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tv   News 4 at Four  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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changes coming. nice today. jackson about that. wow, a warm start to this monday. >> yeah, 70s for a few days. that's for tuesday. and then we will get things changing rapidly for a return to winter. have you enjoyed the spring? >> yes. >> now winter's going to come back. that makes a lot of powder pigs happy. i call them that. we have squaw valley at high camp cam beautiful sunset with the high clouds rolling through. it's been a little too warm, right? slushy in the afternoon on the slopes. we are going to see a rapid change. for now high thin clouds and offshore showers into humboldt county and then look what the gulf of alaska is brewing up for us. it's going to come this way starting on friday for tahoe and we are not sure how much snow. i am going with a foot. that's an easy bet.
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winds west at nine. a little gusty today. very warm. mid 60s to upper 60s. 69. so 70 on way with a west-southwest wind developing overnight. tomorrow at 15 to 25 miles per hour. currently the winds aren't too strong. you know what? it's going to be a nice night again. get out there and enjoy the weather, the warm stuff while it lasts because the cold stuff's right behind it. >> thanks. topping our news this afternoon local construction workers are protesting in storey county. we join terry henry in the studio with the latest thon. they are upset that tesla is bringing in construction workers from out of state? >> reporter: well, the deal with tesla requires by law that it hires a minimum of 50% nevadans to build the gig a factory. according to the most recent auditors report from the governor's office of economic development 68% of the construction work force out there are from nevada. but these local construction
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been displaced by workers from new mexico and arizona. they say the reason is those out of state workers are doing the job for less money. these workers say nevadans should be given the opportunity to apply for those jobs as many of them say they are out of work. union spokesmen todd coke says that these nevada families were hopeful the factory would turn around the situation. he says with the tacks it's provided to -- taxes it provided to tesla, this he should hire as many workers as possible. >> they are fed up with the hiring of out of state workers to work at the tesla site when the state of nevada committed $1.4 billion in tax credits to the job. >> well, tesla immediately responded with this statement. quote, today's activity stems from a third-party construction contractor. their issue is not with how tesla treats its workers. many of the third-party contractors are union. this one is not. the union is claiming this
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out the of state workers when in reality more than 50% of the workers used by this contractor and more than 75% of the entire factory workers are nevadaans. that was reported in the fourth quarter of construction last year by tesla and it's still more than the minimum but local construction workers have something to say about that as well. that story coming up tonight at five. shelby. >> all right. thanks, terry. well, the man convicted of stabbing and killing susan nicolletly in 192 asked a parole board for freedom for the 8 time today. >> a terrible crime, sir. >> yes. i understand. >> the victim in this case was your wife. >> yes. >> could you explain to the board how this could happen? >> well, there were no solid answers to that question for the parole board other than in
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which he has been trying to address in prison for the last 23 years. his parole hearing in carson city lasted just about an hour with him, his mother, and the victim's family all testifying all pleading for different outcomes. he says he believes he has served enough time in prison for killing susan and will not return to the united states if patrolled and deported back to mexico. >> i am ready to be with my family. i think i have done four times the time required. >> at the same time even though i have had some medical issues, to me it is more important to continue the fight to keep him behind bars so that in the sense people cannot be harmed by him.
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consists of seven members will make a decision in the next seven to ten days whether or not he will be let out of prison. a full report at six. >> thanks. our crime watch tonight reno police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened before midnight last night. it happened at siri's casino on the 200 block of north virginia street downtown. police say 38-year-old kiley grayson was arrest ford open murder. the shooting took place inside the casino and police say the men involved there were employees but they weren't working at the time. surveillance footage reportedly shows the victim and the suspect in an argument before the shooting. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. his identity has not been released. on friday reno police located a suspicious vehicle they believe may be related to a home burglary in south reno. the incident happened wednesday night near the 1400 block of foster drive. reno police say an older
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and suffered non-life threatening injuries. however, police have not made any arrests. police previously told us the first suspect is described as light skinned or an hispanic male and six feet tall with a thin build and the second suspect is described as light skinned or hispanic, a male around 5'8" with a heavy build and a tattoo on one of his forearms. anyone with information on this is asked to call secret witness. you can call 322-4900. sad news to report out of squaw valley. officials there say a woman died while skiing this weekend. officials say 62-year-old elizabeth daniel died saturday afternoon after falling and sliding down the slope through a stand of trees. it happened in the hedwall area. when ski patrol arrived they found her unconscious and performance life savings mer use. she died an hour later. she was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. truckee police crews found
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canoe capsized on donor lake friday night. they found lucas johnson's body in 60 feet of water yesterday afternoon at the northeast corner of the lake. he was from auburn. a rescue team found the body of a second man saturday. he has been identified as 33-year-old joshua patterson are from cool, california, in el dorado county. officials got believe the men were wearing live vests. the water in donor lake was between 37 and 39 degrees over the weekend. well, if you see smoke around lake tahoe don't be alarmed. the nevada division of forestry and the u.s. forest service may continue prescribed operations this week starting today. on the east shore operations may take place near logan shoals, vista point, camp galley, spooner summit and fan hearer. operations may be happening near spring creek, panther road and lake tahoe boulevard.
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six is an assistnist on the loose in fernly? i found that one man arrested on first degree arson may get the specialty veterans court program. more tonight at six. our web poll question. we want to know tonight do you think specialty courts like veterans court should allow people to have their charges dropped if they go through and graduate from the program? you will find the web poll on our facebook page krnc news 4 through the newscast tonight. the university of nevada reno is aiming to add 400 faculty members by 2020. they say the goal is the student faculty ratio of 18 to one. president mark johnson says the university's record enrollment of nearly 21,000 students this clear is generating resources
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academic faculty position. in a meeting with the nevada system of higher education next month university officials will consider asking lawmakers to fund the remaining 100 jobs. happening right now free low cost health services at teases fmly health festival. truckee meadows healthy community is teaming up with partners to offer health services to those in need. the festival began around 3:30 and runs to 5:30 tonight. it's at worcester high school. free services include flu vaccinations, a teen health clinic, dental fluoride treatments, mobile pantry, and a whole lot more as well. straight ahead on "news 4 at 4", apple usually waits until the fall to release new products. find out why you might be getting an upgrade sooner than you think. stopping school violence and bullying. a new resource available to students who want to report problems. that's coming up in our
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and i am colin jackson. this pattern has all of us excited. why? more snow's coming and maybe
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the next breaking news to tell you about. the repo fire department is responding to an apartment fire at the midtown commons. live from the area of 4th street and st. lawrence with the latest. >> reporter: shelby, this fire broke out within the past half hour. we were driving down midtown and saw the smoke here. smoke filled the neighborhood really. dense smoke. this is the midtown commons. it's on 4th street and saint lawyer he has. i am joined by battalion chief michael winkelman to tell us what happened here. i see three engines here? >> yeah, three engines.
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ba that tallian -- battalion chief. >> reporter: what's the status? >> engine fire rapidly responded an got the fire knocked down quickly. confined to the single unauto it's. >> reporter: no injuries? >> no. they are doing a secondary search. nothing show for that. >> reporter: great. i know it's very soon, but any ideas of had a potential cause? >> it's under investigation. our investigators is on the way to is the scene. they will do a determination. let you know later. >> reporter: the road is closed between st. lawrence -- or between st. lawrence and martin, i believe? >> rone owe police have the road lowed to assist us. an hour and a half after we do the investigation. we will have to make sure there is no hidden fire in the structure before we turn it over to the property manager. >> reporter: thank you. that was battalion chief mark winkelman with the fire department. a single apartment fire at the midtown commons and apartment
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and st. lawrence. firefighters do have it contained. luckily no injuries. and the road here will be closed for the next hour and a half. reporting live in midtown reno, back you to. >> thanks so much. turning now to the weather. the warming trend continues. changes on the way. collin jackson joins us now with our full forecast. collin. >> oh, it's far from over this whole thing called winter. isn't that great? first talk about lake tahoe and what's happening tomorrow morning. a lake wind advisory meaning it will be gusty. it starts in the morning. ends at 10:00 p.m. mainly the north and eastern shore of the lake we're looking at winds 15 to 20 miles per hour possibly gusty nothing the 40-mile-per-hour range. so if you are boating on the lake because you can't fanned it any longer, right, because it's been so warm, have at it. the conditions are going to be changing too. today's high 66. we drop to the freezing point this morning.
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the northeastern section of the state and vegas got to 82. that is a big deal for them. and now we have got 53 at south lake tahoe and we are in the 50s -- most locations in the mid 60s. wind speed out of the south and west 10 to 15 miles per hour. good news for firefighters who are battling that blaze. the rain is approaching the northern tip of casino on i-5 as you cross into oregon wright? what's going on here? it's an atmospheric river coming from hawaii. it has us excited for the coming period starting a piece of thursday and into saturday, sunday, and monday of next week. so just get ready for an active march because the next two weeks look like things are coming to town, which is kind of exciting. here is the scene tomorrow morning at 7. we should be crystal clear. then we have a healthy storm approaching for california and watch this thing fade out as it gets -- just kind of fizzles out
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get anything from it at all. the next anilines up on thursday offshore -- next one lines up thursday offshore. that will give tahoe a slight chance of snow. a big chance saturday, sunday, and monday. overnight lows in the northeastern section of the state below zero freezing. others not. and then we rebound into highs that are crazy. huh thon 73. mammoth almost 60. bridgeport 65. overnight lows not many places below zero here. silver springs no. highs, i am not kidding, 75. smith valley 72. around the lake overnight lows at freezing for the most part. highs upper 50s to 60 degrees with the gusty southwest winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour. susanville 63 for a total about the same. sutcliffe 69. nixon just to your southeast 72. 70 for spanish springs and in reno-sparks we will be in the
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around the 70s in the afternoon. here are the changes. are you ready? saturday, sunday, monday it's a chance after rain-snow mix for carson city. mainly sunday, monday. tahoe snow sunday night late. snow. then saturday and sunday look promising. a little too early to talk about snow levels. this should start at 7,000 feet, which is great. weather will be very interesting by the time we get to, i would say, sunday and monday with 50% chance of rain and snow. how about that? back to you. >> all right. quite a switch. thanks, collin. coming up in 30 minutes on news 4 at 5, today is leap day. what does it mean if you are born and a day that comes once every four years? we talk to a local family about how they will celebrate their baby's birth. super tuesday tomorrow and voter turnout on the rise for the republican party in every state this far. will the trend stick around?
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thanks. bullying and school violence big concerns these days. there is a new place for students to turn for help and rose is the deputy director for the crisis call center. tell us about this bullying hotline. >> absolutely. this bullying hotline is in collaboration with the department of education. the way it works is anyone can other services. they can also text and receive resources about bullying. >> wonderful. we will put those numbers up here on the screen to call. but what will happen if a student does reach out? who will they talk to? how will that be handled? >> they will talk to one of our staff. volunteers are very qualified to direct them in the appropriate direction to whatever resources they might need. it could be anything from talking them through the pull league, the problem -- bullying, the problem, or it could be something like if it's a threat, something dangerous to the community, that it would go to law enforcement or the
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>> any concern? could -- to you think students will respond or reach out or make that text or call? >> i do tnk so. the reason why is most acts of school violence, whoever commits the violence does tell someone ahead of time. we want that someone to be us. we want the schools to be a safe place. we really are hoping people reach out. >> wonderful. it's now. this started up this school year, basically? >> brand new. absolutely. >> very good. and so so far, as far as response, you wait and see? >> i don't have a real clear idea how many have come in because it's a very new program. but what i will say is young people are receptive to using the text line. it's a medium they feel very comfort well and it's completely confidential. i think we will have good volume with people reaching out to us. i hope so. >> sounds like a great program in this day and age just to make
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let students know help is close by. it's so critical. that's great. >> absolutely. >> good luck. see you next month. shelby, back to you. >> thanks so much. stay with us, everyone.
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quic >> in consumer news apple you is weeks away from release agnew iphone and ipad according to multi media reports. apple will day -- debut a na phone and tablet march 1. the new ipad pro is said to have a 9.7-inch screen and a handful of new features. coming up in a half an hour on news 4 at 5, local ski
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powder this season after seeing ski season stretched thin the last few years. brian kern takes us to sierra at tahoe taking a look at how much a difference a year makes. the resort was shutting down for the season. this year all 46 runs are still open and skiers are seeing a mountain base of more than 25 feet heading into march. last season at this time, you know, we were laying people off and getting ready to close down the resort. you know, morale was a bit low. now with all this snow fully opened 100% open, everyone is really excited to keep pushing this thing through all the way into spring. >> great news. as collin said, more on the way. thanks to the snow this revenue, sierra at that show is hoping to have the first full season in several years. watch the full report tonight on news 4 at 5 zoo he is always willing to cover that skiing snow story. >> yeah.
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all right. we could get more snow this weekend? >> yeah. number one, i am not this short. the chair shrunk. you know, the rain-snow mix saturday and sunday and monday of next week. >> all right. you are not standing up? >> i am now.
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[ laughter ] >> judge judy: i don't care about what she said about your mother. >> announcer: the unthinkable is caught on camera. >> judge judy: has your mother seen that video? >> yes. >> judge judy: can you explain it? i asked you a question. can you explain it? >> [ sighs ] no, your honor. >> judge judy: good. >> announcer: but he doesn't think he's wrong. >> judge judy: explain yourself! >> she was like, "your mom is big and fat and ugly" and this and that. >> judge judy: so, who cares? >> and then i slapped her. >> judge judy: you can't do that! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution annette talbert is suing the mother of her daughter's classmate, pathrine hewitt, for
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fight between pathrine's son and her daughter. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 472 on the calendar in the matter of talbert vs. hewitt. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. >> judge judy: nah. uh-huh. uh-huh. unh. both, both. very good. what's your first name? >> nicardo blake. >> judge judy: hold old are you, nicardo? >> 15 years old. >> judge judy: and what grade are you in school? >> nine. >> judge judy: how do you know davia? >> i don't. i just see her at school. >> judge judy: have you ever spoken to her? >> well, once in a while. >> judge judy: what did you talk to her about when you spoke to her? >> i don't remember. that's... >> judge judy: look, i don't want you to look over there. i want you to look right here. there's a lot going around you, right? the most important thing going around you is right here. you speak to her about what? >> i don't remember. >> judge judy: mm-hmm.


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