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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 27, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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scaalutd tata h ?twhhe s vingngnhe sarope bendndhe s ley ccrksks'sericdo break dow& >> i d tinthers yen thhoe. >> s ack h emti prman.. >> i i a asodisoridn&- could t scrg. >n e oscrh isn. he nomesstinute as se stars gart rlylyly plus th rushshiend the rfdress. >> ealket/ stylists. >> our stylistpt expert breaks do the dosnd the donots of oscar fashion. look lii m m youer ther. p> noebruara, 2016,
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>> hi, eveebody, t tnks s s much uning and michml turnn h wi p>> and jiningng frfrr with allhe n ffrom car central. . but camemen mathison has jennifer garner story tonight. >> it had nothing to with our the situation, we had madehe decicioo longefor that man was hied. i k thhey stou doitmo. >>avy,li and bad udgment. t' jen refee toanny gat b her bggest loss reveals why s ben still live on the same property. quot i lost the dream of dannng with my husband at t daughter's weded wedding. budu when youour kidsove someoneneri lpurely and wholly,
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>> enad andjejenn roke up, i wted sperately to say that thewere back together. you're sucked iit, you're justrawn in. ut at theame t her next sentence is tt can'n! letet my lifife bome a soap pera. >> described as wounded, jejen ooombeutti stutuglyyea in th aty fai p pto shoot. >> she d o jesus, when she's sitting there a the helis pop-up and she & realized she caat go down this rabbit hole. ben's ke how cacayou not care? actuallyt's the oppoposite, carrtoo muc it's ainful. >> but thisiss mont jen coess she laughed at. the on mite that b afec h hn' been unfaithful to. matt damon. >> shsaid t love my life and what a i goin to do abt that. >>jn won't be taking ben back,
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cacals him the most brilliant pepeon in any room,het & chasm sh ss h sunnhines`nn you you fl,but when hisisunhin lseshere, t's colder yououan feel a shadow. seju kind of said, know, in my part theworld, we just s bless his heart. was itt phoenix rising outshes? she'ske i amutthe as. shelso reve arldaughrt helpepeheough aofthis, shsh ysheyhaha become temporary roommamas. did you see kell clarkson ." she talksout the s sg about her painful childllod.. >> i thk al theonteants
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as happening.d too rtore aith >>we all had tea in our es, it was so captivating, she barely got throroh it. a faershshe staig >>ndry pt key kson sangiece b b tt's about h rationsh withher fatherho s says andoneernd husus n b stckho sheshe al thewounds. ever wlk awa her nityinat mome was just --ou ner seth, espealal onten. > eeclly r judke
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the mohsago. itinns i it oto nuer ne atunan f fhe idll hope,re was mesge, this w w w ar ssssoks like. whe hetainghere onstst itee lke it wasall th long >> aually@y14 ars, is is the first inter withy en shs a ft. kelly clarkson. >> less th a month "e.t" had her first post win inttview >> > couldn the stop cryi >ell also served as j jge -- last nnn,crcrcrng a kd llllrcle moment for t te how'rser rdududu ipfina an. it'sol to be here no141414 yearsese slater and be all knocked up and nostalgic. >> so emotional. no kelelly wrote "piece by pie" when n e was pregn with her
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y,nd s s hasn'tddhen th d datat ispxactly > theheacademy wass o o aba and we're ]ouromple guide t to all things oscar. let's send us to kevin frazier ghtow in theniddle of all the oscar chatter. >> reporter: by suthis will be sea of people and and a l of peav alrledtoow anhe partyingng alr be eddy red may faces wall parazzi as --. beberly hil raes witherspn ge her prety on with a buncnc of stars including jenniferlawrence, at the d dinner for equali,osd byatrici arte'red to support ual payy men >> aui up ht chhris roro outside the sset towe hotel.
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expected to tke on tararo white controversy tweetg with see y sunday, #blackout, ca d youagai wwldoy hagn? re l o b le. >>ck l.a.x., 4:17 p >> how does it feel to be dating "superman"? >> no comment fromm 19-year-ol ra kingg a a no ocar cmpagne for either, but not eveone i tn t. 8: t kate wsl
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selecting a a femaleembryo during striking out this pst chng ta. w'll ay ee chrissie tonig a l alalto her out herpregnancy. i was hanging out wh the gma crewas they br live. and i alsoalaldo robin bertsbo hpecial oar itn n "2/2 udio ap wi o w wit a with bede e out of e wa ayomomom con't t affoen a hap p mal.. we atteopran.n.& ut i had my mom all to myselfn'mysulf
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est me. >> hs j j tingpate, wr remind mef y ed toowhahaue, yeaea.nday,y,obinnd ae stah`nos aab's presh g with robach an la spence >> everyone aksksmemeoes s kinnnnf d? o,t do t >>akehe@urere you wat kev andnd i when bri wru allhe excitement. >>xinvite you tod hollywood's biggestnight, loorng sidede hoood's h hottest celebs, hostseddy n ncycy o'dell and kevin frazier andfashion corresponde jeanne ye andd llernr. ve on fox, sday, 5:0 eastern, 2 2 2 pacif exlusively on fox. > coming upp on "e.t,", our flash back friday, taking us to
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>> this is my ship right here. >> why ti toolman" tlor isack with original tv wife. a a we geook hehe vee masi >nd e zes >> my scar fashion ad children... i'd wa imaginedwhat it tould bee. i pictured howappy we'd be. anhow muchun we' have together. i'd always imagined... i'be the one he would turn to. to feel safe with, a to answer all their qutions. i never imagaged.... there might co day when sheheidn'nt marou thth w aue wme co.and hoangrgr wou get towa each her. i veimagined that he wouou f%el like shutting me t. that i wouldn't have all thansws. i'd ways imaganed d differeneny. announr: being par
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e boys town tional hotline can help. 00-400 (t#1000048-143 yt dayr n)n. thkso boow i dot just imagine getting along th my child. we actually doet alongngetter! announcer: thes tonational hotlili.... to help yopare tay you'd always imagined. law's wearing on hollywood'sig nigh >> > e'lle right back.
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big tv ysysme el bet abo noavgn a n infe itxactly upup toyoyo not? >>t patciairha
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"home improvement" hubbystst nigh "lasanng this s lash fayw%w% tookem b bcko "olme". >wee hereap100 pi omeimovemen tna yoemicic i look ynger brothe it's deessi. >> is n n that bad, t w s know.t" the first veap ofofof"homeiijvem bck 19. >> are yououaying car's not runnnhing? we n n own a 4,000 pou four-door boulr.. >> we w just crack up and lose it a a able too get it gher. one of theha most tv the 90de len ho nam and when we first met the boys, get thii jathan tayloror thomas
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>> this isis myship. >> it was his ship. >> iee zack uite bit@ becausee kind of with myaurs t he hood u un t& oducon s sedey duninbitit >> paicic and sam working tetet again, she's reprising her role as tim's neibor on h h show "last standing". >> it's like being around family. >> i think you ms it a l. he very ma. >> vevey matu. here's sething you may not ow aut "homeimprpremen raher orial stjill tayr. p> and stst aheadd on "e.t, we go insidaus versace nsion. >> he w w murdered on thesteps. >> strange doos open andclosos pl oscar fashion secrets from joe zee. >> everybody wants to know whatt gaga is wearin i'' got
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w.>> ome back,k,k,rybo igowe'roing ta ep dventoto os fashion. andn joining me now is itor-in-f yo!joe e. le's s srtithhhe dos and the don'ts of thescscar red rpet. >> oscar do, be bold. 012 angelina show up as the very last person on the red carpet in that back gown. but the bese picture of t t night wi was hereckin t ofblgown. they're cain her jolene. >> how a aout a don't? >> don't is having support, i'm talking about undergarments here. i actually wawato give an award, the best sususuortivender garment
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appromate inhat dress all the way back in 2002, evenengwen nenelfsa led aadteut ih wo a bachlt and in 199?, the & firsts personheher a dior on the red carpet. and peop either lik it or hated it, but to day, it's e you rememr. i als liked halle that stunning bury gown worr one of my alimeme rite >>w e la? you'twao stat o , ren lize theheron w w for "nster" and she lookeke beaututul, but she was a little tooranan and i dov't mean her dress, i meenanher skin ton > nonowe know allosnd don'ts. ut what areeeoe gng to
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lawrenco, knowsh arr g b i'm gngto gs that shshs notingn tooear red. she wore reded to o e golden glglbfbfddrewithehehea. aim@ngtocrsh of lit.e re t tatbeaul nk go whesheewowo o it w wl l iertino to e. i think so. all righady gagaga rememr lst ar att the oscars, e w wreat white dress, but very ctrovsial dovesith. so inkshs pbaoingng totovehhat behd agaiaithisis yr, but w dowshsh supportivof her e desigr braonp maxwell, but dupring fashshn week, s didid modeln t marc jacobs fashion show. so i'm going to go out on a limb here and i'm going to predict that she ayay actually wear dress likethis,s, maybe in a bold col orormaybe sometetet a bit@t excted.
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the red rp. >>e'the queen, sh wornversrs think she actually going to go o th mani. actually l lve this particular gown fromhehcouture show. i c see itn cate r rht w. >> hoabout rachel mcadams. >> rachelel has bee w wng wi the stt j ez. iove this ray lolo from peaks and valleys, s we couldld see something like that rarahel. >> i can caat wait to see@e what on the red carpet and usually whatveryu sees a go.o. >> if iknowit, y kno t. > one name that c certain is an it name when it comes to
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the versacace pe in t' massweme andntt bee t td o& hotelsn wrld a wew ggg aatetour. in souch's ville,e,00 set up o aettof meterr cadencnc >>thisthe vila s and this tually wasas gianni vy 00erace's suite. >> who sayed her >> s where kim kardashian stayed. >> t kardashiansctuauay rented out the whole manon. >> they hung out d i ink this is where they all hung .. you s s them all thrown across the bed chitchatting and hanging out.t. >> sui f$4,000 night.
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beds on the pool. iley j swam in that pool and so did e biebs. >> j jstinstayed in t t venn u in room at $3,000erer ght. >> wasshe any cy room service,d'oeuvr anything lake that. >> kept s by aftno tclk. >>lizr,lthn, sly d madonna.a. with but in 191997, versac was rdered on the doorstep o o his palace. >> quiif aot people who beliive in e supernatural whoho feel that hliterally still is hear. >> the srit of gianni? >> they claim they have seen sps and theyave ne to certain r roms an strange doors open a ase thihi of
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l. in tot'"e" h esh gmwi ce a hehftal l l . t spgfld,chae
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thanswer ine.etspr r esnd their itieieby connenein the classroom th community serve. workg er udentsolve eeal problems,build nesk and ply eieieiowe whole new w @ inhe claomomnd, seice leafngngpe neord bringsgsgslife get yo schinvoed.. visit: ind out ho >, kate mckinnon goes frrm impersoning ellen to hosting the mtv spirit
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@>> firedomandal,mumuiple rests, why hehe's using musico rigt his mike > anthisl > welcomeback thesho eveeody, tonigig'st" rts,ch grammy w w ibb bvymtal bd? th michaelel bolton who turvs s todod. i want him to sing h hpy rtayayo meme we ararout t time r now. >> that'sgood one,nancy, donn forget to joinus on monday for our oscar show. we ll have alllhe bigginners and thoho moments that you just caca forget.
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is video was submitted by a student throroh the safety scholars program. for more inftiti on teen safety visit driversedge.orgneeport.t. i am your gue e om wt isisis going on in mies tay.epooks a ams
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poe ne enteaient' n jenenfer goodwin, jason bateman, alala and sharatheyey bring the magic in e animal comedy. >> it is aion- and the relalaonshetwehe there is beautiful meaning. >> it is a fny movie and there is an opmistic character tha un.


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