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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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toght.d eiillary clintoor rnimandere will wiw the ate of toran th mocrat siv t, tepublicans won't be voting for a winner, instead th'll elecdelegates to county and state conventions. the g-o-p coenders campaigned in other stateses.. ignoring lorado. we talkld with bernie sanders toy by@phone out the importance ofl super t esday and path forward in the primary battle. bernie no super phoner we are in is race until t e nvenon, wehinini we he thwhy t/ victory and winning tonight inolorado wouldlbe a gae step forwd for us. ump i haven't ev staron hlary yet, hillary cannot mak amergreat. hilly he coulu be ononhe path,h,aybe somemody else will se above that, but m goiog to wait tosewho they nomimiti. rubio l today, the frontrunner, at ast according tohe poll3 in nhe national prary is someone who is praying onnger and praying on fear cruz the most delegas of a day on the imary
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stake night. the colorado cacauses bin at 7. you must be in line by then to be able to get into yr caucus site and participate. live i colorado springs, eric nk, k-r-d-o newschannel 13. while all the action in colorado ijust a few urs away .. some voters are saying, no thanks. turns out, many voters don't like the caucus system. kr newschannel 13's bonnie silkman talk with local party leaders from both sides.. she joins us now live, atne of the caucus locations.. coronado high scool. ma people will show up here tonight to caucus, jut others, even thoswho are registeredare staying home, saying they don't see the int.
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people, and that's not calls wee be don't understand." two lem. confused and "rublicans are frusterated because we don't vote directly on who t presidential candidate should be." "it's not as if we're not playing a role in the presidential election, but 's an indirect roll. people want to vote directly for donald instead of electing daniel cole, republican party caucus is the reon our candidate visits this year. say they feel like the party makes colorado a fly-over state. some of them say they won't but those who crucl to the democratic "we can disagree, it's ay, makes things interesting." caucuses are great, also because it lets local candidates get on the ballots for local
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remember if yoyoplan on caucing hehe ely to get signed in. al, , il help speed the procesesif you know you princt numbe the democrats in pueblo have been preparing for tonight since december. the democratic headquarters has been answering calls all day and making sure everything is in order for tonight's caucus. there are 130 precincts in pueblo and 30 caucus locaons. partleader mary beth
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peleho have never participated in a caucus to o for eifirst time. "people are a ttle nerus if they'vnever done anything before but it's not a threatening process by any stretch and it's just a neighborhood meeting." the caucus is run lunteers... there are 10inin pueblo couy alone. u can get morereuper tuesy information an ucus locaonat krdo dotom. and we will have more cision 201 coverage coming up tonight on world news. one of the ten st wanted fugitives in the pikekepeak regi is back in jail tight.. thks to a colorado springs police officer anhis police dog. the arrest ppen late st nighthtt t artment complex he utheast dede of the cy. 29-year-old vincente fernanz faces several charges .. inclung felony domestic violence. he's'seing held at t t el paso county jail. kr nechanl 13's angelica lombardi is there live.. angelica, popoceututhis fernandez at the top of their list. vincente
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parole but police say his criminal htory and propensity focrime make him a prrity arrest. "goojob buddy, g job." when ficer brian kelly is calald to ananan assignment, you won'n' find him without oc. "it's one of those things ere he's a greartner." they train together ... spendidi more than 400 hours ning how to approach the most difficul scenarars. 00:15-5-:1 "we do everything from building searches tfield searches, to narcotics." ins a wanted tiveve vincentete fernrndez. last s sn inin a stolen cararar artment compmpx where e the e sk f fcece locacacathth en v vicle, that's w wn n ofofcer kelly y d hik9teppedinto h hhehe prm wawas hehe th the child' safety in mind they y dededed a anano o o o
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rninin or r d d d ase e e e g.g. fernrnrnz z z z z dndndnututut ghgh.. a lililililili hbhbs.00008-8-8-5 5 veveur p pice real bebeelpfpfnd ngngo o o nup theses apartmenenenm all for r ."for r is fifir ananan s k9, g the bad y is the reward. "we go home anan'la a a scscororore e orororngngnge e e ."."."."fernandez isis ldldld thththbobo in n n lodododo riri a aelicic didirdo o o nenenel 1313 sometetetetike e anz z z inininldld without bond. live in lorado spriris, angelica mbardi krdo newschannel 13. a susuririri nononomememememendininininin lololo spspspspfifi iechririwillretiti at t e enen the w w w s s sed workinininhiefef c c cadadadspringngin 2010101 evioioio, , , , wawafififihihihi s. ley y artete his career i i sohern caforniath 8080. . has s h hping t tububc saor n nrly -yea. to up t. ng gus
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roouern lojo. e danger is still hino f f & ininhtchanand t &chchf meorolodis chael plat trackiki the rest of the evening's forecast. asn oromem w wwill dow ernighdh nit lows`sdrntths s ananth 2a2ao o ly ou ski torr wililbe-- w w w& wip to050m guigh fire dadg expct... so plse be $ iohenedintimim& ououide.e.e. i' trahe gusty winds for && you coming u u
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drivivs should get ready for major lane closures overert on i i 25.. just souoh of the cimaon stststtehaivsh refor major closures 25.. just soutof the cimarron stetet starting at 9 tonit, workers willmomo t eleconic message ards to n supports the same area. one northbound lane southbound lanes will close for drivers' aa
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nighghime trfic is a aoncernrn we have to kee on our toes. the other thing is unusual weather conditions. if the wind should pick yup, for examplpl we'll postne the rk." lanes shldewpen n n orro mornin tereth nt c-d wcle some in the are for thnext several months. rkererwill narrow thehe lanes and reduce the speed d t to prare for futre traffic realent. parkeroman accuseof driving drunk and killing a cole o otheir morcyc... says s s w reading a texe just before the( crash. accordinto an arrestffidavit, 27-yeaeaold athina munoz@ad bloohoho watery eyes ... urrerespeech ( on her bath intervied by brian leer a a his fefequ we kd munodrd near fratown. twtwcases of ththkausus arararnfirmed d lorado.
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wered afteaving to a z za- ct cococo no informa outh patitits was releed.. ex that th have recoverer. zika is spad m mquitoes. it's been spreadat an alming ratin latin america and the caribbean. in adults, it causes a mild illnlns, and metimes paralys in extre ses. the bigges worry with h pregnant womom. zika can mause bih dedectin newborns. turninnonoto the denver broncos... thteam has ithanas , as tri to re- sign serer freents...buvoer won'n'mong them. today, tamxeised exexusus&& istag`on -mill that mnswot beng see in 201616john e eaysasa tea will c rk teeal mill.. l ch me on the brcos free-ant tuation, tonight on nechannene13 at 6:00. 0 nene developmts in the figh between ple and the fbi. both sides on pitol hill
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what happenedf.. 's coming up next. also ahead: for the cond time in a month... trouble for the "ahem the seas."
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yer old school shting carried a mornininbefore he opened fifi in ththboy guguty in court inveigators family member. of shooting at students during lunch yesterday, at a sl rth of ciin two were ot, , d tw otrse rt. rer. fibetwtwn ap d d fbntinues s y y on citil e hegs
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l jue in new york rul in a sarate se, that apple es not have toelp ents lock an i- se. the fbi insisi.. it's not tryinin get toto- es, sthehe usy a in beardi ats.s. e , lockinthe phe security of millionsf others. fbi direct james come on both sides.. comes down to . :14 4 5 5 e companies care abo and privacy. we devote our lives to try totop people f fm ealing o innovavaon, ousecrcrs and d cking intour deces." tim cookthe e ceof app sating into the e woul requwring ece of softha sayulbe cancer fa mem he san bernararno viims are asking apple to lp get intntthe phe. it's the cruise ship that can't catch a break... mo troubles for the "anthem the seas." for a sesend ti]e in a month, baweather is
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also battling a ro-vus outbreak. . the ain of the royal caribbn ship is inhome eay ain. it tas dageded te in rranrc windjuee ley alid awa by the dil facilitio facity was jam literally juju fulof whenene kind of wenthoa? t ts is n n g gd." e sh ipepeed to
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tere in a don esesre kingheirir pickckfor esident. ght 6.... wewi mocr bernie nderabou the impoan of winonig in coloradad plus... eblolo
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officer shortage ... and what it wod take to get up to full force. w wl beme winer tomoow w guar 50mpssib btoow n. tremaew shs hehe inin but s.. d thatill l t agr gh firngng. d flag warn hav beenssuefor tomorr. lows tonight drop into the 20s and 30s. ghtomorrow will warm into
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elevations. your colorado& springs 7day fofocacacahows a chance for showers on fray night and a few showers again next tuesday. your eb 7dada rereststhows 6060and 70s rough early next week. your non n dafoca sho ow, th0s sday thuoh susu. yoyoeller` county 7day foreca showsws temperat ie 50s ugh
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the vatican
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today with is view of the movie "spotlight".. the story abt the porterwho broke en the catholichuhu
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heatofhe bjae ection offlicis".. k a a ananr haead tt frh-sloe formed a perfect union betwn 0%eef, c cese, and mouth... ...w.wh buttery bakerys for l and amamica e it up.ue story.
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like the new dououe jack. history nener sted so good. "spopoight".. which won the r for bestst picture.. is n n getting ghe stamp of provov from the vatican. in an editorial this week, the can n wspaper says the movie is not anananatatlic anan has a compellingngng plot. "spotlight" ows a oup of boston glgle reporlers investigating th church's sexual scandal. is ihefirst t ticaca et totpraiai thfi. in octob, vacaca dcribed "spotlight" as "honest" and "compeing." driverle cars may b bthe wave of thth future, but arar amican comfortabl wiwi thehedea? in a new survey y from triple-a, 75 pepeent of drivers s s they uldn't fee safe in a sese iving g r. wever, 60- percrct say they would like some kind of self- drininfeature, like aututicic
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advocates of self-driving cs argue people would be safer, causthe hicles don't get disted, titid or impaired triple-a sprveyed 1 1 1 1 hunurud ivers. french car maker bugatti says it's about to break the record for the fastest t r in the worlditit called the chiron. bugagai promoses it totoe faster and more powerful than all its previous models. the brand is knowowfohigh- perfornc susur . wewetill d d't knkn h fast thchiron canan go, t iten ppededt mis-per- use the ice tag, two-point-sisisi mimiion- d d drs. closing g it's a super tuesday on wal street, as stocksksn a gh note. the market had their bestp day in more than a month. e dow is up most50 points. aq 1313 and the s and p up 46 points. a studeninin seattle good morning cocodo... work onon major interchange project may
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you need to know. i'll have your completete forecast staing 40 m.
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good morning student in seattltltj using her senior project to create cinderella ors for dozens of fellowoweens. alexa landnb created th airy godoothe project" to help girls in need get to the prom, she collecte overer00 esses, 100 pairs of heels, and piles welry. dry cleaners andsesestresses
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>> breakinin n ns tonight.t.
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as w come ononhe airnn t west, at theotsre saying. what's drivinghem at t polls anan canonald t trumpmp beststopped. the high steaks battl acrs a don ez states. trump a h h 11thth hour p. >> i can do practicicly anythi vowing take down. >> he wililen embarrassment to america. >> donald trump p ll be a disaster. >> hillary clinton and how she wod take o trump and the repuicans. >hey are running their campaigns based oninsults. >> will there beecor setti^g turn outut couldoters set ump and clinn o possible collision courshis nonomber? ou political team on it all. your voiceceyour vote begins now. goo@d evening.


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