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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 1, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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cut to 10% due to a huge budget deficit, a lot of firefighters turned in their gear. in a last- ditch effort to date the union tried to get the city to rehire those firefighters by agreeing to accept cuts in wages and benefits. kron4 news has been looking into this. so far so good. will the cuts be enough? we >> the union is saying yes but the city is saying no. their sank to hire all of those firefighters back. that would have to go deeper. >> the union is desperate to get these unemployed firefighters back to work. this morning the union president sent them a new proposal which he thinks will help san jose save millions of dollars.
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>> believe that this will easily have the money in place to save jobs. >> some of the concessions. there will take a pay cut and to reduce retirement benefits for new hires. the will find new a deployment models to say what cost. >> play think that this has real solutions and is not only in such structural reform but it will keep people in the past and the new deployment model is set to save dollars. >> the chief negotiator say the numbers do not add up. the clean all the cuts claim about $4,000 in savings. the city needs to satanic million dollars. big gap there. the city points and out that the new hires and will help san jose to save money in the future. the city needs the money now. and this city negotiators say that there is no guarantee and that new model won't work. they don't know how much overtime they will say. right
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now the proposal is not looking good. the negotiator said that he wants to keep talking to the union and hopefully, with a compromise. the city's vast to rehire the workers and they need to except to 10 percent pay cut. >> we're still hopeful that an agreement will be reached. and to the extent that it saves money that could be used. to recital. >> union will still look at the proposal provided by this city. i mean the city will look at the proposal. if you cannot save the $10 million to close its $5 million it will still be higher than this track. i'm a >> they're hoping for an answer today. that obviously will not happen. this might affect response time. you >> as the union says so far that they will lose 10 percent of the workforce. you're going to lose a little bit a safety there. your going to lose their response time. it will be a fact. that is their approach. they wanted you that and
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pressure the city to get negotiators back. a >> entry should mention that the new fire chief starts tomorrow >> supplanted new fire chief starts first thing tomorrow morning and what today will be. what a first day. >> its going to become tough. >> this very interesting. if >> it is a total of 49 firefighters that been laid off and as we said a lot of them are turning in their equipment today. this is the scene at the fire training center about 830. some of these firefighters had just completed their last death before checking and their equipment and some of their colleagues for their it showing up showing moral support. line of fire fighters after listening gear with the department, they were out there today to talk about the emotional toll that this has been taking. >> the chopin's was from some of the 49 firefighters who have been laid off over the weekend. that is what the firefighters will have to wait for the city to either reject or approve the new proposal by the firefighters union. they want to see if it will be returning to their old
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jobs are looking elsewhere for dueled women. there were emotional as the talk about the experiences last week when this man was in a career that responded to a call work eight year-old girl died in an apartment fire. >> as a sitting back and reflect on the situation after i know that, that of the engine it 30 that found the girl, they are no longer working today. the girl, that down the body, she is no longer working today. today's elastase. the first draft that i arrived on scene, they're no longer working today. when i go home, my first ended will not be working today. it is a very rough situation. it is a little hard to take an aunt i just hope that the city comes into some sort of concrete and. >> this family of 48 hours left before completing an gear on the job and passing probation. >> it makes me think that if you were born to graduate from
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college and about to receive a diploma they say it, " well you might need to go back for four more years " it is important that the bar decorated with my eight brothers and sisters and all of my personal, who, have become mentors. they have suffered through tragic times and is support for us to come back and continue the family bond least hinted credit. >> his job and future are on the line. he expressed his concern for the public safety >> more than any thing i am fearful that, you know, people might to get hurt. it scares me. i think that he should help lead the skin as well. >> just a few miles away this fire station not stand and do. this >> is no. 33 has been shut down as of sunday morning it is now left the city management. in san jose i'm for kron4 news >> what you think has been kind
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of a cool summer well it really has been. in fact the entire month of july we have seen below normal temperatures and below average height is just 63 degrees and only five days at the entire month where we have readings that surpass 65. it has been cool, has been fought before san jose and oakland, upper 70's in concord. average temperatures have been in to low to mid 80's and that is much cooler than the average temperatures in the upper 80s. as the board aug. it looks like more of the same. it is certainly the trend for today and we have readings below average around the bay area. once again 60 in san francisco and oakland and san jose are into the upper 80s. could get one for a top still all of these temperatures are about 2 to 10 degrees below average. as we go into this week we'll agree to continue to see a lot of fog at the coast as well as a deep layer of ocean air that will search into the bay. it makes
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recordings. i will even allow all stick around. >> mickey bryant. america's stock dropped in san francisco early since it was recovered from his injuries. he has been below and ultimately arrested three hispanic males. to adults and
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one juvenile. they say that there's no indication that this was a hate crime just simply case of the victim being at the wrong place at the wrong time. this attack as part doors shaken and concern. >> all the talk is absolutely frightening. is to be frightening to anybody in the city. i'm not so sure now. >> the police say that a foot patrol to the park like this one that you're looking at right now is your team. and while they will likely step up those patrols in lighted this incidence it does not considered to be an unsafe place. even at night. >> there are a lot of bars in that area a lot of late-night restaurants and if you think about it there is a lot of that traffic to that area. there's also foot traffic to the buses that they go through that area. it would not call and say. >> lynn kelly for kron4 news. police >> are still looking for one other person in connection to the crime. before we had to break a live look at the camera and the gulf there is still model ought to see bp is hoping
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to have the broken wall plugged by the end of august. and experimental calf is born to be working pretty well for a few weeks, it was never meant to be a final fix and tomorrow crews will begin packing a lot has given it activity. man already started. old brick factor
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a man is behind bars in after allegedly running into a bicyclist, a pedestrian, and two cars that happened to make all. they say that he had been drinking and driving and the charges that he is basing include the wine, hit and run and none of that for people that he get were injured. reggie could martels this happened. >> they say that he started his rampage after crashing the red chappie is driving into a bicyclist while traveling child of the advent of it happened in the street. investigators say that they fled the scene and continue down the path of
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destruction of long in bill boulevard where he had a pedestrian standing in a bicycle lane. they say that he then swerved and crashed into a ford pickup truck. they hope that he did not stop there. they drove to will grow avenue and struck the light pole while driving on of sidewalk. he continued it driving when he collided into lexus sc beach and when he got into mons here drive police say that's when several witnesses took action. they followed him and blocked his tracks and he could not leave the street. they saw what was happening. i'm >> bunch of neighbors got around him and got out of the car and held him until the police came. he >> was very much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk. his in-flight deployment so obviously the impact at the front of the car the airplay had it >> he's been held at the
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martinez and in dental i am reggie for kron4 news. >> imagine a wife by a service id that blanket san francisco bay. it means easy internet access even when you're out on the water. they say is happening now. >> the fog is moving back into the bay and will be back to our morning will you know how much.
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in world is more rain is expected to hit pakistan in an area already devastated by flooding. of thousand people have been killed. 1 million people they say have been affected one way. many of them homeless. april williams has more on the string of deadly storms. (applause) simple structures in this pakistan outside the shower or no match for heavy rains and floodwaters. (applause) you have to remember that the government and relief
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agencies are trying to help. the roadways and bridges washed away. they have two major fronts. related storms and flooding have also killed and dozens of neighboring afghanistan. a military say that not everybody is friendly and an afghan government is interested. they were in fact a program. >> put the effort that won hearts and minds. >> date would put it towards any thing with the government of pakistan. this is >> the ruling for kron4 news. >> the fog on the span of the golden gate bridge is kind of low and is pushing inland pretty
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quickly for tonight, already in vallejo and fairfield is lots of fog and in to santa rosa. it is only 52 degrees their with mostly cloudy skies. 71 in antioch and 60. trustee to cast. and we're looking at 6:00 a.m. temperature rise with fifties across the board and 40 showing up to the north big. at dark blue color. some rosa could see some color upper '40's. today. the fog is card to be in place for most of the morning and is one to keep a lid on temperatures. it'll be another day word is mild. '60s and '70s by a 4:00 p.m. with upper 70's near 80s to the south bay and east to and around the '90s for inland locations. places like fairfield round 87 with sunny skies. that is close to average but it is also not the average. it is 90 right now. look for low 60s close to the side with a lot
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of the temperatures in stock in the '50s for most of the day. san francisco is 63 degrees and continuing our streak of cool weather so far this summer. '60s and '70s for the east shore. we will be in the east bay san are ramon valley and upper 80s pittsburgh is 88 degrees. said they will have all the morning and sunshine around eight or 9:00. look for those afternoon highs to talk about an here's the seven day around the bay. as we go into the first week of august here winds are staying on the the mild to actually cool side. around the bay we're were to see some temperatures fall a few degrees with the extensive clout in the morning hours and sea breeze. it is very persisted. will keep those numbers and the low to mid '60's bayside by wednesday and thursday and look at the inland temperatures. there are no 90s or triple digits anywhere in sight. you're going to be in the upper 70's and low 80s. we could
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start to want things back of the end of the week but still, no real hot weather in sight. catherine? >> thank you brian. it fans' marked the anniversary of a grateful dead competition we were talking with jerry garcia. he died 15 years ago today at the age of 53. these are crowds celebrating with the music. it is part of garcia's of childhood. he grew up in san francisco and is a big crowd. >> why i service seems to be popping up just about everyone still ahead is not available on the waters of san francisco bay. comes up later.
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taking their place at the box office this week is intellectual each sheet is made about $19 million in the second week it is about 17 million. in second place the new comedy dinner for schmucks based on a 12 year-old french movie called the dinner game steve corral and paul read
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a team of the end of the made about $20 million. the box office leader for the third week which is in getting a lot of us. it made about 27 million and has earned nearly $2 million overall. >> time now for tech talk with deep sleep. this will it is covered with why fight internet service. sunrise wireless and this wireless tech company has teamed up to build and network across the bay. it is available for anybody to use. is called as as out what to that. if you direct your wife i gadget laptops can go on the water. do you concede available. bail twisted doubled. even in choppy waters with high winds the signal is strong. their going to take advantage of the new y 5. it is likely they will offer it
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for free or subsidized in years but for not anybody who uses it will have to pay $2.95 port 15 minutes or $30 for every month. or you can buy an annual pap which works out to be about 4 $24 a month. >> 5 is better on all of our laptops on smart phones there is only options for connecting to the internet that approximately i want to give people as many options as possible. we have voters, we have things you want to access where of the good time. >> there you go> it covers 62 square miles and its positions them around the border of the bay. >> and other thing that we are in a bowling is force wonders and for emergency vehicles and pleasure cruises to appeal to connect and have some activity for their passengers as well. on
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the day i am gay but slate for kron4 news >> the mother is a little bit cooler >> know, at the alternative is that is very hot so people aren't necessarily complaining. their plan to enjoy some below average temperatures for some time i we were to start out with '50s tomorrow. it is the coolest place in the north bay like santa rosa in the '40's. is little bit chilly to start things out. was a cloudy skies with fall all over the place. it is by the afternoon we see those numbers still below average with oakland in the 60s in san francisco in the low 60s. san jose is approaching 80 degrees and we will look for the mid 80s inland and back in antioch around 90. this whether we are looking at the meetings that are really cool untypical for this time of year they will remain in place. in fact is a little cooler for the middle of this week inland spots only in the upper 70's and low 80s. this is the beginning of july so obviously that is a little typical we are sizzling um, the
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'90s. >> it is going by fast, have a '90s. >> it is going by fast, have a great evening. stime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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