndndmsmsf. iesatatr sayinin then, theeamamy has tried and failed t get him int rehab. the browns p`ve i iated they will releaseanziel in march.h. >> a lite bit of sportsews ght now and baseball for that matter. baseball fanss m m tak t t/t lling a d%disisn to ban rollg blolock slides t chase utleyle.( youay r rall dur last ar's ayoffs, utltl of thth doers took out m ms infiflder ubub tejadreakakg leg ininhe prococs. wasas utley's attempt to bak up a poential doueplay. take a a lookk again. rrom nowow , t tse t tes of slyd are banned. violations of e f ree can t both t t rne and batter lled out.
1:09 am
extraordiny scenes fromhe waters off the northho of oahu. this was known theeddy. this is so ol. when t ty say big, they mean really, really, real huge. the competition onlyy takes place inin susined waves of at least 40 feet. organizers s sd yesterdadas ells wer u t to 60 feet. >> so a localurfer named john hn florence was the winner of the event after catching rides on fou massive waveve this w w wheh first eddy competition in s years. no one knows when the next one will bes the saying goes t t bay calls theday. yeah, ty blockck off like a three-month poror durhe er wn the waves e highestre. ery day ty survey and t t to get a sense ofheheer onot it's going to be big enoh for the competition and todayay or incrededlecenes there. >> incredible surfs.s.thth is not for t weak of heart. >> they're notot d. they're pretty goodod >> you'r better, huh. w, the kelellyimilarities
1:10 am
comomg " nhe mixix what lulus are really thinking w wle their wives shop. theictututus tell the ory. >> they're hoping tha tir bank accnts are okay. . alsoahead, histo lesson the arwan going backoo scpcololol share a hauntink discoverdd that shsh madebout her @wn fami's'spa. >> and the unfobleeirline accident that happed seconds after take i don't have.. major lea from i investigators >>joiln o ok.. yoyo should. and twitter @awnn. you're watchg abc "world news @ no (ugh.) does your carpetver feel rouoy a a dirtyty dot avoyd itit relve e our rmula with a special coitioioiongen sosoens your carpet withthvery usese it's risisve, so you knowit cleafs d frfrhehe but it also soften
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sometimes we use k-y ultrageto hae my bods natural mois5reo i can get intotot a bit quicker. and when i kw she's inin it,t, get into it and...
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ell, rurning to o o breaking y.y. a deaeaea workpkpkp shooting at lawn moor manacturer in kakaas. e g ghman 38-yeaeaold cedc fordrde worked for the compy hepened fire outside, then wentntntided and cononnued ringng foro k killed thr people and wounded more than dozen oths beforeeing shot a killed b polili. popoce s shat somomomhi trigigd ford a akut they hahan' saidhat hiss motive could be. we'll stay on top of this breaking sty. >> a former bp bigig% supervrvrv has bn fouou guty inne lihe of mexico o spill i i 2010 robert kalu s was tri on sile miememno charge of pollution. prosesutors sai that he a a anotheher ririsupervisor botcted a negative pressure test and missed clear signals off troub before the explosion othe
1:15 am
>> a vevev dferent verdict hasas beenanded downn by % investigatorsp@n thth case offf us airwaet cra as it tried to takeee two y yrsgo n philqdelphia. t t e time,, the airirne te it was a blown tire t n investigagarsre blanin p poterror. here abc david hl my go my`plan- planeust crasd. >> repepter: it was a rambmb. >>he plane ion fire. >> reporter: for the 15454eople to g g off the jet.. >> i see smoke down there.e. we're going to dispatch h e emergegey y hicles. >> reporter: this, aer the ur-second flight ended by marcof 2014. firsrsreports of a bwn tire or landg gege trouble were erong. itas pilototrror. acacrdinto the ntsb` t according to thentsbsb the pilots didn't input a piece of inininatioiointohe flit computer. , as theheet started to take off, warnis. the cacaain puts t f nose down pand the jet slams onto that runwaynd bncnc 1 1feet bacac inininhe aorslidg g rere. e sbay nololwing procedureseses thecaptain's decicion to r%ject@takeoff" " e the prable causes.
1:16 am
"sevevhanges to our procedures, maals and traiaing." one was injured. the pilots havflown for ththaiaie sincthatatncididid and neithehas that damag aircraft. david kerley, abc news,, shington >> >bsolutely amazing stuff tpere.e. comomg up@in ourur next half hour, the elabote hoax plaayed on a high schoho in pennsylvania. e honortudent w wo tned out to b b a 23-yeyr-olol how he maneded tool eveee fromomtunts andchersso pare and adminiss. >> butir delivn
1:17 am
1:18 am
well, it is t stock in e of televisn joururursts like ourselves too bring you the newsthe day.y. >ererrarery arerere weiven account oppornityty t shine lilit o o pastntshat t t t chanan the way we view histor but that's j jt t at one of our colleagugu here in new york ci is doing with a story especialll poignant duringglack history month. >> repte fororororthan two ca cheryl wilil has beeeen deveringhehfewewewf ththe d. . >> hiow you dodog? >> repepter: and everyy week,, s s s delivers a dferent messsge to school cldldn allbcross the country. know youju hiory. >> what's happing here?th is o o of thee scenene i demanded t b b pn the book. >> reporter: willl pence a a new book called "the emancipationf grand pa sand wills," thehe sry of her grereateat great fd - fafafa, a slaveho fought in
1:19 am
an you believevwe once fitit in thesesehahas?s?. knees are@e hng. > rereik sandwichedd togeightnow. >ter: sququzingngnto e tiny dec at ie onx. >his used to be reallll big t t me. onon upon a. feltt ke the big- >> r porte ias curious,s, why her family histotoatterso thth rest ofus. . . . . see, my s s s s you c c see ur ow at's really the othert take ay.. is is n j jttt sherrill's whimsical fafaasy. it's' really a call to action for all kids to a you know what, m grandfather ory eat grerere grandparents probably did something, too. let m lgok into that. that's what schools all ouou explorirg and r researching and diinin deeperer reporter: she startedigging dedeer ioo hisryears ago. the booecounts thehe sad chapr that s starded t tt search. d h father's death when she wa 13 years old. avd she l lrned more aboutut h history and specifically grandpa willll she thought thi cou b
1:20 am
>> i i wantt kids t@ say my family so wald throwhwhever chap iter in a aricannistoryry and there impoportan too. when i learn about you know, thehe civil rights movent, i n%ndo figure o w w my faly's ` oe at that timen reporter: the bookseally hittttg home with kids esciallyhesese youngsterst 00ps 5555 >> give hernhand. thankkk for reading the stor >> reportete lococked in one o the poorest congressional ststrictc in t country, my of the childnere homemessss they were asxcited to see theh p ladadad ty re to meett the woma behindhe bobo. >. ce. cluding 7-yepar-old ventura. >> come clor to me. for a a a second. youu donon have toto kneel down. o wawa a hul by the way. >> tells me i wt to find out more about my family ststy. >epororr: listen totohihi important take ahatb 12-year-old randy learned from the ok. >> i was k kd of disappoied
1:21 am
when i firirst heard ababt slavery,y, i thought itt wasbo kindsdndll that. >> reporrr you used to thihi slavery was aboutkindness. >hen i stataedeaeang books about slavery, it's b bado peopple. >> ;nowledge is power. that's the key. youeed to build o o t that power. and tha gets kids to hold their hehes up. >> yeahah >> and whihi they't it, to pulltheirrants up. >> reporter: if youpdet them to pull theirants up, we won a big r. >> there should be a gold s sr on that bookok >> therehould b a gold star fort. >he was just cu aapleasure. this is her book"the emanncipatiti of gndpah llsss in schoooo all througho new yororcity, in buffalal in texa as wellll e of the cool things aut it, there's also now apanish versiont i try to read. >> b@neseversion, as well. >>t's remkakae becse k ks love to explore a and to them
1:22 am
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> evan n it'ime f "the mix. do you rememr that shot that kim kardashian instststed o her shopping and kanye st?? rerember thihie leep? well, apparently there has for an wle n n b bn annstagrar counun calleddisable ma literaray every man waiaingngor aa wom whilelehe wom shops. it got 200,0,000 follolors on inagram. checececut t issoto. understandab >> lt t tre one. >> thais evevery guy ons plplet lo has a a a lady. he knows that feeling into mouth wiwi enenen bobobobo f faling ep. n only b bored there broke also.
1:26 am
some expsive neiman marcucu or whatever. >ou can f flom@ at miserable menen on instagrgr. >> s smany menenn thtltl category. here's one g who is@ great category. take a look athis shot. an intmural gaga. st like actice, hee nls it. >> >8oh. that is the best shotever.@ backwas 4 buzzebeat. >> never. >> thihiis georgiaia sosthern unsity. waters, the nber threelaye onnn sportscente of theirop the ays.s. tally like prtice. . t t nbaa will be@callingng >> > > shohod we polka? >> yeah.h. >et's'sit. >t's theha f fabulsalopy ththter in brooklyn, new rk hey. tt p piticfoigigwarsalal the e ather all the e@e@e@ that's the world news polka y/u're an insnomniac a a od nigh sleep you lack do the e e d news polol.
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eaking nthis mning on "rld ne n n." tragedysas.s.s.poliliay a gununn opoped fire at fellow employees at a factory killing several of them.h epock d d d@f in whais a tiny tn. >> ourthther major ststy, polilitical reworkrk last nht gop debe and t sty excnges betetenenenald p marco rubio. did anyone come out t ead? donations from one mother to anothehe heatesesbreastilk ange that omiues t fesfsnd.d. o is donating, whos accepting anwhy \ isisis a -- can b b a life savingea. >> a a later, controversial
1:31 am
modecheryl tiegs.>> w hinks tod's mele@ need to be slithe e e titi this friday, bruary 26th. >> a a a: from abc ns, this istorld news >> gd momoing. it very bubu fy morn m rea a nan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. lelele getight to ouroptorythalfur ofofourse,e,e'e'tart with ththtrqredin kansasa e deadly shootg spe there. police and co-o-rkerersais n,&38-8-ar-o-griford is ford d a longngrrest reco.he w w killed d the lawn mower eqeqnt mamar r ere e w wked but not before taking three lives and wounng more than a dozen oth pepepe. abc's chuck sivertsen ha details. r rortete gunfire f f f erupting in a smalllkansas mmuny. >> the gununun strapped to him. he was rea to go. eporter: shortly aer0 p.m. eastern time, law enfororoentts 38-ararld cedric armed with what's eved to be an allhe rifif and a ptol, w wt a shok]k]g spre the suspect opening fire at two
1:32 am
industries plantntn n ssn, kansas. >> once he got into excel l l industries, , shot a a&rson in thehparkg lot. and he entered into e building itself. >> reporter: that b`ilding lawn wer eqeqpment companan acted. tside employoys luckckto be alive ememaced.. rd who was employeererwas latet killed b)b)b)benfoemenen workers and neighbors are in shococ >>was a really nice guy and seemed this nd opersono that's f f fur >> i iust n't believe thth the ght t t ss the street from us. >>ororter: kansas gogornor s ownbk toto to socicied twting please send your thoughts and prayers to the people of hesston tonight. ehogomes lsp t a week aeruthorities say a man ened fe at severer people in kalamazoo, michan,h, killing six.@. chuck sivertsen, abc n ns, new rk.. police sayhe rampage was not an act of t troriri but they
1:33 am
ma shohoing g far thihiyearar l atinveen fromansasaall rning long.. lookor theheatt ininururext x half h hr and any breaking details "a"a"ica this rng." > our other tostororthis rning,g,he showdown in texas. donald trump on thdefensive taking firfrom his lefd right in debate numbmb ten. marco rubio came ouswswng and ted crcroined in hitting trump on*everything grom immimiatn t mimdldleast. abc'srlette s has he ghligh from the hohoton. good morning. >>epororr: g gmorning. there were five presidential candates o othe stagren hoton n st nig, but th debatete looddore like the mamao buo vers donald t2ump show. flora setotomao rubio lelehed attata aftererk onon donald trumuttitihe republic front-runner on nsns >> you're the only person on this stagegeket's e evereen fifi f hirirgrgreople to @ work onour r rrrrs illegagay.
1:34 am
stage that's hired people. you haven'n'hiafybodod in ft soso of the pepele -- well, i iired - -and by the way, ired d nsf thoundof peoeoe. you've hired nobody. >> h he's a auy thaha inherited $200 millio if h hadn' i i iited $2$200 ion? younoww where dhonald trump wowod be right now? selling wahes inanhahaan. >epepter: tru toooofirere from ted cruz z o o pepepe win s home statef texas on super day. w wn n was leadg the fight t ainst the gang of eit amnesty bibi, , e was donald?he winindedeis rodman on elebri apprentice.e >> reporter: b trump was unfazed by the repead assaults. >> keep ghtingng keeeepwiwi@ngin me s sng the fence i'm having a lot of fun up here tonight. >orter: that bickering between the e ree republan overshadowededhe twotersr o oees ken, ohoh govovnor john kasich andnden carson. c sebody`atatck me pleasese >> repororr: mcocoubio clearly ole the sw at theebate with his attacks againstonald trump.. 's unuar whethererhat t
1:35 am
tuesy. kendis and reenena. >> our thaanknktotorlrlte t t in houstonnntrtrp a a tkim at fororor mexican prprident vinte fox. he used an obscenity to say xico was promising not to pay fob thee borr ra trump is prprising to build. during the debate, t tmp said d the wall j jt got ten n n ` ller. isn't i i i iroconou thi becacacaca is knono for ung foulululguagen e camn ologizi for using such a filthy word on tv. a ial day in syria.. cease fires expecteteto take place within hours. it's t tst sious attttpt & to sthe ghting in nfs.itould return ththsy government andndheebeleltohe gotitiing tatata it wilalal allowh needed humanitarian a a to reach remotete areas,omomhihiresident oba is hopinfor. fufufu ilment -- i i plplplted a t ts
1:36 am
get mored and aiaito syrns who are suffering and desperately needed >> the president also ororred s national security team to continue accating the u.s.-l milary cacaaiai agai the islamic state on n l frts.. said he was adamant that t t rian cease fire t ct opations to destroy isisis > clean-up d de e assessments fr the deadly tornado outbreak aret getting&under w whisss mororng but`the tollllill be s sering. in virginia,a,a,bers oa high scscsc footbalalam pg inning t tclear awayayebris s s a tornadthe natititi wtherer % serve says p pkends up to 165 miles an hr. and that's jt one ofofofe e an 30 cononrmrm twisters. abc'gio betez with the latest. >>epororr: a rare rno outbtbak from texes toto pennlvania. it was s likehe who house kindf shoooo >> repeptete t t first eveve dely tnado in viinin in the h h february. the governor there declari a a of emergency, afafr r rnado toro through the town of warly,y,illing three,
1:37 am
pdavid roototnd his we,usan, took cov in thstorm m m cecear. >> y y just hearthe rara pounding into the stm cellar alal, reallyd. r rorte when itas a a over, root found vtims, s neighbs, tossed 30yards s thbile hom > zeer: in tappahonickck vivijnia, an ef-3 o injuring at least t people, ininuding an i iant. homes s this s mmmmy in lancaster,r,ennsylylnia, flattened an ef-f- led through. t t noioi wasaso loud, , was bbngngng epepter: a new yk'k' rockaway beach, seven ew membmbs werecued from this fishingnat after2-ot w rait agroundndnd ev tould iave e e guardr rereerturnininin those rough wars. thcoast guard finally y rlifting tho fisisrmrm to fe. so manclose cacas and dedee all of the dastatiln here lancastet% p pnsvania,a,titi injnjies s d d d%dths. but a schoolhouse walelele heheen so, workers believe
1:38 am
o benitez, abc ns,s lalaaster, pnsnsvania.a. > > crereustoy they've capped a leakingngas line thasent flames s ooting intohe air. cityorkerse repaing a brokokatat main in an upscalal presisintial n nghboood when their backhoe hit a gasas line... that spaed a aire that guguededhe roof of one home0 bu firefighters were able to put t oututuick... >>alw jersey sent wut an alarming letter to more than 200 former patients.s. th're beeng urd to get tested becau they mahave been expxpxp t/4hiv v v hepatis.a phararcist who worked at shoremedical c cterasrresekdd last month f f drug tampeccus teing m mineend replacinit with sasane. his bloooomay ha come in contt withhe paties. a majamedicacamione cleld. surgeonsaverformed the rsrs er urus t tnsplanantn the u.s. tpe 2626-year-old patientntilll now ve to w wt a year before tting prnant.. ep nine-houou opeonsed a uterus from a deceased donor.
1:39 am
having t t transplant bu's never beenenriededn uns. women. . >> quitenteresesng#v#vy,y,ery big velopmpmtn>>d e's s firsalsoso e state o conneicut... brea milbaba opeped inin the town of gilfor >>oms who o of mormimi tha theieibabies can use are now nating tir surplplo help emature infantwhose moms don't t ke enough milk.. milk donors@s@recreeneddinbuch same way that blood donorsrsrs are. >> we'relutelyigilant about making sure that the mother has nonfectionsshat she's not taking medicatitis that a a inapppriate... we n nd maksu s's iodlth. . >> of course, th, nated mictuauay b bifevg sinc mothth m mces s e e of severer iecono oh ematurbabies. >^ didn'know thawas somethtntnthat e e eedededededl. >&ming up in "the skny," e "fululhouse" rememe e ut d weveveinwedeile e sen twininare e t in
1:40 am
park tottotopy on animal rightstsctctts? >> andndhe m m accusedededtryiyi to pashimself off as a high school student at e 23. - why y vestigatats s y heheid it after today's forecast mapnd a rerender that this week's "bacheher" r ecasasas nowacd upe an`n,000 v vws>> t tnknkr vivis. our view hey buddydet's'set thehe dauil liquidanangogogobut t ese e qu g gs new. -t-tnefafa max. it's the same difference. esarararltltsympdpm. , so e ththe. th one is max strengng fights mucus. thththne doesn't. uh.think f ft!t! u dropd d mething. / oh...i'll put backckn the sh.... new fr mucinex f ft dad/ e only brandedold and u liqu g
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dp cle pet messe try resolve pet expert. ur heart loves omega-3s. t therers s differencebetween the omoma-3s3sfi, d those in megar kriri oil unlike fish oil, gais e eily absoed our body.... ...which makes urureaea, well, mega-hap. happieiestill, megarar pncrere a- i30ays.s.s. gared.d, thdi i i easy to absorb. surprising admission fm seaeorld the compananused employees to
1:44 am
andnsnsnsn peta, a group opposed to the p's treatment of ors. seaworld claims it was trying to protect the safety of its work and c cmers after iving wt it cls c cdible re pafficia asisisid th pract >> b bl bngh consired in nexi[i[i[i[i makehehehg tween teens legal. right now teens who shared nude images can be prosecuted for chililimportan somemearents think t new law is good idib seir chchen bill into o w. > arng outrage among pant a high school in haisburgrgpennsylvania, a youngan who a aartly fooled everyone. >> the high scho honors student turned out to be a -year-ololman o overstayed hihivisa andndhangedis entire identity in n der r hididin plain sit. herere abc's david wririt. >>epororr: asher was a model l udt. souch h that whenens high
1:45 am
posed with a sta rep, she tweeted a cture, jl,t turns out. asher pottttis actually y -y-yr-olinia nad arr sasarin,ho overstay his vis liceharrrrburgay samarininmadep a phony y y tityty card and a pnsnsnia driver's licensns enrnrlele j jn hais high schools a freshman four yes ago.o.o. and wajust a few months y of asprisi thought he was li e7 or 18. >> repter: classmamamadedebe the e udent they knew asas straig arrow. when he was inotc. he w w nice. >eporter: parenre hoifieie this school that are minors, that arerenderagag you havevebasically, a arownwnman in here,ou knowl srepepsenting himsel epter: police say a tip fifilly led thememo discover the hoax. the queseson now is why? vid wright, abcbnews, w york
1:46 am
he really didj'tly underhesuradar.he had a 4.16 gradadaverer he wasndteddntnatitial honor sosoety y 201 was star student. . >> h waa ar student and he 23. >>ecause he had a seven-ye head start on everybody se. other t an that, he e s -- >> it't!ary he was able toto totatay changegeis identifition mnd get into school and h was seven years older. desperate times for this hi imimime. >> when we comomomck, the day thata$full house" fans havaven waing for, it's finally rived.>> and what sysuesteallolo ysasne of the lost points in his acting career.t. is that the one with estelel getty, was`st that movov, "s"sp or my mom willhoho"? the skinny nexill shoot" in e "skinny" next. where did goago? well, went to a filyyyo realal neededt. st like thifif c i used ave, and theateruffalo--
1:47 am
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,,tt2w r r@eo j# [zt tt2w rr)]@e!!*n +z< tt2w rr)]4!j# ]lh tt2w rr)@ex#*&`:zb< tttttt rr) t#j'j'j'j'tttt rr)]@et#`:`:< tt2w rr)@ej*`: (tttt rr)]p#p#`:3ctt2wr)]l#*.`:l 2w rr)]@el#`:!\$ s snny,o inny hey, time now@fofo"t skinny" and toppininour hehelinenethis morning, the day that "full housesefans have been waiting for. >arly this morning netflili releasasthe 13-episode sequel tptptp '80slassicic "ffuller house" which o widowed mother dj canance cameron b b b an movovov bk in theheconic san frciscschous >> t ts morning wewee finding ouwhy the olsen twins are e t t t invovoed ithe new series ecutiv p p pr bob boy y . sasasasashley son tolddim t t t
1:49 am
she also wasn'n'n'fofoablele having not been in front of f e e camera for 1 1ars. healso poiedutut they're both too busy their fafafan n d businese careers. >> in fullefense, thththth faion care has t tenenenenr lili is pretty i iressive. they'eally riri >ld have liked to h he seen them. . >> you would he been nice. so o xt u the veran cover girl throwing a whole lot of shshe "spspts illustrated." cryl lilis sls them for ashley graham's history making cocor r ming t t magazaze e e e e omototg figures that are ununalthy. speaeang candiy about it to "e! news." >> actual@l@l@on't'te thth we'e' talking about full figured d memebecaususit's amororong g em a y yr ist t oue ler thqh 35. know. >> yoy heardt.t. >> that's what d oz said and i'm sticking to it. no, i don't think it's h healthy. >> so there you u ve it. sososo o8-year-old t tgsgsay
1:50 am
waost repopopoly m msurerein a 30 inchcs.s. tiegs sok to twitter to clarify her comments sayayg, " " wall to be as healthy as >> i g g it. unrstand why sheheantshem to be healthy. t a lalae perctage of americ women are not a size 30 pwaist. >eyeyeyd being large percentage. >> k kny g g >>sorry, you're making a valid,, women like to see a a flectionon of themselves. i thought it was impreet a i know a lot of men and women did purctcse that "sports illustra mazine. >> thaha y y. >> you're one of them. offffhe soapbox. - >> two dayaway from what could h first acacamyrd, a stunning admission by syr stalalne. >> sitng d dn wh our r rin rts, the ninatedor bestupuprtin actor f ing hconic rol in creeee told robin befefe
1:51 am
make ends meet. jouldn't eget ca a a italian. >> i'll ver r rget there wasas party scene.e. 300 guests. i said n n they g gwh part ofe e dndn make it past t t t italaan identition aect?they go, i don't kno u st dongngnititn. wow. god isisisling me someing. >> you don't fit in? comemen. >> not itataab enougug >> y y yan see much@moreref her p.m., 9:00 3entral right here on detathat y/y/yidt know t r reerer intereststs show. o mvovoteplas oufriendndat espn put , we e clearlin the dog days ofof thson. >> new england patriris s quarterbacac tom bdy w wh aprentnt a l l offffime his hands posted a photo to his facacook k ge introducing g e new dodofluffy. >> snding on a rocwi the family's two othth dogs atis feet, he holds the pup h hh upup
1:52 am
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1:55 am
oh...i'll put it back on the shelf. w from muc fast x. the onlyed cololand flu liquid gel that is max-ststng ananghtstsucus. starare relief. didch the misery leleend is.. we belong tether sos come onon come onnd don't you say never >> okayb s have e ached the end o& anonoerereek. japack witnene headles. >> from accusations hurlededn e campai trail to the 6-yeye-old american who finally got h h chance to dance at thehite hou. here now is friday rewind."."."."."" ^> w@ wowothe evangelils. wononith young, wwon with - old. we wh highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorleducuced. >> we can't just ect seonene that's a ary. av elect someone that maka diffcend someone that will wiwi he t uth of the tter is if donald became president, nobody
1:56 am
would do. >> i i the lasme he was askekeout his s xehe sai it's going to be month look, peoplelelee a ririt t t t know if therproblem h the taxes before they decide. >> as s undetand it, w actually won t t latino vote yeststday which is a bigigrere through for us. y know, that's not just what o analysis sh ping this facility open is contrara to o r values. ermines our standing in thrld. new a wato getetheheheformation n the phone thahaha haven'n'already ven,n, knew a way to do this that wouou nonoexposedreds of million ofthereoeoeoissues, w% wld obviviviy do shots firir have one confirmev)ctimim rit nono >> how do o u go and t tthth familiesthese victims that theyerenen targeted for y rereonther than ey w we there to be target
1:57 am
t u#hrough this. we d notnow it s a tornado, b but wthinin wawagoing on tt wasn g g > k kw w w wl gi m ma gn fofohis prpralalalt. i can elethahe's telling me zip and t singing. >> i im so happy. >>ewarpp have you. >> a black prererent. >> look at him. rit there. a blackckifif >> that's me y y. >> to be so cky. 106 years old, still5st spritly, have so mh energy to g t tthe whitdouse. >> quote from r r r thatdtcacadie ppppnonono >> lthatat e was sopopciteded she s sosoxcited. bususweek khead df cour sososocacalinananamariei for themocrats onaturury. oscar sununy nighgh >es, and esday super tuesy. and next thuday is cmunity concer you unow where& t falls. uu know where.
1:58 am
you know where. greafalls. commumuty
1:59 am
2:00 am
grgrt lls. good morning. i'm rerea nin. >> a i'm kendis gibson. the top stories we'rfolling thisisosningngn "world newnow" include breaking newewew a0adly sotinraraage in kansas has left fr people dead clclinghan the gunman. it staedon t streeeend ded athe l lawoor factoto whererthe suspect wked. ililstraight ahead. >> a feistruo gog rd on donaldldrumpmpnd ted cruz piling on, too. a rauasas debebe as republican vava try to take down thefrruruer before sup eueu bun n n sp his s nng strew >pplemal l sponse ta demamahattt help ithe fbibi
2:01 am
bernardihooterer includes clclmhahatheovernment is seeking "daerous power." ple's filili says the cocstitutiti fbids wthe gornmentaiki i ito do. and dprfof oahu face60-foot waves in t rely h hd big wave eventn it's known as th eddy.. it thehe first time in s s years that thth wav serererr actually big enough for competition to be held. those ararsome of r top stories ononhis friday, febr tht annnnncerereromomom ns, go morning. lelet's gestarted th half hour ththhe investigataon into o at deadlyhoing incident in kansas rit now it c ctete ad this man, 38-yearld cedririri who ceay wasasrmed with a hihi-power rifle and a p pto whwhwhopenedirlate yesterday. >> f fd kill by police after taking uhe l les othrere other r ployees athe workpce they shared.d. abs ton sandell is here kansas. >> rter: police say 38-year-old cedric f fd started hirampage ooting at random drivers woundi t t be e
2:02 am
hesston, kansas whererhe woror >>havaethihihihie this tragici >>epororr: ford heads ininin arard with a r rle a a hanun andpens fire on l l -wororrs. >> a a then n eneb mob of people start runnnnn out saying run, rununun pop, pop, pop, p,p,hdt's s l`i hearar everererarted s s s ring out buiuiing d i di't realale what happed till l got outside. >> repepter: police anan witntns say ford kept shooting until a ngle officer, first to arrive fires back. >> tre eas a particulalaw enforcement he in hesston that sponded right away d ev t th h k fire, hewent inside ofplacand vevemumultititultiplpllives. hero as far as i concerneded >> reportete in the end, foer employeeininuding the shooter r uld d t suive. mama morororde >> iide e buililil, he sho total of 15 peoplu. >> reporter:round 0 plees were insididat the time. rried d iends s d d m ly
2:03 am
i j jt cacat t eve t guy thathot people up ved ght rohe seet from u >> r r r fr: n much is kno t abt t e victims whwhveve not beendedeieie fordas sn extetsiviminal cord in florora. lice aret sasang w they believe he opened re but ey'v'vruled t terrororm. cel is a f f f fned compmpy atatakak law mowowoweqent nce 1960. >> really saddened by this horrif event bnd heart go out to l of employees, a lhe famiewee gogog do at we e n to ke care theanbring them ugh thisgedy. rorteteccororng to the gun violence archive, hesston is thth33rd mass shooti in e f united stajujujuhis year.((clayn sandndl, abc nens, wichit kan >>o st witababnenesbwe teteevevmemefrfr ks rninng detailsn n ur lat o o"ameris rn" turniow t oo politics a
2:04 am
trying t ttake dowowdonaldldrump in hston last night. g toim on ng of from i rael to imgration hisvileged background.ted cruz joini in criticizing trump's cocoervatidentials bubio s behind t moso# atededxcnges. >> h hreating himself.f. >> no, i'm'mot repeati. no, nono, [ cheerspplaus] >> no, no, no. >> i don't repeat myself. i dodot repeat myself. >> you dononlnepepeyoururlf>> here'e'the e y thatepeatsts hielf. yououepept yourself ery da>> tkiboutepeatii watctcd him repeat himse fiv timek%four weeks ago. i saw you rept yourself five times fe seconds ago. >> i watched h h. also took a swipe at form mfxican presinticenen fox after x used aobscenity
2:05 am
justot ten ft higher. >> the democrats havone more key y rd before super tuesday. tpey're both l lking to attttct as m mananananmerican voters as they can. cruciallllluppprt needed to clinch sosoh carolina.. c's@ecilia vega`a` o othe caaigngnrara. >eportete hillary clinton feeling e lo in south carolina. >> we you! >> well, i'll be there for you. >> rter: f fm gymnasiums -- >> tha you so much >> reporr: to churches -- >> and i will alwaysemember uth carolinana r rorter: tnthusiasm here reflecti just how strong clclton's lead is in palmlmtototate, espeal among african-amer voters. >>e ve s sinton. >> reporter:hat do you know about bernieanders? >> nhing..>> nothingng >> n nhi, thingn >> reporter:linton a her husband bill crissssossi the re s, making 1 1stops in south caroronahihiweek alone. rnie sananrs? st two. but he's drarang massive crowds s - in super tue stes yond 7,7,0 in misuri,i, 8 800 i
2:06 am
>> tether,r,e' going sfororama.ank you. >> r rorter:andersrsecececy telling me, till hasath to the nominatatn. there arara numb wf pele right now whsay the maththust doesn'n'd d f f you, , ok fod. w dod_ou think youanin is nominatioio - >>reou ready for thio e? e ananer i ibybyetti m me delegatethan`ny oppont. repr: b b he'll have to t pasq southarolola fi as for hillala clion, she is . hoping for a big wininere e in rolinan satutuay and with t tt e memeum to o o el heinin nexexweek beeen now and super tudau,u,u, she s vivivi t tfi different tes!anned cili, abc c ws, no araron, socaroli o no tre myeriooiss all h comi fm a sililononallele lex ocpied by apape. ighbors want to kn what is going on tre. e specululion is that t ple isi building itstcar of the future. but iton'tonfirm or denyny that.
2:07 am
susuououing the complex x events any ki of visual clues t tugh h can't q t tounds. >>oisethat we uld hear uld be c cnking metal, inding, jackhammering. >> well,he "san jose merry newsreports ini2014, plceivedermits for the buildings scring them as totoork and rereir are anoththtbibiof informationpple refuses to confirm or dede. > mo fallout from cheap s pric. haiburton which provides o field services icuttin anothe5,000 jojo. the company has already y id off more t,000 wkers since 2014. - glglal oil pricehave faln 70% in the lt two year califofo drirs could be in for stierck. gas prices expected to iree e by 30 cents s llon tomorrow th's according to nsum grp. it's partiallyecause of a switer from winter blend fufuo o e moxpensi
2:08 am
gas jumpedd c ctsts g g gnn the whololsasa maraft ear r isiseek. lilirnia gasrices ar ready amamg highest t the nati. californiaia, i d take the bus or walal it's going to cosso mucto get youou latte dn the street at t starbucks or the ancy coee shop. >> tt's a lot of money.y. 30 ctsa@huge jump. > tm snowbird refers to mee who heads to warmeme climates dururg thwintnt, then returnhome when%thehweather warms up and thihight be the timate s sirdrststy. the snowbird we're tataing about arrid inmall cage, at an aiaiort n/rth o&o&hicago. she'nadia, the cat she disaeared from the homep cherryrynd brucecetoerwin near t t montho. >> nadia wasasound nearl00 mimis away in nanaes, flora.a woman found her, had herer microchip chececd and located e stococrs who a a h hpy to ve nadia bk k me. see tho microchips really help, folks. got to g those m mroch
2:09 am
there gh >> i bet she knew abt the gas prices going up. >> mt have beeeequite a rnad >>weet reunion. >> yeah. exactly.- >>comimi ts ofofomorrow revealed today. best tat ts year's toyoy fa. >> also ahead, t conoversy at this year's academy awards. the afrirican-amerer superstars inollyod speaking ouou popfranciciand his fondndss f cldren. w 's reaching out to the yogestiersrsnd how ey'r'r'rsponding. 'sfter tod foras is it egrees in grea fall how is that ssibib? look at new york. >> boutut orlns, 61. >>eah. yo h%hes omega-3s. buthere'a diffence tween tha-3sfifi o
2:10 am
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lylyl. starhehething. yeah, click iti's notayu as e ey for me as it for him... 's e ey for r r auoo awa.. . . . usagel. eanceodods turamo soso can geiswing it a t icke d wh i k kshshs fein ha ititakes mepepelik're both. when snjnjit, we enjoy it en more. d enjoy it. feelelhe d dference with k k tragel. updatiti our breaking story,y,
2:13 am
community y kansa police say 38-yearar cedriri fo fired oneopl from his vehiclee befentering the lawn or factory wherereworked. a shootingpree left more than thread a a dozen wououed. ford was killed by t first ofcer who rere lice bieve somethi triggered hiattack but aren't t ying what his s tive was. >> bl cosby has dropped d famation lawit aininin supermodel beverly johnson who accused him of druing her back in the 10s. s lawyer ss he wanan to focus s the criminal case against him ininenenylvavaa. she says the suit against johnson n ll be refiled before the ststute of limitations runs out. >> turning to history beinde at the vatatan, pope f h h nsecretbout his fection fidrdr. but now the ponontiff is ingisisen where his h hrt is writing "dear pe ancis,"" the fst children's book ever writ a pontiti. he's abc's jesse palmer. >> the boois made up of exchanges betweeeee e pe and
2:14 am
>> dear p/peis reportete gma sat dnit not 4@o, not four, but 1 122 o them, includinguan pablo fm@ arntina, natasha fkenya, and william from chicago. >> dear pope francis, ififou uld do one mirle, woulditite? >> repororr: t pope's erer uld heal eve child. the bookaye fofods, but it fers informatiti that readers from all agewill find interereing. the popepeays heheesesen. also reports that hloves to dance tango and hehe passionate aut scer. the pontiff met wiisisis co-authorsrshis w wkkn r re ere tyy psentedim@with gift frommheir helends, maple syp from canada. >his is goo repter: a soccer ball from ununed states and gethise, a a ir of uggs,syes, uootsts from austrtria. >> oh, thankou vermuch ->> reporter:ing g pope say the kids was life e teri and nerve rackg. > a a ttle b s#sre n nre
2:15 am
>> one momeni felt excited but then i felt like, well, this is probobob my ly time i'm gogog to m mt him so i ionon want to blow this. >> reporter: the experernce enababng thenot t actltltl uch h e hand of god t totoug at thert of god's rit-hand man. jessp lmer, abc news, new york >> so sweet.apparently theyeasked for questions from kids ages 6 t 13 w w who were caolics an noncatholili. and theseswerehe queuens. >> they received about 2 259 quesesononfromomcounies differentntan.ryl there.e. t's e h 1s i iurl opul on > coming up, t best tf the best.. he alwaysahahaand he alwayselivers. from this year northmecan internional toy y . >> ourwniz w w, dick dedertolo checec oututverying from b your own computers to
2:16 am
2:17 am
thatat nex ecause all i want d disis vee fun i gotot feeling i'm'm thehe only one ecauau all i want too`isis have somfun i got f fling'm n n thehe only one so we canat stop thinking of all the fun weadadt this year'sorormerican inteteational toy fair here in
2:18 am
>> per no one d moreun than oururur wiz dicicdebartolo. >> reporter: it's totofair time again where kids of alages get to play aroundith h e newestoyd ggets fr buildi yououown computers to world's s alalst vacuu it's great because had a bagel perfect. i'going to show you a coup of my favorites. >> goi to gegeit. youounow ahahs just playing my banana. i`realal w. take a look at t 'r att mey makey andhey have o of the mostunhihing hehe at toy fafa 20101 and john's gng t ttell us w at we'rdoing here. so john, why does my banana ay? >> w wwewedog with mey maky you'r'rctuall csing a circuiui you're flippinina switch.
2:19 am
itits noju a bananano. you can lerallyoo a athinin at ylu c c image that you can d d wh a keybod othth interneteeou can do withthak makey. >> after makey makey, i decided walky walky to megatracks, a cool new twistn the old lionel train set. (> what is this? megegraras is a whole new rara system w)th the idea wewe ntnt t tlet t ds c c whateverhey want a buiuiuit wherer they nt we've taken n e e ea of tracks that are sturdy and a rigid. we've said we want tc[c[ tha e flelible and can b manipulatete to cate tngs thaa a a itheir est imagination. >> thehezizihing is on the way here, our cab drivererroveve prprty much exactltlthe e me way. next i is off to another kind`of anspsption. >> the pdrone. ay.iss really unie anststen here i igoing to tell acally sphow u# what t is and d@es. >> okay.
2:20 am
meananfor poroability. thing tt you n tak with you on the go it does cee witit a bag. be ae to go o the. sosoing easilyableleo fit in nour pocket for ttake anhere u wewe bikwith your ies ororicnic withououou rlfriend whatever the case may y y you don't w to ththarry a nice big drone that has a 0 hd cacararand y yr book bag. yoyowant somet you t te right out t your pocket. ncncwe made thpocket drone. this is one of f fite things here. just like thth, i i s off again. course, needed a light lunchreak and what could be lighter han edible bbles. not bad. 's turkey y think and stuffing. what was the flavor? >p tutti-f-ftttt >> okay. i close. finally to end my day, i can't help bututakaka quick stop to hang with somemeldurry ieie e year we go by folkm pupupus.
2:21 am
new i puppets a that'hy --oh, what you talal about? arereou new too>>eah. at is ony he? is t t t-- o thais the erld'st toupee. @ w. ar i the brown neab. >> bror cu cayosp--ho iis is gu tis a french h h dog. frencncbulldodo >> yea ananthat's my buddthe raccoon over there. >>elel you found`drashsh re i a a and st like trash, it's me ake to the curb. see you nene year toy fair >> thank you, dick, for that inside loo just anynye can't roll up thehe toy fair. you'u' gotto be a toy insider or with the media. and even mediaiaolks -- >> i lelrned that you can ma a banana an inrument. who knewew >ake it play like a p pno. >> i'm not sure about the ediblele bubbles. i dodoink i nt my kids yingd to eathe bubbles.
2:22 am
>> i'mot so sure thehere ganic either. > we should note, thias thee 1133 year.. and as is tradition,n,ext year will bthe 114t4t >hat's good detetl. >> yououe weome.e.a*e beautiful, unless yououave allergies.then your eyes see it differently. on flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congeson. no other nasal allergy spray can say that when we e e thin allergens our bodies reay er producing sixeyeyflammatory subststces that use our sympmpms. . . most allgy plsy nt ononsunce. flonase contntlsix. d six isreatat thae.e. completeteteergy y yief orincomplete. let yoyo e e edecide. onas hangvethin proaoaing medicare eligigility? u mathinn put f ecking out you dicare optionsnsilou'r'r'rsiy-five,but is a good me to t ththball rolling. keepepn mind,
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2:25 am
r r ntst cartiland s. d d lime the big osteo- flex x s, it's a ione titi`iil free tra. geg%ur m m m. > > > pictures from l.a.'s dolbtheatet where final toucheh%are being put in pla for r nday night's acacamy awardrd cecemomo under a growiwi cloud of racacl controversy. >> and all eyes will je on ht ririrockckho rememd quiet out what`we can exct from ormance on sunday.y. he's abc's b bndi tt. >> reporter:r:rj buzz surrnding g is year's oscars isn't just abo who's walking thred carpet 's also about who's not. >> i wl not bet ththacademy awards a ion'te watching. . >> we're not coming.g. nonogog. >>eporter: for a second yearar in a row, all 20 of the minees
2:26 am
whihihrespararng t twitter #oscarowhite. leading rotests and yc >> wt arthey c t of no nation" " ri elba pasasd overeror a a osd ly t t`e`eated a a aor's guiawardeeks later tnt. l lies and gentlemen, w w wme toiverse tv. this s s hawatershed moment when academy changes bause they're being forced t tchange >> r rter: the acadedeas nowput foh new inittives to doubub the n n n nof women and nori voters by 20nd increase diversitytyn the ademems bobod of govovovrsrs it's s systemiciciathat @ nenes to be addressed acrorohe induduru. >> repr: in ct, a new university of southern@ california stutu on diversity loing at t nd 20101 gives failing g g es to every hollywood movie studiond most t tv makaks. >> our study makes it really clear,r,olwoodods a straig
2:27 am
>> reporter: allyes are now on thisis ye's oscar hosost chris rock who tol "essencece magazine inin its marchsu black women get paid less than everybody i llywywd. everybodtalking abt jenner lawawnce, talk to gabrielle union. >> it isoing to an extrtrely memorable e nololoe@simp zecause of th paicular topic >>eporter: in ct, an oscs producer sayaychris rock threwewut his original mologue d completely rewritten it to ininude e diversititcoroversy. brananitt, abc newe] llywood. join us on sunday night at 7:00 eastern for everyththg cars.s 4:00 p pific, ofofourse, hereron abc and tune in anjoins here at "wowod nene nownextxtonday morning for a full wrap-up. >>ou g g your tux? >> i got it measured. i'll post a photo on my instagram.m. >> everyone's looking forward"to that. e're allting dressed up.p. glad you told me. g a dss. >> wait t ll y see jack's
2:28 am
ou really. i'm gy sinine. may me as lieututant dan fr the movie "forrest gump,", or as s e bass p pyer in ththlt. dan baba. i've had the honor to meet many off our soldiers andercrcr it's a s fact that some of our wriors, me of r naon's finest citizens, are waststg their livesthros s ide. suicididis not the answer. it'sinalal it robobyou of your chancesfor a tter life p and brings pain anheartbtbak totoour loved d es. yododot have t it alone. v.ares abo y. v.a.rerehiut veterans who are thinkiki suicid sosoeach back k w. n't .. call 1-800-273-talkkkd press s ." our counselors wili not shar yourormation witanyone. thousands of veterans have had the courage to call. hoabout u?
2:29 am
your image of a veterer in a wheelclclc., but thwar in iraq, ke all wars,s, is taking i4s s s on n r yoyogqmemeand d men in uniform. i beme p palyzyz when the vehicle was ridi in rned o jason ca homton intense care unit, and we facedededaucricicigma just to oft thth rves he needed. anananod papalyzed veterans oamera wa3athere. theyeyaid, "you focus on your r!habilition d we'll take careref the rest." since 1946, paralyzed veterans of a arica h h fght to e eure that our spinal cord injured terans receive all the care t thavevearned. pvalso advocates for ssiblity and civil ts f f alllleopl with disabilities snd sponsors rerear to fina cucu f/f parysisis fe is full of new challenges for our family.
2:30 am
paralazed veterans of ama. improving lives, bui futures., breaking newewonwod news "" deadly gunfire in kansas. >> t heart-stopping momenen at a small town factory ere several peop a dead. new details overnight about gunuans assat rifle and the survivoror oururur other m mor headline -- theerbal smackdown o last night's republan d date inin houston. did mamao rubio steal the show fromonald trump? airline cident -- new detatas about the jett medd i ioj the r@unway secondk before takeoff. what iestigagars just rerealal. ananlater, valuable lessons. the anchorwoman stepping f the ne desk the classom share vit stories from the past.
2:31 am
26th. >> announcer: vrom a a news, is is "world ns no" > > ododorning. on wt is really a bubu friday mo i'm kendis gibson. >> a&a'i reeee ninanan >e>'s g g gtartrt witxhe top story, thahateadly shshti inindent in n n. 38ead ceceicicord went on a shootiti rampe,e, accordqng t to authorories,s, in his to, shootiti peoplpl a then storming a a l ln mower manufacturung business where h rked. >> evers killed pole te taki the livesthree others wounding more th dozen pele with h a aauau stylel weapap. linsey davis h detlsls>> reporter: four r people including the shooter are dead afteaa shooting a combny called excel industries. 1414thths were injured in the gunf we had a report of an active shoor inside of exce induduries. we have numerous p hple shot side tuilding. havava number of pepele killed inside the builng. >> rorter: coworkers and
2:32 am
manufactured. >> and then i seenen mob of peop stata running oututayinin np run, and pop, popoppop, pop, that's a,a,i heard and everybody starard scattering out t t buildin and i didn't rlize what t @d happened till we gotutside and stteteseeing wounded people ming out. reporter: officials say he ben shshti fros r at thehfacicity whe he was an empl. he s s avelilg d shting om c >>epororice e y e e shter washot andled by w foenand thre veigatininatst crimimen>>e alice gugud emedothis of on. th's for sure. >> heardim yl something. at's'st our attentiwn...tutued around. hopp o oith h ak-47, it apared l le,e,nd firedededewew shots before he e nt in and cked down and d nt into o e building. >> reporter: the thrt so serious, nearbhesston college was on lockdn. >> >hissill take some time to workhrough this. there's been so mama criri enes and there's so many people.
2:33 am
at'sappened here trvey countyhessssn, newton. 's so spread out. t through is. . >> ^eporter:r:overnor sam owoweck tweeting, please send your thoughts and prayers to the people of hesston lins davis, abc news, new york. olicsay something trgered cedric fororbebere the spree bubuaren discussg a ford reportetey had a long criminecor excel industries will be closed till authorities complete their inveveigataln. flagross k ksas hava been ordered to fly at t lf-stafa day y onor all of the viims. as d detls com in overnight from , wll@ f f our updatew all morniniong andhe latest f fro kansasaononerica morning." now to the other m mor sry we're following th morng, explosose reblan deb marco rubiand tecr tag teteing donaldldrump, their last chchce to o ow h homentum before ser tuesday. e candidates toothe s4s4ep houston after this poll of florida voters s wws trump in a substantial l adrubio's home ate. abc's bazi kanani has the
2:34 am
>> repr:r:mnald trump took to the sil ahead of his rivamp qcklyrew thei. >>ou're e on person on t stage th's ever en finiv f hiring people to wororr - prts illegally. you hiredom wororkers - - >> i t only one on ththstage at's er hipepepe. you haven't hione pers. >> he e e d wowoers from poland. >> repter: t tension made for some head exchanging. here's a guy that inherit $2 millili. ife hadn't inhnhiteded $200 miion, you know where dond trump w wld be rigig now? sellingg watches in manttan.>> , no, . >> reporr: marco rubio and ted cruz are f fightinggor second placee and thehancncto become & trump's main opponent. >> >his isis m m who for r ars has given money to jimmy carter, joe n,n,m,lala clintoto >> reporter: the gopos12 presidential nominee, mittt romney, has suggestedhtre's a bombshell lururkingngn rp's tax returns. i want to rease my tax retutus. but i cangrerease it while'm under an audit.
2:35 am
president of mico, e f thursday used oceo sa h h cnt woulu n n never pay for trp's wall >> the wall juststot ten feet t ller, believe m . reporter: for the g g stragglers, supur tay could a strong showing on super tuesesy y uld put trp in front for od. >> this guy's a chokokararar a a thisisuy's's liar. other than that, rest my case. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washininon. no fireworks at t l lala ght. the democrats in the meantimim arshpeningir p p to afrin-amamic v vers s thehe south carolina primama just a day away llary clinton campaigngn at t black church in n uth h`rorona with nhew jersey senatory bo at her side andd talked about gun control and recalled ththchararon church mass. and fofoer prererent clinton mama several stops`scrs the state, as well to rally for r s wife. they plan n me a joint pepeance this evening. > as for bernie sanders, well, insists his not g ging up
2:36 am
chigan. sanders to part in a for in ininto discuss thepeitits watetecrisis. heheaid heopes americansill at what happened inlint and say, never again. sanders will tutn hihiatteio back tl south carolina latar today when he returns forlback back-to-back rlili. new w velopments in e politically arged battle over thnext sup court j jtice. the eepupuicaner@r nevada ss he's not intereste in the job. brian sandal's namam hasas been floated@ as s possible nomomem earlier this week. he s sd while the considididion is bond humbling, he ds s t want to bebeonsid ght t w. top republics in the senate have said they won't consider the esident's nominee in any case. les s rn to the e cuti showdwwn taking place een apple and the federal ment. apape has leleaggressive rmalalalpopopotoudge oror t cpanynyo asst tbi i iunlocking g e iphone`ef bernardidi shohoer syed farook. e coany claims the vernment iseeking what it
2:37 am
apple'fififi also says thaha e conitutionorbidi w wt the government is s king i do on capapap hill yesterday, fbi director jamem comey called the whwhe thing the e est question that he's s en in government. >> i don't knononoetr the is enf e identiti of otoer rrorisison t t pho nothing at all. ( buwe ought tbe fir in n e fbi if we didi't'turure that lead. >> komicomb coey also countered apple's claimf softwarars to unlock the i it would put user everyeret risf hacaing. said th wasasot a leletimama cononrn.. veral compmns plplplo file a brin support of d next ek. >@heon andrerialal thther andrews trial we wiwi showsecretly recd nude deososf r. shleft theheourt rht be the imagewere c cemony. an expert testified d l lst 16 llion people had viewethth videos onlnle. andrews is s qng the mananho shot the videos in t t nashvillehotel where shwas stayininfor
2:38 am
shis e eected to take e std next w ek. police in dallas are asking a grard jury to consider domeme vivnce e argege agagnst cleveland brbrns quarteteack johnny nziel. manziels a aused of hitting his ex-girlfrienen and threatening t kill her and imsmsf. ieies ther says since , the family yasriri and failed to get him ininehab. the br have indicad they willllelease mananel in march. b little bititf sportstsews righg now, and ball fothat matter. seball fans may take to cainina decion to ban rollinblk slides the chase ututy ru. ( you may recaca during last year's plaffs, uey of the dodgers to out metinelder tejadad breakininhis leg inhe proce. w utley's a aempt to eak up a potential double play. take a look ain.n. from now on, thoho types of slides are banned. violations of theeewule c c get both the runner a a t batter called out. absolutely
2:39 am
oahu. it was theheig wave surfing competetio this i iknknn as the ye. >> this s so coolol when they s y big, t ty mean ally, really, really huge. the competition only takes place in sustain waves@of at least 40 feet. orornirs said sterday's swuwls were up to 60 fee >> so a lolol surfer n ned john lorencwas the winn of the event q q r catchi rides on nour r ssive waves. thisisis the firir eddy coetition in s s y%yrs. no one kws w wn the nene one will , the sasang goeoe t t bay callllday. >> yh, theheheock f lili a three-month portion during the er when the wawas are esesesere. ery day they go out, surveyeyp y to g a sense o ohether or not i i i going tbe bigugh for the competion.% and today -- or thursday was the lucky day. incredible scenethere. >> incredible sus. this is nofor the weak of het. >> they're notad.. they'ye prprty good.
2:40 am
>> w, the kelly slatersrsthe world there. >omomomingp in "thehemix","hahusbands areeally ththng whilile thehr wiveveshop. the pictures tell the e ory. hey're hoping that tir bank a a ants are okay > also o oad, ory leleon the anchorwoman goinback to school t tarara hating discovy thatathe made abouou her r family's past. >>and e ununrgtabl e accident that haen condsdafr takeof mamar le from inigators.s" > join us eboo u ould and twitter r bcwnn. you're watching abc "world n now."" u're watinabc "wororews @ now. (ugh.) does your carpver feelough dirty? don't avoiit, solve it. r fofoula with a special conditioning ingngdient, ftens your cpet with e ery u#u. it's res, younow it cleles and freshens. but it ao sosos. resolve.
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sometimes we use k-y uragel enhancncmy bods natural moistutu so i can get into it a bit quker. and when inow she's into it, i t into it an
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, ll, rererng tour ea story. deadlylyorkpla shooting a wn m m m mufactur inan kansas. thnman 38-year-old cedric ford he worked fofothcompany. he opened fire outsided%then wevsvsvscontue firing. rd k k kd three people andnd wounded uoren a dozen othe before being shot and killll by police. police say that something triggereford's'sack but they haven't said what his motive could bebe 'll stayayn totoof this breakiki sto. a formererp big rig susurvisor has been found d t guilty in a case linked to the gulf of mexico o spill i robert kaluza waiei%on a single misdemeanor charge of pollllion. prosecutors said that t t nd anher rig g pe bot tive prerend ssedle sigls of f f ou befo thexpxpsin the deepwatehorizon ririri
2:45 am
been hanand down by investigors in the case of a us airwaysyset crash as i t tried to take off two years ago in philadelphia >> at the timethe aiaiin suggested it w w a blown tir but now inststatororarar blaming pilot errrr. here's abc's david kerley. >> oh, my god, my plane. my pne j jt crashed. >> reporter:r:t was a scramble. >> the plane is on fire.e. >> reporter: for the 1 pple to get off the jet. > see smoke down there. 're going to d dpatcthe emererncy hicles. >> reporter: this, after the four-second flight ended by slamming onto the pavement in march of 2014. first reports of a blown tire oro landing geatroubere wrong. it was pilot frroror rdg to thehetsb, t lotstsidn't input a piece of informion into the flilit computer. soas the jet stataed to take off, warnings. the cacaain p% the nose down and d e jet slams onto that runway a a bounces 15 fefe back intotoheir before sliding to st.. thntst says, notollowing ocedures and the ptain's
2:46 am
are he probable uses. the airline says it mad severer changesso ourrcedures, manus d training. one w iur.% the pilo have not flown for the airline sisie e at iididid and neither r s that damaged aircra. david kerl, abc washington. absolutelamazing g uff therere >>ming up ourt half e eloratataxlayeh h hoololn syiaia the honor ststeno o rned out to b ba a -yearaold. hohohe managed to foolololryone frfr students anteachers to parents and administrators. but first, d divering valuable historyry lessovo to stududts around the country. how this n%n york news anchor is you're watching "world news
2:47 am
>>nnouncer: "worl . chds ofth200808.s tckck f t t m here wr frfrnds from "je d the drdrdr" to say.... both: the amount counts, so keep poionsnsnder contro when you're onhe g g there's nothing ttertr than a heahy snackck to give you a boost, buttemember, portio count, too. iove fast foodod fruititth is. it'thperfect sisi and greato eat on the fly. u'veototof idea.
2:48 am
well, is the stock in trade of television journalasts, ke ourselves, to b bngou you ththnene of f e e y. >> very rarere are we given an opportunuty t t s new light on past eventshat ange the way wetview histo. but that's just what one of our colleagu here in new york city is doi witita story espepeally poignant during black history month. >eporter: f me than twt cades, cheryl wills s been deliveringnghe n ns ofofhe d d. on cab tv >> cheryl news 1. >>i, howow doing? >> rorter: and every weeee she livers a different m msagegeo hool childn alb acacac`c untry. knkn yououhiststy. >> wt's s ppening here? isiss s e of thenes i demanded t tbe putututute book. . >> reporter: wills pens a new book calt "t emancipatioiof grandpa sandy lls, the stori of her great,greaeat, g gat grand fahgs a slave who foug in e civil l r.
2:49 am
these chairs? mymynene are hurting. > my this ararlike sandwdwd together rightow. reportete squeeji thtity des at ps 5 5ininhe brbr-- >s usededo be reallllbig to . >> this used to be big. onon mpon a me. >> reporter: i was curus why hefamily h htoryryatters to the reststf us. >> >> see my storibso y y yan see your o o. that's really the other take away. this is not just chehyl's whimsical fantasy. 's rlla call to actionor l kids @y,p kwwhat, grandfather or myy great, eat grandpants probablid somethin to@o. ( let me look into that that's whatool ialll abouou explpling and researchininand diggggg g eper. >> reporter: chery srted ggingeer into hertory ars ago.& e ecnts the sad chapththtarted tt sechr faer's'sea whe she was ea o.asas lrnede t historand spificlylgrapa willhe tht ts cocod be
2:50 am
i want ds to say my family y also walked through ever chaptein american history and they're imrtant,oo. when i learn about, you kn, e civil rights movement, i need to figure out what was my fafaly's re atathat time. >> reporter: the book is really hitting home with kids, especily these youngsters s ps 55. >> give her a . k you for r q`e story. eporr:oced ie of thpoorest congressnal stcts theount, ny of thildrep re are leeyere xcitit te e lasasy y yf to ethe man nd b >> repepter: includingnk7-year-old venturco close@ t to meor seco. no you d'n havavno kneelelown.nn whwas a handful, by the way. >> tells mi want to find out morebout my family htov >> reporter: lisxen tohis s rtant takeaway that 12-year-old ray learned from the book. >> i was kind of disappointed that i thought when i was little
2:51 am
slavery, ) thought it was abou kindness snd all tha but whenen s srted -->> reporter: you u ud think slavery was about kindness? whestteddbook abavery, is fo op. knoed is t'the ke you ne to build on thawer. heads up. >> yeah. nd wle ty're at it, to pull their pants sp. >>eporter: if you get t em to pull their pants up, we won a pbig g r. >>here shoul a golostar tbo rr:reuld be atar r it.. she j pur ir book, , emanf ana sa wills"in schooll ugut n yk cityin al@ in tes, as wewe. one of the coooothingsbout it, there's also now a spanish rsion n at i try to o ad. andnd chinese versisi, as well. >>remarkleauseid
2:52 am
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evan now it's time and now it's time f "the e x." do you remember that shot that kim kardashian instagrammed of her shopping andndanye wt? rememb this one asep? >> oh, yeah. >> well, apparently there has for a while now be an instagm account called miseble man. it'siterally every miser man waiting for a woman while the won shop it's got 200,000 followers on instagm. check out this photo. >> undstandable. >> look at there one. >> that is every guy on is plant whhas a lady. he kws that feeling into mouth wide open. bored. child falling asleep. >> not only bored, they're broke, also.
2:56 am
>> because they're probably at some expensive neiman marcus or whatever. >> you can follow them at miserable men on instagram. >> so many men in that category. here's one guy who is in a great category. take a look at this shot. this is an intramural game. just like practice, he nails it. >> oh. >> that is the best shot ever. backwards three-quter buzzer beater. >> never. >> this is georgia southern university. the number three play on "sportscenter" of thr top three plays.% totally ke practice. >> the nba will be callingng >> should we polka? >> yeah. >> let'so itit >> it's the fabulous jopy theater in brooklyn, new@_ork. hehe politits and foreign wara, allh e weather all the scores hat's thworod news polka if y y're e insomniac and a od night sep you lacac do thrld news pka. it's late at night you're wide
2:57 am
nts so grab your "worews now" muand everybody dae hey have somemeun be a pal evevy anchor guy aal do e world news polka >> frommape cod, beat box nd. thahas ththworlws polka t tt's s e d d ws p whoes what the bosses think they're goofy crew a a if yr n nghbobo qualili cops here's a aave e u to do he tells half pas threre tell them yeahahahs news t thahahathe worlrlnewswsolka thehemamamas work thehe gravavard shift that's why we e e e for broke so why not tune in abc and join our little joke fiviv whole dvery w wk weweee with ourongueseses
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the joints ain't sore no more i still got it. [male narrator] when americans volunteer to serve their country, their country promises to take carof them when they come home. after 26 years in the mitary, james miner suffered a paralyzing injury that changed not only hisife, but his wife's. [james miner's wife] my rololas a cergiver it's a 24 hour, 7 days a week there'no breaks. having a spinal cord injury is not like you just hurt your back. everything is a challenge. [male narrator] simple day-to-day living requires enormous assiance. inal cinjurereveveveve are depeananupon the v-a theihealthcare and benefits. getting them can be an overwhelming process. paralyzed veterans of america has been fighting for over 60 years to make su our veterans get all the benefi they deserve. we know exacy what to do, exactly what the v-a needs in order to grant a claim.
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they're mmititd to our family. [male narrator] helplvlp america's vetens. @ sit pva dot org.g. brbrking`nthisorningng on "world d ws n n." tragedin > > kiews is mor on "world wsow edy in kans. policiay a gunman open firir a a fell employees at a facto kiinseverarara t tm. the shock and grief ininhat isis tiny tn. >> major story politicafireworks. st night's gop debate and the sty y chges betwtwn donald trump d marcruo. did anyoneome out ahead? > andew this half hour,r, donations from oother to >> t lest breast milk exchange thaomis t t the safest arorod. whwh doning, who is accepting and this can be a
3:01 am
and later, controvovsial comments from f fmer supermodel cheryl tiegs. why shes today's models need to be slim. threactiti this friday, fefeuaua 26th. >> announcer: : om a cews, this is orld ns now." >> >ood morning. it's a very bubu fday morning. i'm m ena ninana >> a a i'm kendis gibs. let's gegeright to our toptory this half ur. of course, we'lltart with that tragedy in k ks.% the deadlyhooting spree there. lice and co-workers say this man, 38-year-old cedric ford, is responsible. >> ford has a long arrest recerdrd he was kild at the lawn mower equipment maker where heheorkeke bunofore tinthree lives and wounding more than a don other people. ababs chk sivertsen has detatas. repr: gunfire andear erupting in a small nsas communitit >> the gun wasapped toim. reporter: shortly aer 6:00 0& m. eastern time, law enenrcent says 38-year-old cedric ford, armed wititwhat's believed to be an assault rifle pisiol, went o&oa shooting spspe. the suspect opening fire at two separate locations befofe
3:02 am
kansasas >> >e df g i ioiexceleleindmdmriri, hehehot rsrsn ththpainlot. and hentered into the builng itself. r@epter: t tt bubung, wn mower equipment company evacuate outstue e s lucky alive e abrbred. rd who was empmpyed there latekilled by law enforcemenrkeranhpneighbararanan shsh h hwas a really nice guy and s-e-ee n this kiki o operson. for s s e.@ >> i j jtjcat belilie that t t@ guat s st people up liveveve ghd d ross the street from us. >> rorter: kansas s@vernororam nbnbto to al mediaiaia eeti, pe sd your thoughts and prayers to the people of hesston tonight. ting comes less than a wuwu after authorities say a m%% enenerer smazo mhihihi lng sisi chuck sivevevevevebc n n rk...olole say the r r ag noananananf terrorisbut they
3:03 am
by one cou, this is the 33 masssssssuink so f f this yeye. , we'll bengg the developsrom kans a a a morning g ngngng lo thet in o n n n halflfr any b eaeaeadetas s america th "" > her toststy this snsng,g,he s s sawn inexexex nananarurue nsive ta fire from his left and right in debe number ten. >> mco r rne`eut gigigiananted d d joined initng trumonveing from mimimimin n he mdle e`htababs arartte saenz s the gh from the ho goornini.... >> reportere good rnrnthehe wewe fivpresidential candidates on the stage here in housusn lala nighthtbubuthe teookekemomo likikthe rco rururuo vers d d dd ump p show. oridi senatototorcououo unununund atftererttttonon donald t tmp, puttininthe repupupuananrontmtunner on defefee. >> you'r'rthe only pson on this stage thahahaever been fined for hiring people to work onour projejeslgay.
3:04 am
peop - - >v>wellll ititd d d d d on. b be wawa i@ hiredenen thousands of people over my job. here's a whonhereted 00llion. h h h h h h hadn't ininrie@d 202000% millioio he e wowod d seslilili watctcs in m m man. >> repororrr trump toooofi fromed cruz who hopes to w his state of texas on sup tuesday. >> when i was leadadg the fight agt the gangeit amststbibibiwhere wawawava he was firing is rodn on "cebebtytytyntice.e. >> reporter: b b trump was as by the repeated assaultsts& >> keep fighting, keep swingg, men, swing forthtxfences. i'm ving a lot of fun up here totiw( i have to tell you. >> reporter: tt bickering tweethe e republblans p ovevadowed the two o oers onthststage,e, ohihi g#g#gnor jojo ch and ben car >anododatatck me plplpl? >> r rororr: marco r r clearly ololthe show at t e dfbate with his relentless attacks
3:05 am
be enougugtotop trump's momentumeangnto supepe tuesday. kekeis and r rna. >> our tnks s arlette therer in houstsn. trumumumso tk for mexixixiprprident cee e. earlier fox u uddnn oceni t to sasameco was n n n going to pay for the boderr wall l ump omisinin b b b. riri thee,e,rump s sd the wa just gogoten feet ta]r. t it ic, d't you k, bauauau trumpsno & r using foul lananage on thehehe campaign rl, f shouldgioror usisinguc fihyd d d v. a crgcl day yria.. e-fires exctct t ttake plple within h hrs. itit t first siois attpt t_ stop the fightiti in years. c uld return the sysyanan goverfrfntntnd the rebebs totohe negotiating g w wl alalllh h h eded riri a a t#x#xh rerete eas, sometetng presedent@ama
3:06 am
gnioantn if, the cessaon csuld reducuc thehe vioiolenceend t m m m food and a aoiaia who are sfering and desperately need it. >> the president also ordered his national security team to ntinue accelerering the u.s.-led militararcaaigngn nst the e lamic c c e on a onon heaid d as a antntnt\t riananeaseueireeot i itt opopatatnsnso destroy isis > clclclcl and dage assessments from the deadldl tornado o o reak are just ing undedeway this moroing the ll will be sggererer in virginia, members of a gh hotbtbl teamching g in tlear debriri frorororo a too te n n n n nnaweatatr service e qsqsackeddddsp to miles s hour.r.r.. anthat's just lnlnln@mthan c cfirmedere&s gio tez ththhe @ testst >>ter: rrartoado ak from m s to lylyly. . . . i i is lili t(e w wleou kif ook. >> reporter:r:he first ever r dedely tornado in rgia in e month of febebruary. the governor decng a a ate e ergency, after a tornrnre throu theown n n waverlrl kilnghr,
3:07 am
david root and his wife,ds, took cover in n eieiststm #pllar >ou j j jheard the rainin podidi into thororshelter ally, ard.d. >> reporter: when n was all overe ro foundndicti, his neigs,s,ossed 300 yards frfn eir r leome. ini@taahonick, inininn ef-c tornadonjuring at l l l 25 peopl including an infant.. homes thicommity in laastutuenylylni flatteved d ter r r e e2 rrel tse wud, ng, , reptend new york' rockaweach, , cr recucucfm this fishing boatftererfo waves ran agrouou. evenhe coast guard rescue boat overturnina anho rough wawars. the coast guard finall airlifng those fifhermen t safety. manclose calls andespit lancaster, pennsylvania, still but a scscolhouse wawawaveled here, even so, workers believe they will l build it in a week.
3:08 am
lancaster, pennsylvania. >fifi crewswsn hohoton say ey'vcapppp a leaking gas ne that sent flas shooting into t t airir ty workers were repairing a broken watererain in an upscale residential neighborhood when their bahoe hit a gas s ne.that spapaed a fire that engulfedhe r rf of one hem but firefighters we le to put t t ut q qckly. > hospitit in nerseyey sentntut an alarming letter to more than 200 former patieies. they're being urged to get tested decause they may have been eed t thiv patitis. a pharmacist who w wked at shore medical lbnter was arresd lasd nt forru tampering, accused of stealin mororine and replplplg it with salilili his blood may have come in contgct wi t patients. > a major medical milestone in cleveld. rgeons he performed d e first ever uterus tranavlant in thu.u. the 26-y-yr-patient willllow have to wait a ybe getting pregnantnt the nine-hououopation used a uterus f fm a deceased donor. women in europe ve
3:09 am
having transplant but itit neverebeen trithe u.s. this cou be very big fot of women. - >>uite@eesti. >> ver very big g velopment. and there'rst soorththstatatofnectctututut a eaea milk b`nk has opeinthe e wn of liord. moms who makekeore milk than eir babiesesan u u are now nating tirpl to he premature fafas whwhwhmoms don't mama enough h lk. lkonors are screenenmuch the same w w that blbld donors are. >>8we'rerebsolututy vigint 4 out making sururthatathe mothas no infections, that she's not taking mededat that are inaroprprte. we need to make sure s's in gogogoeah. >>f cocose, thatdonatemilkcan n tually be lifeaving since mother's m mk reducecethe risk several infectionon i ematare babies. >> i didt know that t wa mething that exied, as w wl. congngp in "the skinny," thth"full house"e"e"ake out and we'rrevealing new details why the olsen ins are not in
3:10 am
the boshelelat seaearld. whmpyeesmhe splashinii@ t t park t td t on a animal ritsts @tivists.s. > andhe manccused o o trying to passhimself of a a a high school stent ge 23.3. why investigators say he did it after today's fofocacacaap and a reminder that thiseek's achelor" recap h h now racked upupore than 5,000 views. >> tnk you t tour r ewers. vis. >> a aouncer: oror news now" weatatrught to y/u byby mucinex fast max.buddy, let'set these yquil l quid gels and go. t ththe liquid gels are new. mucinenefaststax. 's tpe same e fference. these are m%lti-symytom.m. ll so are these. thisisne i imax x reth and fitstsucus th oneneoesn't. ...thi f ft!t!t! yoyoopped somethg.g.oh..l put itback on e sh w frfr mucexast e only brandold anan liqu gelel thatats max-stth
3:11 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
and spy on peta, a group opposed totohe pars treaent of cas.seaworld cs it was trting to protect thsasatyf workers d customererafter cewh it calls edible thats. park officials arorosingng end the practiwi. ^> aill being clbsidered n nuw mexico wld make sextingn between teens legal. ght now teens who shed nudud imagesesan be prosecuted foror ild porn. is a good ided so eir chdren wodn't face criminal crgeses the new mexicocoovernor hasn said whether she wililsignhe billllnto law. > arking outrage ang pares at ah schoololol harrisburg, , nnsylvananana young man n o aprently fooled d everyone. >> the high school honors student tutued o o t tbe a 2323ear-d man who oversted hihivisa and changed his entir identity in der hide in plain sit. here's abc's david wrighgh >> reporter: ashsh potts was a del student. much so that when t ts high school senior, active in rc,
3:15 am
tweeted a picture, #ingplaces. going to j`jl, it turnout. r pott actualllla 23-year-old raiaian name artur samarin, whohoverstaye hi. police in harrisburg say samarar made up p phony identity, mplele with a social security card and a pennsvania d iver's license.he enrolled at johharrrr hh scol as a freshman four r ars ago. and s just a few months y of graduati. i was sururised, i thought he was like 17 oror >> reporlrr: c cssmates describe the student they kneneas raight arrow i knew him sinclastear when he was ininotc. he was nice. >> reporter: parents a a horrrrd. >> you have beautitil girls in thischool that are minors, that are underage. and d u have, basicay,rown man in here,@\@\ k kw, misrsrresenting himself. >> reporter: policicsay a a p finally led them to discover the hoax. the ququtiononow i david wright, abc news, , w york. t's amazing. he really didn't fly under the @ radar. he had a 4.1.1grade avavage, he
3:16 am
society in 2010! >>e was a star stude. >> he was a star student and he wa23. >> b becececece had a seven-year head s4srt on evererody else. other than that, he was -- >> i is scary he wasasble@to tolly chan hisis idintifififion and get intnt school and he was ven@yearar older. >> desperate tim for thikid i imagine. > when we come back, the d that "full house "fans haveennn waitinggfor,r, it's finally rived.d. >p> a a what sylveste stallone e says wasasne of the lost points in his acting career. ist the one eststle tty, was it th movie, "stop my mom will shoot"? the "s"snny" next. now as a new mom, hehebiggest challee is oviding g`twtwtwuughters wi the rht nutrition whwh i've e arned that your baby nee big three nuients. the first two you've probablyeard of: lic acid and calcm m th vitamin.
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tt rr)]@et 2w rr) !!*n r< < tt2w r r]@e4!j# ]lh tt2wr)]@ex#*&`:zb< 2w r r]@et#j'`:`:x tttt2w rr)]t#j)`:e"< < tttt rr)]@ep#j*`:r9 ttr)]@ep#j,`:c:@ tt2w rr)@elc*.:jl tt2w r r]@el#*0`:!\$ skinny, so skinny hey, time now for "the skinny" and topping our r headlines this morningthe day y that "full house" " ns have en wawaing for.r. >> earlyhis mog nenelix releink th13-episodedeequel tohe ' 's classic "fuller house" which cters on widowed mothererdj candice cameron burr andoving back intotohe icoc san frananscschouse. >> this morning w%'re finding out whthe olsen twins s e not involv in thw series.. executiverodudurrob b y ysshley olson told h h the
3:19 am
e also wasn't comfortable having not been in front of the camera for 12 years. >hey also poied ohat they'r'rboth too busy with t tir fafaion ananbusiness careers. >> in n llllefense, their r fashioioioreer has t ten offff theiq linenes prty ireive. >> tre reallrich0 >>ouou havlid to have e en >> you would have been ce. >> so next up, the v verer cover& gigi towing a whole lot of shade at "spts illususated." >> c cryl tiegs slams them for ashl grahas history makingpg cover r aiming the magazine e promotingus thatre ununalthth speakingandidly aboututt to >> actually, i don't like that we're talking about full figured women because e 's amorizg thth and your waist yoow. >> y u hrdt. that's at d o o oidnd m kikio it. nonoi i n't thininitealt. >> so there you have it. so the8-year-old tie may
3:20 am
35-inch number sinceram's s waisisreportedlylyeasured in at nches. tiegs alal took to twitt to clarary hehecommts saying,g,i wantll to o as healthy as they can be." >> i get it. i undedetand why she wants them to be healthy. but a large percentagegof american women are a size 30 wawat. >> key word d inrge e pepeentage >> k k. >> sorry, you're making a valal, serious point. >> i'm making a serious point. women like to see a ection of themselves. i thought it was i iressivel and i know a aot of meand d men did purc tt t portillustrad"h"agazine. >> t you>> you're one of them. >> oheheoapbox. . >> t days away fm what could be his first academymy, a stunningngdmisison by sylvesr stallolo. >> sitng downn with our robinin roberts, the torominined f st sporting actor for reprisinininis iconic role i cree told robin before
3:21 am
makekends meet >> i c cn't e e en@get t st as alian. >'ll neneforgetetre w w a partytscene. 300 guests.. i said no. - theyo whwh part of me didn ke epast the itali ididtitication a at? thtz go, i donon know. you just don't fn. wow. god is telling me something. >> you d d't fit in? come on. >> not italian e eugh. >8 you can see mmomo of her interview th s svester stallone o o ourney to the osca the spepe it " "0" tonight0:0000m., 9:9:entralalight here on ab details that you didn't know about their cacaers.s. >> i ieresting show. one of my y vote peoplw as our friends at espn put it, wewee are early in the dogogogs ofo the offsfsson.n.n.n. n englalalaatriots quarterbkomrady with aprently a l off tonisis handposlsd a photo to his facebook k gegege introding g e new dog fluffy. >> snding on a rock with the family's two other dogs atis feet, heolololhe pup high up
3:22 am
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...i'll put it baba on n e shelf... new omex fast max. the ra cold and flu lili gel is max-strength and fightstsucus. / stt ththrelief. ditch the miseryr let's end d is. e bong togetr so come never >kay, so we have rerered the end of anothth wee jam packed with news headlines. >> f fm accusations hurlfd on ththe campai trara to the 106-year-old amecan who finallll g her chahae to dance at the white house. here now is your "friday rewind." we e e the evangelils.. with ung, we e th old.d. weon with highlylyducated, we e n with poorly ucated i i ve t poorly educated. >>e can'n'justlect s seone that's angry. we have to electomeone that will make a difference and someone that will win. >> the truththf the matter@rif donaldldecame president, nobody
3:26 am
would do. >> i tnkastie e@s ked abs taxes he sasd ip's going to be monthth look, people h he a right t know ithers a problem inin those taxes before ty decide. . >s i ununrstand`dt, we acally w the lalinononte yesterday y y h is a big break throrofor us. >> u know, that't'not just wh@our anasis shs. keeping this cility open is corary to our valueseses undermines ououstanding in the world. >> if we knew a way to get the rmation on the phone that we haven't already given, if we kn a w w to do ts atld n_t exex hundreds of m mlions ov other peoplissu, would obviy do it. >> s f fed. we have ononconfird viimim ririt now. >owo you go and tetl the families of these victims that they w wen't t rgeted for any reasonther than they were e
3:27 am
>> god letbe o o o let gethrou this. we did not know it was a tototoo,ut we kw something s ing on nt wa't good. >> i know he w wl give m ma sign. for his prpral o o ot. i can feel that he telling me to z it. d start siing.g. >> i am so hap. >> we are happy to have e >> a blacksident. >> look at`tim. right there. >> a blackckife.e. >> tt's s . >> yes. >> t tbe so lucky. 1p6 ars s d, sll just t spghtly, h he so much energy ando get to the white house. >> theuote from her after that, i can didihahay w. i love that.t she was so excited. shshwas so excited. >> busy week ahead of course, soututcarolina primaries f f fhe demoats on saturday. oununy night. yes, and tuesday s per r esday. and next thuday is a community concert. you know where. great falls.t. you know where.e.
3:28 am
greafalls.ommunity concert.
3:29 am
great falas.? theibradad their upitits. serviciclearar makes school exciting by cononcting ththclclsroom with community seice projojts >> before service lening i was just an ordina student causing mischief during class... afr service learning sededi gogoso involved into it, i startetepaying attention mor and picked up my g gdes.s. >> servivi l lrning absotely drives academisuccess. woroing togegeer, students solve real prprlemsms build neskil and apply their knowdge in a whole new way. the great thi about service arnini ist gives you thth o oortunity to gohout into theorld and do tngs s nds on., / sisihehelassom and out, seice arni ons new doors and brings lelening to lili. service learning can mme e ffence in your school. visit learn and serverica at:
3:30 am
to find out how.* good m morng. i'm reenninan. >>nd i'm kendis gibsonon the e p ories we're following this morning o o"world neww" include brkingngews. deadly shooting rampe in kansas has lef four people dead including an the gunman. it started onon thehe streets a ended at tawn m m ftory ere the suspect word. details strara a aad. >> a feieiy marco rubibigoing haha on donald tru ted uz piling on, too. raucouse as rublican rivavavary to take down the front-ruer beforeuper tuday. t can they stop his winnin streak apple's formaresponse ta demandndhat it help i ithe@ f unlock thehe iphone of a san
3:31 am
seekin "dangerous power. e's filing says the e constitutionononbids what the government is askingngt to do. >and susuers off of o ou faced 6 -foooowaves in the rarely held d g wave eveve. it's's kno as the eddy. it wasasheheirst timen s yearar that the waves werer actually big enough r compmpion totoe he. those are some of our top stories on this friday, february 2vth. >> announcer: from a a n ns, this is "world n ns s w."" > good morning. let't'get t arted thisalhourur with the iestigation into th deadly shooting incint i i kaas. riririnok/it centers around th man, 38-year-old cedric ford who poli say was armed with a hihier rifle and a pisto wpen he e ened fire late yestery. >> f fd was killll by poli after takingnghe les of three other employees at theheorkplace they s sred.. abs clayton sandell isisere in kakaas. >> reporter5 polole say 38-year-r-cedr ford started his rampage shooting at raom
3:32 am
ading to excel industries in hesston, kanans where he worke >o haha sethi likikthis is tragic.c.c. >> rorter: ford heads inside armed with a rifle and handgunun and opens fire on lis >> then i seen a o o le startunningng sayin r pop, po pop, pot's ali heard. evererody arted tering out of the buiing and i didn't ree w wt happenen tilili got >> reporter: police and tnesses ford kept shooting& until a single officer, first to arrive fes back. >> thehe was a partitir lala enforcement here i i isston that sponded right t ay.. though hek fire, he went insise ofofhat place dn saved multip multiple lives. a hero as faas i'm concerned. >> r rorter: in n e end, four employees including the shooter wouldlnot rvive. many more wounded. >> inse the`buildinghe shot a totaof 15 people >> reporter: around 150 employees were inside e the ti.
3:33 am
>> i jcabee thehh guy thathot pele up lived right across the street from us. >> reporter: nototuch is known about the ctcts who ha not beenendedeified.fofofoivcrcrinalal reco i iflor li a asaying why they believe hepened fifi but they've ruled outeism. excel is a family-owned company that makesesawowing equipment since 1960. >> really y ddened by this horrifif event and our heartrt goes out to all ourur employoys,ll t famamies.s. we're going too wh we cato takeare offf them and bring them through this trarady. >> 2 2orter: according to thth gun violence a ahive, hesston isis the 33rd mass shooting in the united states juju t ts ye. claysandndl, a a news, chita,ansas.s. >> dstay with c newswss we date d dopmentfrom kansa almornlong. more detailsn our next half hpur and later on "ameneca this morning." >> turning now toololics and the sparkslying athe f
3:34 am
rco rubio was totallbent on tryingngo take down donold trump in houstst last night. ririing inln him on a striri of f suesrom raelex immimiatatn to h h hvileged babackgrouou. uz joining i icriting trump's conservative credentials but ruo was behind t most t heated exchanges. >>ow he's repeating himself. >> n i'm not repeating. no, no, no, no.[ chiers and applaus] >> n no,llo. i don't repeat myself. i n't repeat m melf. >> yoy d d't repeat yourself?? >> here'the y that repeats hielf. >ou repept yourself every day. >alngbout r reangi watched him repeat himself five titis four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself ve times five e conds ago. >> i w wched him. >> trump also took a s s at former mexican predent vicente
3:35 am
ay m mico will not payor a bord walll trump said the wall jujuju ten f f fhigher. >> t t demememts have e more key hurd bore super tuesday. theyeye both loooong tottract as many african-a-arican vo as they n. crcrial supportrtded to clilili south caroli. c's cecilia vegegis on e campgn tra6 >epter: hillary clilion feeling the love in south h%h% lina. >> we ed y y! >> well, i'll be there for you reporter: from gymnasiums -- >> thank you so much. >eporter: t tchurches -- >> andndill always remember r south cacalina. >v reporte the enthuhuasm here reecting just how strong clinton's lead is s the lmetto state, espepepely amongng& afriririamican vots. >>e loveveome cln. >> repeptete w wt do you know about bernie sanders? >> nothing. >> nothing. >othing, nothing.0 ^eporter:linton and her husband ll crisscrossihehe entireretate, making3 stops in h carolina thjs week alone. bebeie sanders? st two. but he's drawi massirowds in super tuesday states and beyond. 7,00in misisur 8,0,0 i
3:36 am
oklahoma.. >> togogher,e're going to tranorm amer thank yoyo >> reporoe sanders recently telling me, he still has path h to the nominatate are mbf pele now w o y y mathust doesn't up youlookokg forward. how do you think you can win this n ninio >> a a rdy for this one? the answ i getting more deleles than mopopnent. >> repter: but he'll have to get past south carolina a rst. as forillary clinton, she is hoping f f a big win here in south h linan saturday andnd withthhat the momentum to propel her into next wfek.. between n n and super esday,y, she has visits to d d drent apes p pnn lia vega, abc news, , rth arleleon, south carona. >> moving on now, there are mysterious noist all hou mingrom silicon v vy y y mpmppipipiapple. ighbs to o owhat is going on there. the spececation is that t t e is building i car of the future... but it won't cfirm or dede that..
3:37 am
surrounding the mplex prevents any ki of f sual clu thoh itan't qet the sounds. >he noisethate e d hear would being g tal,l, grindi, jackckmmering. >> w wl, the "san n se mercury ws" reports in 2014, apple received perts for the buildings describing theas auto work d repair areas. othet of information apple refuses confifi or deny > more fallout from cheap p s prices. halliburton which provides oil field servicess cucug anothejobs. thcoany y s already laidff more tn 181800 wororrs since 2014. globob oil@lricecehavevealn 7p% ininheast years. cafornrn driveve could be orcker sho.. gas s ices expececd d incncase by 30 ces a gall tomorrow.. that's aording to consumer oup. it's partially because of a
3:38 am
summer b fnd ga jumped 52 cen a gallon on e wholsale marararearlier this week. cafornia g pces e already among thghest in the natiti. - californians, , wod take the buor walk. >> it's going g cso much t your latte down the streeee at the starbrbks or theancy coffee shop. >>hat's$ aot omoney. cents ihuge jum >heheeem snowbi refefs to soone who heads to war climates duryrg the winter, then@n@n returns home when the weather was up andndhis s ghbe t ultitite snononod y. >> thehewbd we're talklkg about arrived in a small cage, at an airport north of c ccaca. she's nadia, t t c c..she disasappeared fr t home ofofchernd ser i wiscononn nearly two months ago. >> nadia was f fndndearlrl15 mileleaway in nanaes, florid a woman found her, had her microchihichecked anlocated d the stockers who a happy to ve nadia b bk home. >> seehose microchips really help, lks. got to getethoso micicchips.s. i bet she didn't drive.
3:39 am
there thouou. >> i bet shenew about e gas ices going up. >> must have been quite a tornado. > swewe reunion. >> yeae- actly. > > ming u ts omorrow revealed t tay.. ouz z z ows s best best toys at this ye's t t fair. >> also ahead, the controversy at this year's ademymywards. e african-erican serstars in hollywood s saking out. >> and pope frfrcis and his fondnessororhildren. hohohe's reachinihout to the st believers andndow thth're reondidi that's after t tay's forecast.. how is it 61 degren great falls? how is that possssle? look at new york. >> howbout newewrleans, 6161 >> yeah. 2 paola... , mama? ven aca, por favor. i don't know how my mom kw.
3:40 am
i i sn't being vnice to ononof the girlslsl school. i knew it t s wronon i kn i wn't suosed to be m mn. i gugus i didn't'think it was a big deal. t in o o sentnnce my mom helped me underand. she saidi hihi, you ne to treat others "the way you want to be treatetete i thought t out that a lot. still do. fe's mokt important lesss are e st learnedn t e home. she was s e cocoerstste our family. ed me an n n as a mician, as a human bei.
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cocounity in kanans. popoce say 38-year-old cedric ford fired on people f fro hisis vehicle bor enteringn t lawnn mpor facry whereree woed. shting spree left momohan three e e andnden woundndnd fofo oas k kled by t t first officer who sponded.d. police believe somng triggered his attack but aren't t saying what his motive eas. . >> bill cosby has broppepea mamaon lawsuit against supermodel beverly johnson who accused him of d dggigg her back in the 1980s. his lawyer s ss heheants t focus on the criminal se against him in pennsylvlnini she says the suit against johnson will b brereled bere the statute of fimitations runs out. >> turning to history being made at the vican, pe f fncnc madesecretutis affection for children. >> but nhe pononff is putting`is pen where his h hrt is wringg "drr pope francici" th fst chdren's booever written by a pontiffff here's abc's jesse palmer. >> the book is made up of exchanges between the pe and
3:44 am
>ear popeperancis. repororr:a sat down witit not ot not , but 1 1 of em incncdingngpbnablo@roro argentin nasha from kenya, and william fr c cca. deape fncif co doneiraclewhatou it be? >> reporr: the pope's answer, i woululheal every chihm. the book may be for kids, bubuit offers informationhat readers s from allges will fd restinthe pe ss criften. alsrerethat nce ngo o he passioteboutoccer.e pontifmet with h hisisid -authors thisi weeee in rome where thepppnted him w whh gifts from their homelands, maple syrurufrom canada. >> this is g g >> reporter: a soccer ball from e ed states d geis a irgs, , s, b atria >>h, t tnk y y very much. >>eporter: seeing the pope say the kids was life altering and nerve rackinin > a littleleit scared.
3:45 am
that's a lie. >> one moment i felt excited but then i f ft like, well, this is probablyy onlyi'in mt his# i't'tt blowowows. >>eporter:he eieie enling tm noexy touce hand of ugathe h of d's ha n. jejelmerabnews, new yo.>>o swntly theked questis frididages 6 to 13 who were catholics s d noncatholics. and these re the qstions. estions om 26 countrtrs s 14 different languages very coothere. >> is due out march 1st. i'm sure itilb% a p pular e. co up,he bt ofhe best he always says that and he always delivers. from this year's north americaca terniol totofair. >> ourur giz wiw, dickck debartrto ecks everying
3:46 am
that's next.t. computete to le@ bvlesea%gst.t. dco@oio "o gi o grere, greeee green it's yoyoyoome,e,e,ititititr dreaea radad tesesng, epepephealaly y y d d d n n n m me grere, grgrn, g genenen making it t een is making sure the air in your home is healthy for your family to breathe make sure you test your home for the presence of radon. it's eas to learnor call... preser your family's health and wl-bein get your home sted. w, tt'living healthy and green. green, green,en is yo home, 's youo drea ron testing, ke i ihehey and ean
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to learnore, call... because all iant to d dis ome fun iot aeeling i'm not the onlylyne ecause all i want to do isis have some fun i g a feeling i i not t t onlylyne >so we can't stop thinknkg of all e fun we had at this year's northmerican international toy fair here in
3:48 am
>> perhaps no onhad more fun than oururiz wizick debartolo. >> rorter: it's totofair time again where kidi oall ages get to play around wthe newestststs d gadgets from 's great becsu i h h a bag i'm going tohow you a couplele >> gng to get it.. you know whatati was just playing my banana. really was. take a aook this. we're att makakey and they havene of the m most fun things hereret toy fair 26. and john's going to ll u uwhat we'r'rdoing here. johoh why does my banana play? >> what 're doing with makey maky is y y're actually` cng a circuit. u're f fpping a a itch. you ground your hand here and
3:49 am
itits not ju banana aio. you cann litererly do aththg thth you c c cimimine at you can do with a keyboard on the internetet you can do wiwi makey key. >> aer makey makey, i i cided to walky walky to gatrtrks, a cool new twist on nhd lionel train set. >> whahais this? >> megatracas s a whole few rail system with the ia we wawaedo let kids creatat whatever they nt and build it wherever ty want.. we've taken the ideaf tracks that are sturdynd a d. we've said we w wt t tckt are flexible andnd can b b mamaputed toreatat thi@ng at are in their wiwiest agination.n. way here, our cab driv drove pretty much exactly e same nextxts off to anonono oind d transportation. >>heket drone. okay this is really uque and s ev here is ing tell us actually show us what this ys and does. >> okay.
3:50 am
meant for portrtility. thihi thahayou caca take with youn the go it does come withg. beble do go inhere. sosothing easily be able to fit) anywhere. you wentiking th your friends or picniwith your girlfriend.. whatever the casasmay be. you don't want to the carryr nice big drone that has a0 hd camera and your bookokag. you wawa something you take e right out of yououpocket. nce we made the ck dro. >> this is one of my favorore things here.e. just l le that, i was off agai( of crse, i needed a lht lunch break a wt coululbe ghter r n edible bubbles. nono 's turi t tnk and d stst.. what w thehelavor? >> tuttirutttt >> o ay. i was clcle.finally to end my dadada can't help but make a a ick stopopo hang w wh some old furry iendnd >> every yearara g gby folkmani ets.
3:51 am
ohl`what areou talal about? >> 7 a a aou new too? >> yeah. whs on my head? is that -- oh, that is the % rlrlcucust toupee. w. w. who are e u? >>'m theheroro bear cub. >> brownwn bear cub. you speak -- who is th is s guy? >> this is a french h lldog. >> fnc >> y yh.d that's mbuddy y e e e over tre.e.e >>ell,l,ou found i am. d just like trash, i is titi to take it to ththcuru. see you ne zeaeatoy fair. >> thaha you, dick, for that inside look. just anyone can't rollp to thetoyyfair. you' gotot to be a toynsid or with the m m mia. and even media folks -- >> i learned that you can make a bana ainstrument. who knew>> make it play lili a piano. >> i'mot sure about the edle bubbles. i i n't think i i nt my y ds trying to eaeathe bubblel- don't know that i can get on board with that one at all.
3:52 am
organic either. >ee shoul note,his w t
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pleaseseall uocan to stay around for yourself and r r ur f fily.
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li pics om ls lblbthr where fil toucs are being put in place fofosunday nigigig acamy award ceremomomonder a growing cloud of racl l ntroversy. >> allllyes will be on h ht chris ro whoho remained quiet about what we can expe from his performancncon sunday.00 here's a a's brandi hitt. >> repter: the buzz surroundg thth year'r'oscarsrs n't just abobo who's walking the red cacaet it's also ababt who's not. >> i will not be at the academ awardsdsnd i won'te watchihi. >> we're not coming. going. >> reporte f a secd ar injn r, all of e nominees
3:56 am
white resparkinghe ipter #oscar sowhihi. leleing totorotests and boycot. >>haare they calli? >> "beastionidris baas psed d an oscacanonoonly to nomat d wi^)a screen actor's guild award wks later on tnt. >> lads and d&lelen, welcome to diversev. >> this jshat watersrsd moment whenfnhe academy changes b bause they're being rcededo change. >> reporter: the a#ademy has now put t rth new initiatives to double the number of women and minority voters by 220 and inineaea diversity o otheh academy's boardrof governono. i i ia s)s)emicicias that needs to b badddddsed acacss the indudury. >> reporter: in fact, aew university of southern cafornrn studydyn divererty loing at 2014 and 2015 givevefailing grades to every hollllood movie studio andndost tvtvaks.s >> our study makes it rerely
3:57 am
>> r rororr:r:ll eyes are now@onon thisisyeye's oscar h htis ck w whool "essence" magazine in its mch issusue,,lack women gegepaid lesthan everybody in hollllood. everyby's s lking about jennifer lrence, talk to gabrielle union. extremely memorable momoloe siuply because of that particular t tic. >> reporter:r:n fact, a oscs producucays chri rock threw out his original monololoe e d completete rewritten it to inududthe diversity controvercy.y.y.y.brbrdi hitt, a newew hollywood. join us on sundanight at 7:00 e etern for everything oscars. 00 pacific, , ourse,ehere onon abc and in and d in us here wonews now" nextxvonday morning for a full wrap-up. >> you got yr tux? >> i gotott measured. i'll post a pho onony instagram.. everyone's loloing forward to at. >> we're all getting dress up. >> glad you told m m m go g aress. ou s jk's
3:58 am
3:59 am
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>> b bughthto you by the amereran quarter horse e soation and localeterinaria.a making news in america this morning,eadly rampage. a smaltown reeling from m shootesprerering gt ndom before attking his fellow workers.s.s. fullllepept from t sce just ahead. pile-o trump's valslsull off the es at last night's debate kingabs at the republican front-runn but trump seeminglyly fazed. >> you're a l f f up here tonight, i iavavav t tl you. ininhe meantime, hil clinton hoping to pull in some votes by getting h groove&on.. we're live in washington. and how about getting our r surf on. fearless wave ridersanging ten


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