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tv   News 4--- Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-7:00am PST

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3 (bill)3 >> good morning and thank you for choosing us to start your day. i'm bill frankmore.(sam) >> and i'm samantha boatman. 3 (bill)>> it's the biggest 3 day in the presidential race so far.12 states are casting their votes for the candidate of their choice. news 4's alex cannito joins us in studio with a look at what we can expect in the day ahead. 3 (alex)super tuesday is here and all eyes are on 12
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candidates could drop out of the race. 3 both hillary clinton and donald trump are coming off wins in nevada and south carolina.but today's results will truly show us which candidates are taking the lead. up to this point presidential hopefulls have been able to put all their focus on winning over one state.however 12 states are in the game today... some of which include oklahoma, massachusetts, and arkansas.t-m-c-c political science professor fred lokken says today's voting will test the strength of each candidate's campaign. 3 ((lokken: "now in one day 12 primaries, caucuses across the south and now a few other regions. that's huge. and it's a real game changer. it literally casts the medal of poorly organized campaigns and we've often seen on super tuesday when we start to see major washouts of candidates.")) 3 (alex)>> we will have continued coverage of today's polls here on news 4 as well as on our website.stay with us for the very latest. back to
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3 (bill and samantha)>>let's take a quick look outside... current conditions and skycam 3 (bill, samantha)>> we'll toss it 3 over to meteorologist tim studebaker.. today is the first day of march. here's a preview of the averages for the month of march.for today...look for very warm temperatures but breezy conditions. also a mix of sun & clouds for today. here's the forecast across the area. on satellite and radar...good amount of cloud cover moving through...a mix of clouds & sun for the day today.right now...temperatures are mild to start the day. here's a look
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3 (bill)3 >> the water level at lake tahoe continues to rise.... but a dry february put the brakes on the heavy snowpack. the snow in the mountains fueled relief earlier this winter from four years of drought. a national weather service hydrologist says lake tahoe has risen to within about 9 inches of its natural rim.but that's still far short of the average this time of year of more than two feet *above* the rim. 3 (samantha)>> now to an update in the search for a missing ski instructor... placer county sheriff's officials say the body of 23- year-old carson may was found buried under five feet of snow.... near where his cell phone last pinged. may went missing at sugar bowl ski resort.. he was last seen on january 15th...while skiing off duty at the resort. officials with the "tahoe nordic search and rescue team." .. and the el dorado county search and rescue dog teams made the grim discovery yesterday.they were at sugar bowl conducting training.
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about a quarter mile out of bounds in an avalanche- prone area. 3 (bill)>> >> more sad news out of squaw valley... officials there say a woman died while skiing at the resort this past weekend. 62-year-old elizabeth danel died saturday afternoon after falling and sliding down the slope through a stand of trees, according to happened in the "headwall" area of the resort. when ski patrol arrived, they found her unconscious and performed life-saving measures. but she died about an hour later.danel *was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. 3 (sam)>> on the crime watch this morning... reno police continue to investigate a deadly shooting that happened just before midnight sunday night... police say 38 year old "kiley grayson" was arrested for open murder. the shooting happened inside siri's casino... in the 200 block of north virginia street. 3 (sam)>> police say the men involved were employees there... but they weren't working at the time. surveillance footage reportedly shows the victim and suspect in an argument before the shooting. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later
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yet been released. 3 (bill)>> now to an "on your side" report..>> local construction workers are upset over hiring practices at the so....they held a protest outside the front gate of the construction site yesterday morning. some say they're being displaced by cheaper, out-of-state labor. these workers say nevadans should be given the opportunity to apply for those jobs. building and trade council president, todd koch says with the tax incentives provided to tesla, the company should hire as many locals as possible. he says these families were hoping the gigafactory would turn around their situation after seeing six years of a construction decline. 3 ((sot: when these workers come from arizona and new mexico, and they make their wages and they send them back home, that money leaves our local economy sot: we'd like to see them change their business model going forward of using local workers and giving local workers the change at every job on the site.))
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requires the company to hire a 50 percent minimum of nevada workers. the most recent audit report shows tesla is well within compliance of its contract and the law. 3 (samantha)>> yesterday was leap day.. that's an extra day at the end of february that occurs only every four 4 went over to renown to meet 2016's first leap day baby. here he is... baby lincoln was born at 9:19 yesterday morning.he came out a healthy seven pounds. lincoln's parents told us they aren't sure when they will celebrate his birthday.whether it will be february 28th or march first... on non-leap they'll celebrate big every four years on february 29th... 3 swoosh sound 3 (bill)>> it is getting the warning this morning.. for people living near a volcano in japan... the story.. when we return.
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is on the rise... especially before super tuesday.after the break,....what the driving force is behind the increase, and why it's something that may surprise you.
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3 **stinger music**3 3 (bill)>> most of the presidential candidates do agree on one thing.... super tuesday could make or break them.the first day of multiple-state voting is today... and there are plenty of delegates up for grabs.a total of 595 republican delegates are available... of the 1,237 needed to clinch the gop nomination.sanders and clinton are vying for 865 of the 2,383 delegates needed to win the democratic race.a new cnn/orc poll out released shows donald trump with a sizable lead, getting 49
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primary vote.for the democrats, hillary clinton tops bernie sanders 55 percent to 38 percent. 3 (samantha)>> there could be a record turnout for primary votersa&. at least for one of the two political parties. (bill)>> our national correspondent kristine frazao takes a look at the trend and what may be driving it. 3 (( trump i'm very angryhe is resonating with the people and he is speaking our minds"this is a really angry electoratein few realms other than politics does anger equal enthusiasmbut here in 2016 that anger is translating into votes.take a look at republican voter turnout in the first few states to vote - it's increased everywhere.for democrats, turnout has waned - a sign they're not harnessing the few emotions that usually drive voters - says mo elleithee (il lay thee) mo elleithee/georgetown university "sometimes it's hope as we saw in 2008 with a more optimistic energy and sometimes it is anger or fear and frustration
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we're seeing now."elleithee, who serves as executive director at georgetown's institute for politics and public service, says the fact that there have been so many more republicans in the race is helping as well, that they've built a bigger stronger infrastructure to get out the vote.(nats hillary) many other political analaysts blame low turnout for democrats on the fact that so many perceive the race to be over - that a hillary clinton victory is inevitable.nats from pkg at last week's republican caucus in nevada, at least one polling place reported a shortage of ballots..and looking ahead to super tuesday, early voting numbers are breaking records in places like georgia, tennessee, arkansas and texas. stand-upbut what's driving voters to the polls now may not be the key in the general election...where instead they may look for the candidate that brings them the most hope for the elleithee/georgetown university "most people sit there and they say you know what, i play by the rules i do everything i'm supposed to do and i can't get ahead 011 the people above me are getting all the breaks, the people below me are getting all the candidates and
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make the case they're fighting for them will likely be the washington i'm kf reporting.)) 3 (bill and sam)>> we'll toss it over to meteorologist tim 3 studebaker. 3 for today...we're still going to be warm along with gusty winds and mainly dry's a quiet start with party cloudy skies at the airport in reno. mild morning temperatures, too.right now...temperatures are mild to start the day. here's a look at the current temperatures. look for very warm conditions later today.on satellite and radar...good amount of cloud cover moving through...a mix of clouds & sun for the day today.on futurecast...a mix of sun & clouds along with breezy conditions heading through the day today. moisture gets close...but doesn't really ever arrive for us today. very warm conditions continue into the middle of your week as well.for today...look for very warm temperatures but breezy conditions. also a mix of sun & clouds for today. here's the forecast across the area.on the 7 day forecast...look for breezy and very warm conditions today...still warm into your wednesday...still dry through the end of the week...then we're watching our next potential winter storm heading into the weekend and the
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3 (tim) >> the "japan meteorological agency" is warning people of a possible small eruption by a volcano in southwestern japan.a spike in seismic activity at "mount io" (eye- oh) prompted the agency to issue the alert. more than 50 earthquakes were recorded just sunday alone.. the local municipality has set
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around the volcano's crater. the 4,320 foot volcano is part of a mountain range on the island of kyushu. 3 (samantha)>> we will "spring forward" at two a-m ..sunday march 13th... but this year.. it comes with a warning.. daylight saving time changes could raise the risk of stroke for some people. researchers from finland analyzed a decade of information to find the rate of stroke around daylight saving time.they compared the amount of stroke hospitalizations during the week following daylight saving to the rate of strokes either two before or two weeks after the event. initial findings show there was an eight percent increase during the first two days after the time transition. 3 swoosh sound 3 (bill)>> southern california is known for its wild police chases....>> but this one was a bit different.. .how it all played out on the streets of orange county.. the story .. after the break.
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strategy of the presidenital candidates on both sides of the political aisle.. as we head into today's super tuesday contests. 3 (tim)>> and here's a look at your flight delays this morning.
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3 ---wx---- 3 (bill)>> it's finally here - super tuesday!(samantha)>> 12 states - hundreds of delegates... and 7 candidates... all hoping to stay in the race. (bill)>> tracie potts has our preview is morning, from washington. 3 decision 2016 swoosh sound 3 (( (sot: donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate :00-:02)"we have get out and vote."donald trump... hoping to build on his frontrunner status today... with his closest challengers aiming to collect enough delegates to remain compeititive. (sot: marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate :10-:15)"a vote for donald trump tomorrow is literally a vote for hillary clinton."for ted cruz, that
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texas: (sot: ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate :19-:28)"what we will see, i believe, is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else far behind." there could be trouble for trump this super tuesday: buzzfeed reports there's a secret new york times tape where trump reportedly rejects his own promises to close the border. (sot: ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate :39-:44)"you should be very troubled by a candidate like donald trump who tells the new york times one thing and the voters another." (sot: marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate :45-:52)"trump should ask the ny times to release the audio of his interview with them so that we can see exactly what it is he truly believes."bernie sanders is hoping to pick up wins today at home in vermont... massachusetts.. the midwest -- and maybe texas:(sot: bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate :59-1:00) too quick to chyron"i think we'll do better there than people think."hillary clinton's already looking past super tuesday, focusing on trump: (sot: hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate 1:06- 1:14)"at some point you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america."(---
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republicans are looking ahead too, concerned whether trump can beat clinton in november. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you.)) 3 (bill)>> thanks, tracie. right now... nbc's kristen welker is with the clinton campaign.. and has a preview of what is coming up a bit later.. on the today show. 3 ((coming up on today... clinton campaign officials say they feel confident heading into today's marathon votes. we'll tell you what her strategy is in the final hours and how campaign officials are preparing to take on donald trump if she should make it to the general election. plus, bernie sanders vowing not to give up but what's his path and how long can he hold on? all that and more coming up on today. )) 3 (samantha)3 >> turning now to news that is not political... four students were injured yesterday.. in a shooting at a high school in ohiopolice say a 14-year-old student opened fire inside the "madison junior- senior high school cafeteria"..shooting two students..two others were hurt trying to get out of the cafeteria.police say the shooter ran from the building
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taken into custody near the school police say all of the students' injuries are non-l ife threatening. 3 (bill)>> in southern california... the search continues this morning for a man who police say... kidnapped his girlfriend and boys then led police in southern california on a chase. (( sirens))3 the chase began in huntington park and lasted for several hours.the driver weaved through several orange county cities, at times taking risks .. such as driving on the wrong side of the street.the pursuit ended in a standoff that began ... when the hummer's battery gave out. that standoff ended when the driver freed his girlfriend and boys, and ran up a hill into some bushes and disappeared. 3 (samantha)>> comedian "katt" williams was arrested yesterday in georgia .authorities said the entertainer whose real name is "micah" williams.... was arrested in connection with an assault.a police spokesman said officers were called to a pool supply store.... and when they arrived.... they found williams lying on the ground
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police he and williams had gotten into an argument.. that escalated when williams reportedly threw something at him and punched him.police say williams was charged with battery .. and is being held in jail on a five- thousand dollar bond 3 (bill)>> virginia police officer "ashley guindon" will be laid to rest today. her body was escorted by dozens of police cars and motorcycles last night... to the chapel where her funeral service will be held today at noon.the "prince william county" officer was shot and killed in the line of duty was guindon's first day on patrol. police say she and two other officers were responding to a domestic violence call when accused shooter "ronald hamilton" shot all three officers ....only guindon died from her injuries. 3 (bill)>> also happening today... the family of late supreme court justice "antonin scalia" will hold a memorial in his honor will be held at the mayflower hotel in washington d- c.scalia died on february 13-th in texas. multiple supreme court justices are expected to give remarks at today's memorial
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3 swoosh sound 3 (sam)>> it will put nevada on the map.. the road map.. for electric vehicles.>> in the next half hour of news 4 today.... we look at the nevada cities .. that will be along the silver state's "electric highway"... 3 3 3 "
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3 (alex)>> it's a big day for presidential hopefulls... as 12 states will cast their presidential nomination... who local experts say voters should keep an eye on coming up... 3 ((i think i have done 4x the time required and i feel it's time to go be with my family."))(bill)>> plus... a convicted killer pleads for his freedom in the victim's family is fighting to keep him behind bars... 3 (( "we just want him to be able to get back to normal." -suzanne, mom))(samantha)>> and... a local teen with a disability is simply asking for whoever stole his wheelchair to give it
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stories and more.. coming up on this tuesday, march 1, 2016. 3 ((male voice: you're watching news 4 today on your side in high definition.)) 3 (sam)>> good morning 3 and thank you for choosing us to start your day. i'm samantha boatman.(bill)>> and i'm bill frankmore.. 3 (sam)3 >> voters in 12 states are gearing up to caucus and hit the polls today. that's right... super tuesday is here and today's results could be telling of which candidates stay in the 4's alex cannito joins us in studio with a look at what we can expect in the day ahead. 3 (alex)super tuesday is here and all eyes are on 12 states... as we could see some candidates could drop out of the race. 3 both hillary clinton and donald trump are coming off wins in nevada and south carolina.but today's results will truly show us which
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t-m-c-c political professor fred lokken says based on what we've seen in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and here in nevada... we have a fairly good idea of how people will vote today.some of the states who will cast their nomination are alabama, georigia, texas and vermont. and while we wait for the results... lokken says all eyes are on hillary clinton, donald trump... and even marco rubio. 3 ((lokken: "if trump has a fantastic day this means a different reality for the repubican party going forward. some fear it may become a civil war, some fear it could split, divide and even cause the party to collapse. these are high stakes politics for the republicans. so a lot of eyes are on marco rubio to see if he can get support. he hasn't won a state yet. so this could be a devestating blow for his campaign if he doesn't at least carry one state somewhere in super tuesday.")) 3 (alex)>> coming up in the next half hour on news 4 today... we're going to check in with
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capitol hil with a look at what we can expect in the day ahead.back to you. 3 (bill)>> governor sandoval is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony today.... for the first car charging station on nevada's so-called " electric highway." the highway stretches from las vegas to reno... and goes through small towns like fallon, tonopah and's called an "electric highway"... because car charging stations along the way will allow owners of electric cars to make the 450 mile's ribbon cutting ceremony is in beatty. 3 (bill and samantha)>>let's take a quick look outside... current conditions and skycam
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toss it over to 3 meteorologist tim studebaker... today is the first day of march. here's a preview of the averages for the month of march.for today...look for very warm temperatures but breezy conditions. also a mix of sun & clouds for today. here's the forecast across the area.on satellite and radar...good amount of cloud cover moving through...a mix of clouds & sun for the day today.right now...temperatures are mild to start the day. here's a look at the current temperatures. look for very
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3 (samantha)>> making legalnews... convicted killer "simon macias" asked the nevada state parole board yesterday.. to release hm from prison.after serving 23 years for killing his 19 year old wife susan ... he is hoping to get parole on his 8th attempt. 3 ((16:52:37 "what was the need for you to bag her up...and dump her in the desert.?i thought she was the problem. )) (samantha)>> in a packed room with susan figeley ... macias's family and members of his own family.... simon macias tried to answer that question from the parole board. he says at the age of 23... he killed susan because of anger issues and was sorry for his actions and the pain they have caused.both his mother and the victim's mother also testified asking for very different outcomes... one for clemency the other... continued incarceration. 3 ((" i think i'm ready to be with my family...i think i have done 4 times the time
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to go be with my family." 17:12:19 " her mother and relatives do not deserve the pain they haev to go through..evertime a parole hearing comes up ... he murdered susan because if he couldn't have her nobody else would. )) 3 (samantha)>> the seven- member parole board will make a decision in the next seven to ten days... whether or not simon macias will be let out of prison. 3 (bill)>> an update now .. on an investigation by reno police.... they are still looking for two men who roughed up an elderly man in a home burglary last week.they have since located a suspicious vehicle that they believe may be related to the burglary in south reno. the incident happened wednesday night near the 14- hundred block of foster drive.reno police say an older gentleman suffered non life- threatening injuries.however... police have not made any arrests. 3 (bill)>> police previously told us the first suspect is described as light skinned or
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6-feet tall with a thin build. the second suspect is described as light skinned or a hispanic male .. around 5 foot 8 .. heavy build and a tattoo on one of his forearms. 3 (bill)>> anyone with information is asked to call secret witness... that number is 322-4900. 3 swoosh sound 3 (samantha)>> it is one teenager's way to get around .. and now it is gone... >> how you can help the young man... whose wheelchair was stolen .. and how he and his family are coping with the loss. the story... still ahead on news four today.... 3 3 3 " news 4
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3 (samantha)3 >> a local teenager's custom wheelchair was stolen sunday night... (bill)>> and with no leads to follow... tristin hurley and his mom are hoping those who took it, will return it. (samantha)>> news 4's madison corney has the story for us this morning... 3 ((nats of walker scraping sidewalk... it's not easy. more nats of scrapingfor 15
5:39 am
aroundmore nats of walker tristin has osteogenesis imperfecta... or brittle bone disease..."basically, can't walk well." -tristin"he tends to break very easily." - suzanne, momon any other day tristin would be in his wheelchair, but this monday morning came with more than one obstacle."looked in the back of the truck, didn't see it. asked my mom if she had it. she said no.. " -tristin tristin's wheelchair was gone. "it was there last night when we went to sleep around 10p.m. we woke up about 6 o'clock got wasn't there."-suzanne, mom nat???reporter stand up: "it's difficult for tristin and his mom to make it up the stairs with the wheelchair everyday, so tristin locks the wheelchair up here every night." and without his wheelchair, tristin can't go to school ... or meet up with his friends to do what he loves..."we made a skate group. i'm the photographer for the group, but i really can't film if i don't have a wheelchair -tristin(cover with b-roll)"he can use a walker, but it's very limited, he doesn't have that accessibility." -suzanne, mom "it's just something that he has to have. it's not an option, we can't go without it." -suzanne, momtristin's
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with sparks police, but she says at this point there are no suspects or leads to follow. "if you could just return it and no questions asked, we'd be more than happy and willing to accept that." -suzanne, mom"it's a setback, but just like anything we've faced, we face it as a family." -suzanne, momin the meantime... nat...tristin and his mom are leaning on each other.)) 3 (samantha)>> that was 3 madison corney reporting for us this morning... >until suzanne can figure out a long term solution...tristin will be borrowing a wheelchair or using a rental, neither of which are tailored to his needs. tristin's customized wheelchair costs tens of thousands of dollars even after insurance kicks in, so they are really hoping it will be returned.for more on how you can help... visit my news four dot com. 3 swoosh sound 3 (bill)>> if politics 3 gets you "all fired up"...
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can get yourself a piece of pizza.. in honor of donald trump himself. 3 (sam)>> and if you have a facebook account, be sure to "like" krnv news 4!become a fan of our own facebook page and be a part of the discussion. 3 3 " news 4
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3 (samantha)3 >> we have some wild video out of texas this morning... after a driver plows their car into a gas pump... and it was all caught on tape!the crash happened at a shell gas station in the city of west arlington. in the video you can see the driver frantically trying to free other passengers from the car before flames from the gas pump get more intense. firefighters got the flames under control in about two hours. police have not said if anyone was injured or what caused the driver to lose control. 3 (bill)>> now here is a political story you can really "sink your teeth into"... republican presidential candidate donald trump might be used to being in the hot
5:45 am
debates... but one alabama restaurant wants to see how he holds up in a hot oven. customers of "joe's world famous pizzeria" in athens, alabama can find out by ordering up a slice of "the donald" for lunch.thanks to a student artist's stencil drawing of the face and hair of donald trump .... pizza maker "joe carlucci" was able to bake a trump pizza. 3 ((joe carlucci/pizzeria owner "no one has taken a bite of trump yet. i think he taken a bite of more people than they have taken a bite of him. hopefully soon someone will try to trump pizza and we can ship one to trump himself.")) 3 (bill)>> in case you were wondering.. the trump pizza is a classic cheese baked in a stone fired oven. 3 (bill and samantha)>> we'll toss it over to meteorologist tim studebaker... 3 for today...we're still going
5:46 am
winds and mainly dry's a quiet start with party cloudy skies at the airport in reno. mild morning temperatures, too.right now...temperatures are mild to start the day. here's a look at the current temperatures. look for very warm conditions later today.on satellite and radar...good amount of cloud cover moving through...a mix of clouds & sun for the day today.on futurecast...a mix of sun & clouds along with breezy conditions heading through the day today. moisture gets close...but doesn't really ever arrive for us today. very warm conditions continue into the middle of your week as well.for today...look for very warm temperatures but breezy conditions. also a mix of sun & clouds for today. here's the forecast across the area.on the 7 day forecast...look for breezy and very warm conditions today...still warm into your wednesday...still dry through the end of the week...then we're watching our next potential winter storm heading into the weekend and the
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3 swoosh sound 3 (alex)>> ((good morning, everybody, i'm alex margulies. coming up after the break, the wolf pack have their sights set now on boise state following their big win against the rams. we'll have a preview of that matchup, plus much more next.")) 3 3 "
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today continues with sports... 3 >> if it weren't for a desperation three at the end of regulation by the rebels last week in nevada's overtime loss to u-n-l-v... the pack would be a on a six game winning streak... regardless of the outcome of that game there seems to be little standing in the way of nevada as they head into the final stretch of the season... after sunday's win over colorado state head coach eric musselman said that this is the best team he's ever been a part of... and that's saying alot for the long time head the team looks for some revenge against boise state... one of only two team's they lost to at lawlor events cetner this season... for a preview of that game...
5:53 am
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pkg)(( ))(take full screen)3 alright good stuff she mentioned both teams tied for third in the conference at 10 and 6... a chance for the pack to get revenge on the broncos and move up in seeding for the mountain west tournment....boise is coming off a big win over top seeded san diego state 66 to 63... should be a fun one to watch... (alex)>> the wolf pack baseball team wrapped up their season opening road trip on sunday down at uc irvine... alrthough the trip didn't end the way they wanted with a sweep at the hands of the anteaters.. there were still some positives to take away... (take vo)and one of those was the play of reno native and damonte ranch alum justin bridgman...after spending most of last season in a reserve role bridgman has returned as a regular starter and he has been outstanding...bridgman tied for the team lead with 11 hits on the trip while adding four walks as's what he had to say about his hot start...(take sot)(( ))
5:55 am
finally have their home 3 opener on tuesday afternoon at peccole park as they get set to take on santa clara at three o' are just two dollars at the stadium box office... nevada is hoping to win the 500th game all time at peccolle... i'll be back on the radio call which starts at 240 on nbc sports radio 1060 a-m as well as nevada wolf pack dot com... that's it for sports... back to you... ))
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3 >> the big day is here... super tuesday...we'll take a look at what we can expect and the big questions on people's minds as the votes come in... 3 (tim)>> and a warm and dry end to february leads into a gusty start to march...but the temperatures remain warm. a look at the numbers coming up. these stories and more.. this tuesday, march 1, 2016. 3 ((male voice: you're watching news 4 today on your side in high definition.)) 3 (bill)3 >> good morning and thank you for choosing us to start your
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>> and i'm samantha boatman. 3 (bill)>>a big day in politics today - super tuesday.voters in 13 states head to the polls for republicans and 11 for democrats.(samantha)>> it's the first time this election cycle we have had multiple elections on the same day.our national correspondent kristine frazao is live at our capitol hill bureau with more on what we can expect. 3 (kristine frazao)>>this is much more than a popularity contest - what's at stake today are actual numbers - at stake today are contest - what's popularity more than a >>this is much (kristine frazao) 3 3 >>this is much more than a popularity contest - what's at stake today are actual numbers - delegates that vastly change the equation of who gets the nomination. 3 (([[trt: 51 [[oc: with african-american voters for many republicans, one question weighs heavier than
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donald trump? mo elleithee/georgetown university
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. good morning, i'm kimberly at the humane society.
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wanted to go on tv so he can find a home with you. he's friendly and he loves everybody. he's available here in reno at the humane society shelter and we're open 7 days a week for pet adoptions. you can visit us online at nevada humane >> that's a good looking kitty cat right there. they're about to break the record for the fastest car in the world. the french car maker released this new wonder yesterday. it's called the chiron, they promise that it will be faster and more powerful than previous models. it's known for a high performance supercar. and they have the world fastest car in 2013 named by the guinness book of records.
6:16 am
go, but it's been capped at 265 miles per hour for road use. >> a sexy car. this can cause fender benders, one of the self driving cars was responsible for a crash with the bus. it's the first admission that it was responsible for the crash. it took home, the bus hit the unexpectedly. it was traveling at 2 miles per hour and the bus was at 15 miles per hour and no one was injured. the justice department cannot force apple to break into an iphone for a routine drug case. that follows a california
6:17 am
hack the phone of one of the burned's shooters. they are challenging the 1789 law to compel apple to recover data. since then, apple has opposed the request to help extract information from over a dozen phones. let's go to tim studebaker, here's a look at the tuesday forecast. >> still warm for the day today, still going to be the 70- degree mark once again. we'll see an increase in the winds breezy and gusty conditions with a weak one to our north. we'll stay dry today as far as precipitation is concerned until we get to the next weekend. this is the storm chances for next week. 43 in town, partly cloudy skies and winds are calm, 60% humidity. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s across the area. we're going to the 50s, 60s and 70s later today depending on where you are. we'll have the maps coming up. there is a break in the clouds
6:18 am
see some breaks of sunshine later on into the afternoon hours. we are watching these showers, but we're going to watch them fall apart as we move over the viewing area. we're not expecting much from those. we'll touch off a little bit of wind today. tomorrow into thursday, another weak system approaches it, falls apart as it gets closer to us. for tahoe and pyramid, we have lake wind advisories, the one from pyramid is noon to 6 and it goes from 10pm tonight. 15-25 gusting to 40 miles per hour out of the southwest for the winds today. it could gust as high as 80 or so miles per hour and waves on the lake 2-4 feet. heads up for the breezy conditions across the area today. still warm, upper 60s to near 70 degrees for the lower elevation locations today. it's still dry heading into the
6:19 am
to pick up and it's when the temperatures cool off and still above average. we're well above the average of 55 even when we cool down later this week and even when we have the rain chances pick up over the weekend l this is the best chance for upper elevation snow and lower elevation rain showers, something to keep an eye on. >> it was dry, less than half the average precipitation in reno. >> good thing we have a good start. let's look at the tickets to the women and children's fundraiser. the fourth caller for the trivia question will win that prize. on today's in 1642, way back in town, george ann became the first city in massachusetts, @
6:20 am
>> i thought it was york pennsylvania. >> it's not the answer to that one. >> still to come, do you like to eat peanut butter out of the jar? it's national peanut butter day. >> you're pregnant. >> even not pregnant. if you're traveling we have
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
chicago and . good morning, coming up on a tuesday, donald trump and hillary clinton are riding waves into momentum in this biggest day of the race so far. will they be locking up their party's nomination. we have supertuesday and every ankle.
6:24 am
hoarding, and we have two of the stars on the planet. jennifer lopez, jay-lo and live on studio one when we start on a tuesday morning right here on today. scott kelly is preparing to come down to earth after a year in space. he's been at the international space station longer than any other us mystery. it's lasted 340 days this mission. he told reporters that he's feeling good. after he lands he'll go to houston and go through a battery of tests. >> and then he gets on a plan. >> that musting pleasant. >> talk about jet lag. >> yes. it is elliott from fallon, congratulations to you elliott.
6:25 am
today's date in 1642, the city in the u.s. is called york blank is it in new hampshire, connecticut or maine. >> i'm going to say connecticut. >> you both got it wrong, it's york, maine. right on the southern tip of the state. >> there's a york pennsylvania too. >> it's near amish country. peanut butter, you love it, it's national peanut butter lover's day. >> peanut butter is consumed in 90% of households. it takes about 540 peanuts to make a simple 12-ounce of jar of peanut butter. >> are you crunchy or creamy. >> i like it both in different situations.
6:26 am
then put it on the bread? >> no, i like soft. >> they're putting crunchy and
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> they're more nevada has already elected donald trump and hillary clinton, they should keep an eye on the states participating in supertuesday, what you need to know coming up in a few minutes. they've gathered to protest at tesla. changes they're calling for and reactions from the car maker.
6:30 am
this tuesday, march 1st, 2016. good tuesday morning everyone, welcome to the last half-hour, i'm smith footman. >> thanks for getting up with us on this first day of march, it's coming a day late of the 29th day of february, happy day, we'll meet the l eap day baby. >> it's warm and windy today. speaking of windy and hot air, let's talk politics. it's one of the biggest days, 12 states are casting their votes for the candidate of their choice. >> we have a look at what they can expect in the day ahead. alex. >> reporter: good morning supertuesday is here, all eyes are on different states. we could see some candidates drop out of the race today.
6:31 am
show us which candidates are taking the lead in this race. i sat down with it. mcc political professor ted, based on what we have seen in new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada, we have an idea how people are voting today. oklahoma and minnesota as well as alaskan nevada has already pitched their candidates, there are things we should pay attention during the day's voting. >> i think for the average american, it will be wondering who to say tuesday night o is locking up the nomination on the republican and democratic sides, what that starts to say about the fall campaign and about that candidate's ability to heal wounds and bring that party together. >> we'll have continuing coverage of today's polls right here on news 4 as well as on our website, make sure you stay with us for the latest. back to you. >> supertuesday will be
6:32 am
news 4 and on the sister station. let's take a quick peek outside. daylight savings time is not happening this weekend, but next weekend. >> march 13th. it's two weeks away. >> not this weekend, next weekend. >> don't argue with her. >> i got it. >> two weekends away we'll turn the clocks ahead, it will be 7:30am by the end of the month. weatherwise it's not feeling that way. 70 degrees with gusty winds. >> there's a snow survey going on in the sierra today. we should have a better idea where we stand as far as the snow pack is concerned. it's not been a productive month. >> it has not been. it's looking active for the next couple of weeks. we'll keep an eye out to see if
6:33 am
it's been warm and dry and quiet. trees have been on the high side. juniper and cedar have been the biggest percentage of the mix. molds are low, if you're a tree pollen sufferer, an allergy sufferer, heads up on that. that won't change soon. winds gusting at 45 miles per hour. a mix of sun and clouds, but staying dry throughout the day. 60 in south lake and alco as well. this is across much of the area. and sunshine and clouds will be going on this afternoon. it's a mild start, 20s, 30s and 40s, we're going for the 60s and 70s for most of us later today. i do have rain chances and
6:34 am
talk about in the seven-day forecast and i'll let you know when those come around. back to you. the body of a ski instructor who was missing in the ski resort in january has been found. the body of 23-year-old carson was found buried under five feet of snow where his cellphone last pinged, they made the grim discovery yesterday. they were at sugar bowl conducting training, resort officials say he was about a quarter mile out of bounds in an avalanche prone area. he was last seen january 15th while skiing off duty at the resort. a four-day intensive search followed but was suspended due to harsh weather. the tesla meg factory site there have been protests. some say they're being
6:35 am
state labor. these workers say nevadaans should be given the opportunity to apply for jobs. todd coke says they should hire as many locals as possible. these families hoping the tesla gigafactory would turn around their situation after six years of a construction decline. >> when they make the wages and send them back home. that money leaves our local economy. we would like to see their business model going forward using local workers and giving local workers a chance at the job on the site. >> they responded with this statement. >> it stems from a third party construction contractor. their issue is not how tesla treats with workers. many issues are union, this one is not. they're saying the contractor
6:36 am
in reality 50% used by this contractor and 75% of the entire tesla gigafactory workers are nevadaans, they require them to hire 50% of the minimum for the workers and it's in compliance with the contract and the law. there's been a ribbon cutting ceremony for the electric highway. it stretches from las vegas and goes through small towns, it's called electric highway, because car charging station linings the way will allow owners of the electric cars to make the journey. today's ribbon-cutting ceremony is taking place in nevada. they're investigating a deadly shooting, 38-year-old
6:37 am
open murder. this happened in the 200 block of north virginia street. the men involved were employees there, but were not on duty at the time. swerved shows them in -- the saved shows the shooting and what took place before the shooting and he died.
6:38 am
6:39 am
stay with us, you're wa . and welcome back, everyone, let's move things over to tim studebaker with a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you, we're warm across the area for the day today, temperatures are going up to the 70-degree mark today. breezy and gusty conditions. we'll have more sunshine for
6:40 am
those breezes and the gusty conditions will be out there. even though it will be 70 degrees, it will be a breezy and gusty and partly cloudy 70 degrees. the precip chances will go up over the weekend. we have partly cloudy skies and winds are calm and temperatures are into the 30s and 40s across much of the area. so milder to start the day today, it's going to lead to a very warm afternoon ahead of us, about the 70-degree mark for the lower elevation locations today. mostly cloudy and partly cloudy locations, this is the sunshine for the afternoon hours. we'll see a few clouds clearing out, showers are falling apart before they get to our neck of the work. we have the weak storm passing off to the north. we'll do that again wednesday
6:41 am
when we get to the week, we have our next real winter storm chance, potential winter storm coming around the area. for today, because of those winds, we have a lake wind advisory for pyramid, from pyramid it's noon to six and it's from 8:00 a.m. today and. to southwest wind, it's gusting to 40 at times. not just for the lakes, but a lot of us, this is at the tops of the sierra, 80 miles per hour and waves 2-4 feet on both of those lakes, heads up for the winds either way. it's a gusty day today. it's dry, and by the end of the week into the weekend, that's when you want the rain and snow chances to go up and the best day looks to be on sunday. for that either way it's unsettled over the weekend with the next potential winter storm.
6:42 am
>> let's go to our trooper duncan dodd. >> we're on the scene of a property damage crash mile marker 46, westbound 80. we should have this cleared up soon. be cautious as you wake up and go this morning. there's no major slow downs to report. wondering how long you have to have your child in a child seat and booster. they have to be 6 years old and 60 pounds before they can be without the booster. if you break the law you could serve community service and be fined $500.
6:43 am
opposition parties are trying to stop the antiextremism bill.
6:44 am
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6:46 am
coming up. . you're looking at the opening bell on wall street this morning. it happened 17 minutes ago and so far so good. dow jones currently up 87 points -- 78 points, 76 points and dropping fast, and nasdaq up. let's look at the stories making financial headlines. the obama administration plans to renegotiate portions of an international arms control arrangement. the goal is to export tools related to hacking and software.
6:47 am
apple to provide the f.b.i. with access to locked iphone data in a routine brooklyn drug case. this decision comes after a california magistrate judge required apple to create software to help the us hack the iphone of a shooter that killed 14 people in san bernardino california. opposition parties in south carolina held a record seven- day long filibuster to stop the ruling party to stop an antiextremism bill. they want to monitor the private situations at will. they are claiming that they're using the move to earn more votes in the upcoming election.
6:48 am
shooting four people, a 14-year- old student opened fire inside the madison junior high school monday morning. two students were shot and two others were hurt while trying to escape. all of their injuries are said to be non-lifethreatening injuries. he dropped the weapon, but was taken into custody near school grounds. they have a motive, but they're not releasing it at this time. an emotional aaron andrews took the stand in nashville yesterday to testify about the secret nude video taken of her and posted on the internet. she said she felt, she felt ashamed and humiliated. the sportscaster says she suffers depression, anxiety and depression because of this incident. no one believes her that she didn't have an idea about the tape.
6:49 am
the video and the owner and manager of the nashville marriott for $75 million. a student detained in korea was presented to media by authorities yesterday. it's the first time otto has been seen since north korea announced the arrest back on january 22nd. they claimed that the you've of virginia undergrad had been detained for perpetrating a hostile act against korea. while the diplomatic community, he acknowledged and apologized for the alleged crime. >> one final time, people in government of the dpr korea, i beg for forgiveness. >> north korea accuses
6:50 am
the government and undermining the control of the korean peninsula. the floods that hit the country over the weekend, the el nino was blamed that caused flooding in the parts of the country of peru. they're going to rebuild the damaged town. they have resettled 250,000 syrian refugees. the last plane arrived over the weekend. they were planning to bring in 25,000 refugees on new year's day. he'll help newcomers find housing and jobs. they plan to bring in 1,000 more refugees in 2016. if you're traveling today
6:51 am
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6:54 am
lakes, check with airl good morning, we'll send it over to the today show, but here's a preview of what's coming up on fox 11, it's supertuesday, we'll be checking in with alex to find out what we need to know leading up to the big show happening tonight. ryan kern will be here to tell
6:55 am
which will extend from reno to las vegas and michael from yelp will talk about national pig day and all what this entails, if you will. we'll have a surprise coming up minutes. >> does that mean we get some ribs, national pig day. >> no, they're bringing in little baby pigs. >> you guys don't eat ribs? >> we do. >> all right. let's check in with a final look at the forecast. it's a gusty day for the day today. warm, 70 for the high today and tomorrow, the winds will be out there with partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies today. we'll start to see rain and snow chances for the weekend. snow in the upper elevations and rain in the lower. the best chance for that will be on sunday and we're
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
we'll have full coverage on good march madness. voters in 12 states head to the polls on this super tuesday. the most crucial day of the election so far. trump and clinton way out in front. will they deliver knockout blows tonight or can rubio, cruz and sanders hang on? our decision 2016 team has it covered from every angle. show down on capitol hill, the director of the fbi and one of apple's top executives facing off in congress today in their
7:00 am
as a judge deals the government a big blow in court. hear some testimony, erin andrews breaks down over the video of the most private moments that she said left her humiliated and ashamed. >> everybody thought that i was doing it for publicity and that ripped me apart. >> her convicted stalker also taking the stand. >> i pulled the plug out and waited for the opportunity. >> was it your intent to hopefully get her without clothes on? >> yes. >> will jurors hold him and the hotel responsible in andrews' $75 million lawsuit. and home ward bound after 11 long months in space astronaut scott kelly is coming back to earth, the big celebration nasa planning. today is tuesday, march 1st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is a special edition of "today." super tuesday.


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