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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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tonigh an "e.t."." exclusi. >> don't trackp anyone. >> teresa andjoe's last minutet ove e fore he gez to prison. he t t t nejerseyhouse her husbsbd inn tears. what will l ey say t tir kids?? ughter, nia, tells me you,a,a golingg ay fr lot more mo anah mommy. >> and spepelation is thatyouuould be deported. >> then -- >> another " "ncwith the ars"s"shake-up.p. firirijulie ann left and now whyhyhy her brother, derek,k, iout. p now wait until you s%s the sexy star ba.
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>> we have hollywoo's k kt secrets. >> actor ben and scandal anan .t tten eve fer you cacaink of. >> andndhe loo lifi,ssica el dishes h%h date nights th justtbp. >> that's like a great te. >> and the bo beach cub hang outith dwayne johnn and z zac ron. anan if yedd a artntn, siss nheo chehe it out.. "baywatch" on n`e bottom baby, yeahah > march 2,2016, this is entertainmenttonht. kin i on th "baywatch"movie set. hehe goog toebb j jning us in just a few minuteses ppmeron is the odayay >> exclusiv just keep cong. less an t months aft tererereu dicss released from prison her husba joeoeis about toet a a three-plus year sent
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>>nd jennereras thenly interview the couple is doing befofo the family, again, becacaus frw mindbars,eresa d joe last days offreedom. >> d anyinin you do e prepe hifor whatatt mama be like. >>on't'trust anyone. >> i thinit is w wt they p you through beforeeou. try to mentallynd physically bre y/y down. tht's&theeardest part everething. i t hink going to jail is the easy part. >> t tt hapapap i i just days. >> teresa? caat blieeeet t myfe. >>mimimia a ssivivmediaa spect reality stars, tere d j j were nvicted. 11 1/2 months in prison, release 7 7o. well w 's gemen'n' turn.n
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bi bars. >> ks gogococos. ty kn everythin daer, melania, tetes me, yoyogoing away for a ore momomothan momm >> w wat do youbout not haviviviyour and at home? >> h hm being so handy arnd the >that's it? >> i m mean, that part---andof course, miss him at night and li with h m. keepep mewam. i' going to miss the passion ana -- theewewersey house wife says at least oce a wee she will ke thhour and a half trip to see joe at the federal correctional institute in ft.444 dpdp nersey. d we're notloweded t state of nejersrsrsright, ral prison? >> rigigt.. >> and that'anototr scoop, i think. >> tera says she fe i love rison. >> i'm defitely a lot calmer than iwas.s.
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ennce. >wh's the best parar o ving gfr home? > she she isis doing mommy duty again. lasnight, sasaoioi ninht to lann, a s was sayg, you know, tomorror is rch 1st and is getting closer for to you leave and whatater. and his wastereststg. dudung jennifer's interview at hoteln n york citoe was serus and kept up a b . buwh felellike aelelling momenen he wped back tes during abrbrak. after a to tope prospspt ofdeportion to his ftive italy after s servii his time. >> ts chancee t th hhning. nothg isisife i certain. but i mean, yoyo knowwe'lleal with that when we get out. >> king it day by >> > nd insight to their money situation. teresa told thehereructured ththir f fanans.
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job and will be bon hoewives for season 7 later this year. >> andndnde e arefuuwith their taxes. twoayay before@jojoreportrtt to prison,n, is he rrn too $dancing g g the srs." a tere a aallroom sheup. nancy, know i have my dance oees. >> i'm sure you do. >> this is thfirst season in five years s s. >> m uure you do. >> this is the first season in five years --s >> i'm sure you do. >> this is the f fst seaean in five years -- singing and dancin i t rain . no der d jujuliean. bringingn ing in the rain to brdway the be gene e lly at the ocar bah andd j ann leavinger judging f fttr pro an maybe ruruing into hockey player, brooks judge l le gogoman is cingng ba nd classic sitcom starimim fields,p tooty from facts of fe, and fulll use star, jody 4 sweetin. >> you dancing? you are?
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york, shedancedihl for a ododof "erse" coofifi ogmahe is nering whkeel. >> i'i' nally glad say something because i've been keeping it bototed >> and "e.t." is breaking news, f fmer dance paner is bringing sexy back. ntlemen. >> very xcitinin. but can't b bieve it. i never thought i wou be e ck. >> we sti gotit. original i2010 a famililandhdh saa "ncing g th e st will e home for the hou >> they he arere - relayingship ananerek won a million is time for tm too o on and do their ownntng.. i'm se they will be ck. see he in. ow bck rformi ngi i i the rain with dancing wihehetarsrs but derek is singing aroundwith umbrelel at yrs o
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prprduction i a life-e-ng dream me true for hihi >> frfrier rockinbowling shorts bececse he is f fst on the set of the "baywatc ao tough day at work, i lookokt company you kee. anan, thisissfe. i'm withh dwayne j jns and za on. is ther a bett moviee to ben than "baywatch"? >> no. no. an beeer movie rno th@an "bwatch." $ especiallwith this dudud >> this is where it'sat,an.n. loathhe camein. >> he`rks ou follow h h on instagram and he isama >>e pingngthe chararter of david hasselhoff, mi d yoy,talk t him? >yes, david hasselhoff, t hoff, , s been amazin( dosvpppiv he's like, t there is one guy who c play mmnly y guy, yeah, throk. >> i ve at. ell meabout yourr charaer. >> i py maa brodie.
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he doon't seeee eyeeoo eye with mitt in h many thiii >> no,o, tnk he is a rik. >> d d d you hve red whitete ue bathing suitthere? w uldouou guyuy but-- >> > o,o, no, no. >> we w come back and talk about something ou're ing wi #vin hart. >> ye we will talk something i dwo k kin hart. >>meile, t werewo digig mis. ririiabal debuting a night n cuffs i il.a. an whi tango fox ot where tina a y idhe is still on a suar bu e g girl scout kikiki at t oscs.p. >> alal righghghna fey. getha money, girl.l. >> ias off-camer wav $20 ill. i mmeure g samoas. then matt mon, who wants samoasas i' like i g them. >> hristianan who sgged a thh
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taste theheookie basically. >> margot robbie, in the mp st,o psyched on her oscar r ar@encounr. >> i g to sit neo benen delltero torro. >> jen thanksed tina and amy poehlhl and vanityairor getting her roughh t tgh year. >> that's so n ne. he is a lololy, love ly. >> iemembedancing real rd w w whehe d at the paay and first te i missed goldenn globes. , we don't get to dce live with jennif garner any more. >> jeifif al addressing that benn nnny dedecleeininhat interview. and ming up, telling you about another celeb ught in the middle of a nanny scaal. expose as a-isttanes elelus their shoing stories. >> ne i in pticular who hh
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ndive tv si@cahe pasas the lastays of j jus with h h music. that's next. >> closed captioning provided
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bibibiday tttt`td* bt@qzjzjtt2w`tkfd* "a@qjfd 2wd*bm@qamh d dttkfd*" " h tt4w`td*d*d*tq m ( tt4wttkfd*" gzt& t'p `tkfkfd*" hnt& d)< tt4w`tkf" iz .@d tt4w`tkfd*" jntq
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rrsals are u uer for the ext liveusicaleve "t on" and yoyoyoever seen anythg like i i beore. ingovrrewrlrlns a initl turner gotheheirir invite.ninitial tururr gogothe first invite.initiaiaturner gothe firstst invjte.cinitiaiaiarnererer theheirst inviteinial turner g g the fir invite.elinititl turner got the first vite.l.litial l l er t the rst invite.einitial tutuer glt the rst invive.nititl turner got the rst inintetetial turner got the e first invite.tial turn g the first invi.ial turnenegot the fit invitel turner got t fir invite.l turner r t the first invivi. turnerot t t first invitete >> i'm doing dememes froro ime e ag. >ow.. th's kd of de. with jejes.s.>> yououe ing duet? >> yes. kinin a a little back anan >> s s in20 t toodernd sic,cl a t tstn ther traditiofor many chris faiths.s. his production of the passion features starsrslike seal, trishaha yeyewood, as may, mother jjus.s. 16o`o` n, inululng cele dion's "lanove mountains." mostive show will ve presegments.
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thaas jus, and his disciple iluluinghrisis daug >> you work with one of o vovoteeople in holod. eva longori hey guessssat, takinlile time away, to go jesus.>> oh, you kw eva. she lie,h, sus! >and every siile member of our is, they do, theyy embrace thrrfai.. tyler perry is the host a ad narrator. he h hb messag r rligious ptics. bible. how can n uuo wronghe say the wod? that c ermon tyler. >> let metete a aout stand-out momenthat you cannott mi in thth prodn sus's song, a tina turr clasc,e don't t t anoer hero. 0 ust me, it s show-stopper.
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be. grea in neorleans.& >> so huge. >>i can't wai nt wait fororessisi b beale shsh is oping a ki-friendnd restra. sheheelling us how she dusti keep triage ssseseith much goion. >>s heoing to be her while? >> hollywowo nannies in tears, home wreckers and too cle kidsds
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>1 donon go away. on krdo o newscpnel 13 at 10 o'clock. more job cuts atou ra stete mill tonight 10, 're hearg t afct4e4eby t test roundndf ts. , drones are in polalalang asrossswhe untry. but t t ly on 13, is the vernment eping t em vroued? we're f`nding out toght on kr wsannel 13 at 10. oky, so jessica b bealalanan jujutin timberlakehe o o ward party jeica dshededll about her huwhen s sat d doo wiwith joejose. hehetyled jca herovev in 200 and they've bebe f fends ever sincef >> yo and justin looked like you had so much fun at the oar vanity fair party.
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i like o-fashioneddates. dinner,ovies. >> rea- makeout. dinner ovie,makeout. at's like a gr bte. >otherrhangood old-fashioned keout dateses howw d ds it couple keepep their marrie stroro? have their own hob. jussn owns t ts new yo etery anjessic is o daysysrom opening her ownrestaurant. >> justins ao in the staurant busiiiis. any t ts orpointe on nhowwto o th >> i think he was at fifi also ike, youysysre ts. >> is goingo be here a lot? >>yeah. bebeause i'moio here a lot and i he a godldldla for m. addd a plq@e thth i feel sasasa him to be in. > and kid@d@riendly pace i where wn t ey reit hesewoo way back. he styled her fofo covers. they ve giveneaea other awards and joked aroun with jt. >he usually says, isis sort the ringlglder, sendndg ou a pbig e-mail and y let's
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-p>> talk to eacbc all the te? ah. >>, a lot ofel suppo. thier of >> jss waaed us beees.s >> w wll . nom?so wereoeoe theame c cee froo< >> i tnknke w trying to s!y, oh, [ [leep but kids we ound. so heid oh, dg >> and tt's's >> good w it keep i g-rat there. so there eisis draing, p pntin class, while you eat. fre at hollywood, atars hahahaany to h teir chldren&b we have seen in the news hadly that turn nanny-gate scafaals hetruck n andje rob andndgwen. we havav talked to insiders who know w e w i ntimately
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totoigt, confessi aftft celebrity ny.y. >> as ceity nannies, av ollywood's best kept secrets. >> the ahor an ondential." the mtch makak r enhas been a nanny for severalamous families. e said e's gototen indecent prosales fromomome ememoyers. >> gotten every ffer. from a celebty high profilil er. fromom fathere& >> investigationevealele fouou major secrets.p.& numberne, money is no object. > g gng to statatauc ery morng before preschool. renen like thehe cildrdrdr t 4be bathed in diamonon ter, which j didn't knono what tisas en first started woing. but water runhrough diamond t t incncase thththph level of e water. nannnnfactor. forget mary poppins.
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>> think of "t hd that rocks thth ae." you knkn, nanny has hom wrecker. >> relationship between nannies aa falies o o g rsonal. worsing meoeo's's ho and is intimat relationship.. >>week susan saonon dauger desesibing what she sayywas her ownnlmo nny te on n r blog. ppily ever aftfter. she ites that her husband received a so-called accidental text from their nanny that read,omgir dension to you how hot and sex my boss is? i would le tolan his bins out. haha. >> one ipapaiculararho adddd a baby to a celebri father that mama don'tnow abo p. >> and nannyny promting chchting allegatio which vehemently denend. didgwen'snanny. she ststted dressingioe gwgwn. female."
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to the ki mariah careyays she t clcle. i d nannies l lke t theyey try toto me their selves morimpopoant in the aby' mind thanme -- >> once you getooclose a and i guthat juu the realityyf the job. youknowowlike everyday y everyday you go to scol and when ththbell undn, the child@ ns o o wi their hands o ady toee u. and youpp are so xcited to see thm. and one dayoyre j%jt not the e r them.& >> finally, nnies vsus pazzi. >> here i am, turninithe wheel. tt eah wi brit spears in 07. a time she says she was britntn decoy. >> very scaca. running red lights. ty were hitting c c c can you hr itit
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there is a wherewe we sunset tan,t is about me doing metng. parazzwere trying to get a shsh o o hdress. so i dia nice bacackick nono anyththgoo rd. he llkinth papaai like'rep paththic. like l li her life. >> nanny slashsecurity. >> shouou point o outit is vpry rare you he a nanny talking about who s worked withecause theyey oten sign extel confifentialit - agreements ananthat canff
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weweilshow you. >>on etonline.coo insi country sr rayl ae weddddg. anan blake shton and gwen stfani. plu morgan frereemantars in t ne thrier, "london has p lle but so talkbobo another b b mooo "batman rsus superman."." >> don't kowowow thh e works. >monthuafter he reported secrtpals, mahry-k-ke olsen showowffat ars masiven
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by -- >> befofofo we go, tune-in alertrt y cohen's1,0000thpisode on brav >> chrissy teigen anan kristin chen worth >> hardest working man inll of hhlywood. on april 5th cohost mtvt withth kevin art. >>'cohostine awaard with my much bigger twin kevin h@ we e reoing to cruru it. i was s th him lweekd. he hohoed a rally in n s angel. more t tn 5,000 pelehowed u it was a big day for kevi e ray was lot fun. che it out we e y good-bye. >> comeen, baby, let's go do his run. loooo oututhe and i see a
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>> not aigal.
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