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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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>> we did recover the pants that as wearing last night, the gree guardts that heook frl pe aoandate cld hav changed his appearan. he could be much me clean shav thane was. >> and theylso warn that mccloud is armed and daerous. he was awaitg ial on charges of ring and killing a69-year-old wan ltyear. > aoman catholicisp in in centralennsylvani is promising action after scathing report about priests sexualbuse against children. thateport says two forr bishops either coveredp or didn't do e enough to respond to hundre of abuse allegations er several cas. th current bishopse's kingteps includi putting a list ofllt who's are thesut ofredibl allegations online. >> worse tngs have happened througho the ctury inside the history of o church. that's not to excuse what we're dealg with at the present moment. not at all. >> hs also pmisi a full
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a hot line that's been s up to receivivnfortionings from addidionictimsas received rehan 100 calls in just the last coupledays. >>ublic health investigate in other words wisconsin are testing war, skin care products and medications following a deadly bacteal outbreak in the southern part of the state. has made 44 people sick. it may be linked to 18 deas. vestigators can't find the source right now. most of theictims have been elderly peoe with underlying health issues. we' getti new clu in the battle against zika. scientists in bzil say a second more common mosquit may also carry the vus that would complicate efforts to wipe out zooe two people on e island o martinique have suffered paralysis. >> a man who survived atal beatg outside dger stadium inl.a. is starting to deliver a message of hope. ryan stow suffered brain damage
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sinc been sentenced to prison. now stow istisiting studen, telling them they ouldn't stand forbullying. >> i surved f reason. m finding my purpose ain. i'm on a mission to tell my story ofsurvival. i want to stop bullies from hurting anyone else >> stow ended his visit to the asking students to take pledge against bullying. >> very highly will he trained canines showed their stuff yesterday on capitol hill. lawmakers got a chance to see what the dogs dovery day on the job including detecting guns anxplosive at s naonwithant t expand the training prram. it's all part of a heland securityhearin we know e super bowl is th biggest deal for the footba sean and the oscar theack daddy an ent of award season. >> next weeknother big deal is a world championship cheese
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seriously. >> eese >> fro wisconn. >> hidden sprin creamery will be there. it's no ordinary chee. ownernda jensen makes her cheese every sheep's milk. shs hong f good results next we. we say good luck to you, brenda send us a little case or here. like to try sheep's cheese. >> please cut a piece of cheese. i cou sense that that was going to come out ofour moh. >> you saw it clurning in my brain, theoilethumor. sorry. cut the cheese, brenda. >> coming up from "insomniac theater," tinfey's new movie and a thriller of a sequel that we're checking the revis. >> the magical voice heard in the new movie zoo taupia, why shakira was attracted to the flud disne story. >> it's almost wedding season and bdes and grooms are going -th. thatfter our forecast ma
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d you know the's a co liquidthat sts for twelve hours? trdelsym twee ur coughlili s advanced formula releases powerl cine that acts fast while itsxtded relee memeicine lasts s r hrs. tryelsy.. a siliconalaly jail i derk dowow after m maximum security inmesruptedednt brawl. it was all caught o out therelyly stalled security cameras paid for personallyy s sta cla ty lori smith. after beingolol it w uld take ooea and $20 milli i she went through normal channels. s sprin right around the corner which means many things for man ople. rots of coups, it means ddddg seasason. >> wheer you're planning for your big day oobody somebody who isis, there are h)htech ways to make the occion risabove
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kristihwrnrnnas eporte whyee pictures our wedding from the ground when youan havehe from th air? >> you're able to see your affair from an ang that you'v never bee able to see bere. >> reporter: dronessre justne of the new hottest trends hahaenininweddings. photographer brian of park enue studidk on long island sayss doneneore thth 100 ddings le this on using drdres. >> i literally h he theros play with the guests. island it on a table as they're sitting there and they'y' wave and the thing wl teff and flyaway. there's all new thingsapapning at weings. is one o o them. >> reporter:here peoeoeoe likesamantha roberer who you c c hire to live tweet facebook instagram and even percope your wedding. her company is called made of ci. >ridede ually spend about 14 monthshplanng their wedding. this ishe day they fee lik the star of the show. and so t j js reall makes them
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wedding but n now of the social media of bridal world that day. >>eporter: wed@n@ g there's somomhiew yo too. youno h it is wn you buy a card, you ut a c c c inside and before the reception you have to worrybout wha youh thecard. well, there's a solution. >> now, people can giv cash gitally. it's safefer,r,r, sterer it's a huge convenienceorour guts. >> reporter: the wsitetete is called tender. e. estsk a card desigi, wte a perso n neend give money usinin their credittca. >> our userset ahance to commumueate tooheir@r guests abouthe fincial goala, their dreams, things the want to do with their money and i enables guests to feel ited in the lup fure >epr: itoo make yo w_nb what't' nene..krisn thorn,nnel 7, eyeyneews. >> how o you top that >> i had it'sittlemu a l le sial thing. you rea somedy
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teacher'ssson. it was awom untry wedding. swewe i id te had bababbe chickenennd mac d chse.. >> is this all a pg for your inst t tndf the dadada no,o, i a pug for cheaper weddin my pararar a@rommmm dia. we h h a bigriess f fry tale weddink. at's a aa@t. ii wish h hnvnit yo >> coming , haki eraces
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maning it chatting wit a chimp >> do you like tt one? musiciaia makinghe leap into actin don't often have to worry about leaping into different spieie shirawi she'sea for ananhingng >> part ofofof casas off z taia" and down w whhh c's chch smith revealing what realal@ mivat to be parar of the animated lm. i won't give >> thehe a anthe z taupia's bibiest pop s sr gi selll sung by e of e b b b bst intnatitial pop` shshakaka.
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i caughimng thehe lyrics and i was so sprised because i ne ttthe to hihi >> ohop my go. . >> hbsorbe th@m. i n'n'know when bute was reing them and sos cute. >> clee's watched t prelimimimy. >> he dice. in english a spanish. he really,eallllll enjoyed.>> good evening, zu taupia. ttourau up. >eperter: th latestisnene@ animed feature s s ssll ffert kinin of aninini living in harny i a place wher anyone can be anhing. >> t ts movie is a about didersrsy. 's about aiding ejude. it's'sbout friendship ananthe e value of fru frienenhip b als with yoursrsfn having the will anan cmitment a a discipline and determination to makeur that y accomisour drea.. i reallyeel that this m wiesonone with my audienceceot onlnlnlidut also ults. it has a great perfulessagege
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>> she's vy opinionated likik me. . >>'r o onionat >> y y muchh and shu fls a social sponsibibity. >> whattnput did y haven bpgingr charactcr gazazlu life? whenhe dectors and produceed me zezee, tught shehe was toofit. >> i heaea at. >> ioldhehe you gotputmemet oe bones. > >t' mygi ththy gi@ ov tdded bigger hs to gazee. iove the post tt you put on instagram.( who woror it btterer i worer it first. >> rhel smith, nene, ororndo. ov thatt shakira. one@ oththerer we suld meio disisy is e parenomla ane. >>hankyou. apprprprpr ititit. nod. it's inheers today. >> it . and 100% r ring from rotte toe mate phones how oen dyo get that9 hah's because it s a didiey movie.
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to eoy clean fsh with e ery flus sol. start inin eah, clili "insososoc eater" me o new movies, of coue, openingtoday. >> a a first up a movie with a titleho is knack croww nim is wt "key y o o rot" star ta a sshastan n n cococopondent. apta o the tibanshuf. >eople t t fill thehe vd in afghanistan a a you folks here are all the rriedd childless peonnelin this bureau. fo tse of youho arerein% thth enes tre portits toe onn caca
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>>ral othe c cing?g? >> well, the rereviews have b bee mostlyod b but minimumed. theeost common criticismsmss thatat ilays itt safe. nono as pilical as many w wld to be but still stnieem ks shoho mie a aut reporti from ch a deeply troled country bebthisntertataing.g.fonsof the rap s ss the moe phes fay towards film caert's as unpredictable anddntelligents her v work. >>ououououikemart workrk nene to ththl elimpppass is falling. thim london hasfallenen residentnts uer sieie by terrrrists b b ts time it's on aalobal scale as the funeral for the british prime ministe turnnto a aajor catastrophe. ron eckert andr regard buer return as the president d his heaea ofecret service.
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>> everyay the samamn > seriouy? whathe hell had he make you ououof >> bourbon bnd poojo can choes. >> oh that was funny. you like that? >ot real. appantly it's a poo choice to see this one, as well. not so good. theablub sayss it's one of the rare films that is good at absolutely nthing. ouch. t a glimmer ofope perps in our next vew normrm wilr says it's as dopopey as its predececeor but is dodo i a antirelyl d d drent way. ay.-pbut it me a lot oonhe rst one. so enough for tm to say let's do it agaiai >> itt agagn.n. >> yeah. >> all righ. th's the news forhis half hourur
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fabook, this morning on "world now,w ics getting personalal r reallrsonal.@eepububcaowdownn deoit. eulga exchangmg between donald trump and his rivals att last night' debate. stay tuned highligs and the lowightht and anis.. > ri heheisis the ssuspected thieves cauayt on came, smashing t f w w ththugh guhop. the p perfull firearmp misking a.d t search for ser susuects c csidered ngous.s. >>igingback. thth schooll teacher whoho a a studt stole persal photos of 0 her pne andharedd th. epproarr aftfterhe lost her- job. a&ate who a are y goingtoca. al anticipation for the new ghostbusrs
1:01 am
the remakak fearing anll femalelecrew. it frfray, mararch 4 >> anner: from abc ne, is " "d nene n." >> good is friday i'm kendis gibson. >> w w made. >> we have madad it. . >> it's bn ageek.carsoup tuesday.y. >> exactl to the debatet last nit. andd rely,, i was so h hpyo see theebatet night becae i have always had up re i i my mdt one estionbout donald trp and whhehe the se of h)p hands was s ally r rlectivee o of other parts of his body.` th was answewed last night. >> come on, little kekeisis come onon>>ndnd now wew wthey called dim big donaldt nigit.t. ststt with the puicans. beuse. >> , boy. >> you know, yeahah that debate wawa craz the people who want to be ident slingg nasty insultsand hittiti below the belt. ouu coulut let yr children watch, righ >> no pareavaving t t birds and bees conversation t ts orng pcause of that detain. >> the t#tk the stage in
1:02 am
for e latest gop debate, donald trump was the number one tataet facininananl assault dddishing it rht backckh ouou coveribe b begs with abs megan hugheses. >> reporlr freshro@m his commananng sevenn vicicries on pe tuesy,onald trumpot not ect. >> if you're our ne minee. >> ihin i'm taing. >> reporter:r:isisivs@ now teaming agagast him. >> h doesn'tt have ansrs a a a a 's asking us toakeimim the president. >> ted cz isryggard to i n ce >>aldltrumum has written checo hillary c cnton tenen times. repter:arco#rubio ain assail add trump's chacter. >> he has spt a career of convincingbbricaca hs somememeg he's >>orter: all theaunting filly got a re o of trump.. is lee guy aasied sopmuch abou myrecord. hereree gogogo >> he referrrto my han if th'rall, something else must small. i guarant y the's no problem. iiirantee it. >> rorter:heilonaire
1:03 am
donald trump is a phony,@ a frd. rter: against a scacalding % atatck frothee sndardd beer,itt romney. . >>e s a failed caate. heudud have beate president obam very easy.. he failed miserably. >> repter: t t debate was a rehhetween donalaltrump and his nemesis, fox n ns anchor megyn kelly int hi. llo. >> n ne to with u. >> great to have you here. >> youe lking well. >> as are you.u. >> reporter:his weekend, t republicanlate faces voters n ur statesnd prosecutor. with t detroit debate ovev, chan is still aololical hottspot. democrats d date in flintn sunday.. wntu the sta hts an imant pmaororot@hh ies.& gan es, abc news,, waington. > somom really incredidie monts lt ghgh 're glad to have shushannah wals o abc deputy politital direreor. good moing. let's sta athe low part of that debate. literally, donald tru
1:04 am
a aresesti caidate.the front-runner is it a a embarrassing moment. >> this rht a a the begigig of thedebate. righ out o o oe gate. g gs touch a local a vuvuar tone. i mean, ree, you just mentioned can you imamagine parents talalng to thehe children abobo this. ese are people running for presesent. it's going to be interesting too e howhis kind of afs whatvoters do. marco o o o o tartedhese perswnal attks. hadn't gone t t t before super day. s performan onuperer tueueay didn't go too wellll a of peoplere talking abt nof thatt chaang of personal aks could havave h ht m on tuday. >old kids yout to talk abopoopop otouot be in the baroom. >> t ty're running for presidt. >> not yet atleast. >> joh kach, rubio, c havee al s said they will support
1:05 am
why aree seeeeing all these anti-trump movements now, she iss susur cs? wh the int. >hose are t two ings.totoday athe very end of the de, t c cere w thehey suprtitt mn remembmb thetooktt edge -- excuse d dald trump. d i he wawa the g nominee. they took that pdge earlier and standing by it. thererer a a these anttrump groups attwork. why in t t candjdates don't wanto get tfir handsdiy. ru gso tse t t rtound t mro whwhwhwhpo onn thuray,e scathing speec a aacacng dald um saying he shod not be gopop nomie. >> heehatt really w was the elepepnt in e room. e replin elephpht in the room. mi romney`ere. he's argngha peopleho vote for thether ndnd ininssencece khind bng up thedeaa brore enenen. hat work oohapps i tteans
1:06 am
magicnumber. 1,237 delegates. d so thet could go to the oor of the convention in july in ceveleld. and this is howow i wou rk. so he del@lates becece nbnbnd on laterng. and they votote pore other candbat o ty cou vfoebody else. that'shat thareas a lot talk o uray iss mitt romney riding in on h h white horse t t save tparty. makak for exciting times. that's a a i got tot say. >> it s eerin package.t surere if that's the keyo these deebs.s.thank you so`much detyolilical direcr usnn wa. rely@yisisis political chaeded vestigation io hillary clinton's e-mls tw top replican lawmakers are now asking the jusce partrtnt foretails about its offer ofmmity f a form stateepartmentsfer, bryan pagliano sp the e-ml server clintonsed while she wasretary ofste. preououou took the fith
1:07 am
andil@ryrylintntthe meantime i delivering a speech on thecomy in dro today asaser hband cigig on her bebelf. hundredsdsf miles away, former presididt bill clinton m with vters in jckson, mississippi. he urged students to get out and vote telling them h his wife is th@he@ best changegeg agent that he's everseen. rnie sanders campaigning in kakaasashead of tomo@rrow's caucus there. over flow crowds as yououan sesee. this is in laence. it's a college t town full of youngerdrs. andanders disisssus aange oftopics iluding hlan t to p for colleges. remdedd sporters he v v v against thehear in iraq also made a quick sp t a kansasas bber shop and paid 7 7 bucks fofothathairircut. >> bre,huh? >> loo od. . > lt night's debe marco rubi slammed t temocrats for politteit sizing flins w wer crisis. chigan's goverr hasawyered
1:08 am
withivil representation of the sese s of fli got help fro the federal govnment yesterday through xpanded medicaid verage but a 00millll aid pack@k iss stuck in e senana becausef produral issues. alsl a aotheheho testiti t to ngress a aut the crisis is now sug firms hired to eluate ecity's water a andnd severer officials. maryland's highest court cocoiderininging whether aole officer in thereie gray case mustorced to testify agains throw sisrs. sixalmore officicsseee chard with th arrest and deat of gray whoied after beinggn polic custody. thth hearingnvolveddfficer willlliam er. he's the only o who ha gone to triaia that case ened in a jury. >p>>ow that three suspectstaree incuststy,y, investititors are looking fort@east 11 1 her robber who'sroke into a usto guntore and sto dozeze of highowered weapons. vi sws@s@s the smash and gra operion that toos than tw mut. estion now is, where are all
1:09 am
has the late f fhouston. >eporte authotiesesn texaemainnn the hunt for he brazazaz thies seeeennnn her in t thisss dramat n surveillance video, smaingnto a h hston gun store in less than 90 seconds. using a chainjtiedo a ckup truck yank the steeeedoors s righoff theieing. sven of the ten suspects who poured in and pilled t t store, still on e rurutonight.t. authorities making three arrests late wednesd, following a o-o-y nhunun the thievevewast no time using hamms to sma displayases. this one swiping 18 handguns i 30econdsds we've got peoe e ghnow, pounng t t pavemenn n e stet, looking for the g!ns. >> reporter: ijust under three tes, t t teves gwa withthth 5fireajms, including assaulrifles. hese guns can bebesed to commit more robberieieor other rts criminal actity. they canaded d, , foprtyfor other guns. theyane going to mexico. bunone of f 'soo >> reporter:he feds sathey were ablblbl recover se ofofhe
1:10 am
bubu many ofhose guns andnd sevel suspects remain on the streets. phillip mena, abc nene,housuston. > lawyers i california a once consideng raising the skinging a to 12 the s ste senate iss expected to takep the bilil now that th assely has psedd .% republican lawmakers oppe t t ll. they sayay tse who are old enough tooin the mar and t married should beable to smokef theyan to. some veterans group oosee the baba for theam reason. >> ifou'veeatched the sho@w recently, we've had some fun o oow talking about new paten ications frommheheanemak airbus mostly abo seating in planes. >n the spirit of fairness, we caca bring up boeing wkingngn a ne bathroom.. it aerm me nobody's ligh oe hand o touch o oe fofo pedal,l,lmost completel touchles 4 >> it'self cing hampgs to the use ofltraviolet light which he company says
1:11 am
thay the light kills nearly 000% oflgerm word onhen the system c c debutt@n boeoeggplanes. hat do you tnknk of is? love it. i'm a germ phobe. if i could take a b batng in pupull, i wod. i've tried. >> theyworry. ththell us lie who put our handss und the uv lpto dry our n nls't d it t tt could becancerous. to hav you whole body zapped? >> forget having kids aatime in the ture. >> itt only works -- >> it onl w wk whennatoooo haha to be emy. jac lafihat into y you - leave and t t t lightht turns on. i woulul beeoredut beieing in therehen t light turns on. >> iould le @ te this rtununy to remind you, if you use a flushless toilet, remeer folkso push the ttonnd flushititt if it doest, the motio doesn't go. thatat happenenef jus now on the
1:12 am
somebobo did not the toil ma doesn't work . >> thank you. >> coming up, it sounds like the republican date allf suen again. coming up "the mix," the veryyy actitioddler going to g gat heightsocore sommun food. >> a also ahea i iseenn0 ar i makini. theeon await@w-up too "ghostbusters." the latest hints abohe new momoe f fm llywood. >> and the schchl tcher w accuses stu froroin venal photos from her phonon and sharithem.. >> rember you can f find us faceceok, d and @abcwnn. yoyorereatching g ld news s w.",ll the decorations. i thoughi got everhing almoststverything!g! yoow, in 10 houses could get hiby atic disaster, and bill of to $13,000. but for only $7 a a nth, rid-x is scientically pren to
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tt2watu#`s4 bt@qcqttatu#u#4 "a@qc]0 tt2wu#`s4 bm@qh6tt4watu#4 " dztq g4at4 " tqtt4w4wu#4 gzgz tt4wu#`s4 " hnt& >9 4watu#`s4 4 iztq tptt4w`s4 4 ttttatu#`s4 " lzt&^md d well, iteemed like a nicee dayy a ride ii coma, ington. but watat theightide of the reen. a blue mi-cooper, lookt th spinng out ofontrol on to i roof.wh sdingownhe high the man whoosted videoeo says there we justt mor esno w w theheer i wanan to knowww takg the video in the r wleles is happening. > it's a ashcam. >> thank you for cleary phiing that. >> yeah, they're popular these da. he w w jamng out to n n nvana. i think tre were a l of apologies tere. >> p p pe in sththarina are lookg f fhis manhe say ste somome meatroro a walmart, n th rande a stumblele smack into an suv.
1:17 am
quicklyy and tooooff withbout 00 woror of at. well, n n to e teacher in south carolinaimimg she was fofo t resignverr a a phoho scandal. student ally stoto aprivate picture f fm her ununcked phwne. >> thaha student shared the photo with oththsnd n the teacher is o of ajob. abababzie janis s th these @ tas. >> reporter: south carolina a teacheis fighthtg back. >> i haven't done anything ong. eporter:r:er one of he udentsleriva, mi-nudphosrom cell ph sringl dit makes you st want just bup just stay e. >> >`pter: leighnnarar sa iad opug the spudent, thschl l ststct rcrc her t tresign. >> you kw, you d't t about somebody invadinyour prackehat.( >> reporr:r: school districtct explainini i iecision, sayizg, his is a case where a staff member, prly supervising studenen, could havereveed a serious problem."
1:18 am
e unlock pne on her desk, takingicre her intimate imageseven tauntinher. >> the student turd around and said, , our day of reckoning is coming." r rorter:heays the sexy selfies wereeant to be a vantine'day surprise for her sband. of ararth'ss are e mingngo r dedense, gainthounds signat i i i onle titionon and law enfofofoenenis looking to wheer that student broke ananlaws. linzie jas, abc news, n york. > ofll ri coming up in our nextal hour, the push to m make sport sar. itti a maj endorsrsenen therin sregen w aornnncncent t help concsi reseaeahers. >> birst the bst from thee st getting a new twist. th female ghost busters ga bururingntnt . fir look at the new movof including spooky old frirnds. the marshmallow man b b b
1:19 am
1:20 am
now." kay, whether you're a aaid of ghostst orr not dealing with them c be fficult, which is whyy bringg the professionalal i i pbablyyoo idea. >> but years later,r, there i wowo still to done rid the world ofpirits. he and's nic. tt's okay. e seems peac 8@m nams agi doctor of pticlehysics. >>haha h of slilili blessed rulili. e"ghosos" root years latat clearly safe haha >> the power -- >ector paulig tot ann exexted a aieee wing this brand-new@ trail in inl.a. ere will a lot of thinin you'happy tosee but comom atou inlighy diffe last time was 19. this ti.
1:21 am
>> did you wt to -- i'll let. >>ou vextt me ^eporter:he main casas all fema. cutea chchs hemswohlace eyeye candy recepioiost.originast members rr h he confified c what whave no idea. the orinal a molaking unlihe oscpar nomees n provedy the libib of congss a a ptfica' cuural ritasohe music, t hat, slimer, the car, thewiall ck e way or anoer i'd b b bummed if i didt see thth ecto and allllhat stuff, ysfi t dictot. those billboards look kind of 1970s. is there time travels time ou? mickatat for " " "tline" inn los angele > i love seeeeg thell feme cast sometimes'vee got t a ao
1:22 am
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1:26 am
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1:30 am
td-848 > this morng on n orld news now,w,below the e lt. the verballugfesat lt night's republican d date. ld trump a h h rals hit nelo some voterseched for bstanc >> und arrrrt.t. a whitfir chged in the diego of a black man. the dends for justice in a a city cononred to be t birthplace of the civiviririts movementnxnx >> new this half@hour,r,t oked likekeunk bubuit w w a ltimilliononollllldiover several uttrare b beball cards found in a crumbmbd u paperrg, so w found tm and y collectors are so excid. >> and ler, caitlynner geing political. the afamous member o o a reality tv familil throws he
1:31 am
is her favorite candidate your favorite? that's in "the s snny" on this friday, , rch 4th. >nnncer: fr abc news, ths "ws no" good morning, erybody. it is s iday. i'm kendis gibson. >> a a a'm ree ninan. >p all right. let's get stard with the debate. cause, man,`it was an interesting one. wasn't i >> it was. >> it s a a rbrbent day for the entiti gop starting w)th a a unprecedd pitch take do ititpresumptive nonee e d endingh t ts scsce, the j j kroppi debate. >>ours after miti4romnmn bld donaldruheac firerom his rivals in a bitter showdown that sanknko a a w low. c's vid ight h h the tails. >> reporte jususwhen you thought it wasn't ssible for e gop d%bateteo go even lowerf donaldrump took it right below tpe belt, his own belt. >> lat tse hanan. are e ey small hanan? and he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be e al i guarartee e u there's no
1:32 am
>> reporte marcoio accused him ofhipping jobs oveveea >> he n start tonight by announcing t allll the donald trump clolothing ll no longer made in china a mexico, "u"u will be e e hererin t unyted d& states. >> reporter: ted cruaccucud m of tellingnghe v v vone thing ababt imimgration a d "the new york times" editial board anototr. you're misleading t ameran people. >> you'rthe. >> rse theape. >> you'r'rthe o e. excuse me. i've given my ananer, lyinged i've giveny answer. >eporter: the whole things times had the dignity of a foooo fight.t. - >> l's hear you, dald. d't worry abobo i little marco. >> repopter: and cruz, of all ople, played peacecaker.r. >> brehe, breath breathe. >ying ted. >> you can breathe. i know it's hard. ipknow it's hardnd >hen they're do wh the yoga, cacai aner a astion? >> yououounot. >> i really hope thawe d't see yoga on stage. he's verylexible.e.
1:33 am
ncoln is a house divided against itself. >> donald trump is a phony, a frauau his prprises are as rthless as gree froroumivty. >> reporter: thehe012 2 minee mi romney publiclyttttked the c arter of t 2016 frononrunnnn. e dold fed back. >> he was begging for my enrsement. ulveaiaiitt, yoururnenene heheld have dropd to his kn he was begging. is faed c cdidi. he faili he failed horrib the thirdebate -- heailed badly. that was a race i have to say, folkhat shou have beenen won. reporter: did wri a news, new york lll,l,e democrats are busy ying to o ay voters before ejr next debab sununinin flint, michigan. bernieieandededealli lge owin kansasabeforerere toow's ccusese
1:34 am
sasaers and clilion aoth h makiki stopsn miigan today. as hillary cntnt struggles to puter e eaiaiaiairo bebend r,r, tps repeplicacacac lawmakers are now asking the justice department for details abouout its immunity ofofr to a affer. bpypn pagliano set uth you priva-mail serve clinton usus while secretary of f state. he previouy rerused to testify before2congreses >> putting aned toooonths of speculation, president oba says he's going totick aroun washingtononnce his term i er. e presidt tevealed that to a grp of supportererin milwaukee.e. he sheheants his firir daught sasha tbe able to fpni high school witut having to transfer in the midddddd of t iear.r. first ughter sasha, not his firs the p psident he' older daughter malia is headingffo coloege this ll. >> good choice, prez, good choice don't pull them out. cacacado it high scolol >> that's smart. don't move to georgewn.. 's crowd eugh. several cocot filings ha
1:35 am
fbi.i. in their brief, relatives of vee who werereilled in sasabernarnononoacks s the fbi's queses for appleleo he unlock an attacker'r'ipipne is lawawl and ey say unlocng thehone may explain the mive for thattack. seseralalaenrcement grps filed br in support ofhe government. 15 tech companies including google, facabookoknd microsoft veiled papererbacking apple'e'potion tensio arerescalating. wiwi north korea after the lalast threat. president kim jong-un has ordered thehe brlt to ben stand by for nuclear s sikes at any time. the threats are ppt t a cacaaign o o propaganda f f fwing h h w u.n. sanctions. yesterday y h korelaunched short range misssses io o o se >> >outhfrica's highest court has dismissssscar pipiorius' peal of his m murder conviction. ye had appled sayingnother court made aistake when it overerrned a manslaughter convictiononnd d dlalad
1:36 am
s girlfriend reva steenkamp. appealars e way for him to be s stenced next momoh.h. a ite lice offer in n amis now charged for t muer for the deaf a blblk man. lawyers for aaron smith y the motivated but t e m's family is calling for r stic c'c'eve osunsami reporor. from montgomomy.y. >> repepter: this is t face of youhitete policoffi arrest in@n@ montgomerycharged th murdering a blackan. 58-year-old greg gunn. police say 23-year-old aaron smith was workthird shift last thursday, patlling a black nehood, when he stoppedemr. gunn, whwhwas unarmed, and walking he fr a cardame. >> theasaslight ststggle thatontmvu a a a a a k so, a aer which te, thehe cer red and shot and ed t suspepect. >> reporter:mith's lawyer says thshooting was justified, the officer with somomsort of pipeper baton. hehinks e arrests alal popoti. >> we believe t athese chaes werereroug to prevt pupuic
1:37 am
>> repeptete it't lost o city leade tth i nsidered birthplacofhe dern civil rigigs s s ment. the marcfromomelelelo o momogome in '65 p sseded through the neighborhood wherere gunnasasille it t ally is trng gur sl, as a communi. >> reporter: we' leaeag thatatn's father w one ofhis ty's fir black police o oers. his motherwho he lived with, was happppto see law enforcement moveo quickly. >>llananisti. reportete gunn n s killed right here, literally ju a few feet from his s me. helmost de it. ( thth city remains divided. it was a groupf popoce offirs who came up with the %% money for officer h's bail. epe e e sasa, abc news, montgomery. alson the south, investigoror in m msissippi are widining their search for an escaped inme facincapital murdererharges. rafael mccloud is accused of threating a guard with a homede knife, king his clothes, radio and car keys and
1:38 am
until cou g away. he is charged with rapinnd murdering g 6-ar-old woman last year. jor st forward in the recove of f wewemanhattan folllwininthe world tradadcenterer pcks. new yoerand d urists g their first looo inside a near $4 billiononraportation hub the site. it wasupd to be opened in 2009 but theroject had many cost t runs and days. the long saga over t t brbry's deflalegatatscananl is farrrom over thanks an appeal by the nfl. the league is asking an appeals urto reinstate brady's four-game suspension which had beenowout by audge e weekeforthe season staed last septembmb. eariri yeste, onon jujue cacaed the@evidencof llpering comlling ifot ovovwhelmi. ling cld take months. >> we'll stick w sportrtherere because you know, lve it. >> traing, baseball u uer way. the bthe fifi oa lifitim ia kykyorfo >> baseb cards.
1:39 am
printed between 1909 andnd 1911 haven didiovered and vefilly. credibly, theyeye founin a crumblbl up per b b in a a a rundow house that b bonged d one family's deceased greaeaea grgrdfatr. >>re's only sen cards. if you lk at it in in cont d u measururthe wer of thesseven cards, i ihink you cococoargue ithe cooles find that we've ever seeee >> great find. before t ty were dcovered, by the wa there we only 15 sisilar ty cobb cards knn to ist. theiwortis saiaito b bmore an a milon dollars. >> wow. it't'unclear what the f fy thatatiscovered d will l with that. . >> if i found these, i would have thoughthey were the lelerayecardrdthey give ououatatunerals with prayer on the e ck and the psrn's piure. so i- >> i would have ought that. 's good they recognized thesep are baseballlaye. >> that this s t cobb. >> and n lika inor something like tt. >> >rue. feel good ch of the mornin
1:40 am
cing up in he skinnnn" the exciting ns "baywatch"h" fanse been anticing.the teran superstatareturng & for ehmovie remakeke >> alsl ahahd, caitlyn jenner gets potical announcing her supporororor preresidential hopeful. it is her favoritetetedate your faforitit >> andhe stunning noceme from world competitobrandi chastain.. the big step s's ting ter ses er abo injnjies on toccecefid. at is after today'y'forecast maps around the gray, pack northwest and rtheasasd orora
1:41 am
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1:44 am
@ while i i ixtded release medicine lasts s 12 hrs. try delm . the latestow in efforts to battle the zika vivis. scienttsn brbril say a second more common mososito may also carry theirus if t te, that would complicaca rk t tgerid of the virus. gpog says hal a dozen ofts enenneers are helping to trtrk thpreaea othe@ virus byy writing programs toredict where it might spread nenene >> new researchh lngngspirin to reduced risk of cerin cancers.s. >octoto f fnd that peopop who take low dose asasrin every da had a 19% lower chancef developing colon cancer. they afound a 3% lower r ofancer overall for those takiki l l dose aspirin at l lst twtwe a week. but darnn aspirins no substute foron cancer screening. > > ald little bybyby aspirins and wh they y n do. powerful. the increasing concussion awarens has put t rward in the spotlight the movie. seris head iuries n happen in aost y spt. >>ne`eamerici's best kno soccer stars brandi i astain
1:45 am
brain toonovssioiorearchnd e disease cte. here's' c's kaynwhitworth h with he. epor theheheher star known fororhat celebration he worldldupoming fofo t the dangers the sport. -y-yr-old brbrdi chastain anuncing sill dona herer brto research on cte, the degenerativera disease linked t tconcussis. >> brandi is sucucan inic gureor big cnkou cocothatn't ally bee fod d the ccussion sue. >> reporter: as e playerchasasin did suffer frfr two concussionon now a mom and soccer coach, - all thososheaders may have cacaed >>he ihaving n nsymptoms. d s s s living a normal life. but e so o ll aware of what could beiting her.r. >eporr:hastatn tellin "usa today,"buduas you gro olr, yoy sometites say, gosh am iosing my memory or did i used@do forget when i went into a room wt i went in the
1:46 am
ding, she hopes the search wiwiwirotect y ynger p pye e can only be agsed afafr death and habeen found in numemeus nfl hall famers ananmale scer plpls. but so far, never in a fale athlete. kayna whitworth,bc news, los anges. ndpapapa calroro ththu.s. natatatl team w w the @ ono sashshs gog to de brain. chastainasasaid d metimes shsh will go intoto room m d ththk wham here and wonder is this from 40 years playing soccer >> andndnd you know football has gogoen a bad rap forth, butt a lst o o sports are ncerned d t t isasel mma a ghngwell as hockey mig n nt t a aon footbdll itself, bututs we can see,occer also. >> g gls in sports, every y ngle mom friend i knonoth has daughter who plays sports they play s scer very oftenen it's a hugugworry forerereof femala athletete >>cocong up, t celebritytyho
1:47 am
ticket>> and david h hselhoff once again tatangngo the beac will he takeff his shirt in "the skinny" next.e take offffis shirt in "the skinny" n nt. hii'm sanyayrichards of the 2008 u.s. rack andield team. @ i'hehe with our friends rom "jane and d e drag" say... btoth:h:hemocountm, so keep portions und cononrol. when you're on the go, there's nothing tterer than aealthy snack to givyoa boosos but rembebe portions cntntnto. i loveeast food. fruit, that is. is the perfect size and great at ononhe fly.
1:48 am
or fun ways s get healt, viss w w.smallstepov s snny, so skinny >> oulead story in "the skinny" morngaso do with pitics again. and a celebrity ining the political deba.
1:49 am
awhile b caitlyn jenner is back in the spotlht showing support for replican pridtial hol, wait for iti ted cruz what? >> in nterview wh the cate,jennerayst s e likess cruz becsese he's onsva, great constitutionalist and very articulate but c ccededee needs work when ititomes to transgendesue boston. cruz recently blastedhehe push foraviningenderpen n throoms in schohls, lling it nacy. but nner floated t t idea ofofng between t tns am bass dodo to esident uz advisinin on i uus s pacdinthe transgencommunit theepublican y, and the heads hav lonongaid heheheneed open to m diversity. you might n n think o o someone who isransgender necesrily a repupuican. it'sreat to sesea face of someonyou won'expepe supporng the republican papay and wling to be an ambassador, too. >> it's fantastic. i'm sure she'selme. next a creative way toet
1:50 am
glnit. go`oith e golden pipes thee singer wasot on a mididght train totteorg but in n n n in ut. >> knighsn't dring b whwh the c was pulled over f speeeethway a c cir event, naturally tseven-time grammy ardinne sg her way outf it. >> polococ ctain moberts -- de t stop w wleorking o o his birirdayutuiui treat whe knightanan hapap birthd and took some pictures with him and his wife who happened to be riring along. >> the dver r s lego wita rnrng,ething captainin yway but the singing could haveveveve r? >> should he had heheseng t ref r .. >> thahawod een reg. t't'ha twe're t ing g makakitit >> nex big news ming from the t of new "baywatch david hasselhoff will be joining thupcoming film.m. >e cely learned dwayne the rock johnson wasoing to beplayhaff's'sgigi
1:51 am
announunment. >> listen. don't know if e w w is reyyorororh h us. aryou ready? >ome , man. cking the hoff. i was born reaea. . >> he was born r rdy. there ain'n'noay without the ff. tch," get readworl the rockddedhat haelff has been workg out li crara for theheole and dh the bestthape in years. pamela anderson wlso reportedlyffered a rolele but no word if she has accepted as of n.. >> i'd like to see her return. we like e e oldies but goodieses >> she looks gat there. anothecast announcncen the first officici member the new crop of "dancg withh the star conteststts "fufufuouse" acacess jodisweetin. a big reveal wasas made@ o d d rning amama." sweeten tald about her te of@ dancing anhow she even got to show off some of hemomos in charter as stephanie tannnr onoo "fuller house." >> wow, pret yood. >> wll find ououthe ne ntestata latererhis momoing. a full cast reveve will be made
1:52 am
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1:55 am
to e elean freshshss wiwiwiryry flush. lysol. t healthing. yeah, click >>well, as marre like a ln this week, t politicacandscsce reallylyly ifted into evemore treacherougrou with dold trump and hillary clclton iting o at it justlolo asasome her mamas u e tended to first. >> for the race e the white housusto the race for thththca gold, it's'sll he e our "friday rend." >> i aa ununier. oncee get all of this fi, i'm going to go after onrson. that's hilla c cnt. >> this untry belongs to all us. not just tse athe top. we havtoake america whole.
1:56 am
president of unid states. >> it'not winnnn take all. byby endtonight, we are going winany hunddsds legates. >> so long as thfield reins divided, donond trs path to the`nomimiti remains me like and thth wld ba disaster for% rereblican >>he issking and to weaken the security of o products. hackers and cybeminals could use this to wreak havoc on our privacy andersonallsafety >> there's'slready a door o othe on esntiall wre a a ag ale take the dogaway.& t us try andk e lo. >>ou know your body. i sait for two sonds and i wawalikeoh, my god. ani shut itidown. >>ust want to be clear. do whave oicers involved in a shooting? >> we e ve thr officererthat ve been n ot.t >>ouldn't be anynyorse case thhis in mopinion rla
1:57 am
officer's worsrsnitmare because a routine call a wind up dead. >> it's just an unbebeevable elelg to be back he, back in r greacountry. >> we wantntntortunini. we want e black to to get % e sasa opportunies and the oar gs toto "spotltlhth" >> i think if you ever wondered abouacting with tom hanks, ulit help, t t tnsnsr clearly y s. >> do notakekeonigor granted.thananyoso v vy much. >>titis a aweek,n explome wewe. have ts aheadadn march 8th. there are some primaries of no including michchanan voters are g gng at it, as wetl. by theheay, to c cmorate leo's big win,n, streeararst t up aur i )los angeleto commemorate dicaprio's big wininin it rds, "ner, nener gigi up."
1:58 am
trtr, good saying.wheh i was diagnwith breast canc, both of mymyaughte weregnanand everything looking ard to tu into evhingngi wawagointo ms.first `rds. first steps.beinthere f`r my grdcdcldn. r daughterstoy, those babi three. i'm th thealthtime. dododoknkn w wt's xt.. but knerto my ne's theieia..
1:59 am
2:00 am
[falalalrrator]he s slili od mng. i'i'ena ninan. >> and i'm kens gibson. making news thisriday on slugfest. e battle to stcp dononononump` spirals out of control. the e e st debate deteriorating to name calling,asty insults d talk of f dy parts. donald trump fing a ur of attacks d firingack prett hard. a full r rort from detroio comingngp. >4wo p republicananawmakers e asking the justice department for detetls abo its ovfer of immununyhfor former state dertment staffer that x staffefe setet u hillary clinton'n's private el server. until now, brianag plio had refufused tesesfy. >> rping uthe rhetoric. north korean leadekim -un s orrehis milita to bndtonc
2:01 am
w saons. he nflas made ititargume for why totoady's fo-game deflatatuspension shlde instatad an appeals coueed be in agent t he leae's armentutinal decision coultakekeonths. those arso of our to stories on thiqd, , rch 4th. >>nnouncerfr ns,this is "world news now." >> goomornrng,veryone. we're goto stard thihihalf hour with the reblican debate e takingng down and dirty tu. that's good way of putting g it. dodoldmp ce under r r y fifi lnit houra a th paopopstablime tried to slow hihimomentum with a blistsringttack from mitt romn and trump's fellow candidates. theyeyefus tlet up. abc'c' athr faersas t the last f fm detroit. good mningcatherin >> reporter:ood d rng, reeee and keis. gop cdites on the sta last nigig and dald trump ing himself the fensive, ford to fenof
2:02 am
fficulultiby the deteodator was attack after attack on naldld natorsrsario aed uz teamingp, forci the repupuicnt runner r r defefe h recocd. >> he's mamang promisehe h ontention of keeping. > he's tryryg to con people into giving them ththr vote like hehe coulul't these people into giging himir ne >> is ts debatela@aying out in the genenenelecection when youominine a candite wh literlyasee o si o preess and in the urse of this debate may be on o other sidefor w we're ne, tt's not how you winnd e es are tooh. repter: but trump suc back flinging insults and dismsmsing hisisivals are name callg. don't worry about it, ttle mamao. lying >> reporter: a the the was this ev getngngulgar im fefefeg his d.
2:03 am
mu bali guare th r rtete was nfroedh taf attas, partilarlconcns out trumplersity, the funct minar ogram at's now the subjt of aawsuit. >> you are willing to say atevererou had to y to get them to ve you their money >> we have a a"a" from t better business reaund peop like it. have a situatioiowhe we willin in cot. >>epn with eve caatllintottk, there e t lling to say no. ea candite lt ght vong toupport donald trump if h hisis e publican nominee. keis, reena?a? >> cheri, thank you so much. and john kasich remaine ape the fray last n after maki a bd ed..% ch sai if s hise at o o, l th nomion hemid thatohio victory would meanwowod campaign ti the repubn conventionon in jul the ohio primary is march 15th. it's going to beong g w ntntnthe. rnrnandersgnin kans ahe of morrowow he head o on wren, collegwn f unger vote.
2:04 am
collegegeuitionnheemindert tt vod agagnsr in iraq. sanders s de q%qck stop to a a as barr shop. take a look.he paid $7 for a haircut. >hilllly clintoin the memetime delelering a speech on n& e economy detroit today as her husband campaigns on her behalf hdreds of miles a ay. formererresint bill intoto memewithupportererin j jks, mississii urging stunts to t out and vote, telling them s fefefethhahae en'sr seen. aryland's hit cour considering whether a police ofcer in the freddie gray case must be forced to teststy against fellow offefers.s. six balmo officers have been chargeith the arrest and ath after g g g who died aftete ing in police cucuody. the hearing in officer m porter, the ly s on l. thasended in hung jury > alamaa ite poce officer is now chashled wh the murder for the death of a blk man.
2:05 am
say that the charges a politically motivated but t deadamily is calling for ste. here's abc's elizabeth hur. . >> for nelligunn, arrest inin the shting death of her sois an answeto her prayers. >>od tned id aak go n' ce how a man do, god's got the -- >> chaed with rding greg gunn of montgory, alabama is 23-year-old officer aaron smit who rough his attorney is fighting tclear his name. . >> mr. gununfled and used force against this o oicer, threen the life of this officer and the citins of thth community. reporte the lr intaininsmh s confronted by a drocd. according toolice, s shohoho and ki dfollg apatiolost t 2>heje a st struggle eptetf p l le sagugng iti i e ofcec%hohoin looooooke#w#spopopc latu o to a
2:06 am
it right now because it n't just h hpennnnnbubuititithappppedededmymyamamamamam epepteteteusususysysftererer thththmomoonalalutbubububububu nn's'srothththt t nenene brng a acici halal smimi was arararwiwi m mder. >> we e lievevevatatatseseharges wererought to prevevt pupuic unrest. thatatakakakheheecision to arrest this ficer potical, not legal. @ we'ng to ve faith i god annot only tha wewre going to pray for the ce so in as l rorter:icer ou bl. gunn ferars isatdaand h)mo ss she ping thtffilbe ndis and reena? >> our t ts eleberhrh& the.e t teaime in neibo mimiissippi, an n\m\ isisererayayvivisbg an caped ining criminin --apital m m mr chchges. stststors s y rarael m m m m ened g g witita mememe kndndndlyeld him ageyyplooooooo the
2:07 am
>>e direrevevevee q thttas weaeaea last t ght, t greeararpants thate ok from t t tguard. peoplelelslsshouldnderstand that he could have changed his appearance he couou b bmue n avav. . >> andhey so warn th mcououou armed a dananro.. he was a a a ag ial on c crgrg ofing and killing a 6969ear-ololwoman last year. romacatholic bp cel pennlvans promisactiononfter a athingngngororabout prieie seseal abubugainst childrere at reporsaysyswowoorr r bishopopeieierp p dididienough to respto hundreds of abuse allegatitis ereveral deces the currt shshays he's king steps including pututng a list o all prieses whoho a a t subject of credible alalgagaons online. >> worsehings havened thughout the crin story of our church. that's n texcuse what wewee dealalg with at the presenmont. noat a. >> he's romisisi full l viewf child protottion
2:08 am
a hot linehat's been set up to ceive informatfrom additional victiti has received@ more t tn 100 calls in just the >> pli heah vestigors wisconsin areteg wa s sn ca prodts andedicnsns llowg a dely b bteteal tbtbak in thsorn p pt t the state. it hasade peoplsick. may be linked to 18 d dths. investstorcan't find thehe sourceceight now. momo ovictimhave been elderly p%ople with derlying health issue > 're getting new clueueinin the battle againsnse zika vis. ientists in b2b2ililay a second more common mosquito may alsoarry the vivi thahas true,hat would mpcate efforts to wipe out zika. two le on n e island ofl martique have suffered paralysis after being inincted by zika. >> a m who survived a brutut being fe years ago outside dodger stadium inl. is titi to vevemesse hoho.
2:09 am
he suffered vere brain damage at the hands otwo men who have since been senennced to pris. stow is vising studentstst ing em they oun'n'standndnr bubuying. >> surved for a a asas. i'm finding g purpose again i'm on a m msioj to ll m m ory survival. i want to stop bullies f f hug an e sw end hisito asking students to take a plge against bullyiyiyi >> some very highly trarmed canines showed r r uff f yestdadada c c coll. lawmergot a chance to see at the dogs do ery day on the jojoinclcling deing g ns andxplosis a 4 airirrts nanaonwise. e a wts to expand its training program so thatogs canetect plososes carried by eople. it's all part ofof homeld security hearing. now e super bowl is ththbiggest deal for the footll season d e oscars sortrt of the mackkk daddy e of award s%ason. >> n nt week another b deal is a world d ampionshipipheese contest. seriously.
2:10 am
>> frowisconsin. >> h hden ris creamery will be tre it's no dinaryhee. owr endm jensen makeher sero eep' e'` on@ns ofsp fojo@o c ed and, of course, e's hoping for good results next week.0 lulu t lu,rere seses%tttt casa!erer likek treep's chchsese pa ecechee. inewereng to do that. could sense that that wassininto c c c c cof y yr r r r r r r r r ouououououchururngngng n, t t toioioihuhur.r.r. y.y.y. cucucue e e sesebrenenenenen coming up from "inmnc r," titi feyeyeyewewewieie anana ththllllllf a a hat we're chchng theheevws. > also ahead, an t manual cal voe h h hrdn e new mie pi" why shakira was attracted to this w sney sty. >> imost wding@season andhbrid and goms argoing d
2:11 am
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y delsym twelve hour cough liqu. its s vaedorla releases powererl medine that actsast whi i e eendeleasemedicine laststfor 12rs. trysym > silicon valley jail is unr lockckwn after maxim curity inmates eruptpt into a brawl. was a a caughon newewew instald curity cameras pd for personaly saa clara coco sheriff li smit she spent about800 to buy tm nesday a aftft being tt uld takewo yea and $20 millnnf she went thrghgh normrm chahaels. > sosopring is rig`trod thcorn which mns many thingsgsor many ople. bu for lots ofofcouples, i means wedding season. >> y, it does. d whether you'r planning for your big d or know somebody who is, there theom pi-tec ways t t make the
2:15 am
( wawa's kristin thoe has more. >> reporter: whyhyhye pictur your ddinomhe grounun en you cananave e em from the air? >>'rab to see yo affa fm m a ale tyou've never been ablto see before. >> reporter:rones are just one t new htest treres happeningnin weddis.s. photogjapher brian ozegovif apa avenue studs on l lg land she's de morehan n 101010ddings like th using drones. i literallyave e drones pl wititthe guests.. i'll la it on a table es th're sitting there and th'l wave and t t thing wl take off a fly away.y. ere's all l l thinininappening at wededngs. s e of them. >> reportete t tre's p pple li samanthahahaerts who you can hipio ve t tetebook k ininagraraand even perisispe her company c cled mada of social. prides usuauay spend about 1 months plannnng their wedding. thiss the day they feel ke the star o ithe show. so this really makes them t only thetar of tir wedding but no the social
2:16 am
too. you kn how it ishen n u buy a a rd, you pupup%check inde and fore the recepeponou ha to wowwy about what you d th t t card.d. well, ere's s solution. nowo&peop can give cash digitally. it's safererfaststst it a huge conveniee for your guests >> repter: thesite is called tender. brides and groomcrea a profile. guguts pick a card design, write a personal note anangive monon usining theicredit card.d. >> our u geg a chance to communicatto their guests abououththr financl gogos, their drdrms, things they want to do withir moneyndt enables their gueststto feel inveedededehehchuple's'sute. >> reporter:r:dodo make you wonder what's next. krisisn thne, , annel 7, eyewewewss news. >v yeah, how dodyou tothat? >> i think it's a lite much. a little social thing. do you really sobody? >> if you follow me e instagram @reeee ninani went to a wedding i itamplast weekenfofomy high school @
2:17 am
it wwe. country weddin mom m d d wewe with me. we had swe i id tea. we had bararcue chickeneand mac and chse.. >s this all plug fofoyour instagram the end of the day?y? >> no,t's a plor cheaper ddings. my parents are from indidi wead a bigigncess fairy tale wedding. and hat's a lot.t. that's a lot >> good t@know. >> i wish i had invnved you. i didi't k kw u then. >> cing up, shahira embrac her wild side. >>he m superst's ansformation othe big scscen talking t lili as animal.
2:18 am
2:19 am
now." f i could lk to the e imalsl jueser , chaing with cmp and chimpmpe do you like that one? >> musicians making the leap into acting don't often have to woy t leaping into a a fferent species. shakiris showiwa she's rea for anything. >> she's p pt of t cast of "zootopia" and down with abc's rachelelth revealing whwh really motited d r to be part of the anated film.m. onon ge up >> thebnthem fromzoot's biggest pop star gazezee ngyone e he big intertional pop stars shaka. >> welcome to zootop.. my son is 3rs o.
2:20 am
and i was so surised bause i neveretaughthtm himim >> nh, my gosh. >> i ihinknk hbsorbethem. i i n'n'knkn when but he w w rerepeating g ememem so cute. clearly h hs wahed the film, right?>>did ice. in english and spapapa. he ry, really enjoyed itit >> good evening, zootopia. put youraws up. >> rorter: the latest t sney animated feare sees all fferent kinds o& aninils liling in harmonin place where anyone can be anything >> this movie is about @ versity.y. it's about avoiding prejudice.@.itit aboutrip ananthth vae of true friendship but frieip wit yourself a having t t wl and the mmitnt and discicieend ththetermination to make sure that you accomplish your dreams. i really feel thathis movivi ll r ronate with man audices not w ly ks but also adults. it has a great powerful message and many, many morqrs. >>ow are you like gazelle? >> she's very y y ionated d d me.
2:21 am
>> oh, verermuch. and she feelela a al respspsili >p wt indid d u have in bringiour character gazelle life? >> wl, when tirectors a the producers@ showede za zelle, i thought that she was o skinny and was tooit.. >> i hrdhat. >> i told them you got t tput some meat t t bon. >> that'my gigl.t. th's mgirl. >> so ey aed bigger hips tot gazelle. >> le e posthat you put onnstagram. thth w woror it better. the split reen. >> i we fir. >>l smit a a news, orlando. love thth shakira one other thing we shoulul mention. >> what? >> disney is parent compapa abcbcews.s. >> tha you. apprpriate it. nod. 's'sn ththters today. ( >is. and 100% r ring from rottenn matoto. how ofofn do you get that? >hat's because it was a disney movie. we make`good stutun
2:22 am
>> that's my kissup. coming up more ne and movies fm "iomomac tater." >> yeah.nd >eah.manyple cleaean theieieiures th t toothpastst or plain water..and even though their dentures look k eaea reaeaty they're not. if a denture were e be put r a microrcope, we c c see allllhe bactea th still exi on the denture, and thth bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentititirecommend clningngith podent everyday. polident's unique micrclean formula wos ininust 3 minutes, killing .99% of or causincteria focleanerl freretrbrightetture eve day p y y y n ein j jt cl evyour toit clcln anananesintroducucg lyclick g l. ick it in to enjoylereshness with every flush.
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2:25 am
to enjnj clean fresh with e e flush. lysol. stt thing. eah, c ccc "insomniac theatat" time. twnemovies, , course, opening today. >> and first up, a movieith a a title acronym tf, "whiskey tango o xtrot" stars tina a y as an ahanistan based news coespondent. e films s an daptationln of "the talibashe," t t memr of journanast kim backer. pepple to fill e void@in % afghanistan anyou folks here are all the unmarried childless personnel in this bureau. r t t e of you who are behinin e sces, there opporties toe on cera.
2:26 am
>heravel he crying? >> well, the reviews have been st goooobut mid. the mostommon criticism is that it t it too s sasas not as political as ny would expect it to b bbubustill stepepnie from "time" asksks ( should a movie about repepng fr sh a deeply troubd trbe this entertaining.. alfofoo of t rap sthe mosheyarfifi career thahat'sss uncompromiming, unpredicicble and inteteigent t her tv work. >> souous lili srtor next to the sequel to "olympmp has fall." this time "london has fallen." the presidenis under s sge b b terrorists bub thi is on glal sca as ththfufural for the british primmimimier turns into a mor catastrophe. aaron eckhart and d rard butlele turn as the president and his head osecret service. >> hell of a presidential race, sir.
2:27 am
>> serusly? what t hell didi myou t ? >>ourbon aoor choices. >> oh, that was funny. >>ou l le th? >>ot really. apaprely it's a poor ce see this o o, as well. not sooo the ab clusays it't't'e of those ra fil tdt is good absotely nothing. ou. t a glimimr ofope perhaps in our next review. noan w wnesays it's asopey itsrerecessor bututt's dopey in@an n n rely dififrent way. okay. but it made a t of monen thehe first e eugh for themo say let's do it again. >> do it again. >> yeah. >> all righty. that's the news for this half
2:28 am
facebook,[female narrat] on every corner our planet, the san diego zoo global wildlife conservancy helpspbrinearth's animals back frfr extinctiwn. j/in unow to global extn. you can he to saveq%the planet and help restore earth back to life. [elephant and tiger growow
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2:30 am
hissorningn "prld news now," politics getting personal. >> reallllll persrsal. e vululu exchangng bet donald trumpnd his rivals at la night's debate.stay tunedor hightht ananthe low lits and analysis. darin hehts. the spectedeves caught o o camerara smamaing their way throroh ! gun shop. powerl firearmss missing d the search for s seralal suspects sonsidered dangereu > fightg . ththscolteacheroays a school teacher says student steena photos offff her one. the uproarheost her job.
2:31 am
busters movie, the fele cr. it frfrayaychch 4th. >nn: from a aew this is "world newewnow." >oomorn frida i'm k kdis bson w me icars to supup tuesday. >> to the debat las night. i waso hpy t tsesethe debatelaststight. i've always had that one questiti, if that size of his hands was reflective of hi party. that was awewewe lastnight. >> come , , little kendis. >> n n n weno whyhy cled him big donald l nigt. #pstsrt with th republicans. >> ohoh, y. that debate was crazy. the people who want to be president sing nasty sulting and hitting bow the belt. >> you codn't let yr children watch, right? >> no way. >> no rents having a birds and bs
2:32 am
>> thehe took t t stage last nit. donald truru theumber on assa takin slings and digg iight back. >> reporter: fre from his commdi v vtori on super esday, dononald trump got n respspt. old holl onon >> i i talking. >> rorter:r:trp's rivals teaming up against him. >> because he doesn't h he answerssbnd hs asking uo make him the president of the united states. >eporter: ted cruz in seconm ple is tryrying hard to make ia two-ma >> daltrum hastten chececo hlary clionon not ce, nottwic not@three titis. tetimes. >> reporter: marco rubio again assailedtr character. >> he isonvincing americans he's somnge'ssnot. - >> reporter: finally got a ris t ofoftrump. >> this little g hasas lied so mumu about my reco. >> tthere w we gogo >> heerre to my hands, if th'resmall, somethinglse must be small. i guarant you the's n n probobm. i guauantee you. reporter:hel estate
2:33 am
>> donald trtr is a oney, a frd. reportete against a scaldingg attack fromm the 2222 gop andard bebe ->> he wawa a a faiailed campaign. he should have beaten president obama si. >>epr: ts wasas a a rematct tween trump and hisis sis, x@w ancnor megyn kelly. >> hihi >> hello.o. >> how you doin >> niceo seeee you. you'reooking wel >> as s e yo reporter: t ts wee michigan still politicalalalspotot demoatsss d dn fnt on suay. on tue t t stateosts an impopoananprimimy y r pas. megan hughes, wawaington. >> we'e' glad to have our abc tical jrector. t's start -- good morning to you. t's start at theowosart of thatdebatete donald trump referring to his
2:34 am
candidate, the front-runn. >>his was rht at t ginningedebate righp out of the te. ca youagine, parentsts talking to the c cldre abouthis. these are people rununng president. and i tnk isoing to be interesting to see how thison affects wha votersdo. marco o bi started these person attacks. he reay hadn't gone there fore s s ser tuesdahis performance onuper tueay di't goooo well. a lot of pple are talking about now, ifhat change in persrsal attks c sld h vrt m on tsday i tl my ki, you wt t lk aboutpoop or bubu, have you to be in the bathroroom. >> but they're running f president. >> kasich, rubi cruz, they say
2:35 am
are we seeing these antiruru movements, theseerac. it's interesting. >> a the vernd otheebatat they were asked, willhey suort mitt romney.member, theyy took that pledge - - excuse me, donald trump. if he wertheop g ee. they took that pled eartlierer and now they're standingy. bu t tre are a a t@se anti-trump g gupup at work. why? these cantes't w wt to get their hands dirty. they want t leave these anti-t-tmp gros at woror and t mitttt romneyho s snn ththay, ave a scathing speecec attacking donald trump saying he should not bebtheeop nominee. >> that was really thelephant ininhe room, theepublican elephant in the room m m ey.he argrgng they v ve rrhe othercandat, bringingngp the iaffff brer nvnvti. will that rk?
2:36 am
candidate wil g that mic number, so then itould goo the f for oth conveionnn july i elananan this i i it woulululul wo. the delegatesecome unundh later voting and they c ve r r hehe canandidatessrhey could vote f fomeby el.thatat wha there was aot of tata on thursday is mitt romney riri innn h h whihi h hseo saveve party. >> makornteresti it t enenteaining. thank kbu. >> any me. thank yo we'rereoing tooe on andnd get to new detaiain what really is a politallyharged investigatioto hillary clton'n'e-mamama two top republican lawawkers are now asking thetidepartrtnt for details abotsts ofr of iunity for a former statdepapament staffer, bryan pagliano set up the e-mail server clint used while she
2:37 am
vivisly y ok tifth when ask to testify. >>and hillary clinxon ininhe meantime is delivering a apeecec the economy i itrtodada as her hband campaigns on hehe behalf. ndreds of mileayformerer president bibibilinton met with supporters in jackson, mississippi. vote, telling them h h wififis the st changagent thth evev sn. bernie savdersrsampaigning in kakaas ahead of tomorrow's ucuses therere overflow crowdas y can see this is in lawrence. it's's colge town ll of younger r@ters. and sanders discuss a rangngof picscsnclulung his p pn to pay r colleges. he reminded supporters h hvoted against2the war inraq. also madede quick stop to a kansasarber sh and paid 7 bucks for at h hrcut. >> bra, huhu >> looks good. >> ,asasnit't't'bate marco bio slammed the democrs for polititizing fnt's water crisis.
2:38 am
atxpxpsi w viprenf th se sintofnt hele feral governmeme yterd through expaed medicicd coverage but a $20llion n d & packagis stuckn thsenate beus prorodural isises. also mher who testified to congress abo the cs is now g firms hired to evaat the city's werernd several officials. > maryland's highest court consering whether a police ofr in thehe freddie gray case mu be forced to testify against fellow ofofce. sixtimore o oerse been chargege withhe arrrrtnd atat grayay who dieieafter ing in policiccustody. e hearing involved officer wiwiiam rt. he's the only e who has gone tri. that case ended a h hg jury. >>now w at thr suspects are in custoto, investigators are e
2:39 am
stole dozens hh-power weapons. video shs`the smh and grab operation that took less than two o nute question nowows, where are those guns in abc's illip me hae latese from houston. >> reporteututrities in texas remain on the e nt for the brazen thieveseseen here in this dramat nick surveillance o, smashing into a houston gun store in less than0 seconds. using a chain tiedededa pickup trtrk k yank the steeeeees ght t their hingng.seneofof t suspect ured iand pipi ororortitin thrun. auorors kinghree arrrrts late wnesday, llowinina o-day manhunt. e e ieves s stst n ntiti u ung hammers to smash display cases. this onepipi 18 ndguns in 30 sonds. >> we've got pplghnow,w,w, pouoding theheement, on e reet, lookinthl l . epororr:r:n n three nuteeves got awa withororth 50 rirearms, incling assaululrifles. >> these guns can used to coit more robberies or other sorts of criminal activityty theyan be traded f dru, for operty, for other ns. th cane gogog to mexico. but none of it's gd. >> repororr: the feds say thth re able to recover some of t t s stolen tutsdayay
2:40 am
several suspts remain on the streets. illip me, abc news, uston. > wyeys in cififa are oncn aga consideri raisi thth smokingngge t21. the state senate is exexcted to take up xhe bi nowhat the sembly hasassed it.repuican lawmars oppos ll. they those are o enough to join the eilitity and gemarried shou be to smoke if they wao.some voppose t ban fothe same reaso iffiu've watched the show recently, we've had ome fn the show t tking about new patent applicataons from the planemaker airbus.stlylybout sean planes.. >> in the spirit o ofairness, we can n ing up boeing working on a negebathroom. 's a germophobe's delight. wa of the hand or touch of the
2:41 am
>> leanhankoe e u off traviolet bht,t,t, whichh t cpanys siec everythinin ey s s the light killseaeay y 0%all gegms. no woron when the system c cld debui boeoeg anes. what do you tnkf this? >> i love it i'm a germophobe. if i could take a bathing in pupull, i would. ve t ted. they worry. telus lads put r unr e uvigig t tdry n nhat c cld b little cancous, don't d d it. but tave you whole bodody zapp bthislight?t? fort t ving kids anytime inin e futurere >> i ionly works -- it only worked- e bathroomomas to be empty.. jack clariedth u lelee e lit turns on woululored a a ang he when n e ght t rns s on. i wld l le e takis
2:42 am
yoyoyoe a flushlhls toil, remeer, folk to push the butttt alush i i if it doesn't, the mion doesn'go. that happened d stst othe foururloorororhroo sosobody d notlush t toilet. mamamaoeoe't worhere. >> thank you.. coming up, it sounds like the republan debatalalof a sudden again. uppp "the mi" the veryctive toddleroing to greateights to scoroomek fo. alsoead, it's been 30 0 years in t making.g. the long awaited follow-w- to "gstbust e e test hintsbout theew movie fromomolwood >> and the school teacher r o cusesea ststenenfrom taking very pernal from her phonanshing >> remember you can find uon faceok, nfans.coco anand @abcwnn. you' watchinin"w"wld newew now." wnnfans.cdand @awn reg new now."llhe d dations. i thout i got everything. momo evething! u know, 1 in 10 houses couldget hit byby septic disasterer and a a ll of uputo $13,000.
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tt2watu#`s @qs1t tt2watu#`#4 "a@qc=0 2watu#`s4 bm@qh6< u#4 " tt4w4wu#4 4 entq 704 ttatu#`s4 " " t& l tt4wat`s4 " hnhn>9 ttatu#`s4 4 tq tpx tt4wu#" f 8 4watu#`s4 " t& ^m > > , it seemed keke n@ y forideden tacoma wawaington.. but tcthe right si of e reen a blue mini-coer, look at that, spinniut of control on ts r rf. while ing wnwnhe highway. e mawho postst the vided says theheere j!st minor injuries now, who was theperson, i want to know, taking the videoeon the car while ththhapping? > it'sas.hank fororg at. h, they're eop these ys. he w j j jng out to rvana. i i ink there were lototf apologs there. policen souththarolininre looking foror thi man they say ste some meat frowalmart,
2:47 am
smack inin an suv. wilfell butovered quicklk and took off with h out $4worth of meat.(( wel, , w teaer in south carolina claimins rced to resi over a phpho scscdada a studede allegedly stole a ppiveee picture froroher unlocked pne. >hat student shededhe photo wi others anannow w e teache is out of a job. c's linzie janis with ese des. >> reporte sth c colina teacher r fightininback. >> > havav't done anythi wrong. >> reporter:r:fter one of he students stolelerite, mi-nude from m r cell phone, s srihe sociaia medidi >>t kekeju want tototo stl l and jusay ere. >> rter:eigh annthth says i itete of f nishinifife udent, t tchool district forceder to resign. >> you k kw, youon'thi out somebonvadininyour privacy lihat. >> reporter: t t sool district explaining i decision, s sing, this is a aasas whe staff meer, prorly supvising stts, could have prevevted a rious s oblem. t arthur says s e was in the
2:48 am
takiicture h intntatad imageg, even taunting g r. >> the student turned around and id,r day of reckcking is coming. >> reporter: she says s e sese selfies were meant to be vavantine'e's day rprise for her sbd.d. many of arur's students arar congo her dense,athering ououndof signaturerein an` online p pition. and law enforcemenis looking into w wthhat student broke . linzie j jc news, new york. > alrighgh coming up in our nexexhalf hour, the push to makeports safer. getting a major endorsrsent. ththameran s sr lele wh a major announcement to help concussion reahers. but first, thelast fro the past getting a a n (th l-fefele osususrs gangtingngntacon. first look at the new movie includinsomemeoky d friends. the marshllowan back?
2:49 am
now." emalatoror er 30 enered spees trorucedck into thed makes uslng. uuaaaaa miaiaaaaaa ooooooooo mia hhhhhh uaaaaaa yahhhhh ouummmm in t t voices of the san d dgo zoo glob wildlife conservanc bringingpees b om t trinkf exsosold whahaony. join us now.
2:50 am
> okay, whether r u're afraid of ghosts or n deaeang wh them can be icict, which is why bringi in the professionals is prorobly a good idea. >> but yrs latat, t`ere is rk still to be done to rid thehe worlofof spipi here abcick watt. hat's shseempeacul. >>yamam is erin gilblb doct of parti ics. >> reportetehatail o s sme essed relief. the "ghostbusters" root 32 years later clearly safefeands. & >>ow! >> rte theectorau fig g ld an xced aude hing ts ne trailerin l.a.,, there will be a l of thgsou'r happy to see b coming at youn a slightly
2:51 am
time was 19. thth time. >> didou want to oi'i' let. >888ou next time. >> reporter: the main cast all fe. chris hemsmsrthh plays theye cay receptionist original c cmeerbill murr have confmed came as whathave no idea. the original a mold brbrking like t t oscar nomimeeno predthlibrary of congres part oerics cultal theusic, thhat, slime the ca t ewiie, , l back one way noer... i'be bummed if i didn't see the ecto1 anl at s sff, says fthrector t osesbillboards l/lki of 1970s. is t time travel this s arnd? i'm ck watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> i lovoveeinin theheall-female cast butometimes y yououe g g to call other people too stepp
2:52 am
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mucinex sinus-max ids. dissolves to ueash max strengtmedicici let's end is. let's start "the mix" with an appeal ing on rightow.. this kididid isr-old jet collins. ananhehebviously kws w w his mom b b doesn't know o his dad is. apparent he was conceived a at a festival nea syrasese n new york,ome 19 years u ow, o&o o tsehookok at take e e esvals. so he po t ts gn askinin for son, if anybodknowow jason o liveve syracuse baba inin996, g%w in touch. wants to know w dad is. >> we don't ow. he just put this out. we have no idea. you've gototo see ts kid whwh can sca a fu-length
2:56 am
>> oh. look at this. >>'c'a toddle she's o omimimin. go. . clis up like spider-m a does she make , , om. guess o o t t t gus.
2:57 am
2:58 am
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thisimorning on orldldews this morningngn "wor news now," below the be. thal slugfest at l lt ght's republican debate. donald trumpmpnd his rivals hit a a w low. while vots ched for subsbsnce.e. under r rest. a white officer c arged in the death of a bla man. the demands for juste in a city consisired totoe th birjhplaoe of the cicil l gh vent. >>nd newhis halfht look l le jk but iwas a muililollbr dioverer >> seven ultrare bababa cardrd found in a crumpmpddpp paper bag. so who fou them andnd why csllececrs are soexcite and ter, caitlyn jenner tting politicala ththultrafamous memememef a realy tv family throwo her support behind a presidential cacaate. h favorite caidate your favoriri
3:01 am
iday, march 4th. >> aouncer: frombc n ns, is "wor n ns now. good mornini, everody. it is fridayay i'm m is gibson. >nd i'm reena ninanan >>ll right. let's get started with the debatete because, man, it w an n interereing one. wasn't it? >> it was. >> it s a turbuleday, overall,or the entire p, arti with an unnprpredented pitch to take down its presumiveeomineend ending with this scene the w-dropping debatat >> >ours aereritt romney blasted donald trump, he faced fire from hikirivals in a a tter showdown that sank ta new low. abc's vid wrigas the tatas. ^epepterj just whenen thought it wasn't possible fororor thepgop debate to gon lowe nald trump took ititight below ththbelthis own b lt. >> look at tse hands. are th s sll hands? and heeferred to my handsd if f they're small, something ee mumu bsmall. i guaranteu u ere's no problem.
3:02 am
>epopr: marcocoubio accused him m shipping jobs oveveves. >> he can starttonight tp annonocicit l the doncld trump clothinghwill no longer be made in china and mexico, but will be made here in the united states >> repepter: tededruruz z cud him t@l theoterereheh thininabout min "the nerk timimimitororl board anot >> y y're misleaeanghe erican people. >> you're the one. >> release theape. releasasthpe then. you're the on >> y're the -- >> excuse m% i've given my answer, lyg ted. i'veveiv my answe. >> repopter:r:he who t tngs at titis had the dignity of food fight. let's hear r big donond. >> don't'torrybout it, little marcrc >> reporter: h hding it toouz, all peo to ayay er>>atth brehehe >> lyiyi ted >> c c breatat know is ha. i kn i is hard. but just -->> wn th're doneneith the gacan i swer qeestion? youocannot. i really hopepehat don't e yogan this stage. >> well, he's verflexible, so --
3:03 am
against itself. >> donald trump a phony, a fraud. his s om are as worthlhlas a dedeee frotrump univ. . reporter: thehe2 nominene miti romney publicly attacked d the characteof thehe010101 front-runner. the donald fired back. >> he wabeinr my enrsement. i could have said,d,d,t, droto yournees. would have dropped d hisis knees. he was begging. it is a failed candidite. hu faiaid. heheailerrly. e ehd debaba- he failed badly. thatas a race, i have toy, folks, that should have been wo >>eportete david wright, abc news, new rk. >>well, the democrats are busy trtr to sway voters bebere their nene debere this sday in flint, michin. bebe sande rallied a large crowd in kans before tomorrow's'saucuses. he told younsupportersrsbout his free collegeuiti plan.
3:04 am
makinghstopspsn n n anoday. hillarylinton struggles to p her e-mail contrororsy behi hefr,wo topepublican lawmakers are now asking the justicice department f for d d dls abouttsity offer to a foer staffer. brn n glia set up tht you private-mail server clinton used whilerery of statatat previously fuseseto testify bereoness. pvtting annd to months of speculation, president obamama says he'sgoing to s s s around wainon once histerm is p over. ththpresident reveueed t tt to a grouof supporters in milwaukee. wants his firir dahthtasha to b% able toto finish h hh h hool witut havi to trsfuf in the midd the year. first dauger sasha, not his first. e presidedt'ss olderaughter, malia, i headingffffo college thth fall. >> g gd choice, prez, good choice. don't pullllhem out. n't do it in high school. tt's art. don'move to orgegewn. it's crowded enoh. veral court filings s ve
3:05 am
fbfb in their b, retiveveof ve peoe who wewe killed in san bernarno attacay the fbi's requests f f apppp to lplpnlocanttacacs iphone lawful,l,nd they say unlocking the phonmay explain the motive for the attack. several law enforcement groups filed i isupport of the governme. tech cocoanies including google, facebook andicsoft ha filed papererfrcking apape's posititi. >sionsbabare e ealatin witit- north rea afafr the latest threat. esent [ m jong-us dered thmilita to be o ststfor earikea4 y time.. the threats are papa of a caaign of propagandalowi toh new u.n. sanctions. yesterday north korea launch short-rangeissiles@ into the sea. > south africacaigigstt c crt hasdismissed osc pistorius's appeal of his mururder r nvistionon head a aeaeaeayingngnoer ururmade a m mtake when it rned a mansnaughghr cocoiction and declared
3:06 am
girlfriendndeva stnkamthe cot's dismisisl ofofhat appeallears the way for him sentenced next moh. a whititpolili officic i ama isow charged f f t mu f f the death of f ack man.lawyers fof officer aarononmith say theharges a a politititly motivated but t the dead man's mily is callinfor justice. c'ste osunsami repts. from monomery. >> reporter: this s the face of a young itpoce o&oicer arsted in n ntgogory, chged withtnurderina blala manan 58-yeaold greg gunn. police say 23-year-old aaron smith was wowoing g d shshtplalalahursrs patg a blk neighborod, whwh he d mr. nn, whohwas s ar andalking h h hfrfr acard game. >> there was slilit strugglele thatontinued forbout so, at which time t oicer red d shot a a ailled d e suspt. >> repororr: smith'sawyeyesays the shooting was justifi, becaus he says,gunn was beatg tfficic witme sort of pipe o obaton. he this the e rest is all popotics. >e believe thatathese crgrg
3:07 am
unrere. >>eporter:t's t lost on cityears that thth i considided the birthplace of the rn civiv rights vement. the march fr sma to . ntntmery i'65 ssed right throrwh t e ighborhood wre nn was killele >>t really is trying ourproul, asommunity.. >> reporr: wre learning th gunn's father s one of this 's first black police ficers. himotherwho lived with, was happy y s law enforcement move so qukly. all iant is j jtiti. repepter: gunn was killll ght here, literally y stst f f feet from his home.. he a aost it. is c cy ins divided. wasas groupupf f cecece officers who came up with the money foofficer sms s il.l steve osunmi, abc news, , montgo also in ththsouth, vestigatorin missisiippirewidening their searah for an escaped inmate facing g pital murder charg. raafael mccloud is accud of threatating a gud with a homemade knife, taking his clothe radio a a car keys and thenolding the guard hostage untiould get away.
3:08 am
andmurdering a 6-old woman last yea major step f f frdrdthe recovery of f wer manhatn following e world ade center tacks. new yorkers s d tourts gotot theifirst look inside a nearly billion transportation hub at e site. itas supposesetotoop in 2009 but t t project had many ct t erns a dels. ththlongngagagovererom brary's deflategate scanl is far from over thanks to an appeal by ththnfnfnf the e ague is asking aapapals cocot t t einstate brady's ur-g-ge suensi whi had en thrown ou a audge a wewe befefe the sesese startrt st septemb. at a hearing yesterd, onon judged thehehidence of ba tampering compepeing if not overwhelming. a lingngould take months. well, we'll sck ortstuff hereecse y knkn i love >> yes. >> spring training, baseball's under way. there's been the find of feti in a quirky y d of
3:09 am
printed between 1909 and 1911 have b bn discovered a verified actually.y. incredly, , ey we found inin crumumed up paper bain a own n n th belged d e family's decsed great gpandfather. >>he's onlnlsevev%cardrdrdrd bu i i youou loot it i in context and you measure power of thes sevevcards, i thinkou could argue this is the cooles find thahawe've ever seen. >>reat f fd. be they were discovered, by the way, there w we on5 milar cobb cards known to exist. ththr worth sd tomomomo than million dollars. >> wow. it's unclear what the family th discovered will do with at. >ou know, if i fnd these,e, i puld have thoughth theyy were e litttt pyer cards theyive t at rals,, w wh the prayeya the back and t person's cture, so-- >>hat's morbid. >> i wouldldave e oughthatat it's good they rognized these are baseball players. >> that this wy cobb. >> andndot like a sasat or someininlikehat. >> true.
3:10 am
>> allllightht c cing up inthe skinny," th excxcxcin news "baywatc fans have beenenntipipin the veteran susurstaing for the vie remake. eaaitlyn jenner ts political announcing her sususu a predentl hopeful. is heravorit candidater favoritete a thehetuing ananunment from wod cup come tei tainin thg st she's taking after serious concns aboututnjuries on t scer field. thats after today's forecast maund gr, pa and t and orida. >> 81. >> 81. >> y y shohohomove. yeah.
3:11 am
3:12 am
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the latest now e latest n in efefrts tot bale t t tika virus. scientists in brazil say a cono me coon mquito may al carry \he virus. true, that would complite engineers arhelplpg trara the e readadadththviviby iting prrams to predicerit might spread next.t new rearch l lkingspirin to reducuc risk of persoso cancers. doctors fou that ppl who take w-dose aspirinin every had a a 19% lower chahae of veloping colol cancer. they alslslolod d 3%ererisk of canceceoveralalfor those tatang low de aspin at least ice a week. but t orwarn aspirin is no susutituteor colonancer r screinin >> it's amazin they've alwaysalddddd byby aspsps and w w wt they c c . prettyowful. >-the insing concussioio awareness has football i the spotlight. seous head injuries cahappen
3:15 am
soccer stars brandi chastain announced she willonate her brain to concussion research and the disease ct here a a's kaynahitworth with more. >> reporter: the soccer star known for theleleltiti a the world cup coming forward ababt the dangers of the sport. 47-year-old bran chahaain n announcing she will donate her ain to research on cte, the degenerave brain disease linked to concussions. >> brandi such an iconic figure for aig chu of r country that h hn't real bee focused onheheoncuion issue. >> repter: as college ayer, chastain did suffer fr two concussions. now a mom and a soccer coach, she's concerned abouthe damag al those headersay he used. >> she is having no symptoms. and shs living normal life. but she is so well aware of what cod be awaiting her. >> reporte chastain teing
3:16 am
older you sometimes sa gosh, , am i losing my memory or did i used to forget when went into a room what i went ithere for? adding, she hos the rearch will protect younger players. cte can only be diagnosed after death and has been found in merous nfl hall of famerand male socceplayers. but so far, never in a female athlete. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> cindy parlow co also from the u.s. national team was the first rs to say she's going to de her n. astata hsaidid sometimes she'll go into@ room and think, why a i rere and wononon ifhis is from40 ars playiyioccer. >> and ynow, footbtbtbhas tten bad rap f f this,s,utut lot of othth sportrtare concerned about this, as well. mma a ghting gs well as hockey. it mightotust be a conrnrn footballtsf, but as we can see, soccer also. >> girls iortseversinglemom fr i know that has a daught wholaia s srts they pl scer veryften. it's a h h hworry y r nts of fema aths. coming up, the cebri who sang her w out of a s eeding
3:17 am
and david hasselhoff ce
3:18 am
will he takeffis shirt? ( kinn
3:19 am
sksknkhingngas to do with politics again and a celebrititioine popoticacadebate we e eeeet h h h h hnhnererfraaleut caiitltl@lenenenejs ck in shtwiwij orttororor rcan idtitiefefefwa fituz what? in nnerviewith "tht adadabtetete jnes tha s ke becauau@!ve consnsvative a g g g gat coistndy titila con needs to work when it comes toenenr ise. >z z ly b b h hhehe bathroros in s s slslslsllllolitnacy.nnnnloeded edeofferi between a
3:20 am
cocoity. >> the repeplilirdrdheadadhaglglid@d@d@d@d t t divivty yoyoyoyoyonot thth`` nder n n nsa a ! publican. itit@gre ta ce o m-ini t t t t suppting dlin partrt ananwiwiinto b ban ambassador, too. >> it's faasti s welcome. next a creative way toet out of a tket whenou're pysnini with h e e e en pipes.shsibgbg wasot omimimimitrarn tototo b b ba cacainn ... kt riringngut epephehehehehed d d & &diy y a a enurallilievimimim mymywardrdrnsasa h wt. ole e n r rertsts mama tp p p p woro hyhybybybyay bu got q q eaen kghsangpypy rthday and took some picturewith him and his wife happened to be ridinalong. >>herdves let with h waraing,omemem c rtrtrtrdd veananay, bhe singigi couldldtt ve h ht, rig?right.shouou h`eader s thehe h( >> that`t`ulu@ve ininreststg. >> it's hard to we're not in to make it next,igewss c cinin f fm the of th n newewew "bwawah" %%hovi dadasselelffffl joining comim.m.m.
3:21 am
be png hasselhoff's original character charaer, bud johohononook to f- w w w whe oriril mim chanan toakhe announment. iste owf f e world is y r r f us arararadadd >> come ononmama rockekg e e e .i was boeaey >> h hwawarn reqdy. the e e t b b hoho. aywatch," get rererld. >>he rock added that ssff beewog out li cra for t tole d in the besthape in years. >> pamamamanrso reededededer a rolel butut noororif she hccepepd d >>'d'dikto see h h r rurn. we l le e e e diesesut gooes.. >> ;he looks great t tre. >> finally, anonoer cast annononoment. the first officiciciember of t t nenecrop ong ars"s"onteststtststsll house" . actress jodisweeee bigigevevevwawan n oomomoing g ericic" sweetin talkededbout hererove of dancing g d how she evenenot to showowff some ofer movn character as stean tanner on "fullelehoe.e. >> wow, pretty good.
3:22 am
cocontestant laterhihiorng and t t fulul c stevea wl bee made nt tuesday on "a." >> who d dthininitould be?@?@? could it be f f r ctor noel? uld it be kendis gigson or jack othere? ? ul be gibson or jack over there? so we use k-y ultrtrel.l enhances my body's s tural moisture so i can g g io thee"swing of i ia bit quqcker. and when know she's feelinglike that, ititakesese feel lwe're both.. when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. d i enjoy it. feelheheififrence wi k-y ultrtrel. today you n do evevething in jususone ick, evev keep p ur toilele clean and fresh. oducing lysol clclk ge click it in to enjoy clean freshness with ery flus lysol. start althing. eah, click`k vergrgl has g nene l lhes! lashsht is our most award winng mascaraa
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,, narrator: brast. diches. dinner. dishes. marriage. didies. divovoe. dishes.s. sleeping. (sng) (tputtering) d dhes. noslping. shes. fe. dishes.s death. disiss. istence. dishes. / dishes,pdishes, dishes... evy di, evy time... ly finish has the wer ball e in toyou cacado ething in j jone click,,
3:25 am
ininoducinl click gel. clicit i to enjoy can vreshshss ery flush. sol. art health yea cck > march roared like a lion this w wk,k,k, popitical ape really ifted into even more treacherous ground witdonana ump and d llary clton waing to go at it t st as l#ng as s/se other matttts s e e ed to first. . >or the face to the wte house the race for the oscar gold, it's here in our "friday rewind." >> i am a a ifier. on wt all of this finishedi'going to go after one person. that's hillala clinton. >> t ts cotry belongs to all us.s. nonojust thoho at thtop.we have to makericicwhole. >> i wl campaigns long as it takes and wherever it takes to
3:26 am
president of thehenited states. >>t't'not nnerake all.l. by t t end of totogh we e e going g win many hundreds dedes. >> so long as the fid remains divided,onalalalump's'sath to the nomination remains more e lykely that would be a disasaer for repuicics. the fbi is askini apple to weakenheurity of our products. has d cyrcrcminals cou usthis to wreak voc ononurur privacy and pepeon safety. -- there's alreaea a d don the ipho. esesesiay we're asking apple take the@ vicus guard dogaway. t try a picthe lock >> you know your by. saw for twowoeconds and i was like, oh, my god. and i shut it wn >> i just want to be clear. we ve o oicerinvolv dn a shooting?? >> we ve three offics thah have beeeeshot. . p>>ldbe any wse c ce tpan this, iny opinn, for a
3:27 am
i'll always call this an ficer's worst nightmare because e roroine call and wind upea >> it's just an unbelievle feeleltotoe ck here, bk k ouououout country. >> we wawa opportunity. we want the black acto to get e same opptunities. >>nd t osc goes to "spotlight." >> i think if you ever wonded about ti witittom hanks, would it hp,p,he answer is early yeyeye >> i do not take tight for granted. thanu so very y . >t was fun n ek, an explosose week. we have lotshen march 8th. thare e meriririesesno includg michigan. vovo areoingngngit, as well. by theheayayto commemorate leo's bibiwi a s seet ararst put a mural in los angeles to commemorate dicaprio's big wininin iteadsdsnever, neverive e . >> t t ts awe.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
inmniaia for twoades. > good morning. i'm reena ninan. good morning.i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendisigigi. mang news this friday on "world news no" thgop sl. e battle to stop donald trump irals out of control. the late debate dederiorating to name calling, nty i iults d talk of bo par. donald trump facing a flurry of attacks and firing back pretty hard. a ll repeptpfrom detro comingng >two o p reblican l lmake e askiki the justice papament for details aboutts offer of immity for a formrm state departmaffer. th staer set up hillary clinton's privatate-mail server. untilowpagl h refu to ify.
3:31 am
north korean leader kim jong-gn has ordered his military to o on standb to launch nuclear mimiiles at anantime... the n. just voted for toh new sanctionon t nfl has made its argumentor why tom bradads fofc-game deflatatate suspension shou be reinstatadad an apppppp courtrteemeto b bin agreent with the league's argunt but a final decisn could take months. those are some of our top stories this friday, rch h. >nnouer: from abc n ns, is i"wor news now. >> gooin everyone.we're going g srt t ts lf houritthe republan debat taking a dowand d rty turn. >> that'a good w w of puing . nald trumpmpame under heav fire last night urs after the nicked gstabliliment trieh to slohis ment with a istering attacacfrom mitt mney and trump fellow ndates. they refusus to le. abc'catherininfaulders hashe lalast from detroi good morni, catherine. >> reporter: g gmorng, reena and kendis. four g candidates ononhe stata lasdigig and donald trump nding himself the
3:32 am
diffict questitis by the debate moderer it was attack after attack on n donald trump. ar rububnded eaming up, f fcing the republicananfront-runner to defeis ror >>ng p pses heas no intntti of keeping. > he's t ting g conple inin ving them thr vote like he conned theple into givingngng hithr r r y. >> is thth debate playing out in thehral l ection? when you nominate a candidate who literallhas been on every side of every issue e d ininhe coururururthismama on two o hehesisis bere w w donethat'sotot you w and stakesre tigh. reporte b b tru suck ckckliininsus and dismsmsing his rivals with name calling. > don't worry about it, little marco. >> lying t. >> repororr: and then the was this. even getting vulga times dending g s manhood. refefeed to mynyandsdsf they'rsmalal sething elsep muste smsml.l. iuaranteeee yououthers no prprlem.
3:33 am
confronted with a f attacks, partilarly concerns about trump univivsity, the denct seminar rrogram that's nothe subject of asu. ououere willin sayay whatever you had to say totget themo g)ve yououheir monon. >> we have an "afrom the better bususess bureau and people le it. havava situation where wewe will win in court. >> repor even with every candidate willing to att they were not willing to say no. each candida last night vovongng to supuprt donald trump if he is the republ nominee. kendis, reena? katherine, thanknyoyoyo much. and john kasich remaed above the ay last night after mang a bold d edgegesisid if he ns h state of ohio,e win the nominaonon he promised that an ohio victory would mean he would cacaaiai until e reblicic c cveveven in july.y.the ohio primary imarcrc15th. >> is going to be a longngew montnt ahead. > berernie sanders isis mpai i i ians ead of tomorrow's ccuses there. headverfw crowdsdsds lawrence, a llege town full of
3:34 am
totoay f colletitind he rded ters tt vovod againsthe r@inin sanders alsls madeee qui stopto ahop.p. ke a lk. he pai$7$7oraircut. illary clinton, in th meantime, diviving speech on th economyn trtayay a her husband camamigns on her behaha hundreds s mimesesway. former presintntl clinton met with supporters in jackson, miusisisppi, urging stunts too get out avote, telling thehe hisife is the bt change agen he's ever se. mary's highest crt is nsnserinwhher a a lice ficer in the f f fie gray iasese mu be forced t ttestify against fellow officers. six baltimore officersavavbeen charged d th t t arrest d death of g g g who dieieafter being in police custody. the hearing involved o oicer william m rterthe one who's ne on tial. thatase ended d a hg ry. > alabama, , white poli offir is now chargrg w wthe
3:35 am
man. lawyer fororor officer aarar smith say at the charges are potically motivated but the dead man's fililis for ice.e. abclili h >> rorter: flie gunn, an arre i ithehooting death of her son is anannsweweto her prayers. `>> god tururd it arod and make it gcod. i don'care how a man do, god's got the -- rte cha witit murderininreg gunn o montgomeryryalabab i 23ear-r-d officer aaronsmith, who t tough his attorne i fighting to clear his name. >> ^r. gunn fled and useseforcrc against t is officer, threatened& tht liji othis officererndhehehe tize of this community. >> reporter: the lawyer intaininsmsmh was confronted byby dangeroususpect. according to police, smith shot and lled gunn following g altercation last week. >> there was a slighghstruggle. >> reporter: pice say gunn ht with the officece holding whatookedelike a aeapon, whi r turned out to be a painter's stick.k.
3:36 am
ororr: just dafterer this emotial o oburst from gunn's b bther at a news iefing at cixyall,l,mith w w charged with m mde we e lieve thhe chargeg were brougugugo o ent public un.. that makes the dision to arrest this officer politica not t t l. >> w wre goingngo haveveaiai in god and onlyhat, we' ing to pray for the e fir so in this case. >> rter:r:fficir smith is now out on bail. gugu's funerals this s surda d s moerays shis hoping the offic will be there. nd and ree? >> our t t ttotolizabeth the. n the meantime n n nehboring mississippi,n n urgentanhunt i i und way in vicksburg for anscaped inmate ngngapapal murdedechars. investigats say rafael mccloud threatened a guard with a homeda kni and briefly hd him hoage. they also sas mcmcoud d okhe ard's rafio and car keys and swapped clothes wiwi him, icic heorjust long enouou tget
3:37 am
>>e did recover t e pas that he w wring lasasnighgh the green guard pants that he om t jail l ard. people also should understand th he could d ve changed his appearan. hepeouou be muchchche ean shaven than was. . >> and they also wn n at`t mcclcld isisised and dangegeus. heas awawaing iaonharg of raping anankilling a 69-year-old woman n yeaea roman caishop in central pennsylvania is intion aer a a scathingngepororabout priest sexual abuse against c cldren. thatateport says two former shops eieier covered uor didn'to enough to responto ndds of abuse allegations over severer dec. the rrent bishsh says he's tang stete incncdi putng a li of all pries who o e th bject t credible allegations onlili. >> worse thihis have happed througut theenturies in the history of our church. that n to excuse what's going o a whahahae'rereling withtht the present mentnt not at all. >> hs also promising a full review of chd protection policies.
3:38 am
receivinformatiofrom tionon victims has receiveve more than 1010cacas in@jt t e last couplplpl days. public heaeaeaea itigagars inconsin arere ttingter,r, skin car pdus an mecationssollowing a ddl cterial outbreak. that outbreakininhe southn part o othe state has made 44 people sick.k. it may be linked t18 dths. but investigatorsan't'td the urce right now. most of ththctims hahaeen elderly y ople with h deying health iues.s. > we're getting new clues in the bale against the zika ru sciets in brazil say a second more common mosquito may also carry t virus. that't't'ue, , at would mplicate efforlr,ro o pe out zika. two people onn t t caribbean island of m mninie e have ffefed paralysis after being infected by zika. a manan who survid a btal beating five years ago o ide do stadium in l.a. is stardrng to liver message of hope. ryqy stow is a san fraco
3:39 am
he suffered vere b bin damage at the handsdstwo men who haveve sincbeen s snced to l0isovov now stow is visiting students, telling th theshouldn't stanfor bullying. >> > sd r a reason. i'i'findin p ppose again. i'm on a m m mon to tell my storof surviva i want to stopullili f fm hurting anyone else. >> sw ended hivisit to the ghgh school, askink students to tata a pledge against bullying. some veryigy traed canines showed theirtuffff yeery onononitol hil asng stunt t te a ed ainst buyi lawmakers s a a ance to e atat dogs dodoveryayayn the jocluding dededeing g g anexexives at 40 a aportrt training proamamo that dogs can dectxplosis cad by people. it'sll p a homeleld serityring.. >we kthe super bowl is - soso of the mamaaddy event o&# award season. >> well,ext week, another b b dede in madison, wisconsin, is contest.
3:40 am
hehee. >> uh-huh. >m wisconsi >> yeah. >> hidden springngcrmery will be there. it's no ordinary ces owner brenda jensen makes r cheese frorosheeees milk. e'rey lotstsf arar foher ndndof course, e's hoping for good d sult next week. wewewe good luck t/tyou, ba. >> yes,yes.. >> i iould le to try sheep's cheese. >>ndnd please cut a ece of cheese. ( >> i knew w&u were going to do thth. c d dfnsnsthhat was going toomomomt of your moutut >> you saw it chchningn my brain, the toioit hur. sorry. cut thcheese, brenda. > mi up prom "inmniac eatete" titi f f newov and a thririer oa sequhaha we'rchecking the riewsws alsoahead, theical voicic heard in theheew movie "zootopipi" " y shshira was tracted to this w disney story. 's at wedding seasas. andrides a grooms are goin high-tech. thatats after forecaststap.
3:41 am
3:3: a.m. >> you'ra big a lot of peop are goioi to beitting h
3:42 am
>> aer: "world newswsow" [ knocks on door ] hey,artyty oh, hi, dad. come on. let's get you signed up for the selective service. u only have 30 dayss afafr yoyo 18tbirthd tomorrow,, you'u'u'me.
3:43 am
hey, ts s easy.y. and d 's the law. every male in n e u.u. s to register for e seleive seice within 30 days of hisish birthday. sometimes use-y ultragel to enhae my b by's saturul istui can get into it t bit quicker. and d i know she's into i geinto it an.. feel the difrence with k-y tragel. i pipiy omisis mlittle girl a fabulo garden partfor r r biay. soso mowed the lawaw put up allheatns i thtutut i t everything almomo everything! kn, 1 1 1 1houses couldget hiby a septpc disaster, and bif up to $13,000. but for only $7 a momoh, rid-x is scicitifically provenoo brbrdownwnastetehelpingh avoid a septic daster.r.
3:44 am
di you k kw ththe's s coug iqd that sts twelveoursrs try delsym twelve hour c cgh liid. adadncnc formulalalaease wwful mecine that actstsasas whilelets extenend release medicine laststfor r ours.telmm . silicon n lley jail l l under lockwn after maximum security inmatat erupted into a brawl. was all c cght on newly installed security ceras paid r personally by santa clara county sheriff lori smith.spent about $800 to buy thth ononnesday after being told itwoulultakekewo years and $ $ milliln if she w wt through noal channels. so spring isiwht aund e coer, whh means many ththgs forany people. but folots of f uples, it t meananwedding season. >> yes, it does. and whether you're planning for your big day or know somebody
3:45 am
of your wedding from the ground when have em from aiai >> yououable tc seyour affair from an angle that you'veve never been a ae totoee before. >> reporter: drones are just o of the new hotst trends happening in wdings. photogpher brian ogovivi of park avenue udios long land says he's done mo than 0 0 ddings like this onenesing ones. >> i litally have the drdres play with the guests. i'll land it on a tatae as they're sig there and they'll wave and the thing will ke off and fly away. the's s l new thin h hpening at weddidis. is ie of thehe >> r rorter: thennre people li samananaa roberts whoou can hire to live tweet, ceceok, instagram andven riscope yourededng her compmpy is calmaid of soci brides usually spend about 14 monthshslanning their wedding. this is she day thth feel li the starf the show. and sohis really makes tm noonly the star of their
3:46 am
media of bridal world that day. repr:r:eddidi gsts, therers inw too. yoyiknow how it t when yoyobuy a card, , u put t t eck side and before theheecti you haveveo worry abt what you d d with t t card.d. wfwf, ,`,`e's a sosotion. >> non, pepele can give ca digitay.y. it's safer, faster. it's a huge convennce foyour guests. >peporter: the websis called tender. br a a grooms create a prile. ests pick a caes wonon ne and veey using their eded car >> o o users get ahance e counice to the guests aboutheir r nancl alsl their dreams, things they want towith their money and it enables eir gueses to feel instededn the uple's futur >> reportete it does make you wonder what'next. kristin thornenechannel 7, ewitssssews. =eah, do u p at>> i thit't'a uch. the littl sociall thing is, do you really nend somemedy --
3:47 am
a weweing ininam lasasweweend for my high school teacher's son. it was awesome. country ddin andhdbd d ntititme wead s set id tea. had barbecue chicken and mac and cheese. s thls a ag for your instagram at thehend /the y_ >>o, i is a plug for cheaper weddings. myarents are f fm indi a big princess fairytale weddg anthat's a lot.. tpat's a lit. >> good h to know. >> i wish i had invited you. i didn't know you en. > comingup, sk!ra embras her wild side. >> t t mic cerstar's transnormation on the g ecreen talking abt life as an animal.
3:48 am
3:49 am
now." f i coultalk to the animals juststmamanehatting with a ch and cmpanzeu >> do you like that one? >>usicians mininthe lele into a aing don't ofofn haveveo rry about leaping into a different speciei- akira is showing she's ready for anythingng >he'sart of tt cast of "zootopia" and sat down withth abc'rael sth rng what really movated her to part of the ananat film. i won't give up >> reporter: everything, t ananem om"zootopia'a' biggest
3:50 am
theiggest international pop ars shakira. >elcomeo zootop.. >> my son is 3 yea old.$% i htim sging the lyrics and i was so surprisis because i neveveveugughetothim. >> o m. thinknknkabsosoed thehe i don't owowhen bubuhe was atininthem a a so cucu. repte cly h wahed d e e , , t? e diditwice. in english and spanish. he really, really enjoyed . >> good evening, zootopia. put your paws up. >> repepter: the latessney animimedeature sees all differenenkis of a amals livingn harmony in place where a yone can ne anythi >> this movie is about diversrsy. it's about a aidinininenudicic 's about friendship and the lue of true frfrndship but also friejdshihi with yourself andaving thehe wilil a commitment and disciplee termination to me sureou accomplish youdrea i realal feel this movie will resonate e th many y audienceot only kids but so adults. it h h a great powerful memeage and ma, manynyoralal >eporter: how a you like gazezee?
3:51 am
me. &reporr:r:ou're opionated > oh, veve m mh. d she fes a cial responsibility. >> reporter: what iid you have innringing ur charaer, gazelle,o life?? >> well, when the dictors and the producs show mgazezee, i thought t athe was toooo skinnynd wasooit >> reporter: heard that- >>old them, guys, y youot t pusomeeaon the bones. >> rorter: tt'my girl. that's my gi. >> so they adddd bigger hi t gazelle. >> rorter: i love theposos you put o&o instagrara the who wore it better. the split screenen i iore itir. eporter:achel smith, abc nuws, orlando.o. >> love th shara.. one othehethinwe should me >> what? >> disney y the parent company of a news. >> thankou. apapeciate it. ted. itititn theaters today. >> it is. an100% rating from rotten matoes. how w n dodoou g ghat?t?t? wow.
3:52 am
we make goodtuff. >> that's your kissp side.
3:53 am
> c woman! go morni, clas the sesectice sysyemem. who n tell me what that means? ys have to regter with e seleleive servicsyststststststststststst wiin 30 0 ys ofheir 18th birt it's'she law.. question why is it only guys? well, it's just the law.
3:54 am
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ick ititn e creshness with every h. lysol.l. arthinininin yeah,h,lick "insac tat" menew moviofrsrs opening`day. >p and first up, a movie with a titie acronym is wtf, "w"wsksk tango foxtrot" s srs tina feas an afghanastan bas ns es is aption"t talin shufe," e memomo o o urvalist kimker.>> fl l von ananyofoarl l e unmarried, c clele personnenene tre. for thosof you who are b bind d the ucenes, ththe ar rtits e on camer
3:56 am
>> theraveor cryin >>l, revws havenenmoood t mid.thst cn ic p i oe. nony wld pepet to be t ill ststhae frtime" asks, shld a movieutorti fromh eply t tubled country really thi entertaining? fonso o theap s ss the movie es fey towara a lm reer that's as uncompromising, unpredictable d dntelligenas tvk. >o=n ke cma go$nene t tthe uueueu"oepus hahafafa." this time "london has fallen." likeke t f firir e, t t t president is uer siege by rorosts, but this time is on a global sle ashe funeral r the british primeinister s into a majoratastrophe. aaron eckharand gerard butler return as thpresident and his head of secret service.
3:57 am
sir. >> every day t t same damn j >> seriously? what the hl d they make you out of? >> bourbon and poor choices. >> oh, that wawafunny. >> like that? >> not reallll apparentlylyt's a a or c cice to sesethis one, as well. not so gogd.d. thehav cb ys it's onon ththe re films that is good at solutely nothi. ouch. but a glimr of hope rhaps in r next r rieie norm wililr says i is as dey as its predessut it's pepein a aentireifferent wawa >> okay. >> but it made a lot of money, theirst one, so enough foror them to say s do it again.n. >>o it again. yea>> all rigy.
3:58 am
ur. >>r to follow us on fabook, nfans.s.m whoa! whoa! whoa! boys! sorry, sir. 's tccio high schoois ove ve y y registered wi the selelelee see sy yetet ne of you?u? evn livi in tse united statat mustststisr within 30 da of his 18th birthd. it's part t yououduty as a citizen o oananmmignt, get yourselves down to the po office and pi u u a on f f what about online?
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hd-5 ma ns in ameca thihi mprnin down andirty in detrtrt. marco rubio and ted cruz team up to attack donald t tmvho oponed t talest republican slugfest by boboting about his anatomy. >> if they're small, somemhingng else must be small. guarartee e u there's no problele t moment getting l ls of reaction overnight, and ap the partlooks past the primaries, new talk of a broker convention a aer mitt roey's istering a aault on ump. 're coring it all live in washington. . >>futurelansns the e rrent president puttttg lols of speculation to rt revealing where li after the whituse. important health alert. w evidence of aspirin's ability y ight cance should it beart of your


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