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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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r a man was en on caus popsiblyly rrrrngng apon the lockdown was lifted a aut 3030inines lat. cololodo spris polili have d daine ththman. he was typically calm and mposed on th foball field.... today though, , peyton manning struggled to hold back k k emotions, asase loed back k his f-reer the fu hall of famerers hanging up the clea today sportstsirector rob nanaoum wa manning's tirement where emotns were runningng hihihi.. peyton mannini dedicacad his fefe p and mindo the n-f-l fofo18 years he's suffered injuries this neck, legsan et, toy de wal away frfrom the game a timehampion ....
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ere's a lot pabt football mannnng will ms beg around his teammates. "i'll ss demaryius omom telling he loves s , thanking me vor comingo denf after every y hdown i threreto him. afterwards i'll miss recapping the gamemeit my dad, and chking gf thth giants w, and d callini i e we're th on our teamam sses. i'll m m m that hand shake with tomradydy and i'lliss the plane r dededeter a big win th 5 5 teammates anding in the sles laughing
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followinin nuws of the` timentntfans made su to l mning know how much they areciatad him. crds gathered a a buffalo ld wingngin colorado springs. many saie announcememe dn'tome e" b surprisepend at the timin was righg.ds fans watched the emototna speech closely ey shared with us their thoutsthe big and ve wh thehelliss most about the star quarrback. 00:0:0:05 :07-00:11 002-00:15 "i think they're ing to miss his leadshipiphe moststerne talks abououhow erepapas and veryrye else pd." "i respspt his s desionono retire dhi'm excited hi"i t tnk 's going to be goodor the tete in the long run and i thin he's going out on top." and we've`got muchore maing reaction on r website... headver, and check out r entire section of spececl covera. two brothers arfod sa ter beini& missininfor da... but el pasa county
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krdo newswswsnel 1313 kiaywhit showowust happed. ca caarly ndndndrning ... 14 ep s s sh and scue recd a a a a hi juveniles were missin20 11-year- old adler- his 17-yr- old brother mamahew adler-r- gergel had beenissi saturday, and were last seen... in this jeep. off- roading ana mudding en ral el pasoso county..a bby of theirsrs paso county search crews s sprangngnt action... 0 0 we hadad adtional resos dered to include our com, mound unun, radio spialists able to canc and d wasn't lonon fore they were found 22 thewere ab to locate t ep that the jujuniles were ring ibout hald a milh ofofount herman 29 32 thth then were ablbltoing ththphone of one of the juveniles and was s le to get a genera titi owhere e might b40 standup: el paso county instigatats arar ill rking to dermine just how the two wene miijg. gardlele, them b bng
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weome news. 149 this is the best outcome e at we could have hoped fo thanks to our search andrescue team for ing an tstandg job b in locococg the je... . ch a a quk rnoaround 204 in el paso coty, mekialaya ite, krdo wsne l 13.
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windy today, and it will l l in breezy though tonighgh.. hohovethe wind will l t t as strong. there are seral showers curring off toword our north - t these showerer f f themost part, are pected to st nonoh. while caotcompletelylyule t an ilated ows along thpalmerdivide, , 's looking as though most will end up stang tomomrow will be cooler behind a cold frfrt tonight,'ll ow y y what at mnsnsor you coming up p& later in the newscast. a hi schl bathroom in colora springngis alwingng ts o bothenders inside, atathe same time. as krdo news channel 's bonnie sililan found t, the nenerestroom is turning a lot t heads. she e ins us now liveverom lmer high school. bonnie?
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gendnd5incluluve baroom. 0itasically mes, anyon can use e shared bathroom. studtstsaythis is a f)rsrsfor high schools in soututrnrn colorado. the last great le was ught over r marrge.. but thnextxt e cocobe over b!thrhrms. "trans kidg g hror so m's pelp t tng them` you' a fakakyou u don't beng, , re going to hell. /se kidsdsave done nothinwronon thehere being whthth are." afr a y%ar o rk.. doeoe shcall, a senior, saysyshe and heh team have succesllll eated a fe space...r transgender students. "this space, i like because a lot of the times i don't represevt a traditional femalelei have short hair anan glasses. when i goto the won's babaroom people tendnd to l lk at me lili,
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'm trans, i i entifty a ndnd q b bi dofefeomabab in eithethe ns or the womens throro." "here'the e gn t bt's catching smuch attention. now, this is the fit gender- inclusive bathroom in high schchl in colora spriris.....sidedeboth genders can use this fafatytys they please." "jt holding g in all day, because you don't want to be harassed in the publ hools its lelel to usa bababaom that respspds tyourndnd identity,)b9t fortunaltye 's not always s s se." sincstudents open the bathroom, th say ey ave e & hearhatetel commmmts. "there has been sosese backla. a lot ofcocoenen s this isn't necessary." "even thoughou may not understandit doesn't mean that the ds aren't fafang hassment %nd feel like they don't bebeng."." muanwhile, you may y ve hrd the news t tt south dakota was the first state in the tion, to pass
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transgender students fro using restroom nsistuntntthgender identities. but, ,ust last week, th veor vetoed that bill... sayang it, "didt t dress any pressing sue cingnghe state." " repopoing in ..s. . do n n 13 ththqmestion whether to ban cannabis clubs--the private marijuana smoking ub in colora springs--is incloser a ainal answer tonight. krdo newschannel 13's sct harrison isive at city h!ll f f ft appear be e long work session. scschis haha been a touou issue since clcls arteing 3 yeago.o. take v veo from 4: as scott reviews the issuesnvolve a cannabis club supporter says
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clcle the clcls.
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hearing from highimes magazine...(ter word thahathey are pulling thr request to hold d the cannabis cup in pueblo. th cancelleded ththrequest this weekend... essentiall killing plans to hold three day mamajuana festivivivn n e sat arles s s mesa. today,he grp issu isnt urorort t commitititit always to create the highest quity and fest event possible.. we remain committed to susuororng t historic coloradodo cannabab indust@ynd lookorward to stg a fufufu ghimes event in corado. " wee gegeing further reacacon on this ststy and will bring you more detaiis s krdo newschannel l atatat the u.s. supreme court may ke on a case brought agagagag coloradodoy twtwo neigigiging states..'s a a about mariria galization. supreme cot justices were scheduled etrivava on friday discuss the e e ,
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in 20101by t attotoeys generain nebraska and oklahoma. the juststes are still weighing whwhwhr r takakak up the c ce. r deon uld be announceth ternoon. investigators are loing g r teamf home indersrshat hit a homemen security- - widefield eaeay this morning. deputies say th assaulted a rson, befofo stling his car. hapapned at around five thirty thi rng, on couch circle, nearecurity boulevard and d main stree one`victim was taken to the hospital with h fe-threatening injuries. the burglars left in a 2000 grey hyhydai sonana for thfirst time eveve.... xico's president t speaking out about donald trump's campaign... president enque pena nieto says he thinks comments replilin esididtial pefufudonald trp haha hur u.s. - -exico relationon umhas plged d bld a the two o ununies' rds. aas called mexicans s criminals and rapists. ninio says no matttt who getet electethough..
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be to work th that on. still to come here on news shannel 13 at 5:0000 the first lala is lyiyiyin repo... we've got the latest on nan reagan... as tbutes inueo pourin from arnd rl d a terrif at in arizona... a story thth not fothos afra of bees... bubua, it's okay... he wants to spend tim wi hisisamy. thththl still win every sur & bowl......ut i want the broncos to
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d world are rememeering nancncreagan the formirst lady pasd over weekend d leavavg a legacy of class and elegance it was 12 years ago... nanan rebgan gave this emotiol goodbye to her sband, hugginronald reagan's casast. now... are unrway fofothe former hi s died d ndayorning of heart frere in h bel air home today, tributes e pouring in om arod th world.&. soso- president obam"i k kw homuch she meant .. not just to oresident reag but to the country y a a ole.. he was lucky to have her.ani'm su he e`he rst one to knowlelee at .. sosoheheililbe missed."." mr reagan ll be laid to rt frfrayay califofoia. we will of csurse have ll coragege morerehan 150
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... . ter a u.s.drdne strike. ththpentagon ys the strike hit training caca whe a "large-scale" atta wasaseiei planned. the mpmpababt t 0 lerth of
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feshowers tomorr, , ll show youhe tmd wher mingp p thwind will creaea in inteteity tonight, with showers remaining, a leasasor the mt part, ofto our north. tomorrow willll bng another chanan f f a f f scatterere showers, but mostilenenup stayayg drdr lows tonight will drop into the 20s
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getting intotohe 40s and 5 s.yourolololo ngs&7dayay focastws tempateses t s ans lalar this w youruruebfo 7dayorecast shows tempereres wawaing intotohe 70s on frida and d turday. you canon n ty 7dayorecas owowow temperatures in 60s latetethth weekekwithrelatitilylyry weatr on tapbp your telelr cocoty 7day forecast shows temperatures getting into the 40s s d 50s th only a slight
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showers morr, esdadaand d then agagagan saturday. ousasaof studenen hit t t t
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buthey're not ayininhookey... find o%o what these kids are protesting... straighthehe...
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out ofoflass in students walked t of c in boon todayay takeke look at this crowdwd. th walked t of classsso prprest s veve dget cutuv the city'sdutiti budget@is $50 miion sht, despiteta $13 million hike in hool spending. the boboon school department said it will notify pares of students who walked out. students w took part wiwi be maed abst foclasas ssed. -001mo and a a horrifying scenene incottsdale iza... a man n s swar two masse hives bees... sendinininr e hoital and
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pets surviveve fire fighters had to wear bee keepererelmets d duct tape on their eeves to deal with the swarm. cgsurferrescue we're seeing dramatic video today ofobn ococn rereue f the coast of oregon. a coast duard helicoco c performed a hecopter rescue and sed ththe susuerin distress nea devil's punchbowl state park.... the e ree men unun themselves in n trouble ter enduring hours of rgh seas. they werera little sken up... but t otherwise go ndition. ockskssed mostly higr on ll streeee.. th anoer jump in ththpre crude oil.... the dow jone indurial erage increased 67 points to 17,073. the nasdaq composite gave upigig p j js & to 4 408. the anda & poor's 500 iex edd upup point to 2,001. wishe wod comemeack to indianpolis in some way maybe wo for the colts organization. ......ber 18......eyton manning!g!
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good morning colorado...two states are holding imies...we'll e what t t ndidates are ing to g tes. i'll have your compte forecast starting at 40 a.m. torr on n good morning
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an update fromom they're f an running... dog mushers s the idarod slele dora took part in a a ceremonial race start overerhe weekend. thounds of opop lined the route in ananorage for the event. tre are mushers signed ufor e rara, whic crs s ng stretches of unforging terrn, including o untata ranans and the windnd lashed berg sea coast. i wawalking g me.
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with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. th jack showow up and to care of the beast, so i could capepepeand that's w whaenededur eakfkft croissant. ananyourur it survived.
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getwo brbrkfast croissants fororfoururucks. > have veraraeaking stiethisisday night. tpe ra thitetese. michael oombg says he will not run arguing at if he does, it h@ldonald trump win. trp, andisessage for ted cruz.and hillary clinto wt she just asked of bernie sananrs >>d jojovictorr in an ju in, t t $55 million verdict. ter suing her stalkekeana&a jor hotete accusi the stalkf gtingng aoom neneoor,ordidididi. deadly s srms totoght, powerful winds, flflh floo, , anlitning striris. and thher r em movovg from e sososohe easas > one oft famous athletes in the worlrl her seet r realele and her apology. and,elebra air lady..


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