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tv   News 4 Weekend  NBC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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i'm olivia marrow. just into our newsroom, some breaking news. a possible homicide out of south lake tahoe. people called 911 to report shots fired at the beverly lodge. officers found a man with a gun shot wound on the ground outside the hotel room. he died at the hospital. the information the police know at this hour suggest the shooting was not a random act of violence. we will continue to bring you more information as it becomes available. you can check our website for more. this justin, two snowboarders reported missing have been found. jeannie hayden is live at the command post.
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are actually on their way down here. rate news. we are told they are in great condition. i am joined by public information officer bob harmon. thanks for joining us. what can you tell us? >> at this point, we have located the two snowboarders. we're down here ed davis creek park. we expect to see them at any moment now. we are anticipating they are in pretty good shape, cold and tired from the day, but we hope to have them reunited with their family and on the way home soon. >> that's great news. -- >> reporter: that's great news. you mentioned earlier the team was make -- taking caution because of avalanche's threats.>> our special vehicles unit, as everyone knows, we
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inconsistent winter weather patterns over the last few days. different temperatures got rain, snow, wind. that makes conditions fairly dangerous. for our volunteers, because we didn't want to rescue the rescuers, our volunteers took it easy to get back to them. we were able to get a good read as to where they were located early on. we didn't want to push our luck. there was a lot of canyons and different levels of terrain. we took our time getting to them and were able to make contact. now all of them are heading back out in davis creek park.>> reporter: this is obviously an ideal situation, good condition, safe tonight. anything to say about that? >> we are happy to be able to bring them out safe and sound. they are to some extent lucky that everything worked out. during a winter like this, to make sure that you know conditions before you go out in
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familiar with the area, stay inbounds at the ski resort. if you're one of those who likes to get out in the outback, and there's some terrific back country recreation out here, before you head out into the backcountry, make sure you have checked the appropriate sources and you know what conditions are before you head out.>> -- >> reporter: thank you so much tonight. great news. back to you, olivia. >> the snowboarders that were just found tonight, they no doubt faced some cold conditions. there is a look outside. let's send it over to kathy wilson for our first check on our forecast. >> as you saw, jane was getting some snow. that will be the case for the next 24-30 hours. we have a winter weather divisor he in effect with more heavy snow high wind and travel impasse. anyone traveling across the hill or in the backcountry should be prepared for dangerous white out conditions
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doppler radar indicates showers falling across the region from truckee out towards fallon. right now in merino, 35 with some snow falling. northeasterly winds, 5 miles an hour. with the snow showers falling, we will be watching that to continue throughout the next 24 hours. we will be watching for some heavier snow between one him-5 am. dying down a little bit in the morning and picking back up in the mid-afternoon. we're expecting up to 4 inches on the valley floor. i will have that timed out for you and more snow totals coming up. olivia?>> thanks, kathy. good news, after four years of drought, the truckee rigid for -- river surged to its highest peak thanks to the storm. reno police spent the day of the truckee river corridor.
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earlier this evening and has this report.>> we want people to be informed. it is illegal to camp along the river. this is a reason why.>> reporter: the truckee river peaked nearly 8 feet, serena police route along the truckee river corridor reminding the homeless about the dangers of camping along the banks.>> we don't want to see people in the river. the flow rate is very dangerous and the waters very cold. it is not take long for people to become hyper thermic -- hypothermic. we don't want the fire department to have to use the rescue team.>> reporter: the river had its strongest flood -- flow in more than three years. lieut. shaw says it's illegal to camp within 350 feet of the truckee river.
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the homeless population about the water levels but what options are available to them. >> the community assistance center is an excellent one. they run overflow, so there's lots of resources if we do to get the expected snow. temperatures will probably drop. we encourage people to get off the street.>> reporter: the police want to remind everyone, not just the homeless, to be aware of high water flows into be safe around the water. for now, reporting in downtown reno, jaime hayden, news four.>> the national weather service estimates lake tahoe gained 8,000,000,000 gallons of water from friday in today's storm. a 55-year-old man walking in downtown reno died this morning in a hit and run car crash. police say it happened just before 6 am at fourth and
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officers believe the man was legally crossing for street when a fast driving vehicle hit him. they say the driver did not have their lights on. the pedestrian was pronounced dead on scene.>> we want pedestrians to use extreme caution, especially when the weather turns. you have to watch out while crossing the street. realize there may be vehicles on the road without their lights on.>> police say they will release the identity of the man as soon as they notify his family. in the meantime, they are looking at video from businesses in the area to try to find the driver of the vehicle. the vehicle was owed new light- colored full-size pickup. anyone with information should call police or secret witness. secret witness is offering $1500 reward for anyone with information about an attempted armed robbery that happened 7 am yesterday in sparks. a suspect entered the
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mccarran with a handgun and attempted to rob the clerk. the suspect was unsuccessful and ran away. anyone with information is asked to call or text secret witness at the numbers on your screen. and consumer news, ridesharing company lift has locked in the deal to operate at the reno tahoe international airport. you a -- you may remember the airport started allowing \ber to pick people up. lift has now come to an agreement with the airport as well. the airport ceo says the new service has options for travelers writing downtown and even to ski lifts and should further boost our local economy. approved drivers have a designated pickup and drop-off spot in the parking lot north the baggage claim. next on news four at 11, a reno native has a us seaworld
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pattern is welcome back. the open enrollment period for
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tomorrow at midnight. local organizations came together at the mckinley arts and culture center in downtown reno today to help people sign up. people could also receive a variety of health services there including immunizations. insurance brokers were also at the event to give services to people and help them sign up for healthcare. it closes at midnight tomorrow. it's better to sign up sooner rather than later because the website tends to get bogged down as the web deadline nears. we're just starting this -- seeing the start of the storm this weekend. some people experienced rain and showers in other parts of the region today. let's send it over to cassie wilson for your full forecast.>> we have a winter weather advisory in effect from tonight into monday by 4 am. snow showers throughout the region blanketing from northern
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towards colorado. our impacts locally, 3-6 inches near carson city, upwards of a foot of snow in south lake tahoe. above 7000 feet, up to 8 inches. 6-12 inches of snow with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. doppler raider up -- radar picking up a low-pressure system. a classic sierra storm. we haven't seen one him of this magnitude in several years. look at this big trench of moisture. by noon, snow showers will leave. the storm will impact the rest
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friday. and reno, 35 degrees, snow falling, and the winds up shifted to 35 miles an hour. part. silver springs 30 degrees. carson city, 32. a snowstorm -- the snowstorm impacts right here. as we move through the day, it will blanket the rest of the state by 3 pm. snow showers mostly staying south of interstate 80. as the snow showers push out towards the east, we'll see clearing skies with a few lingering clouds into your day monday. it's going to be a big hitter with snow showers throughout the day. 29 degrees tonight. half an inch to an inch by don. not as much snow tonight, mostly snow for the day tomorrow. we are watching for the big
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day with 2-4 inches i sunday night. winds will be gusty. be careful if you are traveling. we saw wind impacts friday and we need to be careful for the next round. across the state, 50% chance of snow. snow south of interstate 80. for the most part, cloudy skies with temperatures into the mid- 20s. in the eastern sierra, bridgeport, mammoth lakes, looking for upwards of a foot of snow. temperatures reaching into the mid-30s for the most part. carson city, 1-3 inches of snow with winds shifting out of the north. no crosswinds on 595 and fire 80 like we saw friday. we will see those gusts with temperatures reaching into the 30s. at the lake, update inches at lake level, up to 12 at the higher elevations. wind gusts reaching 60 miles an hour. be careful if you are traveling. we will be watching for white
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crest with heavy snow at times. 3-8 inches of snow expected for our northern viewers. we are watching for temperatures to be up in the 30s. snow will be falling on the valley floor with temperatures reaching into the 30s. your seven-day, temperatures will stay a little bit chillier than average for this time of year. tuesday, groundhog day, maybe we will see six more weeks of winter, maybe we will get some spring winter -- weather in our forecast. gianna? the stormy weather force the nevada men's basketball team to drive eight hours to face-off against the aggies. the bus may have crapped the pack style a little, but nevada was swift from the get-go. the pack down by one. later, coleman with some
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that's what they call cash money. the triple tied the game. and 11-2 run. boy did dj fan or come out and put on a show? he was three of six behind the arc and 4-5 behind the field. he led the pack with 21 points. coleman was right behind him here. she poses and keeps it up with that swish, seven assists and three steals. the pack right out with an 89- 84 victory over the aggies. back at home, it was the pack ladies hosting the aggies. kaelin from the right wing, the pack up one him. he scores -- he scores three. another assist from caitlin, nevada is still out. another three, but not another
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stephanie schmitt into the third, scoring 36 points. that was big enough to push the score to 79-66. a reno native in the usa -- usc, ryan lightweight heavyweight contender of the world. he was born in reno and went to mcqueen where he's a graduate. he fought his 18th fight on a five fight win streak. he had seven wins by knockout. today he was the ko master. he went for the attack right from the beginning. it was bad news from that moment on. the fight is called at 1:26. johnson is two knockouts away from the most usc history. this will not be the last time we cover ryan bader.
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tracy humphrey got his shot at the jump in aspen colorado. that's him on the right. a decent start for tray, but watch what happens. too much air on the first job, he lands very hard. that takes away his momentum. on the second jump, too much air. he finished third in the semifinal runs. he didn't qualify for finals. tray has nothing to hang his head about considering is only been on the ski for two years. after leading his teams to northern championships in the nevada state title game, matt den has finally decided where he's going to continue his football career. he announced today he is verbally committed to the us
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it is located in new london, connecticut. his stats as quarterback are staggering. he accounted for 49 yards passing, 41 russian.
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passing over 2300s running. before ago, more than 200 people took their annual plunge in the ice cold waters of the siberia lake by call today. buddhist pilgrims switch -- stripped down to their swimsuits before jumping in. this is the 25th year of the event.
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strengthens the minds and will. it helps strengthen their religion, but, boy, is that cold. a lot of concentration.>> i don't have it. i don't think i could do it. i am a baby when it gets cold outside. now, is way too cold.>> the weather this weekend will be pretty cold.>> around of snow -- no for sunday. we're talking white out conditions over the hill as well as blanketing most of northern nevada. then we will die down, we will have some calmer, a calmer week ahead. temperatures will stay a little bit chilly. i have a feeling punxsutawney phil will have six more weeks of winter. with all the crazy weather, we've been getting, it's nice to have a break. >> the clouds look like a wave in that picture. >> we love to see all your viewer photos.
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