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tv   Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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this is a heat test chamber, jeannie. we're trying to find out how much heat a human body can stand. you're not supposed to eat that. excuse me, jack. how long have they been in there? four hours and 30 minutes, dr. bellows. oh, that's enough. yes, sir. this is the first good steam bath i've had in months. if you enjoy this, master, you can do it in your very own living room. goodbye. oh, very well. i will see you at dinner. ah. how are you feeling, major nelson? fine. good. fine. and you, major healey? well, the sandwich was a little dry. sandwich? the tube sandwich with the, uh-- oh, yes. we're assigning you to a special mission, major nelson. oh, the apollo project, sir? i, uh... [chuckles] no, uh, not quite. nasa has approved of making the documentary film, and, uh, they're going to bring in a movie expert from hollywood.
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well, what does that have to do with me, sir? well, you're going to act in the film. oh, uh... oh! bellows: ah, here we are. this is your director-- mr. allen kerr. this is, uh, major healey and major nelson. how do you do, sir?
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[ ] [ ] i-i think you have the wrong man. i've never done any acting, mr. kerr. allen. allen. it won't be necessary for you to do any acting, major. i want the real you. the whole idea... is to photograph an average day in the life of an average astronaut-- your home life, everything. my ho-- my home life? that's what i said. i-i really don't think it would work, uh... why not, major? well, i'm not an average astronaut. actually, i don't have a family-- major nelson, general brinley has asked us for full cooperation. now, uh, since mr. kerr has been kind enough
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it's up to us to make everything as easy as possible for him. there's nothing to worry about, major... as long as you have me behind the camera. i-i do think that perhaps we ought to give it just a little more thought. did you send for me, sir? yes, major. i kind of thought you'd be sending for me. well, here are the results of the heat chamber test. take them to the lab for me, will you? was there anything else, major? well, i heard you were filming a documentary, and i've had a little acting experience, and i thought you might be needing me. well, if roger'd like to do this instead of me, i have no objection. why don't you both do it? you work as a team anyway. i could help tony out. well, that's settled. i'm not too familiar with movie techniques. could you answer a question? shoot. what's ann-margret really like? i'd like to, uh... spend as much time as i can with you, major. i really like to get to know my actors. uh, yes, i can understand that, but-- splendid.
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uh, dinner tonight? uh, well, tonight really is not the best-- why not? we're having turkish leftovers. i've never had turkish leftovers. that sounds intriguing. major, i think it'd be a very good idea for mr. kerr to see you in your home environment. we're going to shoot you there, too. i believe it. what? i-- we're redecorating. the whole place is a mess. you don't need to decorate your house. are you kidding? perfect. it'd make it seem more homey. see you at 7:00. homey, 7:00. yes, right. would you all excuse me? i have, uh... a pressing engagement... here we are. oh! wow. you, uh... y-you live here? uh, yeah. it's just an experiment, you see. wow! what happened to your place? i like it. you do?
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reminds me of a wild bird soaring into space. i can't wait to photograph you in this room. good evening. oh, good evening. i'm, uh-- i'm allen kerr. hi. i'm jeannie. i am major nelson's-- decorator. she's my interior decorator. oh, you've done a marvelous job, darling. oh, thank you. mr. kerr is here to direct a documentary. oh, how exciting! oh, will you sit down, please? thank you. being a director must be very interesting. it has its rewards. there's nothing like the satisfaction of getting a good performance... from a clod. a clod? when i have an actor in front of my camera, i expect him to know his job. heaven help him if he doesn't. [chuckling nervously] i'll have my camera crew here first thing in the morning. i think we'll, um... start in this corner. tony: he sounds pretty tough. roger: don't worry. i'll pull you through. it's gonna work. oh? see you at the crack of dawn.
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all right, we're gonna pick up major healey coming in the door in a wide shot and then go to a tight two. and then the next, uh... where's my script girl? what does he mean by "tight two"? why are the little people always frustrating me? may i help you? do you have a stopwatch? a stopwatch? yes. [chuckles] uh, shall we go over the scene once more? i don't think that'll be necessary. i know my lines. an old pro never forgets. [chuckles] let's do it anyway. you come over to have breakfast with tony, and you're discussing the new project. now, have you got that? right, got it. now, go out the door, and get ready for your entrance. right. [doorbell ringing] tony, there's the door. i'm sorry. do not worry. go, go. tony, please! sorry, sorry. [clears throat] [doorbell rings] hi, roge. good morning, tony. how are you feeling this morning?
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i can't wait to test the new scale model of the lunar landscape. neither can i. would you like some coffee before you go to work? i'd love a cup of coffee before we go to work. how do you take it? cream and sugar. i wonder what it's going to be like to be the first man to land on the moon. i guess we won't know until we get there. allen: very good! you really like it? wait till i say "cut." what was the timing on that? oh, the timing? uh, nine and three-quarters seconds. what's that, a psychedelic egg timer? okay, let's shoot it. be calm. all right, here we go. like in rehearsal? like in rehearsal. make your entrance through the front door. from the front door. major? yes, yes, yes? whenever you're ready. i'm ready. one more. ready, ready. [chuckles] all right, here we go. [hammering, chattering] now, let's have it quiet.
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allen: open the door. morning, tony. how are you feeling this morning? cut! what-- what time is it? it is 9 a.m. lunch! lunch?
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[ ] [knock at door] come in. ah, mr. kerr. [ ] oh, uh, anything the matter? yes. roger healey. you know, king lear. well, if you're having any trouble getting cooperation... the problem is, i'm getting a little too much cooperation. he's the lousiest actor i've ever seen. well, i'm sure that everything will turn out.
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dr. bellows, can i level with ya? well, of course. i'd like to make tony nelson a star, take him to hollywood. i've got a part in the next picture that he'd be perfect for. i'm sure that major nelson would never be interested in going to hollywood. i was hoping he might have a vacation coming on. allen: i've worked with the biggest stars in this business, and he's a natural if i ever saw one. he'll be the biggest star in hollywood. you really think so? i know so. allen: he has a quality that nobody teaches you. it's a gift. well, i always thought he was colorful, but... shines right out at ya. blinds ya. doctor, you put him on the screen, and he'll have every woman in the country swooning. me, bigger than rock hudson? [mutters] hm. yes? yeah, major healey. right. oh, all right. thank you very much.
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nobody's seen him since. shall i go look for major healey? allen: no. i have a better idea. we'll shoot this scene without him. jeannie: but i'm sure i can find him. let's not press our luck. we'll make it now. we'll pick it up right over here. hi, hi, hi. how's it going? good morning. good morning, good morning. good morning, good morning. jeannie: good morning. hi, roge. what's the outfit for? oh, this old thing? well, i thought i'd give the scene a little color. i came to cape kennedy to make a documentary in three days. you're turning this into war and peace. don't you think i've suffered, too? roger: i know things have been going slowly, but old roge will help. i don't need any help! sorry, gang. let's do it! believe it or not, gang, i think we're finally ready. now, in this shot, major healey will be out of frame
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one note: please don't act, major healey. be honest. natural, honest. just be yourself. tony, do it just the way you've been doing it. it's perfect. okay, this'll be picture. take him out. roll 'em. speed. action! over here, roge. roge! rendezvous. tony: roge. r-rendezvous. cut! cut, cut! let him down. let him down. let him down. major healey, we're not doing peter pan.
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i'll get this shot if it kills me... and you, too. 3,000 miles for this. uncle sam, i've done more than my share. hey, what's gotten into you anyway? what's gotten into me? i'm going to be a big star. that's what's gotten into me. yeah? who says so? haven't you heard? i'm going to be bigger than rock. rock who? rock hudson. well, who said that? well, i heard our director telling dr. bellows. and he should know. well, back to the old grind. i think i'll get a little makeup on. it's a little dark around here. roger's no actor. [chuckles] you can say that again, baby. i was talking about you. who, me? poor major healey.
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but major healey is king clod. well, i don't think we really have a problem. he's a dedicated astronaut. i don't think he's really interested in hollywood. oh, that's a break. for hollywood, i mean. major healey reminds me of an actor i once knew who was in a play by aristotle. his name was xerxes, homer xerxes. he rode a chariot up a hill over three-- uh, a chariot? she's an old theater buff. yeah. [chuckles] sweetheart, you and i are gonna have to have a little chat. oh, i would enjoy that. well, i'm going to force myself to go over and look at the rushes. would you, uh, care to see 'em? uh, i'd like to, but i think i'd better straighten roger out. i'd rather watch the rushes. major healey is going to be very unhappy. oh, don't be silly. you don't really think he's interested in acting, do you? yes, master. bellows: just place those on my desk, sergeant. i will see you on the set. yeah, all right. [clears throat] uh, major nelson. yes, sir?
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he's a cross between tony curtis and alec guinness. yeah-- oh, well, roger is, uh... well, i know what he is, major. i had a talk with mr. kerr. now, are you going to tell him he's the worst actor in the world, or shall i? i'll tell him, sir. well, you better hurry. he's going all over the base inviting people to his premiere. i'll get right on it, sir. hm. i don't want any place too elaborate. someplace in beverly hills or bel-air. yeah, with a lot of grounds. uh-huh, uh-huh. yeah. yeah, i'd like a swimming pool and a tennis court. and, uh, don't worry about the price, huh? you can take it out of my first week's salary. and, look, harry... [chuckles] you're invited to all my premieres, huh? and get on it, and get back to me, right? okay, har. bye. hi, roge. that was my hollywood real estate broker. y-you don't smoke, do you? i know. it's not lit. oh. y-your eyes all right? what? oh, these! well, i've got to get used to 'em.
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they just mob you. [chuckles] roge, i think we ought to have a little talk. oh, i know what you're going to say. i know, i know. and... i'm going to miss you, too. we've-- we've been through a lot together. are you going to be able to leave all this? leave all this? i don't want to leave it all. but, you know, when you're talented... well, i can't be selfish. i can't disappoint my fans. roge, you're an astronaut, you know. i know, astronaut, movie star. i just happen to be gifted. you know something? when i build my pool, i think i'm going to have it shaped in the form of a capsule. something small with about 75 girls, you know. and you're invited to all my premieres. roge-- [phone rings] excuse me. yeah. yeah. wait. w-what was it? nothing. you... i'll talk to you later. yeah. yeah. roger: seventy-five rooms? roger: harry, i don't need seven bedrooms. yeah. call you back.
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oh, yeah. he's a great guy, great. frankly, i thought you'd be a little more upset. me, upset, sir? well, i suppose it is something to be the worst actor in the world. the w-worst actor in the world? i didn't want to tell you this, major, but mr. kerr said that he'd never seen anyone like you, that you reminded him of his old hog-calling days. are you sure he meant me? i'm sorry, major, but, uh... i'm afraid so. what happened to the masculine quality and... looking-- and looking like rock hudson? yes. he was quite impressed with, uh, major nelson, but, of course, major nelson wouldn't be interested. yeah. well, i mean-- you know, who wants all that glamour, hollywood glamour? you know, it's just-- [chuckles] yes. why don't you get on with the report, major? yeah. and, uh, i am sorry.
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nothing at all. i couldn't tell him. i just couldn't tell him, jeannie. it would have broken his heart. well, what are you going to do? well, i don't know. how do you tell a man he doesn't have any talent? it would shatter him. it would just... i know. i will get homer xerxes to coach him. yeah. yeah, that'll do it. i'm sure that will cheer him up. yeah, that's-- that's-- [doorbell rings] hi. hi. we were just talking about you. really? you know, this talk about me being a movie star-- would you like to meet homer xerxes? well, as i was saying, all this talk about me being a movie star... yeah, well, uh, we were just discussing that, roge. [chuckles] oh, you didn't think i was serious, did you? you mean, you weren't? about being a movie star?
10:23 am
that is wonderful news. i was just playing a game. there's more important things in life than having a bunch of silly girls chasing you around, asking for your autograph. roger, i can't tell you how relieved i am. well, we'll finish the picture monday, and then we can get back to work again. yeah. i wonder where i can get another job as a script supervisor. [doorbell rings] i'll get it. well, i'm-- i'm sorry i kidded around, but... oh, uh, hello. hello, tony. oh... ...exactly wanted to be an actor-- hello, mr. kerr. jeannie. i want to talk to you. we've already discussed it. everything's all right. all right? everything's fantastic. fantastic? did i do something? i just looked at the rushes. do you know you're the funniest man i've ever seen? me? a natural comic. the way you move, it's unbelievable. i didn't spot it till i saw it on the film. you could be the biggest thing in hollywood. me? well, he's not interested.
10:24 am
wait. not interested? me, the biggest thing in hollywood? i can get you a contract at columbia pictures. they're casting a picture right now that you would be perfect for. roger's not interested. he's, uh... we've already discussed that we're going to the moon. are you kidding? and let my fans down? no, sirree. only this time, i want to pick my own leading lady. i think i'll start off with lollobrigida. that's it. and i want to pick my own director. and i want a limousine, and i want a chauffeur. and i want you to get me one of those ascots.
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[ ] are you all right, master? mm, yes. are you unhappy? about what? because of major healey. oh. no, no. the space program will just assign somebody else to go up on that mission with me, that's all. well, i will miss him. well, we can always go see him in his movies. [chuckles] [door opens] major healey! oh, hi, jeannie. hi, tony. we thought you were leaving for hollywood. oh, me, leaving for hollywood? oh, come on. they wanted me to sign a seven-year contract, and we're going up on a moon shot in six weeks. huh? i wouldn't leave. are you kidding? come on, now. you didn't believe all that. come on, now. you know i'm not leaving. ohh! that's marvelous! you're not, really? i wasn't going anywhere, now. i wouldn't-- how could i leave you? i mean, i would-- hi, gang. oh, hi, mr. kerr. just dropped by to say goodbye. sorry we lost you, major healey, but our loss is the space program's gain, right? [chuckling]
10:29 am
oh, uh, anthony nelson. how are you? this is jeannie. hello. she was going to be your leading lady. my leading lady? well, i'll tell you what. if we get back with the moon shot about seven years, maybe i can do the contract, and maybe we could just work together. and maybe we could... [indistinct chatter] now, uh, r-roge... [simultaneous chatter] [ ] and here we have the surveyor, which has already made a successful landing on the moon, a very expensive model. and the lunar orbiter spacecraft. the ranger a, which has made many pictures of the moon. and here we have the saturn five. you see, the actual flying of the capsule is a very small part of the flight. now, in addition to flying a spacecraft, the astronaut must observe and report on scientific data that is being collected inside and outside of the capsule.
10:30 am
this is our new testing chamber. dr. alfred bellows will answer any questions you may have. [chuckles] and i certainly hope you'll all return soon. jeannie. jeannie, how many times have i told you [laughing] not to come to nasa? oh, master, i'm having a terrible time. i cannot make up my mind. i am redecorating the living room. now, which do you think would look best? none of 'em. this? what is this? this is not really the appropriate place-- or this one? jeannie, what are you doing? or this one? now-- what--? do you think that would look nice in the living room? wow! now, jeannie, get rid of these things. oh, i have one more to show you. now, really, i mean it. i want 'em out of here. oh! oh, master! [gasps] oh, master, i am so sorry. oh, i'm all right. now, get out of here ri--
10:31 am
what happened? jeannie? jeannie? speak to me. what happened? well, you knocked her out when you opened the door, doctor. i did? yes. oh! are you all right? young lady. young lady! well, don't just sit there. call a doctor. dr. bellows, you are a doctor. of course i am. well, she's breathing, but she has no pulse. yes, well-- oh, she's coming around. how do you feel? my professional advice would be not to answer any questions at all right now, my dear. are you her doctor? no, sir. i'm her lawyer. [ ]
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[ ] how do you feel? oh, i am all right. don't say another word. i want her examined by my personal physician. if you don't mind, i'll examine her first. no, no, nobody's gonna examine her. what? well, i mean, she feels all right. whiplash can fool you. whiplash? and concussion. concussion? really, i am just fine. yeah. see, she's fine, sir. see?
10:36 am
sorry. roger! wait a minute! [elevator bell dings] oh, go ahead, miss. okay. roge. uh, pardon me, miss. hello. oh, hello. listen. i was looking for a girl. oh, i can't help you, sir, but the floor nurse will be back in just a moment. floor nurse? excuse me. yeah. thank you. oh, uh, we're looking for a young lady about this high with blond hair. her name, please? uh, jeannie. is that her first name or her last name? yes. yes what? uh, dr. bellows brought her in. oh, that young woman. yeah. poor thing. what do you m-- what's the matter with her? her doctor will have to give you that information. well, give us a clue. is she all right, or isn't she? we're not allowed to say. could you give us her room number? i'm sorry. she can't have any visitors. oh, i see. [phone ringing]
10:37 am
go that way. yeah, yeah. major nelson. yes, sir? oh, i was just about to call you to get over here. we have reports to fill out-- how, when, where the accident happened. well, as a matter of fact, i was just on my way to see the young lady, too. poor thing. poor thing? well, you just don't run across these things very often, unless, of course, she's faking. doctor, what's the matter with her? i prefer not to say until i've seen the x-rays. oh, you've already taken the x-rays? they'll be ready any minute. i have the feeling that i've seen her somewhere before. uh, major healey. what's her name? uh, her name? what's her name? what's her name? oh, what's-her-name. she was on the tour, wasn't she? her name would be on the tour list. i didn't see it. she just didn't pop out of the clear blue sky, right? whatever you say. i'm afraid that this pool fellow
10:38 am
needless to say that-- uh, yes, sir? needless to say that the, uh, legal department of the adjutant general's office isn't going to look too kindly on the whole incident. well, i don't think you have anything to worry about, sir. i have a feeling that by this afternoon she'll have forgotten about the whole thing. i'm sure she will. she's already forgotten everything else. all right, now, honey, once more. what's your name? i... i do not know. that's great. you're doing beautifully. but i really do not know. that's right. play it for all it's worth. and, honey, it's worth a small fortune. what is? i've had some good accident cases in my day, but this is the piece de resistance. one defenseless little girl against the entire space program. millions of dollars to go to the moon, but not a decent settlement for one lonely, injured little girl,
10:39 am
i think they'll be shoveling the money into us. [knock at door] oh, that'll probably be the press. i told them i'd make a statement. now, i'll see them out in the hall. you're much too sick to have visitors. oh, but, uh, if you could manage a grunt or a groan that can be heard outside, it won't hurt us. know what i mean, honey? [press murmuring] is america a democracy with a heart, or is it a cruel, uncaring dictatorship? gentlemen, inside this room lies a victim of the space age, a beautiful young blonde-- 36-24-36-- ruthlessly struck down by a piece of equipment destined to go to the moon. did i hear someone refer to this lovely child as a moon maid? [camera shutters clicking] i don't even have a union card!
10:40 am
before dr. bellows takes any more pictures of her head. yeah? what are you gonna find? it's transparent. yeah, that's what i'm talking about. what are you do-- why don't we just go through the door like everybody else? because pool is in there. you heard him talking to those reporters. if he makes any more speeches like he's been doing, he's not only gonna win a law case, he's going to build a shrine to jeannie, and we're going to be buried at the foot of it. come on. put this on. the painters aren't gonna be back-- they'll be back in a few minutes. come on. that'll do it. what do you need me for? because it takes two to get that thing up in the air. you work the ropes from that end, and i'll handle this side, okay? come on. when i say "now." ready? yeah. now. [ ]
10:41 am
roger, don't panic. roger. aah! no. oh, no. oh, no! tony! [thud] roger! [ ] [creaking] yeah, this is her room. let's go. wait a minute. w-what about my hair? well, frankly, i think it's a bit flashy, but, then again, it's all a matter of taste.
10:42 am
[groans] sorry. [loud rattle] [loud rattle] jeannie. jeannie? it's all right. i'm here. [screams]
10:43 am
10:44 am
guy: hey, sara. oh my gosh. he's so cute. how do you know him? c'mon donovan, do it like i taught ya. love the new tattoo, sara. let's go! dude. what? dude, that's sara. who's sara? the girl in the pink shirt. that's the girl i was telling you about.
10:45 am
theater two on your left. hey sara, what color underwear today? hey sara. so, when you gonna post something new? announcer: anything you post online, anyone can see. family, friends... see ya later, sara. even not-so-friendly people. [screaming] please. look, don't do that. we-- what's gotten into you, jeannie? y-you called me jeannie? yeah. come on. let's get home fast. home? i live with you? well, of course you do. oh, i'm so happy! oh, i had no idea.
10:46 am
how long have we been married? married? who said anything about being married? we are not married, and i live with you? what's the matter with that? what is the matter with that? what kind of a girl do you think i am? oh, come on, jeannie. we know what kind of a girl you are. now-- now, stop fooling around. that is exactly what i intend to do. get out. look, jeannie-- get out, or i will scream. oh, no! we're going, we're going. all right. bye-bye. yeah. before you go, do you mind telling me who i am? y-you don't know-- you don't know who you are? no. and who are you? you know who i am. i'm loveable roge. no, she doesn't know who you are, loveable roge. she's got amnesia. amnesia?! [thump] well, jeannie, uh... we're here to... to help you. now, i'm your friend. so i gathered. [laughs] oh, no, no. it's-- it's not what you're thinking, not at all.
10:47 am
because you live in a bottle. if you leave now, i promise not to tell them where to look for you. [laughs] no, no, you don't-- you don't understand. you see, you're a genie. [chuckles] i know. no, no, i mean a genie genie. and i live in a bottle. yeah. and i'm your master. now it's clear, huh? very. [screams] [yells] give us a chance to prove it. yeah. y-you've got very powerful powers. yeah. what kind of power? all you have to do is blink. yeah. try it. mm, no, i do not think-- tony: try it. very well, if it will keep you calm. there. now will you go? no, no, no, you don't understand. you see, when you blink, you have to think of something, you have to concentrate.
10:48 am
we're trying to rescue you. please try it. rescue me? mm-hmm, that's right. r-rescue me? [ ] how did you do that? has anyone here seen king arthur? tony: i didn't do it. you did it. jeannie: i cannot believe my eyes. bellows: neither can i. uh... where did that knight in armor come from? what knight in armor, sir? uh... oh, that knight in armor. well, i just blinked, and it was there. no, no. uh, you know, we found out who this young lady is. you've heard of houdini, the greatest male magician in the world. well, this is jeannie, the greatest female magician in the world. she uses this young gentleman and the horse in the act. that's probably where you saw her-- on television. perhaps on the stage. uh, no, it isn't. i remember where i saw her before. wasn't she the girl that was with you in--?
10:49 am
no, she wasn't with me then, sir. why don't you do your big disappearing act? disappearing act? you know, at dr. bellows' house. jeannie: oh, i do not think i can do that. tony: well, concentrate. dr. bellows' house. [whimpers] [sighs] look, jeannie, now he's back at his house, and he's forgotten about-- [squeaking] jeannie, i said "house," not "mouse." m-mouse! [screams] [all yelling] w-wait, wait wait! over here! roger: i'll get it! i'll get it! [both shouting] which way did he go? somebody stop that mouse! oh, i'm sorry. dr. bellows? dr. bellows? i beg your pardon. huh? oh.
10:50 am
a mouse? mm-hmm. don't worry. if i had, you would've heard me clear to the other end of the base. have you seen dr. bellows yet? no, no, she hasn't seen him. dr. bellows? i thought you said you were looking for a mouse. yeah. well, they kind of go together. yeah. you see, well, dr. bellows goes with the mouse, and the mouse goes with dr. bellows. yeah. [chuckles] well, no. you see, that's not exactly, uh... wild blue yonder up we go roger, do you think...? i wouldn't dare. dr. breckenridge. oh, major nelson. maj-- say, uh, these little mice wouldn't be the ones that are--? are going on that mars probe at 1600 hours. yes, sir, we are going to mars, aren't we, dancer, prancer, dunder--? that's funny. there are five of them. i thought we only scheduled four. oh, well. off we go into the wild blue yonder oh! off we go [humming]
10:51 am
oh. how is the patient? terrible, doc. don't let anything happen to her. she's my first legitimate case. oh, it is you again. don't-- don't scream again. oh, i am not going to scream. jeannie, we need your help. you've got to get dr. bellows back. do you realize in an hour and-- and 14 seconds dr. bellows is going to be on his way to mars is a mouse cage? y-you've gotta bring him back. but i do not know how to bring him back. well, of course you do. after all, you're a genie. genie in a bottle. yeah, that's right. y-you don't believe me? no. uh, jeannie, look, i-i don't have time to argue. just trust me, please. [sighs] very well. what is it you wish me to do? all you have to do is think bellows and blink.
10:52 am
yeah, that's all. just think bellows and blink. [mutters quietly] you got the wrong bellows. well, i am sorry. i am rather tired. perhaps we can try it again tomorrow. no, jeannie. we don't have time for that. pl-- just try once more. i'll concentrate with you, okay? i'll form a picture in my mind, and you blink. roger! well, i tried to think of dr. bellows. all right, let's try the word association game. dr. bellows is on his way to mars, and you want to play games. roger, this might trigger her into remembering who she is. oh, i get it. we name some people and some places, and we get her memory going, huh? yeah, right. yeah? well, where do we start? she's been around a long, long time. that is a terrible thing to say. oh, uh, he didn't mean anything by it, jeannie. now, i'm gonna mention some names, and you see if it helps you remember, okay? um, julius caesar.
10:53 am
napoleon bonaparte. no. genghis khan. no. uh, uh... millard fillmore. what?! well, he was the 13th president of the united states. what's wrong with millard fillmore? will you just drive. [ ] uh... uh... marc antony. no. cleopatra. no. oh. turn on the radio. they're broadcasting the launch. why don't we think of some places? man on radio: fifteen minutes to countdown. all systems to go. [fingers snap] places, places. uh, paris. no. berlin. mm-mm. uh, madrid. no. how about anaheim, azusa, and cucamonga? man on radio: only five minutes more. ah, poor dr. bellows. we should have sent him some cheese. stop. stop the car! stop the car! what? i'm-- there's a telephone booth. pull over there, will ya? wait a minute. hold on. pull over. all right. right here. here.
10:54 am
i'm gonna call the launch pad and have them stop the launch. oh. roger, give me a dime, will ya? all right, all right. what are you doing? they're not going to stop the launching. look, we don't have the time. she is obviously not going to regain her memory. give me the dime, will ya? wait a minute. wait a minute. i've got it. she lost her memory when she was hit on the head, right? yeah, yeah. oh, well... all we have to do is take this, and maybe we could just-- just give me that. will you give me the dime? all right, i'll give you the dime. why didn't you just suggest it--? ooh! oh! uh... jeannie. speak to me. are you all right? huh? w-what happened? well, you got-- master! [gasps] oh, where are we? you're all right. you got your memory back. well, i was showing you some statues, and then i got hit on the head and... roger. major healey! roger. oh, major healey. roger. roger. roger, are you all right?
10:55 am
who are you? uh... [chuckles] oh! oh, g-get dr. bellows back. blink now and get him back. d-dr. bellows? what happened? what happ-- oh, y-you came to the testing chamber, and you were trying to show me some statues-- i can't go into it, jeannie. just blink him back. man on radio: and there it goes. it's a beautiful launch. it's going way up. and it's up in the blue, and it looks like a perfect shot.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
s success this afternoon, so was the strange sea rescue out in the pacific today. [ ] although the explanation is still forthcoming, dr. alfred bellows of the national aerospace administration was plucked safely from somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean today. how did he get there? nobody seems to know, not even dr. bellows who is still in somewhat of a state of shock. however, he is expected to recover quickly, and perhaps the mystery will be cleared up then. are you sure you're all right, roge? [mumbles] you mean the loss of memory? well, that was just a temporary thing. yeah. well, dr. bellows is all right, and you're all right, so-- yeah. well, i'm a little tired. why don't you go on home, and i'll get some rest. oh, okay, sure. well, goodbye, major healey. and i'm very sorry that i caused you so much trouble. oh, that's all right, jeannie. thanks for everything.
10:59 am
uh, you don't want us to order dinner for you or anything? no, thanks. [yawns] well... bye-bye. major healey. my name is pool. i'm sure you'll remember me. now, i've been going over your case, and i see here an opportunity for us-- uh, for me, and us, to make a great deal of money. will you hold that. if you'll just give me your signature, then i will... green acres is the place to be farm livin' is the life for me land spreadin' out so far and wide keep manhattan, just give me that countryside
11:00 am
i get allergic smelling hay i just adore a penthouse view darling, i love you, but give me park avenue the chores the stores fresh air times square you are my wife good-bye, city life green acres, we are there


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