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tv   News 4 Weekend  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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about. tip line is 322-4900 at 11 pm. you are watching tip line is 322-4900 , on your side and high definition. tonight, we are tracking the biggest storm so far this year. in the most snow that we have gotten in years in some areas. we have team coverage, ryan kern is live outside with the driving conditions. are going to check in right now with cassie wilson. >> the storm is starting to die down. galena 11 inches of snow.. with that, we broke a record our old record was at the
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heaviest snowfall in history for the last day of january. 5.7 inches of snow broke that record. we reached a high of 32 degrees. that is below average for this time of year. we will stay below average for the next few days or so. taking a look at the snow so far this season were almost at double. we are at a great start for our winter. it is all very good news. right now, in reno the snow showers have tapered off. winds are strong out of the northwest, 15 miles 15 mph. taking a look at your next 24 hours, we will see the clouds break away in the next 24 hours, then we will lead to sunshine and we will stay cold.
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morning. we will still see some of the icy conditions but mostly a clear and cold day. >> as she just mentioned the storm is starting to weaken. there are multiple road closures and crashes today. ryan kern joining us on interstate 80. >> reporter: i can tell you that it is a very slick road. we were somewhat spinning out on the interstate. it is very dangerous right now on the roads. the going to be working all day to clear the interstate. take a look behind me, it is very slushy and parts of the roads are icy.
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put chains on. there was a crash involving several semi trucks. the lanes were closed down in both directions while crews cleared the road. traffic is moving very slowly in the higher elevations. on interstate 80 beginning at gold ranch, and then eastbound at hirsch dale. police responded to multiple crashes. four-wheel-drive vehicles are required for -- or chains. if you must drive tonight take it slow. the visibility is very low, for
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yourself extra time. icy roads are going to be a major concern in the morning. to get the latest on road conditions or dial 511. i am ryan kern tip line is 322-4900. several school districts are announcing delayed starts. all the schools in that district will be on a two hour delay and classes will begin at 10 am. pyramid will be on a two-hour delay. the carson city school district does not have classes scheduled tomorrow because of a preplanned staff day.
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website, . you can see all the airline delays. new information into our newsroom the homicide investigation in south lake tahoe. police responded to the beverly log, the 40-year-old, dennis wright junior he was taken to the hospital and then he ended up dying. he and his female -- his female companion just learned about his death she drove to the hotel with pounds of marijuana in his death is due to that drug deal. anyone with information is asked to contact the south lake tahoe police department. secret witness is offering
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officers believe that the man was legally crossing fourth street when a fast driving vehicle hit him. the driver did not have headlights on in the pedestrian was announced dead on the scene. they are asking anyone with information to call secret witness in they are offering a $2000 reward. in political news, all the hype is for iowa, hours to go. how important are those caucuses? catching up with the past to caucus winners. >> reporter: it all comes down to monday night and the people in iowa forging a path to the white house. >> you think this is the
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while? >> every time it is crazy. this is certainly one for the books. >> reporter: tapping the polls, or a former president. >> the polls have been an accurate. they said they are not doing pulling in this race. -- polling in this race. >> reporter: iowa has a way of producing surprises. >> and intelligent group of voters and studying the issues in canada.>> reporter: not the best at predicting nominees.
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scenario, is there a scenario to be learned? >> you could have rick santoro and come out as a winner. >> reporter: with all of that said, you can look at iowa like a horse race you may not have to win but is important to place or show. >> he will be covering the caucuses all day tomorrow. you can turn in to tip line is 322-4900 nightly at 6 pm. he will have a live session and answer session. just a few more minutes to sign up for health coverage. the deadline to sign up is by midnight tonight. if you are not insured in 2016
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of $700. or it could be 2.5% of your income. today is the last day to vote on a new name for the reno soccer team. they narrowed down the contest to six choices. the choices are reno fc, reno silver fc, reno city fc, reno united, and reno 1868. you can vote on the facebook page. officials say that they received more than 2000 votes today alone. they will announce the name and mid worry. -- mid february. tip line is 322-4900 at 11 pm.
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the pro bowl which players had bragging rights. coming up
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sports. this winter storm not only
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flooding in some areas. they did bring in an excavator to clear it out but there still is some flooding up there tonight. we will turn it over to cassie wilson. will we see more snow in the morning? >> things are looking dry for the morning. there are a few residual showers out near battle mountain. were going to watch the storm system moved out towards the east. -- we are going to watch the storm system moved out towards the east. there could be some flurries to the tahoe basin. it will impact the northern midwest. we will be tracking that system.
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the rest of the week. it is 27 degrees in the winds are 15 miles in the winds are 15 mph. there are crosswinds going over interstate going over interstate 80. 28 degrees in silver springs, and 20 degrees or so in the mountains. we will be watching the wind speed. it's up to 18 mph throughout the valley. be careful if you will be going out the rest of the evening in the early morning hours. once the storm passes we will have clear and cold conditions for the week. we will be watching for this next burst of energy to bring some snow showers that were
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cold conditions for the rest of the week. 21 degrees and we have some blowing snow. we will be watching for the blowing snow and icy conditions for your morning commute. the high is 35 degrees. door tomorrow. across the state looking at wind chills in certain areas less than 2 degrees. it is only morning up to the mid-20s. the eastern sierra, blowing snow, gusty conditions 40 mile per hour winds. we are concerned with these splitters -- blizzard conditions. carson city for watching for the daytime highs to get above freezing. but it will be mostly sunny. up in tahoe we are watching for mostly sunny conditions with
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to the southwest. it will be mostly a cold day ahead please be careful as you go out the door tomorrow. the roads will be icy. temperatures are not going to get too much above freezing. we will have north winds in the temperatures will be into the 30s. looking at the seven day, the temperatures will be below average that they will pick up towards the middle and end of the week. we have teens mostly overnight in south lake tahoe. by the looks of it, most likely on tuesday on groundhog day, we will have winter.
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ninth time of her career. ryan kern. >> reporter: -- ryan kern. -- she is celebrating her third year as a diver. she has become hands-down, the best, making it. >> is unbelievable how far she has been able to come in get to this point. she had her mind set to be an olympic gymnast, but her body would not cooperate. >> i got injured break before
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possibilities of that. now, just to go for diving it has opened my eyes to a whole new world.>> reporter: she has the tools that has given her her best success. she is working -- she is working with one of the best divers. as a coach. >> she puts just as much effort into my training as i do. i give her so much credit. >> reporter: her career in nevada will wrap up in the next coming months. she hopes that she will reach her olympic dream that she has been chasing for so long. >> people out there are starting to get to know me. there is a lot of opportunity here now to the next level.
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cannot take it anymore.>> this was the shorter story you can find the full story on calm on tran05. -- of chance -- a chance to showcase their talent. team rice gets out on the past, eli manning, team urban -- team irving, the 2 point conversion failed, in the second, derek carr a second touchdown of the game. 21-14. in the fourth, 42-21.
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the denver broncos and the carolina panthers traveled to san jose on sunday. you can see virgil green, the biggest news came from cam newton when he arrived he was wearing zebra striped for satchi pants. -- versaci pants. and as soon as they were seen they were immediately sold online. a buffet lunch will be served prior to baseball. the former giants all-star will
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it is $25 before we go tonight, we have loved seeing all your videos. here is a video that is just too accute. she is playing -- this is too cute. she is playing in the snow and it shows how much she loves it. we held a contest to see which of our viewers can build the biggest and best snowman. we had 45 submissions. people got really creative with their snowman.
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we loved seeing your photos. a lot of snow. >> we broke a record at the airport.>> yeah it's been almost a century.
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