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colorado. in an fo to get reblan "mp truroro c cle him a a aud d says t tmp is ing the e erican public for suckers. but as krdo newschannel 's eric fink shs t t attack.. may y backfired.. ericic live totoght at the el paso county repubuicanan headquarre with more. ere is a group voters inhehe-o-p and here in southern colorado who say this s sech may d up helping thehfrontrunner. donald trump is a phphy, a fud, his s promises are degreeeero trump univeristy. the mo noticele showowg ofnic yet fr establishme ntrepublicans. shonestly y donald trururu hallmama hours late...trum p ncnc back. i backed mimi romney, i backck him, he s begging, i could have said mitt drop to your knees, he was begging. mitt is a failed candidite, he failed, h h failed hriblbl stanup some fmer mney supportersn el paso countntare e sappointed with romney's speech calalng it t popontntlly damagi to
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white house. i voted for him, i work hard on his mpaign. d one of the things thawe reblicanan realal need toto lookokt is n b b uthing other reblans. romneyspspch t deals with the establishment we he ininin reblbl p pty, running scared. lorado collegegofessor boloevy says thi speech doesn't angegehe fact themath andn& momentum e th trump. there really is no reasonable scenario to keep trump from tting the republican minati. the derates are angry about it but therer nothinth c do. romney ys a trump nononation woulpave a road te white hoe e for hillary clinton and that's what clark she question's the ctivenes s thihiwa of wds. thththth republans s se
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at w w eric fink reporting. professor evy thinhe ldtatements from romney will havavlittle fect on the race on thehe cric@ side. the investstn over hillary ton's use e classified emails ntinuetoto follower on the campapgn trail. in ehangng forohis testimy.. the f-b-i granted imimnity to e clclton aide who esesblisheher private ail serv. meanwhile.. beie sders, s in michchan, is attackinin ton on her policies. . 'll have more on the e ce@e house cong up on worldiws. ( roade only w dryi o theheigher elevatn n locatiofl paso vingre aceo reir pothes. thcounty n't dealing with my colora springs ... scott harrison tells us, crewhave a lot more e ground to cover. he joins u ulive from el paso coty headquters. el p po coty
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it t t workers nger to reacahem. and the longer@ it tak, the worse thos potholes can get.t. the so the pothole drivers s ll bump into in ack k rest. but whr they're worse than ususu ...s a maerf inioio y've been horrib. they've been worse than ey've evereeee actual. you u mostst feel le e need to get your car alilied n, once you t(rough. 's the same potholes. they've actually resurfaced thth road before, , d would bebebee for them to do that again." t drivevs e seeing adadl progress. ur county crews started patching potholes late last week. the warmer, drier weather is a big help. "one of the chlenges county s face right now, is about half theiei pothole-patching truck fleft is down for repairs-s-artltl because thesessame vehies are used r
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officialpe to have these tr back !pd on linonbut a i idepes s e at" it me story. e freeze- and-thaw cycle, aging roads and` traffic create e potholes. it a longer- lasting process in black fores but t nerally, ivererare happy to see the work done.e. "i do sesethat they've dodo a l ltle bit bett job." the county hasn't decidid yet t w mumu repang of damaged roadadit will do o year. wel keou dateon rtg live--ott haison, do newschannel 13. . anks scotttt d yoyocan repopopopothohe in your nehborhood. just head to
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link ithe top p news section. detees say ey finallyly ught aexexl prator, responsible fo attacks that spspned o decades. joel market warere in texas wk. he was soldieat fort cacaonen 1996 and 1998. tectives he'd sneak intnt homes at night.. anattack ks and ults one victim was a four-year!old....& ng at a hoho the "b" stree ar. investigigigs s s t time inininied re tn 200-0- ople.. b couldn't'tind a suspect. 2 - 000452 the street area terrified dung was a lot of media corage and a lot ofof lice presence e t area to t and op thehe attacks aten on for 6onths deteteive smith excts to see e e o o these cases lved in n e nextxteverald, ars. we'll have mumu more on is case. toninit ko newschannel 1300 at 6. a grass fire that started south of avondale yeststday is n 85 percent contned. it't burned 300 acres in pueblo
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doed power line startedhe re, and gusty winds fueled it to spread.d. the e re was portedea ar 11 1 m wednesday in the huerfano river bed area near broaoacrand doyle roads. buildings were burned. tutuing to ather and coolereray totoy. and fire danger is ststl high. is ismall ush h re that broke ouluthis morning in colodo spriris, near atat andnd wooten. crews were able to quicy t it outand there was no damage. lets get you outside for a liveook stormtra 13hief meteorologt rachael plath eping ye on the rest o&o&& the e ght. $ itoing to be a mi nigig with latively light wiwi and dry
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wi drop into the 20s and 30s. highs tomorrow b be e wiwihtd buthe breeee i exed to pick up as a coco frfrt arris late in the day. i'll sh yououow this cold front will pact your weekekd d weher r mi er in the nest. a cre tracker alert tonight.t. springs poloce arlooking for a suspted hit and run driver it hapned around 5 50 this moing g the 4700 block of rkablili. . detectives say
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thside oe road, and was hit by dar colored ford brbrco. popoce s s theh&h& driverer a woman wo stoppefor a a w mis, but then toooff. the victim was injure but is expect to surviv you have any information callll spriris police or crime stoppepe. a sergegnt wi t t park coty sheriff's offifice r rigig.. and the undede erififis disciplined afte that deadly shtout lasas week in ileyey - deputies were e evting martit) wirt when he openen fe, killing de cri. jungwo othepu. cou erifed weweneneys deif go andsent wel njes .. were punishedor inindentthah happened in the aftermatof the shshshng. gore w w placed on ave use of the y otified carrigan's fatherut the death. tonjes, wh was part of f e aiof command the eviction, regned befor bebeg demote wirtrtwas kied in the shooting, e other r o o pupues cocoring federa ofofcialal contntue to instigate a deadad pla crash in palr lake.
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yeyeerday, wn the ple went down in northe sosoounty, neararonumumt. the n-t-s-b sasa ititouou be another wewe bere they find out a a eliminary cause. ctimand d the type of planthat crash, have not been intified,d, today markrk25 ars s e a a a horrrric passenger jet crash in colorado ngs. oq march 3rd, 1991, ununed flight 585 wasn it way froro dedver to the springairport when t 737 slammed nono first,t,hile o o nal l oach. inveveigors s found that high nds and a dedected ruddede weo o ame.0 passengers s and five crewsws members were killed. new vt five, the e deral gornmeme is considering liftg otections for grizzly bears in the e llstone national park area. the move cou low ture huntntacss parts of three states. since 1975, the number of grizzlies sbs crsed in the under toabouon ousandhuntntg llllstonon
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prohibited, but it could be wed in rrounding partin monohna , idaho and wyomin new informion about t prison ght.. the victim...... james holmes.. we'r'rfinding out " the theater ooter was beaten up p another r mate that's's'st. ahe... . new w developments in the dead police shooting ack man i
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is corrections offir is in jail.. after pleading guilty to seally assaultiti inmas. 57 y yolol grgrory y ith was sentenced to 100 days in the fremont county jail.. for hassing and intidating inmates at t arrowhead correctial facility in fremoncounty. heas also o sentencececo
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colodo wmakers sa prisoners ca use the "makakak day law" i ijaja new measur is getting approval t/tayay inhe ste thke m day law habeen ed at leas twtwe by inm who re exonerat f kiing llow mates who teted their ceces. prosoror worrthe law could be usud by an inmwhwh attacka guard. the billaces one more vote i& e house, beforerereding to the senate. new infoation night.. on the prison attack on convicted eater shoooor jas holmeses holmes was beatat by y fell inme e october, at a high security pris i i florence. abc news uncovered w docunts that guard accidentlyefa a doorpen, leing holmes @nsed d anheinma. the other inmate, a convnvted car thief .. attacke holmes, hitting him verara times, before the guards pulled hif. becae ofhe cidede, ho wamomod toundidilosed pris o of state. ub driver accususus inin deay shooting spree, will receive a a mental alaltion.
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pele andnd injujud twtw others in ooting rampage in lamazoo,michast month. e ntal evaluauaononill be`eone e thin the xt 6daysys vestigator are continin to p p p p ce and a workrk identify a mote fofothe attawa. a polici offjcer om mogomery alabama ischarged withth murder, in t shooting death of an armed man. officer aaron smh h acccced ofililng greg gunn. e shting happened last wewe ith's lawyer ysheicer waconfroroed by gn, w h%h lls a ngerous s susuect. police sayay gunn fought with smi, hohoing what loedika weapon, but lalar tutued out to be a small, thin stick u ud stir pain sot coverere mimickey mcdermott/sm h's attorney: "mr gugu fled anan used force against th officer,r, threatened thelifef this officer d citizensf is cmunity." family fri mel brown, gn' mily frien "we are going toave e it inod... . and not only that, we argoing to prazafor e ofofcer alsoson this case." " smith's rnrn s ss
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unst ithe community. ththofficer is now ou bail.l. nnnnpnuneral this turday. his mother asked thth officeceto attend. in tht battle of bururrs.... ..k d dlatiusitthe dodolejackbo forord d rfect ion beeen 1010 beeeeeehe heheook a a anfofofot and say y y s.s.anthe freedom to cose om hundreds of freestyledrinks all for $4.99. and amamicate up. truetory. gethe new double jackcombo for st $4.99
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@coldldase. on krd channel 1# at 6 6. policece rest a man theyay sexuallz assaulted ilen. and new scam tototete yr ididtity. how@t@ieves are posi as people you ow....o steal ysu identiti and moy.y.thataton
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i'll shsyoyo whatat c/cfront tomorrow means
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p tonight will b cool with lows dropping io the 20s and 30s. tomorrow highs willet into the 60s and 70s. it will be quiet for mostf the day, but clouds will thken up a the e eeze may pick up al as a coco front slides ththugh late in ththdadadaour colorado spris 7day fofocaststhowsws teererures warming into the 60s tomorrrr, but drping back io the 50s on saturday. the hance foers arriris on mondndndndyourur pueblo 7dadaca sws a ance for showers ononmondaynd tuesday. your canon citytyday y
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mix of 50s a 60s for the next week. your teller county 7day forect shows a mimimi& 40s and 50 ugh the next 7 dathere is chance for showers fridaysuay,y. ayy. a local non- 's changing things up. find o howow the new plans to help feed the hungry. tsorititores some rado find wch
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profit's ananng t t ts up. nd h e plto he f fd hu. sporauthority closing stores... some in colorado ...
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a lol non- i i an t y ss people ied thspring sc mison s a new of edg families ininur community. this staff unveiled a new food pantry. people are given a certn amount o o points.. and they can exchange ose for the fofg theheneed. the staff says, letting them choose their@ food is better an sply handing out t food boxes, like they did before. and d u can n he. if y/yould like to donate nned goods, ould le ef keep our shelves full and stocked and everything we give away ifrout 80o opleleetd at t sprgs reue m msion every day. informatn on the sports authority babaruptcy we first toldouou about yestery. the compy releas aist stotos that are clososg.g( thmajority of the closes are
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there e three coradocas... en r eeeeeed ll dne y ittlet sp aulele for chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing ovevea billarinded d slslng ses r lilif cl, t tkr.c. finy dethe tows ctiwn. ogle, e-ba and jeblululre amgmg 13 companies join gether, to fight illegal wilife trarfickckg. wildlife experts say poaching and the animlackmark i i- llar indndtry link to teisfundnn jebl pla to edutete passengerc travaving to hoots for animal traffickininike latin america. e-bay and gole are boososng efforts to bld gorithms to stop the selling of illegal products. a fedel judge has appred a settlement king sure bway's f nganheare acly2-ines. e wi chchagreed t cen n pracs en custerdon't
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bwayill papa5-thousa dolls in legal fe, 50dollar to each of the 10 peopleleho led e e ass action lawsuit. cling bell another day of modest gns on wall street, as the energy sectct continues to recover from a a ugly s srt to the year. tht dow is up 45 point the nasdaq is upupr. the s and uven ts waom rembe torrow on gmc ..d t t anffromote llnemong litaile g ureciation nds- way i'llavavyour compte forecaststtartg g
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bethe ererronc' $ orerbowl vicry ll, artiti tomorrows cacagr p of history by y& purchasing a collectible stamped enpepeththththtus s onons s s s playerererhehehe , , , the sususubowl gamam scsc ononstst offices acrororo atatatllll rrrre e ... cludududthe e e e e mmaron h
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tonight, donald trump under attack.the e pupupupupuevevevunder way.y. omoey tatang a a aitita a a istering&new a a t t. >>d d ump p p p pny. rrau >> truruonig, , r ngngngng >> mitt, d y yr kns. couldldade droppo h h knees. >>nd donald trump abo to face someones. fox hos m m m kekey, after a a ry pububc feud..&.&> breaki news s ninit. g poce o oicerhargedth murr. sese ofhootinn ununmed blk n. auththitieu say heug`the suspppt was holding a weapon. w devevepments. the urge manhunt right now, after nearly a dozen men make off with a a15-style rifles. therests.s. w w tre seseseseseno


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