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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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you're watching news 4 at definition. >> and good evening, right now at 5:00, super tuesday poll vs. closed and we're waiting to hear which candidates have won. >> we'll send things out to our latest. >> on this big night, four more states. the polls have closed. we'll show you where things stand. we'll start on the republican side in alabama. nbc news projects donald trump wins n.massachusetts, nbc news projecting trump a win there. in tennessee, again, it's trump we project as the winner. oklahoma, the gop primary too early to call there.
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a tight race between trump and rubio. on the democratic side, alabama hillary clinton the projected winner. tennessee, again, hillary clinton. in massachusetts the race too early to call, sanders leading and oklahoma too early to call. sanders leads in the oklahoma democratic primary. >> big night for donald trump. he is rolling, particularly in the south. massachusetts is a big win for him. north and south. >> i'm lester holt, good evening. >> governor sandoval sauce he's supporting whoever the republican nominee is, even if it's donald trump.
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press surveying governors and senators. sandoval has not for mali endorsed a presidential can dat but he did for caucus and supports rube y.he thought there were better qualified candidates in the race than trump. senate candidate, joe heck, says he isopter the nominee but is focusing on his own race in a freedom of equality for all regardless of the nomination. >> with the en courage. of senator debbi smith's family, council woman julia ratti announced she'll run for the senate. he announced in september that he would not run for re-
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ratti says it feels too soon after the funeral but her family encouraged her. >> to hear they'd like me to consider doing this, that said, a bit of reflection but it tease right thing to do. >> ratti's term ends in november. they'll hold a special election that will coincide the 2016 general election. filing opens up on monday (a sparks teenager custom wheel their was stolen but in 23 hours the community came to getz and raised more than $5000 for a tristan hurley and his mom. they set up a go fund me account. the story aired on news 4 at 11:00 last night. he has brittle bone disease and
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tristan and his family are beyond grateful. head to >> >> on saturday, police receive add call of a female victim being held against her will near a casino. the suspect did not allow the victim to leave the car. she was eventually able to escape the vehicle and alerted casino security. the suspect fled the scene before officers arrived have information call seseet witness, 322-4900 and you can remain anonymous. >> search and rescue crews found the body of a woman that
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two weeks ago. carolyn bachelor's body was found saturday near inspiration cove. search and rescue crews spent a week trying to find more signs. authorities do not consider her death suspicious but the cause remains under investigation (the city of reno is spending up to $50,000 to launch another promotional campaign. >> terri hendry joins us with this on your side report. some have been critical of the city's promotional and marketing efforts. >> reporter: that's because the tight budgets are fresh on everyone's mind. the city of reno just launched this new campaign (i believe in love. >> equal opportunity.
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inspired by the bernie mann sculpture located downtown. i spoke with city manager, andrew clinger about the campaign. he say they are aimed at getting you involved. they're resurrectingthe neighborhood boards. they're hoping for your help. >> it is what do you want your neighbor mood to look like? look like? what do you want the community to look like in 20 years. >> go to our krnv news 3 facebook page and share your ideas. >> governor bryan sandoval is
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series of electric car stations between vegas and reno. this is to help boost rural economies with more toure reises. they're still attempting to get more in fallon and otinipaw. >> >>: u.s. congress woman titus will be reading to students tomorrow afternoon. titus will be reading green eggs and ham from her office in washington to nevada connections academy students. jason so to will also be read the children. >> can't go wrong with green eggs and ham there. for sure (a reno teenager with
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this had morning by make a wish foundation. >> waffles and wishes event is the 6th annual event where they raise money to grant wishes. 18-year-old coral celebrated her birthday today while getting her wish. >> reporter: this morning's wish granted involve add destination. 18-year-old coral baltimoreravens.coms leukemia. she had no idea she'd be able to get her wish granted. >> lot of lying about why we're making videos and all but it was worth it. >> for make a wish to grant a wish they need help from the community. >> our job is to reach out to the community and find the community supporters and companies to come forward and help us adopt wishes so ney can
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it's for the family and it brings the community and partnership to getz. they feel the incredible magic it brings. >> reporter: today is coral's 18 birthday and her cake looks just as good as it tasted. that wish you've been anticipating and waiting for, when it happens, it's an amazing feeling to. allow the audience to be a part of that is amazing. >> we have something to look forward to. we'll start planning and have something to smile about. >> are there are 50 more children to have wishes to be granted but today it was about coral. >> she is a darling loveable sweet girl and she deserves all of the happiness in the world (i just want to say a huge thank you and i appreciate it. i can't wait until next year (coral's wish was sponsored by western nevada supply.
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they go (the big question for your country is how much privacy are we going to give up in the name of security. >> 's an ongoing fight between allow the fbi to crack into an apple phone. what lawmakers are wondering for all phone makers privacy settings. >> erin andrews legal team rested their case this morning but not before she spent another tearful dayton witness stand. what happen today's time meant moving forward. >> we've been watching this
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aspirink montrezl on the . welcome back everyone. researchers have found new evidence that could link zika virus to guillame beret syndrome. they looked at adult who were diagnosed. blood test reveal thad all individuals were carrying zika virus antibodies showing proof. it is a neurological illness that last for a few weeks and occurs after a viral for bacterial infection. >> erin andrews gave an emotional testimony today about what chechias has happened to her after a stalker posted naked video of her online. she's suing michael barrett and owner of the marriott at vanderbilt.
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andrews and she said her life changed. >> the thing that hit home for me and hurt me the worst is when girl, high school, college, tweet me and say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. everyday. >> andrews says the hotel should have notified her about barrett specifically asking for room next to hers. she's suing for $75 million. >> the president meets with senate leaders over their refusal to go forward with a nomination for the supreme court. they call on congressional colleagues to call a vote the marry reid lobbying a vote. >> never has anything like this
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hearings and won't nominate. the drums. all we want them to do is fulfill their constitutional duty and do their job. at this stage they decided not to do that. >> reid also went on to say they'll wait to see what president trump will do as far that point. >> the u.s. house judiciary committee is weighing in an the privacy fight between apple and the government. >> >>: the question lawmakers want to know, will that have far reaching privacy effects for phone owners. >> fbi versus apple. >> until this there was no closet, safe, basement in
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entered with a judge's order. >> fbi director says apple's new encryption is so powerful only the company can help to unlock the phone of san bernardino killer, syed farookthere. if they're successful in requiring apple to unlock this phone it won't really be a one time request, right? >> certainly not. >> apple sauce everyone's privacy is at stake. >> building that software tool would not affect one phone. >> for lawmaker, it's no easy choice. >> the big question for our country is how much privacy do we give up? >> the right to free speech and
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>> a judge sided with am saying there is no law to force them to hack a locked phone (it shows the fight between apple and the government is far from over. the only question is whether the war of wills will be settled by congress torr supreme court (it's been a warm but windy day today. we check in with chief meteorologist, collin jackson. you're busy these days monitor all of that, collin (it's going to get super busy around here. we've had mild temperatures. the winds were strong and gusty. not hazardous but you had to watch what you were doing if you road a bike north and then had to go south. here is the lake, doppler sweeping around, trying to find something northwest of 80. here is the heavenly
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this area and all in the side- by-side side-by-side -- sierra are going to get snow. we've got thing clouds and an approaching system that's trying to bring rainfall to truckee. it may sprinkle there. 68 was the high today. 39 was low. 55 is the average. welcome to march. march promises to be better than february. we did have 22 inches of snow wednesday night into a thursday at tahoe. there could be flooding problems in california on the westside of the sierra. we have 55, we're at 63, upper 60s found to the east. that's nice. wind speeds gust and sustained
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gusting into the 30s. we'll still have raises to deal with. system like this, come on back. it will. we have to watch that system develop. future clouds and radar tomorrow, partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. we'll cloud up a lot thursday and friday. i think we may could see snow in tahoe thursday and by the time we get to noon it's gone. this is going to be a high snow lev event and not much of it, maybe a dusting. overnight lows in the north look to be chilly but not horrible. mostly sunny, southwest winds across the area 10-15 miles per hour. 72 at round mountain. haw thorn 72. fallon also on wednesday.
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valley, i can go on and on. temperatures in the low 70s. that's kind of san diego weather. upper 50s for the lake. partly cloudy, southwest wind at 10-15 miles per hour. nixon goes to 70. overnight los mid to upper 30s. valley floor upper 30s for lows. upper 60s to 70 degrees for a high. 30% chance of rain friday for carson city. 50-60% chance of rain/snow mix saturday, smonday, tuesday, south lake tahoe. here is reno-sparks. if you started golfing you have a couple of weeks. guys back to you. >> thank you so much, collin. there. there. straight ahead, they became
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of making a murder. what the attorneys of steven
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that's coming . >> >>: all time zones with coverage of the police departmentable contest, why a huge night for trump doesn't mean the gop vase over and why clinton is shift to a new target. >> we'll take you into the testimony of the erin androus trial, is the hotel mililani mauka? we'll see you back here shortly for live coverage on nightly news. >> >>: well, making a murderer, defense attorneys are heading out on tour. done and jerry are hit the road for a series called a conversation on making a
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the series about steven avery has taken america's obsession with crime to a new level. attorneys say he's serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit. >> i was staring at the lights. (you need to hit me when that happens. >> >>: the series starts and will run through u.s. and canada through august.
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time breaking news tonight. super tuesday. 12 states up for grabs. a dramatic night in the race for president. "nbc nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: decision 2016. super tuesday. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester lt. and good evening. as we come on live in the pacific time zone, we're at our election headquarters in new york on this super tuesday, a night that could be the tipping point in both the republican and democratic races for the presidential nomination. 12 states are in play tonight. polls have now closed in several of those states. let's go right to the boards. first to arkansas where they just closed a few seconds ago. and right now donald


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